My work in films and television

                                      Rob Wold                          

I have more than 35 years of creative and technical skills making up an artistic background of experience in associations generated working with some of the most respected talents in American film, television and music.

These influences contributed greatly to my success in developing original documentaries, short comedy and dramatic feature films as well as television programs noted for social impact.

A native of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, in the mid-1970s, I initiated a career with a cross-country film production to document the subject of the newly emerging solar energy industry. Soon, that effort developed further when I involved 3 time Emmy Award winning director Victor M. Summa from Chicago’s PBS affiliate WTTW in directing the documentary.

For producer of the documentary, I was able to invite Washington D.C. based writer-producer David Prowitt who was internationally recognized for his 12 part BBC series The Weather Machine, a program that identified the first signs of shifts in global weather. At the time I met Mr. Prowitt, he was producing Cosmos, the PBS series he originated with Carl Sagan.

Following five years of filming and videotaping solar projects, the production attracted the attention of Robert Redford who offered to participate in the project if he approved of it. Jazz artist Chick Corea agreed to create original music. The resulting program was titled Sundance and it aired on PBS in May of 1981. 

In 1978, Mr. Wold was asked to perform as Director of Photography on a foriegn language feature film titled Dream Shores which was being developed for shooting in Montreal, Canada by a professor of English literature at McGill University. The project was to become my first work in 35mm film. I also contributed to the film’s story writing, a tale that traced the first nine months of a newlywed couple’s hardships in marriage after coming to America to start life anew.

Due to extreme problems with the Canadian government’s exclusion of American technical talent in films being produced there, at Mr. Wold’s urging, the producers were persuaded to shoot the film with standard 35mm equipment rented there. Panavision’s Panaflex camera system was also used because those cameras were available in Montreal. This allowed them to capture and present the finished motion picture in a wider screen format. Dream Shores was never completed because they ran out of funds during post-production.

Back at home in Chicago, I found work in the summer on the four month production of The Blues Brothers. I worked with others who were also assigned what is called ‘vendor’ work on the task of purchasing dozens of used cars employed as background props for scenes or in the record-breaking 50 or so car wreck gags filmed for the mayhem featured in that comedy.

The purchased cars were turned over to Teamsters for painting, driving to locations or parking them on the streets where they might be damaged in scenes.

As luck would have it, Blues Bros. was followed with an offer to do the principal photography of another foreign language film in Kerala, India in very early 1979. I filmed the production Heavanbound with 35mm Arriflex sound camera equipment. This film also explored a romantic adventure in which a twenty-five year old woman let go from her job in a textile factory finds love at sea after meeting a young fisherman.

He later also became involved in casting duties for an award-winning ABC Movie-of-the-Week script In This Fallen City. I worked for producer Bernie Brillstien to find and supervise school-aged children for background scenes.

The film was re-named by ABC Studios to a more pleasant title, A Night Of Darkness, before being broadcast as a movie of the week

This casting assignment led to further incidental casting work on the Richard Gere/Kim Basinger film No Mercy. I worked for Serena Hausman to cast key, non-speaking bad guy roles for scenes to be filmed in Chicago and, later, on location in North Carolina. A friend of mine and I checked out martial arts professionals sparring at a Chicago self defense school and chose a few of them as candidates to cast the mercenary roles. They were not used since the main casting producer had already found what he wanted in NYC.

In the 1980s, I produced a variety of corporate films and video promotional shorts for clients such as Control Data Corporation in Minneapolis and on passive solar enegy architechtural design for The University of Illinois architecture school. At the same time, I was contracted by New York City based producers to write original screen treatments. 

I first drafted an initial story for a dramatic film with the working title Disappear! in 1992 as an action-adventure tale set in the South Pacific. The story traced the theft of a submarine filled with gold late in WWII and the continuation of the story in present day with an action filled adventurer to recover it. That first draft of the screenplay got to Chicago-based Director of Photography William Birch, best known for his work on Coal Miner’s Daughter, The Blues Brothers and a good number of other Chicago backgrounded movies like Code of Silence and Above the Law.

Mr. Birch had worked with seasoned unit production manager and producer John G. Wilson of Studio City, California on a number of the Chicago films and he forwarded the screen treatment for Disappear! to Mr. Wilson who agreed  the concept offered the basis for an unusually good action movie.

Mr. Birch made the match between myself and Wilson and the three of them joined forces in an ongoing story, talent and financial development effort.

Wilson based his hunch on the screen value of my story on his experience in managing a good number of studio financed, action productions that became Hollywood hits, including Clint Eastwood’s early San Francisco themed features Magnum Force, The Enforcer and  on through to one of the most esteemed westerns ever made The Outlaw Josey Wales. John had also managed other classics such as Blue Thunder, Ghostbusters and the underappreciated 1941. He appeciated my ability for set design and writing and basically took me on as a protégé to learn how to budget a film start to finish using the standard 60 page cost figuring department system. 

Rather than initially seeking financial support in Hollywood, initial funding development for Disappear! remained engaged in Chicago’s corridor at my encouragement. Birch, Wilson and Wold formed an independent feature film production company tagged Cinema Equinox Pictures to organize support from local and international sources.

The budget for Disappear! was set at just over six million dollars.

On the basis of the first drafts for the feature, through sheer luck, I was able to find free-agent actor Richard Harris living at a hotel in NYC and sent him the script. He liked it enough to commit to play a key role for the film, an older Irish character. Through other channels, I brought in television writer and director Robert Collins [Police Woman] to direct the production.

Through Mr. Wilson’s contacts, planning for the technical arrangements of the production in the Philippine Islands were entrusted to  Jun Jubon who had safely overseen the difficult filming of action scenes for Apocalypse Now and Missing in Action.

Gino Contemesa, the sound recordist who had won an Academy award for his work on ET, The Extraterrestrial was secured to do the sound work on the film.

The founding of Cinema Equinox Pictures made news within Chicago’s modest feature length talent pool and other talented aspirants from local circles [and a few other national sources] which submitted scripts and lesser developed productions to myself or Mr. Wilson for funding consideration.

After considering a few dozen primarily Midwestern themed scripts, Cinema Equinox added four other feature film productions, two of them comedies and two dramas, to the planning roster.

As well, a television special that would capture the opening ceremonies of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio was put into planning. 

Funding issues were taken to well-placed principal financial consultants at the Arthur Anderson firm in Chicago. The scenarios for profit from the rapidly expanding market for independent films were successfully promoted to private trust fund managers, one of whom found us $3M for production, funding that could be matched or mixed as an IPO in 1995.

Operations continued after Cinema Equinox Pictures opened offices in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles and an active apprenticeship commenced as Mr. Wilson led me through the nuances of  experience in film budgeting and motion picture unit production management. The five projects we developed further had production requirements that ranged from 4 million to 7 million dollars.

Mr. Wold developed the specific skills needed to determine the rates of production insurance, pay scales of that era, overtime and benefit costs for each area of the IATSE union guild crafts involved in feature and television production. He also developed similar knowledge with regard to determining Directors Guild of America rates and long-term producer responsibilities. Mr. Wold interacted with Richard Soames, a principal executive at the film production insurance firm Film Finances, Inc. and acquired experience with negotiating insurance issues and related bonding matters.

Through my entertainment lawyer in Chicago, Jay Ross, who was the Grammy Award Midwestern president, I gained representation at Warner Brothers Film Division. Warners liked Disappear! with Richard Harris and the production was okayed through two of the three steps required for a green light  and funding. It took two years for the production to rise to the point of being finally green lighted. Warners would only fund it if the production were moved from the Philippines to a tropical American setting such as Hawaii or the Virgin Islands due to the unsettled political situation in the Phillipines.

