A Multiverse Journey Part One

                         The Lost Days Of The Divine Feminine

This essay is inspired by outstanding research into realms of spiritual  knowledge, natural healing and the preservation of souls.

Passages highlight historic studies of spirit, mind and body, methods that explore our innermost being and how we can care for the welfare of fellow man.

Other selections offer tribute to adopting a path of individuality, the way Mark Twain promoted it when he said:   

“I’m glad I didn’t let my education get in the way of my schooling.”

A great deal of courage is needed to discover, explain and rally support for truthful investigations that raise storms of controversy. “Much of the material here can be challenging for the mind,” one analyst has stated, “but don’t worry, that’s how it should be.”

There are scholars who believe that the conflicts currently confronting mankind extend back to age old ‘good versus evil’ spiritual battles—some may go back billions of years, out in the stars.

Here on Earth, real threats to humanity continue rising sharply from deteriorating environmental, financial and political conditions.

As such, later parts of this essay will lead to a list of solutions that examine the safekeeping of souls in the afterlife.  

Spiritual research is a unique field with its own rules. Extraordinary training and self-discipline are required to benefit from practices that allow individuals to achieve lasting states of increased consciousness.  

“What’s inside of you is greater than the world,” so goes an ancient saying, its author unknown to me, but most probably it belongs to Christ. 

These words indicate that our existence as spiritual beings can again be intimately linked to the Source of all life and thus re-establish the dynamic connection that was deeply embedded in every human during their creation as a soul.

Humanity was born of the branch of divinity that has the ability to contribute wisdom. The seeds of extraordinary intelligence are present in every soul.   

This writing explores the higher dimensions that supersede our material reality—the reality of everyday life. We can contact that higher aspect of ourselves, our Spirit, for knowledge, guidance and protection.

On occasion, our soul’s wisdom tries calling us away from the temptations of a consumer life we are so often led to blindly obey. Consumerism has reached epic proportions. The truth is, we have never been more disconnected from life, from the world and from our own souls.

What gave us life?

When we ponder the magnificent Genesis of a universe figured to be some 13.7 billion years old, many people form imaginative pictures of a huge ever-creative, all-aware, immortal consciousness, featuring some grey-bearded guy whose magic generated the start of our universe.

Pinpointing a supernatural cause for the sound and fury that came with the first sparks of creation eludes comprehension by logic alone. The most recent astronomical studies are rejecting the theories supporting a Big Bang. Mystical writings suggest that sound was the creative force that was elemental in creation.

“Sound can create light,” one quantum physicist has stated.

The power exhibited in some forms of music certainly suggest many positive possibilities for some other creative functions of sound.

“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense,” author Frank Herbert asserts in his epic novel Dune, “but the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”

We perceive our world through three dimensions, but its worth noting that recent advances in science create the debate that time should be figured in as a fourth dimension beyond the traditional three dimensional equation of physical reality. 

Time was not properly represented until more precise perspectives developed in quantum physics a century ago which helped science come up with a much better understanding about the real nature of time. A broad range of definitions for time chase after votes of acceptance yet one theory in quantum physics is that time is another dimension beyond 3-D. Time is measured as a function of distance.

Scientific and spiritual efforts to peer into worlds beyond the realm of 3rd dimensional perception aim to instruct us about the greater qualities of consciousness to be found in the next quantum stages up from our everyday experiences. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We are made of pure consciousness, which may be considered the essense of the ultimate reality.

These very powerful yet unseen realities can be referred to as metaphysical worlds. These realms are where all physical limitations are removed.

When we focus intensely during certain moments of expanding our consciousness, we can potentially open our mind to vital, fascinating realms that gather together and are named the ‘Multiverse’.

This word combines ‘metaphysical’ with “universe” to describe a connection to the levels above a 3rd dimension experience where material life forces interact with pure Spirit.

In the final analysis, time may best be looked at as ‘liquid’: “We have to think of the Multiverse as being very fluid,” insists one researcher. “Nothing is ‘set in stone’. Everything can be changed, relived, and healed — even events that have already happened! The Multiverse  is ever-changing. And who is changing it? We are!” What he suggests is that consciousness itself is responsible for the creation of our physical reality in all of its expressions.

To most of us accustomed to only being able to work with linear forms of logic, metaphysical realities are indeed difficult to grasp. We want everything explained in logical, linear form, but that’s not always possible.

There are, however, some easily recognized examples of how quantum psychic conditions interact with our 3-dimensional world.

Here is a list of just a few examples: telepathic communication, precognition, clairvoyance, kinesthetic manipulation of matter, paranormal sensing of distant events or locations, the hauntings of disembodied souls, the appearance of ‘angels’ and instances of medical healing.

This list offers just a few examples of the lowest levels of the metaphysical world that open up to the greater ranges of divine existence we can access. For just one example of where scientific studies have hinted about these potentials, scientists are beginning to understand that language is a program within our DNA, and is not something mankind comes up with randomly. There is an order to it.

Another analyst makes this comment: “In general, the multiverse is a place which supports love, compassion, and empathy as well as growth in consciousness and awareness. Therefore, the majority of the multiverse is a friendly place, where certain laws and rules do apply.” This writer invites us to dedicate a short time everyday to performing the types of inner work examined later so that we can…”regain our basic, loving personality”.

There are remarkable fields of spiritual ability that reside in all of us.

The original, fully functioning DNA structure of all humans had twelve strands. Unfortunately today, we only possess the very limited use of a two stranded version while the others lay dormant.

Access to the other ten groups has been denied because our intact DNA helix was altered, with the other native sections of ability shut down long ago via secretive genetic manipulations on humans.

Here’s a relevant observation submitted awhile back by U.S. Navy Admiral George Hoover:

“The greatest secret actually is the enormous power that all human beings have.”

Few other thoughts of spiritual advice carry such high value.

It also hints about the many secrets known to the ranks of American military leaders, some of whom reject the obsession with secrecy because they know that, sooner or later, the truth will come out. 

At times in our lives, our inner pool of wisdom calls out to us from the place where it is kept. There is evidence that place of wisdom is found in our heart, with the heart thought of as a home for the soul.

The heart’s function as a sanctuary for our soul is likely why the heart also produces more electromagnetic energy than any other organ in the body. The heart is a truly magnificent organ and it is certainly one of the more amazing creations in this universe.

The heart is also an instrument from where the soul expresses its connection to all life and senses its purpose. Throughout antiquity, many of the positive spiritual practices promoted a love-centered life.

As a way of life, worship in these cultures meant listening internally for the sense of guidance that originates in their heart, where the soul detects our real purpose. Listen to your heart; it’s always telling you something important.

The goal is to learn about engaging the spiritual assets within us Admiral Hoover was referring to.

Spirit has great power and just a portion of that energy was bonded to our soul as a spiritual ‘Fire’ at the time of our conception as a self-aware unit of consciousness.

The basic life force of the universe is the energy of consciousness. Pure consciousness is closest to Source.

Individual souls are born as separate ‘Fires’ of consciousness at the start of their evolutionary path after creation by ‘Source’. In some spiritual circles, it is thought that the human form in all of its finest attributes is bonded the closest to the originating Source, despite all of our weaknesses.

Spirit and soul are completely different and have separate functions.

Spirit can be said to hold the universe together, whereas soul holds our individual personality in place and in present time.

Spirit is what has knowledge and can provide us with wisdom about our existence and helps to orient us towards our place in the multiverse. Soul also acts a connecting link to Source.

The three components — soul, mind, and body — are like one unit working together, as long as the biological body is alive.

All of them are electrical components. It has been found that the human body has multiple systems which operate on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Image from Cyndi Dale

We can connect to the upper levels of metaphysical existence that are illustrated as the outer ‘auras’ in the graphic above. As can be seen in the additional auras situated outside the body, a good number of these higher states of consciousness exist as extended human functions which can be matched to the greater levels of spiritual ability available to us. First, we must learn to practice proven regeneration techniques.

The human body is surrounded by electromagnetic fields like those above which sensitive instruments can detect as ‘auras’ which could interact with many of the higher planes of existence if more of our DNA were rejuvenated. The heart and the brain have been found to be the strongest influences of the electromagnetic environment around an individual. The point is that the entire universe is one complex system of energy fields. States of matter in this conception then are merely variations in the state of energy.

So, our greatest spiritual resources can be redeemed. A seasoned guide provides this overview: “We are here to explore and we humans have a purpose and a goal. More than 99.9% of our population realizes this, according to my studies.”

We do not have to pursue that goal by following the dictates of a religion, a word based on the Latin meaning for being bound. Indeed, root religions and conflicting philosophies, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Greek, have merged over time.

On our own, we can revive the abilities stored in our currently muted sections of DNA which have mistakenly labeled ‘junk DNA’ to divert attention away from research that might reveal the wealth of spiritual treasures which are being intentionally disabled.

This connecting capability is linked to the energetic energy found in Spirit, which is itself a powerhouse for our soul/mind/body.

The human body is a very advanced and complex bio-electrical machine capable of using this energy to perform incredible feats.

It has been scientifically documented that every cell in the body emits more than 100,000 light impulses or photons per second. These light emissions, which are not only transmitted by humans but by all living things, are called biophotons and have been found to be the steering mechanism behind all biochemical reactions.

Spirit, as the highest version of our existence, can utilize this “photon factory” for electrical power.

Every second of our existence, our nerve endings send about 100 million signals to our body and our brains. Still, studies show that, on our best day, we utilize only 40 of these signals to sustain what we call our ‘awareness’.

The energy stored in Spirit and in our soul is enough to empower the materialization or alteration of matter under the right circumstances.

Some spiritual practices claim that the soul is the part of our self which gathers information during a lifetime of consciousness and puts these recordings away in what is called an ‘information cloud’, to borrow a term related to an electronic way to remotely store data.

During a lifetime, the body and the mind are experiencing things in the physical universe and the information cloud is collecting the experiences of our consciousness. Importantly, any of us can learn how to tap into the information cloud with training. In Eastern philosophic terms, this ‘cloud’ may operate the same as the Akashic Records which are a complete historic record of all thoughts, deeds and actions that have occurred in the physical and mental planes. Some researchers prefer to call the storage of all activity of civilizations as a Hall Of Records.