Rob further developed contacts at Paramount Pictures and Touchstone Pictures. He was also introduced to film development executives at Showtime who he maintained contact with regarding prospects of producing the Native American feature film The Deer Hunter which Cinema Equinox had in development as an original motion picture. Showtime’s production division agreed to fund the production to be filmed on location on the Okanagan Native American Reservation in Northeastern Washington State for $4M. The process for filming by Showtimes standards required a lead time spanning at least two years. I got into negotiations with the agent for The Last Of The Mohicans actor Wes Studi to direct and act in the film, however his price for performing both tasks was $2.5M and the $4M budget limit by Showtime would not allow an increase to accomodate Mr. Studi’s price.  

Currently, I’m writing a novel Lightning on the Moon, a suspense thriller based on actual investigations, his own included, into a series of cover-ups at NASA and other government agencies involving the Apollo Moon program and the Moon itself. Principal characters follow a trail of scientific evidence attempting to resolve the mystery and find themselves at the heart of what may be the most intriguing puzzle confronting humanity.

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If Only They Knew

Never before in this round in the evolution of human civilization have criminal agencies of governance around the world banded together so forcefully on a war plan to mass murder the majority of mankind.

While governments in the past have initiated genocidal programs on their own people, this may be the first time that dozens of governments simultaneously coordinated and launched a population reduction campaign using mass mind control to convince billions of people to commit individual acts of suicide and homicide under the pretext of protecting themselves and others for “the public good.”    

How did this get started?

If we ask when it did, we should first also look at the realities of such prior extinction events as the Biblical Great Flood and another earlier incident in the planet’s formation towards human habitude when an asteroid or large meteor collided with Earth, wiping out most life. Add to that the deadly event called polar shift, which was a magnetic switch which took place in the electrical polarity beaming out from either end of our planet. Scientific exploration of that phenomena over the years has confirmed that it must have happened, but less is known about why.

Prophets who may have seen these events coming led some residents to flee underground and survive to rebuild their lives there in substantial numbers. Recent archeological evidence has confirmed a few places where this occurred. The best guesswork indicates that these locations had off-world connections.

Some people who heeded the warning signs of collapse traveled up to higher elevations beforehand.

But what of the evidence about intelligently conceived disasters ? Did some of these events, like the final destruction of the civilization called Atlantis, have their cause in manufactured technological weaponry brought about to lessen the population of Earth with the same intent as we are now experiencing?  

In the mid-1960s, a relatively little known think tank run by wealthy Europeans that convened regularly in Italy, a group who called themselves the Club of Rome, funded software programmers who created a computer program exercise, using an array of the early tape driven IBM mainframes, to create a simulated model of non-renewable resource use into the future as it might occur based on increased usage with the growing world population. This rise in basic materials use was also theoretically weighed against other emerging factors such as pollution and economics. The final results staggered the minds of the computer scientists, with exponential usage occurring to the point of exhausting many of the basics just beyond the upcoming turn of the 21st century.

The book that published those findings was titled The End of Affluence and it was a best-seller for quite some time over the years following. It likely helped create the environmental movement, however, this noble outcome was surely not the intent of The Club of Rome as, since then, that organization is run by the Black Nobility of Italy who hardly honor the best ideals for humanity.  

The Club of Rome became a leader in what ignited the public debate over curbing the negative effects of resource use that would shortly imperil mankind, including the loss of cheap oil. Since then, the more sinister motives of the Club of Rome have been revealed, as their purposes as leading agents of propaganda became clear, right up until today’s highly questionable global initiative to inoculate populations everywhere with a mix of deadly bio-warfare agents, all capable of killing individuals within a relatively short period of time after injection, with more than one injection after another mandated just to be sure.

Investigator Ed Dowd reported in December of 2022 that, in the U.S. alone, some 2,400 inoculated individuals were dying every month from the so-called vaccine, with some 4,500 other inoculated individuals suffering from a range of other directly related adverse affects monthly, many of which will plague them for the rest of their lives. Mr. Dowd’s figures may be on the low end of the sad reality since it has been shown that the reporting agencies are shorting their numbers. Vaccinated children, for instance, should be added to these grim statistics, however medical authorities are definitely blaming other childhood problems for these deaths. Very similar figures for these same death tolls are being reported in the rest of the world, where propaganda driven populations have also submitted to being inoculated. Many people are beginning to die suddenly and it is becoming impossible for the perpetrators to blame this news on other illnesses, asking a poorly educated public to believe even more propaganda.

There is verifiable evidence that the current bio-warfare catastrophe has been guided into effect by a “sinister technical source’ which is employing more than one technological mechanism to accomplish their sick ambition to depopulate a wide range of their own population. Deeply religious minds are blaming this series of events on the effect of the long-predicted ‘end-times’, while authorities continue to pin the cause on Covid-19, a virus that has yet to be isolated clinically, other than as a short-lived type of flu they also created. It simply doesn’t exist other than as propaganda.

The Biblical belief of end times that’s currently popular is also being hailed as part of the reason for an increase in war, weather related damage and any number of other negative conditions now set upon mankind as punishments. But the use of human technology to create havoc is given little inspection even though there is plenty of evidence from readings of government sponsored proposals generated by the Department of Defense in the 1960s onward, papers dedicated to support of funding research and development of such super technologies, which fully document the ambition to create such life-endangering mechanisms. These programs promised to create the technical means for these realities 6 or more decades ago and then the subjects suddenly were no longer spoken of. Scientific proof that, behind the silence on progress made in these areas of technology, it was happening. 60 years ago if you brought up the idea that a coordinated effort to kill off the population of the planet intentionally was in development, you would have been harshly ridiculed for it, if not institutionalized. As indicated in the number of recent scientific studies just mentioned, many recent day tragic events can now be proven to stand as man-made.

Elite political and financial forces began to promote disaster and crisis conditions years ago. Propaganda efforts matched funding of the technologies of massive doom that they were beginning to create secretly. They were also  creating the leadership required to manipulate the public to accept upcoming ‘savior’ government actions that they wanted to be accepted as necessary to protect the greater number of people from the very doom the governments were helping to expedite globally…all while they would survive themselves.

Those preparations have included building underground bunkers to protect the highest ranking members of society in high tech survival shelters, residences that can be proven to have indeed been built deep underground. From the recent admissions of a former member of the Illuminati, it may be said that there are 54 shelters operating now under America alone, much less those built elsewhere in the world during the past half century. As one example of their current existence, in 2009, there was a tremendous call in New Orleans to hire cooks to man the long term shelter built directly under the French Quarter. It is built so deep beneath the surface that even a nuclear war wouldn’t touch it.

Once the world returns to habitable conditions, these elite survivors would once again emerge to resume total control in relatively safe conditions, fully capable of continuing rule over the world with plenty of resources left, but only for them to exploit and establish new trade among themselves [and, it is suspected, off-world trading partners] as a means of prospering further after a disastrous reduction in population. But what if the nefarious ETs they have been working with since the end of WWII kill them too while they are in residence underground?

There is an important separate discussion forming on how the race is on for a fix to the physical crisis created by the injections, an effort by still sane doctors that’s based on the real hope that some of the worst elements found in the inoculations can be removed from the body with medical and other technical antidotes.

It has taken well over a year and a half for any solutions to be developed after the members of the brazen psychopathic pharmaceutical industry created serums that they thought would be “irreversible” as tools of mass murder.  

A follow up article on these remedies is being put together to direct people on those life-saving procedures. This essay is mainly intended to reveal how this widespread plan developed from the 1960s onward and expose just some of the many principal players who instituted the plan over many, many decades.

Scare tactics were used during the early years leading up to the current day attack. President Barack Obama signed into law an Executive Order which allowed the legal use of propaganda by government agencies which has resulted in a massive surge of lies by people in authority to insure that populations of the modern world would believe that this was being carried out for their own safety when in fact it was designed to kill them.