Without a conscious effort on my part, I must have accessed these collective records humanity has stored in this information cloud when writing short stories earlier in life, screenplays later in life and, currently, I’m using it to write a science fiction based-on-fact novel.

Albert Einstein rejected discussions about the existence of an information cloud. When asked, he cast doubt about the existence of human consciousness even after he directly experienced personal evidence of the phenomena during a scientific test that left him shocked and unable to explain.

He was a participant in a test where living microbes were being examined under a microscope in a demonstration to determine whether the presence of human consciousness might be altering the natural activity of the microbes—and, therefore, affecting the results of scientific testing. The microbes stopped moving when someone stepped up to look at them in the microscope. Consciousness was the chief suspect, as a few of the attending scientists contended—yet Einstein dismissed the theory of consciousness interference at that time. The theory proposed that life is held together by consciousness.

“My understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe,” he later confessed, “did not come out of my rational mind.”

Questions about consciousness and the existence of a supreme being were partly why Einstein launched a formal search further on in his career to identify a Unified Field Theory, as he named the project.

Ultimately, Einstein never came up with an equation that embraced a single mathematical plan for an underlying cause of physical and cosmic life—an equation meant to scientifically represent ‘God’.

But, by then in his philosophy, he’d come much closer to accepting the possible existence of a divine ‘Source’.

“To lose faith in the worlds of higher spirit,” one astute observer has said, “because they do not conform to our five senses, or that their relevancy seems suspect in the face of making a living, is a shame.”

There may be a good explanation for at least a partial reason why the best of minds fail to solve great scientific challenges: Humans have but 2 strands of DNA to work with.

Rouge genetic scientists have recently confirmed that the major loss of being able to use the other DNA strands occurred by the malicious intervention of genetic manipulations performed by off world beings.

Presently, as part of the longer term goals of this evil plan, medical operations block our interaction in upper metaphysical realms to continue with these despicable ambitions until complete control of humanity is accomplished via advanced technology.

Despite any restrictions on abilities contained in the shutdown DNA double helix sections, exceptions to these hindrances can be demonstrated in the short list of psychic phenomena already cited. One researcher has stated this: “DNA is fluid and changes according to our thoughts and beliefs—and foremost, our awareness.” Perhaps the more important question we have regards restoration of the original information contained in the first DNA templates which have been altered.

How do we preserve the original DNA template? One primary geneticist claims that all of our original DNA strands, all 3 of them, can be restored with therapies that utilize sound, which may indeed be the key that opens many doors of understanding. This researcher stated that recent advances make DNA restoration quite possible:

“Yet, in fact, this entire matter is based upon the manipulation of a single DNA gene that can be rectified, if only our geneticists were to finally discover it…This genetic manipulation, a characteristic for all living human beings on Earth by way of its inevitable hereditary transmission, can be reversed and therefore by doing so, Man can finally escape his evil demeanor, which was imposed upon him by way of genetic manipulation.”

Individuals exhibiting remarkable intelligence can be an exception to this past manipulation.

Admiral Hoover’s passage invites us to activate “our inward eye” to begin an investigation of our physical past as a starting point in our recovery, what some healers call our journey back ‘home’.

It’s an undeniable fact we can recover accurate knowledge about the details of our journey through space and time.

Obviously, negative memories that result from traumatic incidents in the past can and do affect our personality in the present.

If no incidents of major physical trauma exist in our current lifetime, then we may want to look at the concept that we have lived before this life where major physical difficulties may have occurred.

Yet, for a number of reasons, many of us find it very difficult to accept any concepts of reincarnation. The evidence is so stunning today, it is no longer being ignored as a topic of concern. That wasn’t the case in the past. 

Any mention of this subject was completely eliminated from the standard Bible. It is my understanding that this censorship was a way to make people obey one rule of mortal fate—that we live but once.

We can’t altogether disregard the many random recollections of past lives that have been expressed worldwide since ancient times—evidence that substantially also verifies our existence as eternal souls. Reincarnation was incidentally once accepted by the mystical sides of the Judaic, Christian and Muslim faiths as well as many cults.

Based solely on the high number of real life testimonies about partial or complete remembrance of events in the past, many of these claims come from therapeutic sessions lead safely by professionals where participants traveled back in their memory to recall exactly what affected them—often back in another lifetime.

This process accesses the negative charges of energy placed on specific bad memories existing in our soul.  

It’s possible that the electrical charge needed to do this may come from the reserve of energy found in our soul or Spirit, the properties of spiritual power detailed earlier.

“When we incarnate in the physical, we still leave the main part of our energy in time/space,” states one researcher. Here, recognition is given to the fact that, when we lack a physical body which exists in space/time, the reality of “solid matter” is then reversed.

When we’ve exited our body at the moment of physical death, we entered a much lighter, less dense purely spiritual state where reality is ruled by the reversed condition of time/space instead of the 3-D solid reality which is ruled by space/time. We’ve talked about time as thought of as a 4th dimension. This may be why, if and when we float around without a body, as a spirit, we exist ‘outside of time’. We lose the physical sense of ‘time’ we once obeyed. Years may go by when we’re in that state, for whatever reasons we don’t incarnate again. During that state, a long stretch of time might go by and feel to us like it goes by in the blink of an eye.

“We only incarnate with as much energy as we estimate as appropriate for a specific incarnation,” that same source elaborates:

“The problems we are facing right now, both on an individual basis and as a collective, are what we normally call ‘karma’. What blows up in our lives are unresolved problems and issues from many previous lifetimes we’ve had on this planet.”

Given patience, most barriers to recalling our past lives are relatively easy to penetrate when approached by a well-trained therapist. Someone qualified to carefully guide an individual back on their track of time can effectively urge them to locate stressful incidents they’d never looked for and release the negative emotions held in those memories of sorrow.

Being able to participate in proven methods of full lifetime regression that are in stable use today has allowed many people to look deeply inside themselves for the first time. Participants report that discoveries made in these sessions help them learn about life-changing events that’ve influenced their personality. This quote is helpful: “By learning about oneself in the free, uncontrolled universe, we can create so much more, we can renew skills and, as we develop our understanding of life, we begin to experience a universe of magic….It’s all a matter of listening to the heart, the nesting place of our soul.” This creative force has been called “the Fire in our souls”.

Many noble, truly honest leaders have risen to serve in times of urgent, historic need. This fact notwithstanding, for those of us who have begun to learn how to think for ourselves, taking on a self-responsible life doesn’t absolutely require looking outside ourselves for political, religious or social leaders.

In these times, we must strive to act out of qualified independent thinking—and now to, more than ever, ‘question authority’.

Dune author Frank Herbert offered another viewpoint: “When law and duty are one, united by religion, you never become fully conscious, fully aware of yourself. You are always a little less than an individual.”

Then, we also have the related point Franklin D. Roosevelt made. “True individual freedom,” he asserted, “comes to those who learn to live as independently as possible.”

Many contemporary investigations clearly demonstrate that humans have been led astray about the actual beginnings of the physical universe and the real history of human evolution. 

I’ve included thoughts from historic and cultural writer Wes Penre several times already. This is another one: “Here on Earth we are trapped in a veil of amnesia, so it’s extremely hard to evolve on a planet such as ours. But even here on Earth, although it’s done more on an individual basis at the moment, each individual who evolves and raises his/her consciousness affects others to do the same, and it still becomes a group thing and eventually affects the whole human soul group in one way of the other.”

Penre provides accurate comprehensive historical research. He believes it is most important to improve our skeptical intuition and separate truth from the continuous campaigns of deception: “…records have been rewritten and distorted,” he states, “but I want to show the reader the real history of humanity, backed up by relevant sources, so that the reader can see—beyond reasonable doubt—who is our friend and who is our enemy.”

He possesses a brilliant analytical mind that probes much deeper into subjects than many researchers of history. He doesn’t let deception get by him. He has carefully produced a broadly cross-examined study of scriptures, legendary lore, archeology, anthropology and proven, legitimate spiritual practices. The entire span of his research is collected on more than 5,000 pages of easy to read, instructive writings that are best read more than once.

“Staying in our bodies and becoming multi-dimensional in a world free from interference and oppression are the goals of human evolution,” Penre insists. He stands by the belief that science doesn’t have to take sides. It’s just about truth.

Let’s look at just a few aspects of what we should know first about the ancient linkage to our true divine origins. Among the first topics of Penre’s most important research are the perspectives on humanity’s beginnings brought forward by Hopi/Apache Robert Morning Sky in his 1996 book “The Terra Papers”.

Although Robert’s work remains obscure, the 88 page document is popular among a certain breed of scholars. His treatise is based on the startling testimony his Hopi grandfather gave him about the aftermath of a saucer crash on their reservation one night in 1947.

The elder tribesman recalled the sudden noisy racket that took him and five other youngsters by surprise when they heard the explosion of a spaceship and its crash nearby. 

Robert Morning Sky

The boys ran out to the crash site where, inside the wreckage, three extraterrestrials had perished, leaving one survivor, a short figure bearing a human likeness, appearing to be male not too badly hurt. They carried him home. In the days and nights to come, they cared for his injuries as best they could—without calling for help from tribal authorities. Shortly, the extraterrestrial they called ‘The Star Elder’ recovered enough to greet his caregivers. He identified himself as Bek-ti.

Soon, in return for the comforts he was given while healing from the crash, he reached into his suit, took out a crystal-based device and activated it. Images flashed up onto the display. He began to put up easily interpreted pictures, images best compared to those on a smart phone or hologram display. The six boys, “…examined all of the images,” Morning Star elaborated, “piecing together the incredible history of our solar system and mankind itself.” Many of these stories go back billions of years or more in time.

“Man has been guided and he has been misled,” Morning Sky states. “Star Beings have been our Gods…and our Devils. They have always been here and are here now.”

In the days that followed, Bek—ti gave them detailed lessons, what turned out to be a very detailed set of teachings about the original history of the universe, tales that traveled back billions of years all the way to the inception of life known as Genesis.

“When pressed to explain his presence here on Earth, the Star Elder stunned the boys, telling them that there was a war going on in the skies above—his ship had been downed by enemy fire.”

The teachings that followed included stories about humanity’s origins on Earth, a planet which Bek—ti’s people called Terra. He showed them that his planet of origin was in the Pleiades star system.     

Peaceful Hopi people believe their ancestors came from a planet circling a star in the Pleiades. Research supports the idea that some aspects of Pleiadian culture are found merged into Hopi traditions. 

The ‘Seven Sisters’ star cluster we call the Pleiades

Notice the strong female connotation attached to this reference.

Could this mean the Hopi Genesis stories hold basic truths? It sure appears to be so. The Hopi—and other tribes—tell a remarkably plausible history of planet Earth involving visitors from outer space.

Hopi petroglyph showing Star People and their ‘flying shields’

The Hopi are not alone in referring to a Pleiadian ancestry. Dakota Native American legends make reference to the same star cluster – Tiyami they called them – as being their ancestor’s primal home.

Many tribes perceive the issue of alien visitation and even abduction in a more spiritual manner, as Plains Cree author Stephane Wuttunee explains in a UFO Digest article:

[My people] “give far greater attention to the seeking of the spiritual understanding of things rather than going after “the truth” as people from dominant cultures do.

This is part of the reason why we tend to stand back and view or listen at first rather than bare in with questions or take the hard, direct approach.”

Growing up in a tightly-knit community, Wuttunee listened carefully to the stories passed down by the Elders of his tribe. They told of “distant relations and Star People living amongst the stars many times, mainly around campfires and during traditional ceremonies.”

“Far from being anything to be feared, Star People was just another term I grew up around,” Wuttunee writes.

“I remember listening in awe and fascination at the thought of us having relations that lived off and outside our world, and sometimes spoke to them in my silent moments at night.

Similarly, the Cree people believe that in a time before history, their ancestors arrived from the stars in spirit form, only to become humans on Earth.

Native legends of the Lakota people speak of mysterious celestial beings that manifested themselves as spheres of light and would often choose particular children to follow them on a journey through space and time.

Robert Morning Sky’s Hopi grandfather referred to the rescued Bek—ti as one of the ‘Star People’. One of the claims made by Bek—ti was that his spacecraft had been shot down as part of a long-running conflict with a highly advanced warrior civilization that evolved on a planet in the Sirius constellation.

Sirius Star System

Morning Sky’s Terra Papers provides magnificent detail on the dynastic empires built and destroyed in our universe over an immense span of time—billions of years. Intense, high—tech battles were fought between powerful beings who consider themselves royalty. He refers to his grandfather’s story as both, “…exciting and frightening…Man’s place in the galaxy is made clear, but, in the process, his nobility and his pride will be injured. A galactic war rages over our heads. Earth…and Man…is the prize.”

“Beings out there in space are constantly fighting over planets, solar systems, and in some cases over whole galaxies, or groups of galaxies,” one cosmic historian tells us. “It just goes on and on and it is often a stage in a species’ development. With time, star races normally become more peaceful, but not always.”

The most compelling aspect of Robert’s vivid chronicle is an introduction to a concept of creation that overturns almost all currently accepted religious beliefs.

The rescued visitor Bek—ti claimed that the originator of all worlds was a female entity whose home region was located in the Orion star constellation, and that she resides on one of the planets orbiting one of the seven stars that make up the Pleiades.

The many stories Bek—ti gave to the six boys were written up in detail before the time came for members of the Hopi tribe to release Bek-ti into the hands of the extraterrestrial rescue party that eventually arrived to take him home.

These tales of visitations are not at all surprising when we acknowledge that this claim is also prominent in many other indigenous legends not listed in this very brief review. However, that fact can be verified in the many scriptural and word-of-mouth historical accounts of extraterrestrial activities, a few of which also feature the Pleiades star complex.                                                  

Pleiades Star System

Orion Queens…are supposedly one (if not the) oldest star race in this universe,” extraterrestrial investigator Wes Penre has declared. “The identity of the immortal deity spoken of could rightly be referred to as the Orion Goddess, the ‘Queen of the Stars’ “.

Women are the originators of life and, as much as that’s very essentially true, it should not be difficult to embrace the superior idea of an eternal, ever-creative female force over the male version.

It would be logical to accept the thinking that an extraordinary female creator exists and gave birth to the entire universe, using her own original blueprint. After all, females conceive most life forms.  

“There was a way Mother Goddess had manifested herself in this universe to have a physical and metaphysical experience,” Penre states. “She would be the Goddess transformed into matter.”

Time stretched out from the beginnings of creation, what we have today given the name “Genesis”. A naturally influenced evolution everywhere developed over billions of years and, after the Queen and her allies in conquest won many victories over less capable contenders, a golden age of peace developed.

For billions of years, calm prevailed in most of the universe she was creating. The Queen learned to be a peace-maker, a voice of reason, if not also a master politician.

During this billions of years long span of evolution, most of the civilizations coming along under her care were good-natured and joyful. The Goddess of the Universe was learning more about herself, as she had wanted to.  

She must have also been a principal player in instituting elemental respect for the basic rights of other civilized worlds in one stage of development or another.

This legal development was dominated by a fundamental observation of law that has become known as ‘The Law of One’. This primary axiom of honoring the rights of others defines a basic respect for the right of individual Free Will as a primary consideration. Next up as a law of respect in this declaration is to honor the need for a strict non-interference in the affairs of a race or races that are evolving peacefully on a planet: ‘The Law Of Non-Interference’.

These laws appeal naturally to women who tend to see the likelihood of a variety of other forms of intelligent species existing in the cosmos and respect for the spirit dwelling in races that came into being since Genesis which deserved recognition despite their ancestry.

Women are the givers of life and, as much as this is very true, it should stand a test of logic to embrace the idea of an immortal ever-creative female force, always giving birth in the physical and metaphysical dimensions. This is hardly preposterous to consider.

Yet, in our male-dominated world, a place ruled for millennia by men, the concept of respecting a supreme, strong-minded female presence in governance or business affairs has been conspicuously treated by many men as a subject that automatically deserves scorn.

Men reject women in high positions of power out of a belief that the ‘weaker sex’ should not be allowed to occupy such careers. It would not be odd to hear arrogant men sneering at an incredible legend about a sacred feminine source of life such as the figurehead Queen spoken of in the dramatic storyline Robert Morning Sky’s grandfather told of.

Women controlled access to the world of the spirits before men took them over. What if women were to return to achieving positions of real power in our world? Would they seek revenge for having been so oppressed all these centuries?

With that reversal of fate to think about, let’s move to make just a few further supporting perspectives offered by Wes Penre. He draws our attention to the existence of the sacred energy that women have with his claim that “…females possess an abundance of ‘Fire’. This Fire is directly connected to the Goddess Universe, the Feminine Cosmos… females are directly connected with the prime energy of the Universe and therefore came first and by default have more ‘essence’ than males do.”

Fire’ is thought of as ‘surrounding’ our body.

The ‘Fire’ is another word Penre associates closely with ‘soul’ in his lessons, teachings which emphasize that our very essence “… is the Divine energy surrounding the body and which contains our personality. Many ancient indigenous tribes…equate the soul with ‘Fire’ – the ‘Fire’ within – which is a gift from the Goddess. Fire, as the essence of soul, can leap through space and time.

“The soul is in its turn composed of a light body, or an ‘avatar’, and the mind is connected to the avatar with an emotional body. The ‘Fire’ allows the Goddess to be accessible to beings of different realities.”

Robert Morning Sky added a dimension to this discussion when he reminds readers that, way back in time, “there were those who practiced ‘Rites of Sacred Ecstasy of the Goddess’, times when people lived much closer to Earth and nature around them.”

Penre elaborates: “This made women much more psychic and multidimensional—the ancient shamans who ruled tribes understood the power of the Divine Feminine. These rites still exist in somewhat watered-down versions amongst the native peoples around our world, but, even there, a lot of knowledge about the correct ways to perform these and other magical rituals have been lost over time.”

“Women are directly connected to the prime energy of the Universe and therefore they came first and, by default, have more ‘essence’ than males do,” Penre concluded. These messages are likely considered preposterous by most men and even a few women.


Pleiadian Woman

Consistent with his promise to offer readers important insights not found elsewhere, Wes provides a second, corresponding perspective about this feminine ruler, The Goddess, from another source named Barbara Marciniak who claims to have been contacted by Pleiadians during the 1980s. She began speaking out about the messages she has been given by this otherworld influence on our civilization, good and bad, in 1988. Many of the messages she was given and that she passed along to followers have included prophecies that eventually took shape.

Ms. Marciniak has authored several books as a result and become respected for the regular reports and teachings provided to her that she has passed along to followers since the late 1980s. Over the years, Marciniak gained a reputation as a legitimate emissary of the civilization inhabiting a planet in the Pleiades star system that is currently caught in a tyranny involving a global electronic totalitarianism on their planet. They believe mankind is headed in exactly the same direction and are doing all they can to urge us to avoid the same fate.

Her early 1990s book Family of Light is considered a reliable account of Pleiadian affairs which helps support the similar treatise provided in the detailed story Robert Morning Sky’s grandfather gives.

Her work often reflects the profound notion of the sacred sentience of life found in all physical and metaphysical realms. She talks about the Pleiadians as tall, fair-skinned beings. They’re broad-shouldered, quite wise and are a very old civilization.

Not to oversimplify, but listed below are condensed versions of long descriptions of each level of help the Queen got when she seeded life.

Each major authority noted in the levels charted below was expected to provide the Queen with a feedback exchange, communications meant to further her awareness of the truths, wisdom and knowledge that were missing in the foundations of her consciousness when she came into being during the events of Genesis. She wanted to experience billions of lives. Earth was her idea of an experiment and the first of these started out as a truly benevolent exercise.

1] We humans occupy the bottom strata of self-aware entities and are called Players. My understanding is that the initial template for humanoid creatures—a two-armed, two legged torso and head—were standard features everywhere possible in the colonies where she placed early models of to begin the long process of evolution. The scale of human creation may have been quite large when it was first put together, with the size of humans reduced later in the process.