Hordes of people have allowed themselves to be injected with pure poisons, all the while thinking that they were protecting themselves and others from a virus which actually is no more potent that the common flu, a nasty cold or, at worst, pneumonia: COVID-19

That term was actually a code name for the whole plan, one that would allow governments worldwide to technically track all who had taken the inoculation by way of the telecommunications systems. This is to be accomplished with use of a micro-communication ingredient that had only been invented in the 1980s: Graphene oxide. A number would be assigned to every inoculation as a matter of identifying that individual anywhere telecommunications were available.

COVID-19 is not a deadly virus—it actually stands for:

Certificate Of Vaccination Identification.

Attaching the number 19 may have had an occult significance for the satan-worshipping groups that have instituted these plans and expected a much higher kill rate from the injections.   

As already stated, the majority of the planning had its roots in America during the post-war years, with wealthy Europeans also involved at the highest levels.` This conspiracy started within the ranks of what was left of the Third Reich, a group that successfully penetrated America, protected by self-serving Americans in many of the upper levels of the US Government after WWII.

Many high level Nazis escaped death for war crimes that a few of their comrades were hanged for at the Nuremberg trials during WWII. They did this by making deals to work for the American military-industrial corporations on a radically new common goal of eventual world domination: The Fourth Reich.

Many of the highly advanced weapons the Nazis had been bringing into existence had the direct technical assistance of an ancient civilization of non-human warriors, a race that is reptilian in nature, the Anunnaki.

These beings claim that they evolved here on Earth first, as far back as in the age of dinosaurs, long before another conquering race came along to begin genetic experiments to seed the planet with ‘humans’.

The Anunnaki always insist that, due to their evolution here first, they own this planet. As a reptilian race, they became highly advanced long ago and formed alliances with a few other conquering extraterrestrial races and began to win enough battles to form a small empire in this galaxy.

They possess an “original hatred” for humans who they say invaded their planet during genetic experiments that took place largely in the Middle East in the not too distant past and resulted in the growth of many different races here along with a now great mix of populations in numbers.

During WWII, this reptilian appearing race had become closely allied with Hitler’s sharpest technical minds—the Germans developing his master race weapons. And with the reptilians came the two other highly advanced alien species the reptilians were already banded together with, races whose origins are on planets far from Earth.

All of these alien “enemies of humanity” were also imported into the US with the Nazis who were brought here after the war. This is why the Pentagon had to place such major secrecy on the development of advanced technologies these ETs were aiding Americans in building. Only the very highest level military knew that they were working with the Nazis and ETs to continue developing high tech weapons with which to rule planet Earth. These co-operations also included bio-weapon development.

Dark-minded Nazi agents were placed carefully throughout the United States in nearly every institution of government and private business, some out in the open, others hidden from the public. They were behind the major plans being made, many of which were merely continuations of Third Reich goals which as is well known, included an eventual mass extermination of the world’s population.

Despite the promises made at Nuremberg, as already noted, the “Fourth Reich” ambitions included developing major genocidal bio-weapons. All of the covert programs, the ones that could not be made public, were financed by a number of ‘alternative’ sources.

One of the major ones was a 2.2 trillion dollar Japanese Navy gold cache, a huge treasure chest of gold gathered from the raids of many Asian nations by the Japanese during WWII that was recovered just after the war and captured in the Philippines by Truman’s American military. It was called Admiral Yamashita’s gold. That treasure was brought to America and secretly placed in a high level investment bank in NYC where it provided major funding for such military-industrial efforts as the Vietnam war, the Apollo Moon program and the many, many secret ambitions of the Pentagon warlords.

The newly-minted Pentagon officers after WWII who were greedily mesmerized by the exotic weaponry the Nazi Germans had developed went into business with the Fourth Reich, which actually was post-war America. John Kennedy was aware of this, along with Dwight Eisenhower. These egotistical military minds intended to back engineer as much of the extraterrestrial technology as possible. They formed what they called the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, to carry out these major back-engineered and other developments, much of it in facilities they built underground in Nevada and, later, Utah.

As has already been established here, one of the principal weapons DARPA developed to a modern art is propaganda, the ability to deploy the darkest fears into the minds of the public. Not just in America, either, but planet-wide.

Hidden behind the spread of general world respect for American prestige for democracy, justice and human freedom, this evil secret alliance used the CIA to create small wars all over, overturned elections in over 50 nations to install their own puppets and introduced a doom and gloom era of false scientific propaganda the world over. Correspondent Benjamin Fulford published the following list of topics the world media covered as true themes of concern that never happened: 

1) The US Military Is Involved In Ukrainian Weapons Labs

2) The media was programmed and paid by the U.S. government to spread propaganda  about the purpose of the labs to cover up the facts.

One of the most respected musicians in history, Eric Clapton, had agonizing reactions after having the shots that propaganda scared him into taking and he later lashed out at the medical establishment in Britain for fooling him. He had  to work hard to recover being able to play guitar comfortably again.

                                                                                            [Good Dog.com 12/31/2022]

A media control mechanism has been used all along to combat any opposition to the injection campaign.

Creating fear has been policy for the Center for Disease Control [CDC] and the Health and Human Services since about the mid-1980s. Under this shift in command, the CDC became the sole authority in judging the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Katherine Watt is a pharmaceutical expert who’s ongoing examination of how we got here includes these observations:

“A whole lot of things that once were federal and state crimes and civil rights violations have been legalized by Congress through legislative, statutory revisions to the United States Code, signed by US Presidents, and implemented at the administrative, regulatory level by the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Defense through the Code of Federal Regulations…Congress and US Presidents legalized and funded the overthrow of the US Constitution, the US government and the American people, through a massive domestic bioterrorism program relabeled as a public health program, conducted by the HHS Secretary and Secretary of Defense on behalf of the World Health Organization and its financial backers.” This writing and research is the work of Katherine Watt’s combined with Sasha Latypova, a US Law specialist.

The most thorough investigation of the Pentagon’s direct involvement in the development of the killing bio-weapons has been conducted over the past several years by independent journalist George Webb.

Together with an investigative partner whom he identified as ‘Task Force’, they got involved in the story of how DARPA was directly involved when he was given one of a number of Blackberry phones that once belonged to Hunter Biden and was used in a number of dealings by the younger Biden to execute deals in the Ukraine as an appointed operative of the criminal agents doing various money laundering business in the Ukraine.

Mr. Webb’s more recent reporting on how the deadly bio-weapons were developed abroad, but also with originating experimentation at U.S. Army facilities, are summarized below as he released them in December of 2022 on his Substack channel.

All 3 of those reports can be viewed at georgewebb@substack.com   

 DARPA’s Michael Callahan was tasked with turning old Soviet bioagents into profitable vaccines CIA insiders. mRNA vaccines were the result.

Russia knew that their old bioweapon labs had been mostly located in the Ukraine and had become operational again during a period of time after 2000.

As partly evidenced in this article, they became run by the Pentagon or its subcontracted agencies, and, as these labs were positioned exactly along the edges of Russian territory, their threatening nature posed a major worry to Russian authorities, That came on top of Ukrainian Nazi’s murder of some 14,000 Russians living in the Eastern regions of that nation after a CIA led coup in 2014.

After the Russian Special Military Operation began in February of 2022, their Army has achieved most of their objectives. In exposing all 36 of these biological labs sponsored or supported by the US as described by Mr. Webb, the US is increasingly become a major threat to world peace in supporting an outright Nazi regime openly supported by a psychopathic American President.

The war hawks in the Pentagon refuse to back down from any guilt and in fact have continually increased the threat of nuclear confrontation. Accordingly, US foreign policy war hawks have established the institutional and ideological framework needed launch a nuclear war without fear of legal reprisal.

The West continues to claim that Mr. Putin is hell bent on world domination when in reality Putin is just beginning to expose the West’s biological crimes against humanity. The many facts which support that are continuing to be denied by all Western media, which qualifies this campaign as propaganda.