2] Creator Gods. “Genetic engineers occupy the second  level. They area being, or species, who have started experimenting with genetic engineering, cloning, and genetic manipulation. This is an experimental stage.”

One of the more active creator god scientific groups participating in the basic DNA modeling of human evolution here on Earth long ago were the Lyrans, the race whose home planet orbits a star in the Lyra constellation. Lyran scientists were the principal thinkers in the Queen’s ambitious experiments. Other laboratory work they performed also produced types that evolved into a variety of races. 

“Our humankind scientists are in [early prototype electronic human] stage of development,” Penre says of the questionable research being done today, “…they’re playing around with genetics.”

3] Planets. Founders come next and are the ones who initially seed plant, insect, and animal life on a young, non-inhabited planet, and eventually also more intelligent life, fit for inter-dimensional travel,” Penre continues. “Founders leave their signature in what they create; a butterfly may have a physical outlook similar to the Founder.”

There is intelligent life on all planets in our solar system, in one form or the other, and life in other dimensions also exists on these planets. Life is all around us and has been for billions of years. The planets themselves are very evolved beings, coming directly out from the ‘womb’ or their star/sun. Each species evolves at its own pace over time.

4] Stars. Becoming a star is the next level of evolvement. A star is a sentient, very evolved being, or more often a composite of beings, who create their own solar system by ‘giving birth’ to planets and moons, who become their ‘children’, whom they will be responsible for. Stars are also like portals, because they are directly connected with each other; some more directly than others. And they are in communication with each other and often evolve together, as they ‘interact’.  This is why we call the Sun and the Earth ‘she’. A star will then split itself off into smaller units which become the planets and the moons, and eventually we have a new-born solar system.

If everything goes well, the star and its solar system lives its cycle, turns into a supernova, then a white dwarf and eventually a black hole.

5] Star Systems. “One would think that a planet is ‘lower’ on the scale of evolvement than stars, but in reality they evolve together with their star (or stars, if it is a multiple star system), in unison. Planets are intelligent beings, just like the stars (suns), and are ‘hosts’ to different life forms. The life forms developing on a certain planet become the ‘children’ of that planet and why it’s important for us humans to stay grounded in nature to be able to evolve.”

Wes Penre adds to this concept: “There was a way Mother Goddess had [wanted to] manifest herself in the universe to have a physical and metaphysical experience—and that was in the form of Mother Earth. The humans [who evolved from the material substances found on Earth] would become the Goddess transformed into matter.” Twenty-two planets in this solar system harbor life. That’s all the planets and their Moons.

6] Nebulae. A nebula is a cosmic ‘cloud’, and the birth center of stars. So when a star has accomplished its goals, she evolves into a nebula, though not necessarily at the same location as she had lived her incarnation. These stars will be like sisters to each other and will be inhabited by Founders.

7] Galaxies. The next step would be to inhabit a whole newly formed galaxy with your consciousness. You are now responsible for the evolvement of that same galaxy, with all the nebulae, stars, planets, Founders, creator gods, and players. “…the Goddess leaves her imprints in each universe that contains galaxies.”

We have already touched on the importance of the concept of ‘Fire’ in relation to our souls. Here, Penre defines it further: “Fire is thought of as ‘surrounding’ our body…However, in the middle of each galaxy there is a giant black hole, signified as the Womb of the Mother Goddess, where her presence is flooding into the galaxy, with Fires in every corner of it, every single cell in it.”

8] The Builders are evolved beings who are ready to operate in a universe which the Goddess may have recently created. They may be considered the Architects of the Universe. The Builders are responsible to create initial life and assign their own creator gods, who can help them seed the newborn universe and help it work on accomplishing the goals that are set up for this particular universe and which is embedded in the DNA of all races…The Builders of Universes are not vague, nebulous beings; they are composite intelligences, unified in their understanding of the universal energies.

“Each universe is unique, based on goals set by the Mother Goddess and the Builders. The imagination of the Builders sets the limits to what they themselves, the Founders and Creator Gods, can create.”

“‘The Builders of Universes are not vague, nebulous beings; they are composite intelligences, unified in their understanding of the universal energies.”

 “…If the goals are not met, the universe ‘fails’ and may die prematurely. This is just a part of the ‘game’, and a new, improved attempt will be made through the creation of a new universe, or the goal will is considered not achievable and abandoned.”

9] Overseers. Beings who have evolved to such high level that they are assigned their own universe, or a ‘pond’ of universes, to oversee and be responsible for. Together with overseers of other universes, who may step down from their positions, become the Builders, whom by the Goddess are told, Go out and create! The Builders become her ‘senior Helpers’.

10] Mother Goddess resides at the top of All That Is. She is the Creator of all Universes. She calls into being all manifestations in the Universe.”

Most members of the previous list, taken together, form what is referred to as “The Seeder Gods”, however, there is little cosmic magic involved. These works of physical creation, at every individual level, are best described as highly scientific activities that are considered arts that require long periods of apprenticeship.

Along the way, there were challenges to the expansion of territory, yet the Queen and her scientific and military allies, even some of reptilian ancestry, were well-versed in the techniques of rule. They were ruthless in command, veterans of countless wars. They had become “brilliant politicians and war strategists, using events to their advantage and manipulating wars to their gain.”

With the help of the empowered workers in various fields of science, each of whom possessed a special creative talent that could be utilized throughout their extended, very long lifetimes, the Goddess went about seeding the entire universe with life.

In time, the nexus ports of her Orion Empire became centers of civilized activity, with examples of artistry, culture and other creative works in public view everywhere, with warfare not mainly respected.

As for herself, the Queen Goddess still hoped for opportunities to gain the experience she was missing. At the same time, she longed for children of her own making. She wanted to be able to gain the wisdom from what others would return to her as knowledge. It’s important to know that most of these royal bloodlines live very long lives. We often think of tens of thousands of years in our terms as a very long time. Many long-lived extraterrestrial races think of that length of time as ‘shortly’.

As a measure of how self-determined they were as royal leaders, he or she could willfully carry their soul from one lifetime of leadership to another by deciding to forcefully enter the body of a like-minded family to renew the same kind of lifestyle they enjoyed previously. 

During the in between lives stage, judges presiding in that realm told them to decide on a course of action where they’d be able to manage ‘unfinished business” in the next lifetime.

This concept must have a believable degree of truth. Hitler, just as one ugly example, strongly insisted that he had a past life as Hannibal the Conqueror. There are many historic examples of this.        

Now, with our having gained a very minor fraction of schooling about the sciences of creation, let’s again return to Robert Morning Sky’s perspective and review a very compressed version of what happened next.

With billions of accomplishments in her past, the Goddess lacked an equal, a male partner of her own. The Queen had acquired broad experience creating physical landscapes populated with intelligent beings with limited capabilities.

She decided it was time to create a breed of very sophisticated human beings which would be surrounded with a fabulous range of other living things that together inhabited an enormous watery planet located on a spiraling arm of stars in the distant Milky Way galaxy, a planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter called Tiamat.  

“She wanted to see what happens,” Penre stated, “if she created a type of being who voluntarily descended from the sacred essence of herself into all forms of sentient matter.” She wanted to insert an experimental colony of genetically designed intelligent beings into a supportive environment as a special investment for a future based on a human factor. For its riches and natural beauty, Tiamat was selected as where her extraordinary human species could best thrive.

They would possess “…souls that had Fire already inserted into highly multidimensional, androgynous bodies,” Penre states. They would be genetically programmed by ‘creator gods’ to mature in form and become tall, slender, smooth, dark—bodied figures.

To ensure long-term protection of the natural evolution of her experiment, she also ordered a contingent of the mighty Titan race to be her personal ambassadors. These guardian giants would oversee the protection of all projects with the sole duty of deterring any intrusions into her sophisticated breeding grounds on Tiamat.

The tremendous strength and fighting skills that the gigantic Titans possessed are themes found in major legends of Greek mythology.

The Titans and the new humans would evolve together. The Titans watched over their habitat, a lush paradise that was filled with gifts of wondrous plants, fauna and a full, rich range of animal life, a collection conceived as what has been called a “Living Library”.

An accepted archeological fact from ancient Romania backs up the existence of the Titans: “The legend of the Tartars is also supported by Herodotus, the early Greek historian who spoke of them as a noble and glorious tribe. Also called “Teutars” or “Titans,” according to Homer, these giants were favored by the gods”because “they surpassed all men in height, strength, and beauty’ ”. Tiamat was located on a spiral arm of what is today called the Milky Way.

The experiment would not be easy, but it would be worth it. The task of initiating a natural evolution proceeded, untouched and respected by other visiting civilizations who wanted to stay and observe the Law Of One non-interference agreement during their time there. The success of the ambitious experiment was a tribute to her plan to create an ideal human over a period of what was expected to take some five-hundred thousand years.

With that perspective established, let’s return to the historic review of galactic events that the recovering alien, Bek—ti, gave to the Hopi youngsters. He told them about a young race of restless beings, not at all a peace-loving tribe by nature, which had appeared in the Queen’s Orion Empire. They were well-armed warriors, some of them twelve feet tall, who lived incredibly long, nearly immortal life spans. Yet, …“immortality” doesn’t really mean the gods live forever,” states another historian. “They are mortal, just like us, but they sometimes live for millions of years with the help from their technologies, medical machinery which they were taught about by their creator gods. These mechanisms came to be what is called the ‘Tree of Life’.” 

Their relatively extended life, some tens of thousands years long, were ways to ‘cheat death’. They drank special potions. They could move into genetically duplicated, clone bodies whenever their original bodies needed replacing or switch to new bodies using technology. Certain elite groups today are pursuing that same goal.

These individuals started to form arrogant, elite aristocracies in which top-ranking men became Princes, Lords and Kings who often battled each other for supremacy as they plundered civilizations on planets all over to win wars—until some worlds opposed them.

As such, some stable civilizations began to be threatened by these ambitious, militarily advanced races that had become anxious to expand into other territories, building “empires”. Some became known as conquering pirates whose victory battles gained them reputations as extremely dangerous adversaries.