Since the growth of the Fourth Reich within all institutions of the American system of government, American presidents, along with succeeding members of Congress, intentional worked hand in hand to destroy the legal basis for Constitutional protections since about the 1970s after being bribed to do so. The degree of treason involved is unbelievable to most common Americans. As one leader in Europe has openly stated about the current situation of the near total loss of democratic government in the U.S.: “[They have become] the true heirs of Nazi propaganda minister Joeseph Goebells”

Dr. Robert Malone, a highly respected freedom of speech advocate has, at great risk to his life, made great efforts to reveal how the U.S. government has systematically used many psychological warfare tactics against its own people and, no less, encouraged the lying to spread across the world. 

No wonder why those of us who are telling these truths are being targeted in every way possible.

Will the world stand firm against this tyranny and pull back from the brink?

For those who have taken the inoculations, despite tremendous efforts on the part of the sinister medical researchers who developed the intended irreversible concoction of deadly agents, progress has been made in coming up with antidotes.

Very recently, treatments have come along to develop an effective, provable means of ridding the body of most of these genocidal ingredients.

My next effort will be to freely provide readers with a long list of those.

I expect to have this compilation done by the end of January, 2023.

“As Humans, we are often pushed to an extreme in order to learn a lesson and change behavior. That is typically human,” archeologist Elena Dannan asserts in discussing the crucial task humanity must now confront, immediately, to gain the benefits of quality relations with benevolent ‘off-world’ civilizations.

How can we pull back from the brink?

We need a visible and active show of hands, at every level, particularly in the local sense and then on up to join the global effort to liberate the planet of a deeply sinister tyranny seeking to exterminate humanity.

We are well into the beginning of this movement. A growing number of people in all walks of life are fed up and are taking these first steps to qualify for membership in with the many other peace-loving residents of our fragile world.

Once again, my website has some interesting writing on related topics like our origins as humanity, how our Moon fits into all of this and civilizations beneath us.

A Few From The Heart

“As you consider the challenging information contained in this newsletter, I want to remind you that nothing is more powerful than your eternal God spirit connection, and the strong committed relationship to develop and expand personal consciousness through the virtues of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathy. These are the higher heart based qualities that make a human a true human being. No person or thing can take your divinity or humanity away from you when you absolutely refuse to give it up.”

~Lisa Renee

A Multiverse Journey Part One

                         The Lost Days Of The Divine Feminine

This essay is inspired by outstanding research into realms of spiritual  knowledge, natural healing and the preservation of souls.

Passages highlight historic studies of spirit, mind and body, methods that explore our innermost being and how we can care for the welfare of fellow man.

Other selections offer tribute to adopting a path of individuality, the way Mark Twain promoted it when he said:   

“I’m glad I didn’t let my education get in the way of my schooling.”

A great deal of courage is needed to discover, explain and rally support for truthful investigations that raise storms of controversy. “Much of the material here can be challenging for the mind,” one analyst has stated, “but don’t worry, that’s how it should be.”

There are scholars who believe that the conflicts currently confronting mankind extend back to age old ‘good versus evil’ spiritual battles—some may go back billions of years, out in the stars.

Here on Earth, real threats to humanity continue rising sharply from deteriorating environmental, financial and political conditions.

As such, later parts of this essay will lead to a list of solutions that examine the safekeeping of souls in the afterlife.  

Spiritual research is a unique field with its own rules. Extraordinary training and self-discipline are required to benefit from practices that allow individuals to achieve lasting states of increased consciousness.  

“What’s inside of you is greater than the world,” so goes an ancient saying, its author unknown to me, but most probably it belongs to Christ. 

These words indicate that our existence as spiritual beings can again be intimately linked to the Source of all life and thus re-establish the dynamic connection that was deeply embedded in every human during their creation as a soul.

Humanity was born of the branch of divinity that has the ability to contribute wisdom. The seeds of extraordinary intelligence are present in every soul.   

This writing explores the higher dimensions that supersede our material reality—the reality of everyday life. We can contact that higher aspect of ourselves, our Spirit, for knowledge, guidance and protection.

On occasion, our soul’s wisdom tries calling us away from the temptations of a consumer life we are so often led to blindly obey. Consumerism has reached epic proportions. The truth is, we have never been more disconnected from life, from the world and from our own souls.

What gave us life?

When we ponder the magnificent Genesis of a universe figured to be some 13.7 billion years old, many people form imaginative pictures of a huge ever-creative, all-aware, immortal consciousness, featuring some grey-bearded guy whose magic generated the start of our universe.

Pinpointing a supernatural cause for the sound and fury that came with the first sparks of creation eludes comprehension by logic alone. The most recent astronomical studies are rejecting the theories supporting a Big Bang. Mystical writings suggest that sound was the creative force that was elemental in creation.

“Sound can create light,” one quantum physicist has stated.

The power exhibited in some forms of music certainly suggest many positive possibilities for some other creative functions of sound.

“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense,” author Frank Herbert asserts in his epic novel Dune, “but the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”

We perceive our world through three dimensions, but its worth noting that recent advances in science create the debate that time should be figured in as a fourth dimension beyond the traditional three dimensional equation of physical reality. 

Time was not properly represented until more precise perspectives developed in quantum physics a century ago which helped science come up with a much better understanding about the real nature of time. A broad range of definitions for time chase after votes of acceptance yet one theory in quantum physics is that time is another dimension beyond 3-D. Time is measured as a function of distance.

Scientific and spiritual efforts to peer into worlds beyond the realm of 3rd dimensional perception aim to instruct us about the greater qualities of consciousness to be found in the next quantum stages up from our everyday experiences. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We are made of pure consciousness, which may be considered the essense of the ultimate reality.

These very powerful yet unseen realities can be referred to as metaphysical worlds. These realms are where all physical limitations are removed.

When we focus intensely during certain moments of expanding our consciousness, we can potentially open our mind to vital, fascinating realms that gather together and are named the ‘Multiverse’.

This word combines ‘metaphysical’ with “universe” to describe a connection to the levels above a 3rd dimension experience where material life forces interact with pure Spirit.

In the final analysis, time may best be looked at as ‘liquid’: “We have to think of the Multiverse as being very fluid,” insists one researcher. “Nothing is ‘set in stone’. Everything can be changed, relived, and healed — even events that have already happened! The Multiverse  is ever-changing. And who is changing it? We are!” What he suggests is that consciousness itself is responsible for the creation of our physical reality in all of its expressions.

To most of us accustomed to only being able to work with linear forms of logic, metaphysical realities are indeed difficult to grasp. We want everything explained in logical, linear form, but that’s not always possible.

There are, however, some easily recognized examples of how quantum psychic conditions interact with our 3-dimensional world.

Here is a list of just a few examples: telepathic communication, precognition, clairvoyance, kinesthetic manipulation of matter, paranormal sensing of distant events or locations, the hauntings of disembodied souls, the appearance of ‘angels’ and instances of medical healing.

This list offers just a few examples of the lowest levels of the metaphysical world that open up to the greater ranges of divine existence we can access. For just one example of where scientific studies have hinted about these potentials, scientists are beginning to understand that language is a program within our DNA, and is not something mankind comes up with randomly. There is an order to it.

Another analyst makes this comment: “In general, the multiverse is a place which supports love, compassion, and empathy as well as growth in consciousness and awareness. Therefore, the majority of the multiverse is a friendly place, where certain laws and rules do apply.” This writer invites us to dedicate a short time everyday to performing the types of inner work examined later so that we can…”regain our basic, loving personality”.

There are remarkable fields of spiritual ability that reside in all of us.

The original, fully functioning DNA structure of all humans had twelve strands. Unfortunately today, we only possess the very limited use of a two stranded version while the others lay dormant.

Access to the other ten groups has been denied because our intact DNA helix was altered, with the other native sections of ability shut down long ago via secretive genetic manipulations on humans.