One of these, the young, most vicious race brought up earlier, came to the attention of the Queen. Their home planet orbited the star Sirius, the brightest of all stars. This race matured some 4.2–4.5 billion years ago, about the same era the Goddess first became involved with them as rulers from Sirius.

The Sirians were then ruled by a man named Khanus who called himself a king, or King Anu. Over time, he had risen in military strength to conquer ever more territory. Later on, as their presence on Earth’s ancient Sumeria increased, they became known as the Anunnaki: “Those who came from the heavens”.

After the Queen won a major battle with him—an event known as the Orion Wars—she assumed Khanus might once again become a challenge to her prominence should he again turn his malevolent ambitions on her. Wisely, she conceived a path of diplomacy to appease the situation even though she sensed dishonor was a factor.

The Annunaki already had a long history of genetically manipulated ancestors who evolved over many millions of years on one of the planets circling the brightest star, Sirius. Today, researchers say that it is the Global Elite, working behind the scenes to control our reality and keep us trapped here, are possessed by, or were long ago taken over by Reptilian ETs called the Anunnaki.

Yet the Annunaki began their evolutionary journey long after the Queen had started her original genetic expansion, so, just to be sure of the timing of all this, they were a “younger” race which had achieved a very high degree of technological capability, especially in warfare, but little in the way of intellectual, cultural or moral values.

All had become fearsome warriors whose great expertise involved use of the most vicious tactics of battle. Their military skills were aided by having use of the best exotic weaponry known in a long history of victories. The Sirians were merciless fighters–and remain so even today.

“Still, species are always in different stages of development all over the universe,” Penre said of the Queen’s previous and still ongoing evolutionary experiments, “due to an almost infinite multiverse, so we can expect that there are races which will fight over real estate instead of ethically and morally earning the real estate they want.”

Tiamat’s location in the group of planets on the inner edge of the Milky Way was of key interest to the King Anu for its strategic future military value. 

“For awhile,” Mr. Penre elaborates, “the Annunaki culture began to retreat from the treacherous tactics of ruling as warriors after realizing the greater gains afforded by making routine business deals that yielded more in profits at less costs to them…So, instead of pursuing their past as warriors, the Anunnaki began to assume management of commercial business interests, a profit-making success that attracted the Orion Queen’s attention.”   

“These ETs don’t foresee and predict,” according to research performed by Christina Valenzuela. “They formulate and calculate. Nothing in the Universe happens without a reason. The logic of numbers dictates and creates events.”

As we began to explain earlier, during this pause in Sirian warring, the Queen realized that taking measures to avoid the potential for invasions of her domain by King Anu would require a series of defensive moves on her part. Thus, she called upon the King for a first meeting. She intended to cleverly appraise the situation with him, focusing on the main interest of convincing him to respect the advantages of the better peace-making life enjoyed in most sectors of the Universe. 

Despite all warnings about King Anu, the Goddess virtually ignored the tales about his despicable reputation and entreated his company at her palace in Orion where they could open a dialogue on the prospective relationship. He took her up on the invite and prepared for it by deceptively assuming the part of a wise and quite charming chief who’d earned the loyalty of his savage Annunaki soldiers, men who idolized their wily ruler, before he arrived in her company.  

In the meeting, the Orion Goddess crafted an offer to King Kanus, a ‘Peace Treaty’, a deal-making that suggested a long term partnership with the King, close to what we today would call a business merger with benefits. In the deal, the Sirians became Orions, too. Anu, however, would have to send a percentage of any resources they exploited back to Orion as a part of the deal.

There were other arrangements, including her desire to learn more about the other, darker side of life and what he might do to father the children she desired. Included in the arrangement, she ended up giving him control over most of what was known of the 9th Sector of the Universe, an area referred to otherwise as District 9.   [Director Peter Jackson’s film of the same title is based on the available knowledge of the existence of this spacefaring route.]

Within District 9 was a major interstellar superhighway of commerce called Pesh-Meten. This passageway had been established long before, at a time when commerce between galaxies began. It remains very active today as a direct way to travel between civilized stars, constellations, galaxies—even to other dimensions. Tiamat sat like a dock very near this heavily trafficked route through vast distances of our universe, pathways where valuable cargo had traversed for a long time.

This busy line of transit runs like an interstate highway throughout the better part of the Milky Way. Part of the Queen’s agreement with the Sirian King Anu included the restriction that he couldn’t interact in any way with traffic passing by on that busy thoroughfare in such a way as to impede her relations with cultures that used the route.

“The Queen’s Orion Empire was teeming with life,” Wes Penre has elaborated. “Experiments were pending in many places; the idea of starting up a more sophisticated ‘Living Library’ was only one of a lot of different ideas and experiments. It may appear that it didn’t occur to the Queen when the agreement was made that the Sirian Lords would disturb the development of a human species or interfere with her business and other developments on Tiamat.”

“Many star races from far away knew about her human based experiment on Tiamat,” Penre continued, “but the Sirian Lords and Anu did not.” Tiamat cities that made up Atlantis were part of this.

“…Each race in any solar system is supposed to reign themselves into sovereignty while abiding                 

by the laws of the Orion Empire, laws which included observing the rules stated in ‘The Law Of One’.”                                                                                 

“Nowhere in the contract did it say that King Anu could interfere with a pending experiment, but apparently it didn’t say they couldn’t, either.”           

“Did the Queen make a terrible mistake when she made up the contract?”                                                                                                        

“Did she leave that part out because it ‘goes unsaid’? That is not something you need to put in a contract — that part goes unsaid.”

“However, if a star race, like the Sirians, manage to ‘manipulate’ another star race into agreeing with them and to have them do something they wouldn’t agree with normally, if they knew the full consequences, the Sirians, in our example, could potentially bypass the Law of Non-Interference and refer to the Law of Free Will.”                  

“They could justify their actions by saying, ‘We didn’t do it! They did! They agreed to do it!’ And this was exactly what happened..!”                                   

“Besides, King Anu ambitiously saw himself and his people as heirs to this Universe after having agreed to the terms of the Peace Treaty with the Queen of the Stars,” Penre stated.

In this marriage of convenience, at first, the news of this union brought some lasting peace to relations in the expanding Universe. Yet, at the same time, the Goddess aspired to her natural need to give birth. Out of female instinct, she wanted children with King Anu.

With Anu as father, she delivered a first egg, but it was unfertilized. It did hatch and out came a male that they named En.ki. The second egg was fertilized and when it hatched it produced a second male whom they named En.lil. Each brother was awarded the title of ‘Prince’. As King Anu’s heirs, by tradition, they were rightful owners to all that he possessed upon his retirement or passing. Since the Queen showed no sign of passing, her Empire still reigned supreme.                                                                          


While En.lil took interest in business and commerce, En.ki was to grow up being specially educated in the medical arts by the Goddess herself. In her role as a genetic master, En.ki, too, became a master DNA scientist. “En.ki used an array of names and titles, which has made it extremely hard for scholars to get the story correct,” Penre observed. It’s also very important to note that En.ki was assigned a noble, royal name of ‘Prince Lucifer’ during the training his mother provided.

Let’s return to the time of Robert Morning Sky’s tale of the stranded extraterrestrial Bek—ti, when he told the rest of the story about Tiamat’s demise. What follows below is a very condensed version of that period of time. The storyline blends the rest of Bek-ti’s tale with other background on the events provided by Wes Penre and other sources.

The Queen had assigned genetic scientists from Lyra as ‘creator gods’ for her breeding project, the Lyrans who were introduced earlier.

The Lyrans also had competent laboratory help from the Vegans, another sophisticated race from a civilized planet that circled the star Vega. It is not ironic that when Carl Sagan’s wife was writing the book Contact, she chose the Vegan civilization as having had a major influence on Earth in the storyline.

“Another species, also from the Lyran star system was the Vegans, originating from a previous density version of the star Vega, quite close to Earth,” Wes Penre notes. “Not much is left of this race today in their original form, but they played a major role in seeding and building genetics and DNA on Earth. In fact, they were the pioneers.”

When this team of Lyrans and Vegans started up, they decided to combine their own multidimensional 12 strand DNA into the basic genetic template of the new human so that the resulting individual would have a full DNA spectrum of spiritual and physical abilities.                     

The Lyrans were very successful in building the Living Library, and many different energies were brought into existence. Among others, very evolved civilizations emerged from their efforts after their success here on Earth. Early humans contained her divine essence.

King Anu and his sons found out about Tiamat, the ‘blue pearl’ planet, and the riches available for mining there. Anu left his sons in charge of the commercial mining operations that he started up on Tiamat. [Tiamat has also been called Marduk in a number of historical references] It ran successfully…until frictions between his sons arose. “No two brothers could have been further apart in their views,” Penre explained, “…both wanted to be in charge of the Tiamat mission.” But it was Enki’s fervent hope to continue with the original genetic ambitions of his mother to create humans blessed with a full set of positively inclined and powerful abilities both spiritual and physical regardless of his brother’s contempt for him and his mother.

En.lil complained to Anu about being too long away from his distant home in Sirius. He was openly envious of En.ki’s achievements after beginning to interfere with the Lyran/Vegan ideal human experiment and his success in managing the gold mining operations that pleased King Anu so greatly and paid the Queen a royalty, too.

The brotherly conflicts between the two Princes eventually forced King Anu to plan a trip to tropical Tiamat to mediate the issues… but ever so carefully, without arousing the Queen’s ire for interfering in the operations of her prized sanctuary. At the same time, he was also having to deal with a real threat to his throne at home.

As he was leaving for Tiamat, King Anu decided to bring along a highly skilled, but covertly treasonous in-law prince who chose the King’s negotiating visit as the best time to stage a revolt, a fight that the prince won and was re-named King Zeus, the same Zeus as told of in Greek mythology.

Zeus’ victory did not last long. So, King Anu mounted yet another war fleet, returned to the solar system where Zeus waited and Anu successfully defeated Zeus in what became known as ‘The Battle of the Titans’ over Mount Olympus in Greece. This is one of the more significant myths in all of Greek mythology.

In the furious battle that followed, his planet-sized battleship was damaged so severely it began a plunge toward Tiamat…

Anu’s Mothership Plunges Down on Tiamat / Robert Morning Sky Image

…the force of gravity exerted by the enormous planet ended pulling his planet sized battleship into a great collision, a disaster which shattered Tiamat so badly, the planet split in two. The larger section eventually became Earth and the other much more fractured pieces became the asteroid belt that still circles around in our solar system. 

Tiamat’s Asteroid Belt / Robert Morning Sky Image

“Tiamat, the giant water planet, was destroyed about 4.5 billion years ago, shortly after our solar system was created,” Wes Penre asserted.

This incident underscored the fact that, right after the Peace Treaty was signed, “King Anu had started plotting,” Penre has asserted. “He realized that being in alliance with the Orion Queen could be a great beneficial factor for him and his people when came time to conquer the Universe.” With this in mind, his recalled the great passion he had to rule the solar system when the treaty was made.              

Despite all that, he had broken the peaceful spirit that the deal promised. 

It was during this major sweep of time that the Queen became greatly threatened by En.lil, who cursed her because she had rejected him, her son, as no longer fit to fill his intended future role as King of the Orion Empire.

This decision was unbearable to En.lil and, according to various scriptural sources, he was cast out of Orion by force. The queen’s guardian angel Micheal tossed En.lil out with his ‘Fallen Angels’ for threatening his mother violently. This expulsion isolated the rejected Annunaki to a 4% partition of the Universe where they remain  today—along with the rest of us. If true, the other 96% of the Queen’s territory also remains off-limits to 3-D limited DNA humans.

Billions of years after this warfare with Zeus and his quick defeat, the immortal King Anu and his Sirian Lords resumed travel through the 9th District of the Universe joined often by En.lil and En.ki. Unlike the many other stable, peace-loving cultures who traveled freely anywhere, the bad boy reputation of the conquering Anannaki put limits on where they could safely travel or risk attacks. They knew very little about life outside the Empire of their heavy-handed rule.

By then, because other warring races besides the Anunnaki were becoming threats, many planets joined forces to protect themselves by forming a ‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’, which still exists and, as we’ll see later, is currently a very important agent of deterrence in the present conflict taking place on Earth.

Anu’s royal visits eventually led them back down along the Ninth Passageway to inspect the big piece of Tiamat that remained intact. It had spun around so long, it formed into a round body that evolved into what had good prospects to again become habitable planet. 

After landing, King Anu’s Anunnaki party discovered that the Queen’s scientists from Lyra and Vega had returned to resume their work once again, working to produce an intelligent human in the genetic experiments underway at a colony. “We can compare the Lyrans, if only vaguely, with today’s Native American, Asian and Aboriginal people. The Vegans were the true genetic pioneers, even though today only a few of them have survived the conflicts since,” Mr. Penre states. “Much of the Vegan mysticism is the origin of many spiritual teachings on Earth, for instance, Tibetan culture before Buddhism, the Vedic culture in India, prior to Hinduism. Very few ancient texts exist on Earth from this highly influential time period.”

“…conditions the Anunnaki found were not troublesome to En.ki,” Penre elaborated on their returning arrival on their prior outpost. Tiamat had been known as a paradise and, despite the calamities, the much smaller planet had recovered miraculously and retained Tiamat’s former rating as a rare, splendidly beautiful planet now named Terra. This is how Robert Morning Sky named his book.            

The discovery inspired the ruthless Annunaki Lords to renew their ambition to exploit it. Prince En.lil, regardless of his rabid jealousy of his brother En.ki’s support from his mother [and Anu] went back to work as previously. He remained at odds with En.ki.                         

Prince En.ki, now known as simply ‘Ea’, was not only the Genetics Master, he was a master political manipulator. They took enslaved Annunaki miners and troops and resettled them on new bases he allowed them to build, but he also provided them with an education, sheltered and protected them against any outside interferences:

“We here on Earth are still young souls in comparison with many others out there in the Multiverse, and we have not even started fully exploring the stars. Current members of humanity who trace their roots back to the original humans, thinking humans,” as Wes Penre puts it, “and we became singularly aware souls.”

“We descended through these genetic roots [as nurtured by En.ki] and none of us are any more than about 250,000-300,000 years old. That’s not a long time as viewed from the perspective of an ‘old’ cosmic universe…[This era thrived] while the human civilizations in Antarctica and Russia were still in their fullest. This time period is considered the beginning of human civilization, but, in fact, it was the death of the older, more benevolent and evolved era…Eventually, after long and bitter battles overhead Earth, the original Lyran coalition of genetic planners lost the war. Darkness had defeated Light and Earth became the territory of the Anunnaki. Some of these space battles extended down to Earth herself and developed into atomic wars.”

The arriving Annunaki initiated a complete occupation as an ‘invader force’. Ea promoted expansion of an urban culture to enable establishment of a second version of the culture that had existed on Tiamat, a vast city what was then named ‘Atlantis’, and the new civilization was again named that. Knowing this means that it makes better sense to look for the remains of Atlantis above ground more worthwhile as archeological adventures. The relics of the first Atlantis may have been cast off into the asteroid belt or have become the rings of Saturn, where the ruins of huge structures, actual sections of buildings, have been identified in the expert analysis of the satellite imagery of sections of the rings of Saturn performed by noted specialist Richard Hoagland.

Also, along with many other asteroids that have returned to smash into Earth, one of those asteroids may have returned to smash into what is now the Gulf of Mexico on the newly forming planet in the tens of thousands of years that chunk spun around to form the new planet Terra:

Once the planet was deemed habitable again, Ea and En.lil proceeded to rebuild the ecosystems of the planet with splendid success. He and his brother rose in royal rank to become Lord En.lil and Lord Ea, who re-named the planet as ‘Earth’.

Earth was bursting with life once more. The Sirian brothers co-operated with each other to sustain a fragile era of peace. The news that Ea had developed an intelligent ‘human’ that could be put to work doing heavy labor in the Anunnaki gold and metal mines traveled to other civilized planets. “As word of Lord Ea’s success with the ‘human’ spread to other galaxies,” Morning Sky reported, “another group of Genesis Lords [from a distant galaxy] extended a gift to him…the single strand of DNA filament that provided ‘passion’ to the new humans…the invisible motivating force that gave a being intense feelings…The offering became known as ‘The Gift Of The Feather’.“ This phenomena has also been reported on in the the many amazing videos created by artist/researcher Dante Santori.

Anunnaki family members moved out to dominate emerging cultures elsewhere on the planet, such as the Mayan and Central American civilizations. It is said that the Mayan god Quezequadal was a direct Anunnaki descendant, for instance. Their influence expanded—along with the growing population of Earth.

To further disrupt the final stages of development of the experimental human model which the Goddess originally intended, Lord Ea again turned off the ten DNA strands that the Lyran/Vegans had once more restored in the final template of the homo sapien sapien, the human figure that was later named ‘Adama’.

Keeping in mind that the Annunaki under En.lil’s rule wanted slaves they could control, Penre comments: “There was no way for the Anunnaki to be able to work with beings who possessed 12 helices of DNA; they would have been too smart and too perceptive. On the other hand, the “regular” ape-man was too stupid to work with in the first place, so it was easier for their scientists to “cut” than to add. The oppressors also wanted to break the DNA code that existed originally.” These scientific alterations really riled the Lyran team to the point of wanting to go to war with them over ruining the intended spiritual human being.

“They [the Annunaki] rearranged your DNA in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band, a frequency that could feed them and keep them in power,” Wes Penre elaborated.

“The original human was a magnificent being whose twelve strands of DNA were contributed to by a variety of sentient civilizations. When the new owners came in, they took the original DNA of the human species and disassembled it. The original DNA pattern was left within the human cells, yet it was not functional; it was split apart, unplugged.”

Thus, the Anunnaki insisted that humanity belonged to them entirely. In every way possible, they have always used deception to divert us away from discovering our true past and how we could renew ourselves physically back to our full DNA capacity and towards the stable, loving future which the Goddess initially wanted.

“After a lot of twists and turns,” Penre tells readers, “this confrontation [with the Goddess and Lyrans] came to involve planet Earth in a very profound way and to such an extent that it directly has to do with the final creations of mankind.” By that, Penre meant to indicate the future posterity of all versions of the human race.

Leading up to this war, Ea and one of his many lovely female consorts had a son that they named Marduk. Even though quite young, Marduk had already developed a strong desire to become king of the solar system where Earth orbited. Robert Morning Sky stated that Marduk, “…would use war, works of intrigue and even the deadly art of betrayal to try to seize the Throne.” 

Indeed, later in life, Marduk prepared a coup of the Throne carefully. He enticed the support of the entire management network of the Earth-bound Annunaki colony, promising them increased prosperity if they came over to help him overthrow Enlil and Ea.

As a side note, we have to bear in mind that the population of Earth wasn’t that great at the time of Marduk’s deceptions. An internal rebellion was not as difficult to pull off in the same manner in which it is being done today by propaganda manipulation of a large global population via the near total control of news media and institutions.

When the perfect time to trip the switch for his takeover came, Marduk called for action. Within hours, his plan put the rulers and their followers on the run without bloodshed. Robert Morning Sky relates the outcome: “Earth, the island outpost of the Sirian Empire, was now the seized Empire of the Lord Prince Marduk…He was victorious, the ‘War of Take-Over’, backed by the reptilian rebels, had been successful beyond expectations…” This all happened in a relatively recent period of our history. With Ea in the background, Marduk currently remains the highest authority in charge here.

Penre continued: “The Lyrans saw what was coming [the plan by Lord En.lil] and decided to interfere with the process. They did not want the homo sapien sapien genetic work to be tampered with by the Anunnaki, as it would seriously alter their plans for the Living Library in [rebuilding the sanctuary] of Atlantis.

In his novel, Dune Messiah, Frank Herbert observed, “Every civilization must contend with an unconscious force which can block, betray or countermand almost any conscious intention of the collectivity.”

In this instance, the collectivity was the Lyrans, Vegans and the Goddess, all of whom, to one degree or other, had cooperatively wanted to create a peace-loving environment. 