Here’s a relevant observation submitted awhile back by U.S. Navy Admiral George Hoover:

“The greatest secret actually is the enormous power that all human beings have.”

Few other thoughts of spiritual advice carry such high value.

It also hints about the many secrets known to the ranks of American military leaders, some of whom reject the obsession with secrecy because they know that, sooner or later, the truth will come out. 

At times in our lives, our inner pool of wisdom calls out to us from the place where it is kept. There is evidence that place of wisdom is found in our heart, with the heart thought of as a home for the soul.

The heart’s function as a sanctuary for our soul is likely why the heart also produces more electromagnetic energy than any other organ in the body. The heart is a truly magnificent organ and it is certainly one of the more amazing creations in this universe.

The heart is also an instrument from where the soul expresses its connection to all life and senses its purpose. Throughout antiquity, many of the positive spiritual practices promoted a love-centered life.

As a way of life, worship in these cultures meant listening internally for the sense of guidance that originates in their heart, where the soul detects our real purpose. Listen to your heart; it’s always telling you something important.

The goal is to learn about engaging the spiritual assets within us Admiral Hoover was referring to.

Spirit has great power and just a portion of that energy was bonded to our soul as a spiritual ‘Fire’ at the time of our conception as a self-aware unit of consciousness.

The basic life force of the universe is the energy of consciousness. Pure consciousness is closest to Source.

Individual souls are born as separate ‘Fires’ of consciousness at the start of their evolutionary path after creation by ‘Source’. In some spiritual circles, it is thought that the human form in all of its finest attributes is bonded the closest to the originating Source, despite all of our weaknesses.

Spirit and soul are completely different and have separate functions.

Spirit can be said to hold the universe together, whereas soul holds our individual personality in place and in present time.

Spirit is what has knowledge and can provide us with wisdom about our existence and helps to orient us towards our place in the multiverse. Soul also acts a connecting link to Source.

The three components — soul, mind, and body — are like one unit working together, as long as the biological body is alive.

All of them are electrical components. It has been found that the human body has multiple systems which operate on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Image from Cyndi Dale

We can connect to the upper levels of metaphysical existence that are illustrated as the outer ‘auras’ in the graphic above. As can be seen in the additional auras situated outside the body, a good number of these higher states of consciousness exist as extended human functions which can be matched to the greater levels of spiritual ability available to us. First, we must learn to practice proven regeneration techniques.

The human body is surrounded by electromagnetic fields like those above which sensitive instruments can detect as ‘auras’ which could interact with many of the higher planes of existence if more of our DNA were rejuvenated. The heart and the brain have been found to be the strongest influences of the electromagnetic environment around an individual. The point is that the entire universe is one complex system of energy fields. States of matter in this conception then are merely variations in the state of energy.

So, our greatest spiritual resources can be redeemed. A seasoned guide provides this overview: “We are here to explore and we humans have a purpose and a goal. More than 99.9% of our population realizes this, according to my studies.”

We do not have to pursue that goal by following the dictates of a religion, a word based on the Latin meaning for being bound. Indeed, root religions and conflicting philosophies, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Greek, have merged over time.

On our own, we can revive the abilities stored in our currently muted sections of DNA which have mistakenly labeled ‘junk DNA’ to divert attention away from research that might reveal the wealth of spiritual treasures which are being intentionally disabled.

This connecting capability is linked to the energetic energy found in Spirit, which is itself a powerhouse for our soul/mind/body.

The human body is a very advanced and complex bio-electrical machine capable of using this energy to perform incredible feats.

It has been scientifically documented that every cell in the body emits more than 100,000 light impulses or photons per second. These light emissions, which are not only transmitted by humans but by all living things, are called biophotons and have been found to be the steering mechanism behind all biochemical reactions.

Spirit, as the highest version of our existence, can utilize this “photon factory” for electrical power.

Every second of our existence, our nerve endings send about 100 million signals to our body and our brains. Still, studies show that, on our best day, we utilize only 40 of these signals to sustain what we call our ‘awareness’.

The energy stored in Spirit and in our soul is enough to empower the materialization or alteration of matter under the right circumstances.

Some spiritual practices claim that the soul is the part of our self which gathers information during a lifetime of consciousness and puts these recordings away in what is called an ‘information cloud’, to borrow a term related to an electronic way to remotely store data.

During a lifetime, the body and the mind are experiencing things in the physical universe and the information cloud is collecting the experiences of our consciousness. Importantly, any of us can learn how to tap into the information cloud with training. In Eastern philosophic terms, this ‘cloud’ may operate the same as the Akashic Records which are a complete historic record of all thoughts, deeds and actions that have occurred in the physical and mental planes. Some researchers prefer to call the storage of all activity of civilizations as a Hall Of Records.

Without a conscious effort on my part, I must have accessed these collective records humanity has stored in this information cloud when writing short stories earlier in life, screenplays later in life and, currently, I’m using it to write a science fiction based-on-fact novel.

Albert Einstein rejected discussions about the existence of an information cloud. When asked, he cast doubt about the existence of human consciousness even after he directly experienced personal evidence of the phenomena during a scientific test that left him shocked and unable to explain.

He was a participant in a test where living microbes were being examined under a microscope in a demonstration to determine whether the presence of human consciousness might be altering the natural activity of the microbes—and, therefore, affecting the results of scientific testing. The microbes stopped moving when someone stepped up to look at them in the microscope. Consciousness was the chief suspect, as a few of the attending scientists contended—yet Einstein dismissed the theory of consciousness interference at that time. The theory proposed that life is held together by consciousness.

“My understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe,” he later confessed, “did not come out of my rational mind.”

Questions about consciousness and the existence of a supreme being were partly why Einstein launched a formal search further on in his career to identify a Unified Field Theory, as he named the project.

Ultimately, Einstein never came up with an equation that embraced a single mathematical plan for an underlying cause of physical and cosmic life—an equation meant to scientifically represent ‘God’.

But, by then in his philosophy, he’d come much closer to accepting the possible existence of a divine ‘Source’.

“To lose faith in the worlds of higher spirit,” one astute observer has said, “because they do not conform to our five senses, or that their relevancy seems suspect in the face of making a living, is a shame.”

There may be a good explanation for at least a partial reason why the best of minds fail to solve great scientific challenges: Humans have but 2 strands of DNA to work with.

Rouge genetic scientists have recently confirmed that the major loss of being able to use the other DNA strands occurred by the malicious intervention of genetic manipulations performed by off world beings.

Presently, as part of the longer term goals of this evil plan, medical operations block our interaction in upper metaphysical realms to continue with these despicable ambitions until complete control of humanity is accomplished via advanced technology.

Despite any restrictions on abilities contained in the shutdown DNA double helix sections, exceptions to these hindrances can be demonstrated in the short list of psychic phenomena already cited. One researcher has stated this: “DNA is fluid and changes according to our thoughts and beliefs—and foremost, our awareness.” Perhaps the more important question we have regards restoration of the original information contained in the first DNA templates which have been altered.

How do we preserve the original DNA template? One primary geneticist claims that all of our original DNA strands, all 3 of them, can be restored with therapies that utilize sound, which may indeed be the key that opens many doors of understanding. This researcher stated that recent advances make DNA restoration quite possible:

“Yet, in fact, this entire matter is based upon the manipulation of a single DNA gene that can be rectified, if only our geneticists were to finally discover it…This genetic manipulation, a characteristic for all living human beings on Earth by way of its inevitable hereditary transmission, can be reversed and therefore by doing so, Man can finally escape his evil demeanor, which was imposed upon him by way of genetic manipulation.”

Individuals exhibiting remarkable intelligence can be an exception to this past manipulation.

Admiral Hoover’s passage invites us to activate “our inward eye” to begin an investigation of our physical past as a starting point in our recovery, what some healers call our journey back ‘home’.