“A huge war broke out on Earth between the two species of creator gods—the Lyrans and their allies on one side and the Anunnaki allies on the other—a war which ended in a major nuclear disaster on Earth. Evidence of this, and other nuclear wars in the past, has been found in the deeper layers of the Earth’s surface [by academic geologists and archeologists].”

Penre reports that the surviving Lyrans and Vegans escaped back to their planet, Lord Prince En.lil and his followers fled back to the palace the Sirian Empire and “Lord Prince Ea took his following, plus a substantial group of the more intelligent Adamus enslaved humans to his own refuge in the Pleiades.”

“After the destruction created by the atomic war,” Penre concludes, Earth had ‘a changing of the gods’. The Anunnaki under Marduk had conquered an ‘old’ world and “…expanded the Anunnaki Empire with new real estate.” But Marduk’s victory celebration on Earth would have to wait for radioactivity to subside enough to go back—tens of thousands of years.

In the current editions of the Law Of One material that Penre had investigated, “…it states that Earth was inhabited by intelligent beings who had rebuilt yet another Atlantis civilization before that was destroyed about 500,000 years ago.” That culture was as saturated with electronics as we are. 

After the radiation count dropped low enough, the Annunaki Lords returned for yet another go at it. Enlil, Ea and Marduk started a fourth era of civilization on the Earth that they commanded control of. “Genetic engineering is the game of the gods, and is extremely common throughout the universe,” Wes Penre reminds us. “The truths of this era are chronicled as legends of the Old Testament.”

Before we launch into a brief summary to close the gap in history from then up until now, let’s look into some of Middle-Eastern Biblical events influenced by Mardak during intervening times.

Penre explains: “One of the first things Marduk did was rewrite history in his favor. Marduk wanted to place himself in the position as the one and only God, and therefore, he wanted to erase all history of all the gods previous to him…[In doing this,] he also took control over all major world religions to use them…to manipulate the growing Earth population and to divide and conquer.”

Dr. Sasha Lessin holds a PhD in anthropology at UCLA [pictured below] and he has said that: “Marduk felt like his father, Lord Ea, had at least made an effort to satisfy his imperatives to become a ruler. So, about 9,800 years ago, Marduk was assigned Egypt by his father and assumed the name “Ra’, the role of the main god named Ra who ended up influencing a very long line of royal Egyptian dynasties,” observed Dr. Lessin. Leading up to that time, “Marduk gave Hammurabi, his king at Babylon, “a powerful weapon,” called ‘Great Power of Marduk’, with which Hammurabi subdued all Mesopotamia,” Dr. Lessin states.“The Israelites repeated what the Anunnaki had given them in form of genes (DNA),” said Dr. Lessin, “and not the least of it, from the “gods” behavior:

Dr. Lessin

Destructive action →revenge → destructive action → worse revenge, in an endless, immature to the extreme, cycle.”

Importantly, research strongly indicates that Lord Ea, given his ability to live an extended life, went on to preside over many different cultures in which the only difference of character traits involved his making a change of name—and maybe shaving off his beard. As a ‘name-changer’, En.ki has always demanded being referred to as a ‘god’ of whatever culture he was ruling. They worshiped him using the name of the new title he devised, just as his father did when he lorded over various cultures, hopping from one identity to another.

Throughout all ancient and then more contemporary times, this was the case—at least until Christianity took a firm hold and he made sure that his rule was secured further by internal deals he made when the Church of Rome was being put together following the death of Jesus. It is said that Ea and his son Marduk played a big role in writing the Holy Bible during the end of Roman rule. Working in the background, unseen by the humans involved, they presided over the convention of Roman scribes at the “Council of Nicea” in the year 435 AD. Ea ruled as a master of many disguises during the rise and fall of many cultures and was surely capable of adopting a human appearance.

“In different accounts of history, the Pleiadians say that the god known as Poseidon was the first ruler of Atlantis,” Penre notes. That character change may have also enabled Ea to act as the water related Poseidon who sprang up on tropical Tiamat. “We know that Poseidon and Ea (the En.ki) are the same being. He was Ea in Mesopotamia, Poseidon again in Greece, the god Ptah in Egypt, and Neptune in Rome—the same deity, the same Lord Ea. They also say Poseidon had Pleiadian connections.” He is also suspected of playing the roles of Thoth and many other rulers right up to post Roman Empire leaders—with his son Marduk supporting him or taking his place when Ea went elsewhere in the cosmic Anunnaki Empire.

The long life expectations of these characters that we’ve already discussed here are the reason why Ea/En.ki could make royal ‘reappearances’ to visit many cultures, each of them separated by thousands of years. “The Anunnaki have lifespans of “360,000–420,000 earth-years,” Wes Penre asserts. “The lifespan…could be extended much more than that with the help of technology, up to perhaps a couple of million years, or close to it.” With exotic medical technology and some additional tinkering with genetics, they can live almost ‘forever’. 

To populations much, much smaller than today’s on Earth, Lord Ea and Lord Marduk ruled the planet throughout the entire Old Testament, plus also managing the scriptures and religions all over the rest of the world, involvements so complex I will skip over that era, except for mentioning Noah’s involvement may have led to yet another termination of the human experiment and its renewal by Noah to bring about yet one more iteration of civilization on Earth, tthis one being perhaps the fifth time Earth had been re-populated in a terraformed ‘Genesis’.

These men have been deeply involved in many modern cultures, under the names of so many different cultural leaders, in the times we know of as beyond the era that Christ lived.

Then we also have the time came when King Anu decided to retire after who knows how many countless eras he was in charge. According to Penre and another scholar, Anu’s decision directed a “changing of the gods”, a period in which all Anunnaki Earth operations ceased for hundreds of years, coincidentally during the times we refer to now as ‘The Dark Ages’.

This Anunnaki exodus happened in the 6th-8th century CE. “There were about 400 Anunnaki on our planet, and 3/4 of them were supporting Marduk, obeying him as their King of Earth,” Penre explains, “or the others who were obeying King Anu and were not recognizing Marduk as their king.” This occurred about the same time as the end of the Roman Empire. From this coincidence, the end of Anu’s rule during the drawn out decay of the Roman era, it can easily said that cosmic parasites like the Anunnaki are “unable to live independent of the institutions which they conquer” as Penre puts it. They are unable to function unless they can sink their teeth into the livelihood of the culture that hosts them. We were, and still are, their ‘food’.

In making a point about all of the eccentric behavior exhibited by all of the Anunnaki, Penre characterizes the elite royals as being, “…big, spoiled children, power-hungry and arrogant… playing with fire.”

Marduk was the biggest loser as he is just not popular…anywhere.

“This was a big problem for the home Anunnaki Kingdom,” Penre notes, “and Marduk had always been, and still was, a time bomb and a great concern.” Marduk’s menacing lifestyle of in-house villainy in all probability led to his even becoming no longer welcome in Anu’s distant Kingdom some 400 years after his return from Earth.

Thus, due to his unpopularity even among the criminal class Anunnaki, “Marduk and approximately 300 Anunnaki returned to Earth again,” Penre explains, “and they have been here ever since, with some of them taking control over certain Earth populations by force, creating their own pyramid power structure, placing Marduk himself on top as the only ‘God’ and ‘King of the Universe’. Marduk easily fits the picture as the Biblical Satan…”

Since Lord Ea joined Marduk in setting up shop for this, the fourth or even the fifth seeding experiment on Earth, from what can be assessed with what’s known, being forced to leave Anu’s palace may possibly have been part of the Biblical event called the “Fallen Angels” or “Lucifer’s Rebellion” noted earlier. Or not—maybe the Queen had thrown them out earlier. In any case, Marduk was a great risk to have around and worked at crossed purposes to his father’s efforts to shepard humanity along in evolution to become highly civilized, but nonetheless, Anunnaki controlled groups of diverse races on another planet in their empire.

“The Original Planners had not given up on their experiments to create a ‘thinking man’,” Penre elaborated before he reports a surprising reversal of fate: “Renegade Pleiadians monitored the situation until a faction of those Pleiadians returned to Earth to support the Anunnaki in their effort to genetically manipulate mankind one more time…The scale of [human] creation this time around was likely large, with the great standing size of humans reduced later in the process…” Human skeletons 25-30 feet tall have been unearthed but then secreted away—but photos exist of them. Even more amazing, some very tall 12′ figures who are alive but “sleeping” in a state of stasis or, as this condition is known otherwise, in suspended animation have been found in various secreted locations far distant from each other. Some research indicates that they will soon ‘wake up’ from this state to assist the coming of another age on Earth. Indeed, in several interviews concducted in 2022 with a US Army operative identified only as JD by Dr. Micheal Salla, there is evidence that several of these very tall, sleeping ‘stasis beings’ have been located during secret archeological expeditions conducted by the US Army in Florida. In the series of interviews with JD devoted to the US Army operations, other such tall beings who are arrested in suspended animation are said to have been located long ago in an underwater site within the Bermuda Triangle, while a number of others may be found elsewhere.

Many of these finds have been carted off and hidden away by the archeological authorities in charge of those expeditions. Easter Island’s mysterious tall, standing stone men may have been fashioned on the true great heights of the race they were modeled after. And, as for the many, many 12 foot high Anunnaki figures carved in Sumerian times, it is suspected that those ‘gods’ were really that tall. “The Anunnaki,” Penre stated, “were never our creators; they always were imposters who manipulated an already highly developed DNA/RNA.” He was referring to the genetic model that became us—homo sapien sapien—produced by the Lyrans. “…Ea wanted to deny them [the new humans] immortality so that they could stay quarantined on Earth for a long time., as slaves,” Penre states. 