It’s an undeniable fact we can recover accurate knowledge about the details of our journey through space and time.

Obviously, negative memories that result from traumatic incidents in the past can and do affect our personality in the present.

If no incidents of major physical trauma exist in our current lifetime, then we may want to look at the concept that we have lived before this life where major physical difficulties may have occurred.

Yet, for a number of reasons, many of us find it very difficult to accept any concepts of reincarnation. The evidence is so stunning today, it is no longer being ignored as a topic of concern. That wasn’t the case in the past. 

Any mention of this subject was completely eliminated from the standard Bible. It is my understanding that this censorship was a way to make people obey one rule of mortal fate—that we live but once.

We can’t altogether disregard the many random recollections of past lives that have been expressed worldwide since ancient times—evidence that substantially also verifies our existence as eternal souls. Reincarnation was incidentally once accepted by the mystical sides of the Judaic, Christian and Muslim faiths as well as many cults.

Based solely on the high number of real life testimonies about partial or complete remembrance of events in the past, many of these claims come from therapeutic sessions lead safely by professionals where participants traveled back in their memory to recall exactly what affected them—often back in another lifetime.

This process accesses the negative charges of energy placed on specific bad memories existing in our soul.  

It’s possible that the electrical charge needed to do this may come from the reserve of energy found in our soul or Spirit, the properties of spiritual power detailed earlier.

“When we incarnate in the physical, we still leave the main part of our energy in time/space,” states one researcher. Here, recognition is given to the fact that, when we lack a physical body which exists in space/time, the reality of “solid matter” is then reversed.

When we’ve exited our body at the moment of physical death, we entered a much lighter, less dense purely spiritual state where reality is ruled by the reversed condition of time/space instead of the 3-D solid reality which is ruled by space/time. We’ve talked about time as thought of as a 4th dimension. This may be why, if and when we float around without a body, as a spirit, we exist ‘outside of time’. We lose the physical sense of ‘time’ we once obeyed. Years may go by when we’re in that state, for whatever reasons we don’t incarnate again. During that state, a long stretch of time might go by and feel to us like it goes by in the blink of an eye.

“We only incarnate with as much energy as we estimate as appropriate for a specific incarnation,” that same source elaborates:

“The problems we are facing right now, both on an individual basis and as a collective, are what we normally call ‘karma’. What blows up in our lives are unresolved problems and issues from many previous lifetimes we’ve had on this planet.”

Given patience, most barriers to recalling our past lives are relatively easy to penetrate when approached by a well-trained therapist. Someone qualified to carefully guide an individual back on their track of time can effectively urge them to locate stressful incidents they’d never looked for and release the negative emotions held in those memories of sorrow.

Being able to participate in proven methods of full lifetime regression that are in stable use today has allowed many people to look deeply inside themselves for the first time. Participants report that discoveries made in these sessions help them learn about life-changing events that’ve influenced their personality. This quote is helpful: “By learning about oneself in the free, uncontrolled universe, we can create so much more, we can renew skills and, as we develop our understanding of life, we begin to experience a universe of magic….It’s all a matter of listening to the heart, the nesting place of our soul.” This creative force has been called “the Fire in our souls”.

Many noble, truly honest leaders have risen to serve in times of urgent, historic need. This fact notwithstanding, for those of us who have begun to learn how to think for ourselves, taking on a self-responsible life doesn’t absolutely require looking outside ourselves for political, religious or social leaders.

In these times, we must strive to act out of qualified independent thinking—and now to, more than ever, ‘question authority’.

Dune author Frank Herbert offered another viewpoint: “When law and duty are one, united by religion, you never become fully conscious, fully aware of yourself. You are always a little less than an individual.”

Then, we also have the related point Franklin D. Roosevelt made. “True individual freedom,” he asserted, “comes to those who learn to live as independently as possible.”

Many contemporary investigations clearly demonstrate that humans have been led astray about the actual beginnings of the physical universe and the real history of human evolution. 

I’ve included thoughts from historic and cultural writer Wes Penre several times already. This is another one: “Here on Earth we are trapped in a veil of amnesia, so it’s extremely hard to evolve on a planet such as ours. But even here on Earth, although it’s done more on an individual basis at the moment, each individual who evolves and raises his/her consciousness affects others to do the same, and it still becomes a group thing and eventually affects the whole human soul group in one way of the other.”

Penre provides accurate comprehensive historical research. He believes it is most important to improve our skeptical intuition and separate truth from the continuous campaigns of deception: “…records have been rewritten and distorted,” he states, “but I want to show the reader the real history of humanity, backed up by relevant sources, so that the reader can see—beyond reasonable doubt—who is our friend and who is our enemy.”

He possesses a brilliant analytical mind that probes much deeper into subjects than many researchers of history. He doesn’t let deception get by him. He has carefully produced a broadly cross-examined study of scriptures, legendary lore, archeology, anthropology and proven, legitimate spiritual practices. The entire span of his research is collected on more than 5,000 pages of easy to read, instructive writings that are best read more than once.

“Staying in our bodies and becoming multi-dimensional in a world free from interference and oppression are the goals of human evolution,” Penre insists. He stands by the belief that science doesn’t have to take sides. It’s just about truth.

Let’s look at just a few aspects of what we should know first about the ancient linkage to our true divine origins. Among the first topics of Penre’s most important research are the perspectives on humanity’s beginnings brought forward by Hopi/Apache Robert Morning Sky in his 1996 book “The Terra Papers”.

Although Robert’s work remains obscure, the 88 page document is popular among a certain breed of scholars. His treatise is based on the startling testimony his Hopi grandfather gave him about the aftermath of a saucer crash on their reservation one night in 1947.

The elder tribesman recalled the sudden noisy racket that took him and five other youngsters by surprise when they heard the explosion of a spaceship and its crash nearby. 

Robert Morning Sky

The boys ran out to the crash site where, inside the wreckage, three extraterrestrials had perished, leaving one survivor, a short figure bearing a human likeness, appearing to be male not too badly hurt. They carried him home. In the days and nights to come, they cared for his injuries as best they could—without calling for help from tribal authorities. Shortly, the extraterrestrial they called ‘The Star Elder’ recovered enough to greet his caregivers. He identified himself as Bek-ti.

Soon, in return for the comforts he was given while healing from the crash, he reached into his suit, took out a crystal-based device and activated it. Images flashed up onto the display. He began to put up easily interpreted pictures, images best compared to those on a smart phone or hologram display. The six boys, “…examined all of the images,” Morning Star elaborated, “piecing together the incredible history of our solar system and mankind itself.” Many of these stories go back billions of years or more in time.

“Man has been guided and he has been misled,” Morning Sky states. “Star Beings have been our Gods…and our Devils. They have always been here and are here now.”

In the days that followed, Bek—ti gave them detailed lessons, what turned out to be a very detailed set of teachings about the original history of the universe, tales that traveled back billions of years all the way to the inception of life known as Genesis.

“When pressed to explain his presence here on Earth, the Star Elder stunned the boys, telling them that there was a war going on in the skies above—his ship had been downed by enemy fire.”

The teachings that followed included stories about humanity’s origins on Earth, a planet which Bek—ti’s people called Terra. He showed them that his planet of origin was in the Pleiades star system.     

Peaceful Hopi people believe their ancestors came from a planet circling a star in the Pleiades. Research supports the idea that some aspects of Pleiadian culture are found merged into Hopi traditions. 

The ‘Seven Sisters’ star cluster we call the Pleiades

Notice the strong female connotation attached to this reference.

Could this mean the Hopi Genesis stories hold basic truths? It sure appears to be so. The Hopi—and other tribes—tell a remarkably plausible history of planet Earth involving visitors from outer space.

Hopi petroglyph showing Star People and their ‘flying shields’

The Hopi are not alone in referring to a Pleiadian ancestry. Dakota Native American legends make reference to the same star cluster – Tiyami they called them – as being their ancestor’s primal home.

Many tribes perceive the issue of alien visitation and even abduction in a more spiritual manner, as Plains Cree author Stephane Wuttunee explains in a UFO Digest article:

[My people] “give far greater attention to the seeking of the spiritual understanding of things rather than going after “the truth” as people from dominant cultures do.

This is part of the reason why we tend to stand back and view or listen at first rather than bare in with questions or take the hard, direct approach.”

Growing up in a tightly-knit community, Wuttunee listened carefully to the stories passed down by the Elders of his tribe. They told of “distant relations and Star People living amongst the stars many times, mainly around campfires and during traditional ceremonies.”

“Far from being anything to be feared, Star People was just another term I grew up around,” Wuttunee writes.

“I remember listening in awe and fascination at the thought of us having relations that lived off and outside our world, and sometimes spoke to them in my silent moments at night.

Similarly, the Cree people believe that in a time before history, their ancestors arrived from the stars in spirit form, only to become humans on Earth.

Native legends of the Lakota people speak of mysterious celestial beings that manifested themselves as spheres of light and would often choose particular children to follow them on a journey through space and time.

Robert Morning Sky’s Hopi grandfather referred to the rescued Bek—ti as one of the ‘Star People’. One of the claims made by Bek—ti was that his spacecraft had been shot down as part of a long-running conflict with a highly advanced warrior civilization that evolved on a planet in the Sirius constellation.

Sirius Star System

Morning Sky’s Terra Papers provides magnificent detail on the dynastic empires built and destroyed in our universe over an immense span of time—billions of years. Intense, high—tech battles were fought between powerful beings who consider themselves royalty. He refers to his grandfather’s story as both, “…exciting and frightening…Man’s place in the galaxy is made clear, but, in the process, his nobility and his pride will be injured. A galactic war rages over our heads. Earth…and Man…is the prize.”

“Beings out there in space are constantly fighting over planets, solar systems, and in some cases over whole galaxies, or groups of galaxies,” one cosmic historian tells us. “It just goes on and on and it is often a stage in a species’ development. With time, star races normally become more peaceful, but not always.”

The most compelling aspect of Robert’s vivid chronicle is an introduction to a concept of creation that overturns almost all currently accepted religious beliefs.

The rescued visitor Bek—ti claimed that the originator of all worlds was a female entity whose home region was located in the Orion star constellation, and that she resides on one of the planets orbiting one of the seven stars that make up the Pleiades.

The many stories Bek—ti gave to the six boys were written up in detail before the time came for members of the Hopi tribe to release Bek-ti into the hands of the extraterrestrial rescue party that eventually arrived to take him home.

These tales of visitations are not at all surprising when we acknowledge that this claim is also prominent in many other indigenous legends not listed in this very brief review. However, that fact can be verified in the many scriptural and word-of-mouth historical accounts of extraterrestrial activities, a few of which also feature the Pleiades star complex.                                                  

Pleiades Star System

Orion Queens…are supposedly one (if not the) oldest star race in this universe,” extraterrestrial investigator Wes Penre has declared. “The identity of the immortal deity spoken of could rightly be referred to as the Orion Goddess, the ‘Queen of the Stars’ “.

Women are the originators of life and, as much as that’s very essentially true, it should not be difficult to embrace the superior idea of an eternal, ever-creative female force over the male version.

It would be logical to accept the thinking that an extraordinary female creator exists and gave birth to the entire universe, using her own original blueprint. After all, females conceive most life forms.  

“There was a way Mother Goddess had manifested herself in this universe to have a physical and metaphysical experience,” Penre states. “She would be the Goddess transformed into matter.”

Time stretched out from the beginnings of creation, what we have today given the name “Genesis”. A naturally influenced evolution everywhere developed over billions of years and, after the Queen and her allies in conquest won many victories over less capable contenders, a golden age of peace developed.

For billions of years, calm prevailed in most of the universe she was creating. The Queen learned to be a peace-maker, a voice of reason, if not also a master politician.

During this billions of years long span of evolution, most of the civilizations coming along under her care were good-natured and joyful. The Goddess of the Universe was learning more about herself, as she had wanted to.  

She must have also been a principal player in instituting elemental respect for the basic rights of other civilized worlds in one stage of development or another.

This legal development was dominated by a fundamental observation of law that has become known as ‘The Law of One’. This primary axiom of honoring the rights of others defines a basic respect for the right of individual Free Will as a primary consideration. Next up as a law of respect in this declaration is to honor the need for a strict non-interference in the affairs of a race or races that are evolving peacefully on a planet: ‘The Law Of Non-Interference’.

These laws appeal naturally to women who tend to see the likelihood of a variety of other forms of intelligent species existing in the cosmos and respect for the spirit dwelling in races that came into being since Genesis which deserved recognition despite their ancestry.

Women are the givers of life and, as much as this is very true, it should stand a test of logic to embrace the idea of an immortal ever-creative female force, always giving birth in the physical and metaphysical dimensions. This is hardly preposterous to consider.

Yet, in our male-dominated world, a place ruled for millennia by men, the concept of respecting a supreme, strong-minded female presence in governance or business affairs has been conspicuously treated by many men as a subject that automatically deserves scorn.

Men reject women in high positions of power out of a belief that the ‘weaker sex’ should not be allowed to occupy such careers. It would not be odd to hear arrogant men sneering at an incredible legend about a sacred feminine source of life such as the figurehead Queen spoken of in the dramatic storyline Robert Morning Sky’s grandfather told of.

Women controlled access to the world of the spirits before men took them over. What if women were to return to achieving positions of real power in our world? Would they seek revenge for having been so oppressed all these centuries?

With that reversal of fate to think about, let’s move to make just a few further supporting perspectives offered by Wes Penre. He draws our attention to the existence of the sacred energy that women have with his claim that “…females possess an abundance of ‘Fire’. This Fire is directly connected to the Goddess Universe, the Feminine Cosmos… females are directly connected with the prime energy of the Universe and therefore came first and by default have more ‘essence’ than males do.”

Fire’ is thought of as ‘surrounding’ our body.

The ‘Fire’ is another word Penre associates closely with ‘soul’ in his lessons, teachings which emphasize that our very essence “… is the Divine energy surrounding the body and which contains our personality. Many ancient indigenous tribes…equate the soul with ‘Fire’ – the ‘Fire’ within – which is a gift from the Goddess. Fire, as the essence of soul, can leap through space and time.

“The soul is in its turn composed of a light body, or an ‘avatar’, and the mind is connected to the avatar with an emotional body. The ‘Fire’ allows the Goddess to be accessible to beings of different realities.”

Robert Morning Sky added a dimension to this discussion when he reminds readers that, way back in time, “there were those who practiced ‘Rites of Sacred Ecstasy of the Goddess’, times when people lived much closer to Earth and nature around them.”

Penre elaborates: “This made women much more psychic and multidimensional—the ancient shamans who ruled tribes understood the power of the Divine Feminine. These rites still exist in somewhat watered-down versions amongst the native peoples around our world, but, even there, a lot of knowledge about the correct ways to perform these and other magical rituals have been lost over time.”

“Women are directly connected to the prime energy of the Universe and therefore they came first and, by default, have more ‘essence’ than males do,” Penre concluded. These messages are likely considered preposterous by most men and even a few women.


Pleiadian Woman

Consistent with his promise to offer readers important insights not found elsewhere, Wes provides a second, corresponding perspective about this feminine ruler, The Goddess, from another source named Barbara Marciniak who claims to have been contacted by Pleiadians during the 1980s. She began speaking out about the messages she has been given by this otherworld influence on our civilization, good and bad, in 1988. Many of the messages she was given and that she passed along to followers have included prophecies that eventually took shape.