Legends of dragon-like reptilians on Earth are great in number, whether we look at the dragons found in ancient China, and then those that lurked during India’s earliest Vedic times or, as one other very prominent example, the evidence of a reptilian presence found in the ancient land called Dacia in Romania. These were highly advanced extraterrestrial creatures themselves and they joined up with Anunnaki forces at some point in more recent history, the two of them forming a deadly, conqueror’s alliance. Wes Penre speculated that this ‘dragon’ group was yet another example of the long-term results of experimentation that took place under the Lyran genetic blendings, this time with dinosaurs, which yielded this reptilian race which further evolved in the Draco star system and returned to Earth to become known as the fearsome Draco, the fierce race with a dragon head and referred to as “cosmic parasites” who lived in what is now Romania, and still reside under parts of the Carpathian mountain range whose contour greatly resembles the shape of the Draco star constellation:

Do the Draco and Anunnaki hide from populated human habitats, and take refuge from us in many enclaves beneath the planet that they have either found or constructed for themselves? Certain US Navy satellite ground-piercing radar sources have detected hollow earth places over the years, along with known undersea fortifications. The number of such potential hideouts range into the hundreds, with some of them occupied by a large number of members also belonging to very benevolent underworld societies.

Top level policy makers know them as Dracos, “The Great Serpents of Old” or as the “Fallen Ones”. Looking at all this from a position taken purely on the level of observing facts, we must realize that these beings are high tech and can do things requiring super-technologies that we are only starting to understand today.

“The Anunnaki and the Dracos are reputed to be very hierarchical, bureaucratic and rigid, operating by age old formulas used to hijack, take down, manipulate and destroy peoples, cultures, nations and civilized worlds,” writes Veterans Today editor Howard Duff. “They primarily work behind the scenes to put others into power so that they can then have their ‘controlled’ humans take all the steps needed to execute their dirty work as compromised sell-outs.”

“They are experts at convincing the public that black is white, and white is black, good is evil, and evil is good,” Mr. Duff goes on.“ And the worst part is that they have apparently gained control of the most of the earth’s riches by hijacking most of the monetary production and distribution systems under the Luciferian power of the Draco ancient Babylonian ‘money-magick’ game or applied black-magic arts.” In fact, they introduced ‘magick’ to this world.”

“The Draco leaders know that it is essential that they keep the world organized into hierarchies run by the top policy-maker leaders of the world which must be Illuminati or Royal Bloodlines linked to Draco heritage.” Mr. Duff is referring to historically influential, elite secret societies that have craftily controlled modern day human affairs throughout contemporary times.

Winged Draco

Wes Penre brings up another major genetic intervention the Draco introduced, a genetic manipulation that placed an aggressive mechanism at the base of all human brains to ensure production of violent behavior.                                             

Another aspect of this shrewd medical work was the disturbing introduction of a very negative physiological alteration to the structure of the ‘new’ human brain by the Draco during the later stages of genetic alterations performed. They inserted a ‘negative- emotion’ brain mass to the lower stem of the brain, where the nerve endings join the spinal cord.

Using genetic trickery, they placed an aggressive mechanism at the base of all human brains to ensure production of violent behavior.

Penre points out that: “…David Icke’s determination that the existence of this ‘reptilian brain’… harbors a mechanism which reacts to threats with a disposition of fear, violence and a potential for total abandonment of respect for life… The genes which include traits like murder, rape, revenge, jealousy, service-to-self behavior, and more, would most probably not be dominant traits in many people on Earth if it wasn’t for them.”      

This Anunnaki/Draco alliance has become more than just ‘double trouble’ because, over millions of years research and development, they developed a most effective range of physical and mental weapons to torture victims—mainly humans. They desensitized them. Later in his writings, Penre stressed the outcome of this Anunnaki/Draconian dimming of our ability to feel compassion:                                                              

“When we can’t feel, we don’t value life.”

Original-looking Draco prefer to hide out, due to their unmistakable dragon-like appearance and tall height, with some of them reaching 12’ tall. Their mere presence is startling. At night in Romania, a military officer sighted one in 2018, sitting in a new model Hummer at a rural gas station in the outlands of that nation. He was shocked.

Both the Anunnaki and the Draco share a repulsive liking for creating fear in humans because it produces an emotional reward for them. “due to their nature, they love to feed off a certain frequency of the human electromagnetic spectrum that is based on fear…,” Wes Penre has stated. “When they do this, they feel powerful and energetic, like they could conquer anything; it [is] like a drug to them. They ate the flesh of their enemies and drank their blood. That was not only because of some strange adrenaline rush they got while at war, but they fed off the fear that was induced in the dying enemy. This is also why, in dire times, they eat their young and drink their blood, too — it gives them more life energy and more potential to survive.”

Widespread incidents of human abduction, particularly in the lucrative global network of trafficking of women and children, is believed to be partly due to this ‘alien addiction’ by the wealthy which shares a connection with similar insidious human perversions.

The Anunnaki may also be capable of employing advanced weaponry to manipulate catastrophic geophysical events on Earth. Crystals are the most elevated state of matter. The use of ‘crystal-based’ technology affects the planet’s surface via manipulations of the Earth’s crystalline inner core.

Both breeds can change their appearance greatly. The following story has been told often, mostly in private British circles, yet it goes far to explain at least one of the key reasons why Princess Diana was killed.

Diana once told a close friend, a man who had worked awhile at Buckingham Palace, that she accidentally walked in on a ceremony being conducted by Queen Elizabeth and members of the Royal British Court in which all of them appeared in their real reptilian forms. Later on, she was quoted as having said during this confession about the Queen and her Court: “They’re not human.”

End Part One


Part One

1] May I first thank Robert Smith for coming up with an enchanting opening page image that combines Michelangelo’s ‘Adam’ on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with an image of the powerful Egyptian goddess ‘Isis’.

2] Time itself, a topic brought up early in Part One, has puzzled the best of scientists throughout history, yet witness testimony regarding secretly funded, recent day American experiments in time travel indicate that many breakthroughs in this realm of science have been made.

Seeing the concept of time as a ‘fourth dimension’ has been examined in the time modification research of Dr. David Anderson, according to his main proponent, book publisher Peter Moon of Sky Books. He has made a video that introduces viewers to the idea of time as a function of distance…Time Travel Theory Explained which may be purchased at http://www.timetraveleducationcenter.com

3] A commendation for quotes featured through this entire essay goes to author Wes Penre, a Swedish-born spiritual explorer whose extensive historic studies have skillfully traced the enormous scale of creation, through billions of years that support the idea of a divine feminine Source of humanity that evolved in a great number of manipulated genetic experiments that she initiated.

Mr. Penre’s well-organized writings are preserved at wespenre.com and were released for free over a four year span on the Internet between 2011 and 2015, to become a 5,000 page adventure in archeology, religious scriptures, the UFO phenomena we are experiencing and anthropology. In my opinion, they are unmatched as objective, level-headed, even life-changing readings. Some of his ‘Levels of Learning’ about our true past are highly controversial yet always thought-provoking. Mr. Penre shuns being followed as leading any sort of cult, but has had around 800,000 visitors to his site. I myself found the time to read all of it. You would benefit, trust me, with even having a good look at a few chapters.

My use of his work probably takes up the greatest part of the observations compiled in this essay. Of his 5 ‘Levels of Learning’, the ones I used in this document came from the following locations:

Level One: Parts 6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15

Level Two: Parts 1,2,and 9

Level Three: Parts 5,7,9,10

Level 4: Part 7

His website remains quite active with followers at www.wespenre.com

4] Next, the concept of an ‘information cloud’ was noted by retired US Marine Corp research and development engineer Pete Peterson in an interview that featured him performed by Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan and David Wilcock as can be found at the portal for Project Camelot at:

5] Various Sumerian tablets, other sculpted images and certain interpretations featured in this essay are taken from Zachariah Sitchin’s archeological studies of how Anunnaki ETs influenced civilizations in Mesopotamia. His work, by the way, was largely funded by the Rockefellers.

6] The original publication of The Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky are available at no cost and can be accessed at:

https://www.goodreads.com › 35265108-the-terra-papers

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9] “Humans” May Be All Over the Universe, Scientists Say is an article re-published by Dr. Joseph Farrell on his website at https://gizadeathstar.com/2022/04/cosmic-humanity/ which supports Wes Penre’s research into the potential that a divine feminine Source was busy devising human experiments all over the place. The BBC’s Science Focus magazine has published an interview with Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionary palaeobiologist at the university’s Department of Earth Sciences, in which he stated that researchers can “say with reasonable confidence” that human-like evolution has occurred in other parts of the universe. Dr. Farrell found a strong branch on the tree of evolutionary thinking when he stated that…”…there is an inherent teleology implied in the statement that “evolution is a natural law that operates similarly on all planets.”

10]The Exploded Planet Hypothesis The Destruction of Tiamat, Electra, Maldek and the Creation of the Asteroid Beltwas published by astrophysicist Tom Van Flandern as accessed from MetaResearch Website and featured in an edition of Stillness In The Storm in June of 2017. The concept advanced by Mr. Flandern remains the only one to explain the existence of craters on our Moon and Mars as well as the asteroid belt which bombards Earth even today.

11] Dr. Sasha Lessin and his wife Janet Kira Lessin published Anunnaki The Gods No More to explain the Anunnaki’s involvement in human history. Their website is found at https://dragonattheendoftime.com/sasha-alex-lessin-ph-d/

12] The map of the Romanian Carpathian mountains was provided to me by Valentin Tursic who is regarded in that country as having an ancestry that is tied to the much legended underworld nation of Agartha. I was provided with a documentary program that Mr. Tursic was the featured guest speaker on, a television show about the Agartha civilization that was shown to Romanians in 2017, in which Mr. Tursic informed viewers about such cosmic topics such as quantum physics and our extraterrestrial origins and the existence of a rather large community of humans underground that have been there for quite awhile…and may wish to renew acquaintances up here. Here is my special thanks to Valentin’s friend Victor Gravrilescu for translating correspondences. 

13] Dr. Micheal Salla’s interview with US Army secret operation operative is found at


14] Once again, the contributions of Howard Duff and Jim Dean, editors of Veterans Today are worth noting again. Over many years of bravely publishing their controversial investigations, they need to be praised again for their consistent dedication to exposing the truth behind the false flags and evil machinations of the warriors at the Pentagon and their compatriots in the military industrial complex which General Eisenhower warned of during a much more honest period of American history. A recent attempt [June, 2022] on the lives of Mr. Dean and his wife in Washington, DC testifies to the truth they published and how far the enemies of humanity will go to stifle free speech and our constitutionally guaranteed liberites. May Mr. Dean and his wife both recover fully.

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