Ms. Marciniak has authored several books as a result and become respected for the regular reports and teachings provided to her that she has passed along to followers since the late 1980s. Over the years, Marciniak gained a reputation as a legitimate emissary of the civilization inhabiting a planet in the Pleiades star system that is currently caught in a tyranny involving a global electronic totalitarianism on their planet. They believe mankind is headed in exactly the same direction and are doing all they can to urge us to avoid the same fate.

Her early 1990s book Family of Light is considered a reliable account of Pleiadian affairs which helps support the similar treatise provided in the detailed story Robert Morning Sky’s grandfather gives.

Her work often reflects the profound notion of the sacred sentience of life found in all physical and metaphysical realms. She talks about the Pleiadians as tall, fair-skinned beings. They’re broad-shouldered, quite wise and are a very old civilization.

Not to oversimplify, but listed below are condensed versions of long descriptions of each level of help the Queen got when she seeded life.

Each major authority noted in the levels charted below was expected to provide the Queen with a feedback exchange, communications meant to further her awareness of the truths, wisdom and knowledge that were missing in the foundations of her consciousness when she came into being during the events of Genesis. She wanted to experience billions of lives. Earth was her idea of an experiment and the first of these started out as a truly benevolent exercise.

1] We humans occupy the bottom strata of self-aware entities and are called Players. My understanding is that the initial template for humanoid creatures—a two-armed, two legged torso and head—were standard features everywhere possible in the colonies where she placed early models of to begin the long process of evolution. The scale of human creation may have been quite large when it was first put together, with the size of humans reduced later in the process.

2] Creator Gods. “Genetic engineers occupy the second  level. They area being, or species, who have started experimenting with genetic engineering, cloning, and genetic manipulation. This is an experimental stage.”

One of the more active creator god scientific groups participating in the basic DNA modeling of human evolution here on Earth long ago were the Lyrans, the race whose home planet orbits a star in the Lyra constellation. Lyran scientists were the principal thinkers in the Queen’s ambitious experiments. Other laboratory work they performed also produced types that evolved into a variety of races. 

“Our humankind scientists are in [early prototype electronic human] stage of development,” Penre says of the questionable research being done today, “…they’re playing around with genetics.”

3] Planets. Founders come next and are the ones who initially seed plant, insect, and animal life on a young, non-inhabited planet, and eventually also more intelligent life, fit for inter-dimensional travel,” Penre continues. “Founders leave their signature in what they create; a butterfly may have a physical outlook similar to the Founder.”

There is intelligent life on all planets in our solar system, in one form or the other, and life in other dimensions also exists on these planets. Life is all around us and has been for billions of years. The planets themselves are very evolved beings, coming directly out from the ‘womb’ or their star/sun. Each species evolves at its own pace over time.

4] Stars. Becoming a star is the next level of evolvement. A star is a sentient, very evolved being, or more often a composite of beings, who create their own solar system by ‘giving birth’ to planets and moons, who become their ‘children’, whom they will be responsible for. Stars are also like portals, because they are directly connected with each other; some more directly than others. And they are in communication with each other and often evolve together, as they ‘interact’.  This is why we call the Sun and the Earth ‘she’. A star will then split itself off into smaller units which become the planets and the moons, and eventually we have a new-born solar system.

If everything goes well, the star and its solar system lives its cycle, turns into a supernova, then a white dwarf and eventually a black hole.

5] Star Systems. “One would think that a planet is ‘lower’ on the scale of evolvement than stars, but in reality they evolve together with their star (or stars, if it is a multiple star system), in unison. Planets are intelligent beings, just like the stars (suns), and are ‘hosts’ to different life forms. The life forms developing on a certain planet become the ‘children’ of that planet and why it’s important for us humans to stay grounded in nature to be able to evolve.”

Wes Penre adds to this concept: “There was a way Mother Goddess had [wanted to] manifest herself in the universe to have a physical and metaphysical experience—and that was in the form of Mother Earth. The humans [who evolved from the material substances found on Earth] would become the Goddess transformed into matter.” Twenty-two planets in this solar system harbor life. That’s all the planets and their Moons.

6] Nebulae. A nebula is a cosmic ‘cloud’, and the birth center of stars. So when a star has accomplished its goals, she evolves into a nebula, though not necessarily at the same location as she had lived her incarnation. These stars will be like sisters to each other and will be inhabited by Founders.

7] Galaxies. The next step would be to inhabit a whole newly formed galaxy with your consciousness. You are now responsible for the evolvement of that same galaxy, with all the nebulae, stars, planets, Founders, creator gods, and players. “…the Goddess leaves her imprints in each universe that contains galaxies.”

We have already touched on the importance of the concept of ‘Fire’ in relation to our souls. Here, Penre defines it further: “Fire is thought of as ‘surrounding’ our body…However, in the middle of each galaxy there is a giant black hole, signified as the Womb of the Mother Goddess, where her presence is flooding into the galaxy, with Fires in every corner of it, every single cell in it.”

8] The Builders are evolved beings who are ready to operate in a universe which the Goddess may have recently created. They may be considered the Architects of the Universe. The Builders are responsible to create initial life and assign their own creator gods, who can help them seed the newborn universe and help it work on accomplishing the goals that are set up for this particular universe and which is embedded in the DNA of all races…The Builders of Universes are not vague, nebulous beings; they are composite intelligences, unified in their understanding of the universal energies.

“Each universe is unique, based on goals set by the Mother Goddess and the Builders. The imagination of the Builders sets the limits to what they themselves, the Founders and Creator Gods, can create.”

“‘The Builders of Universes are not vague, nebulous beings; they are composite intelligences, unified in their understanding of the universal energies.”

 “…If the goals are not met, the universe ‘fails’ and may die prematurely. This is just a part of the ‘game’, and a new, improved attempt will be made through the creation of a new universe, or the goal will is considered not achievable and abandoned.”

9] Overseers. Beings who have evolved to such high level that they are assigned their own universe, or a ‘pond’ of universes, to oversee and be responsible for. Together with overseers of other universes, who may step down from their positions, become the Builders, whom by the Goddess are told, Go out and create! The Builders become her ‘senior Helpers’.

10] Mother Goddess resides at the top of All That Is. She is the Creator of all Universes. She calls into being all manifestations in the Universe.”

Most members of the previous list, taken together, form what is referred to as “The Seeder Gods”, however, there is little cosmic magic involved. These works of physical creation, at every individual level, are best described as highly scientific activities that are considered arts that require long periods of apprenticeship.

Along the way, there were challenges to the expansion of territory, yet the Queen and her scientific and military allies, even some of reptilian ancestry, were well-versed in the techniques of rule. They were ruthless in command, veterans of countless wars. They had become “brilliant politicians and war strategists, using events to their advantage and manipulating wars to their gain.”

With the help of the empowered workers in various fields of science, each of whom possessed a special creative talent that could be utilized throughout their extended, very long lifetimes, the Goddess went about seeding the entire universe with life.

In time, the nexus ports of her Orion Empire became centers of civilized activity, with examples of artistry, culture and other creative works in public view everywhere, with warfare not mainly respected.

As for herself, the Queen Goddess still hoped for opportunities to gain the experience she was missing. At the same time, she longed for children of her own making. She wanted to be able to gain the wisdom from what others would return to her as knowledge. It’s important to know that most of these royal bloodlines live very long lives. We often think of tens of thousands of years in our terms as a very long time. Many long-lived extraterrestrial races think of that length of time as ‘shortly’.

As a measure of how self-determined they were as royal leaders, he or she could willfully carry their soul from one lifetime of leadership to another by deciding to forcefully enter the body of a like-minded family to renew the same kind of lifestyle they enjoyed previously. 

During the in between lives stage, judges presiding in that realm told them to decide on a course of action where they’d be able to manage ‘unfinished business” in the next lifetime.

This concept must have a believable degree of truth. Hitler, just as one ugly example, strongly insisted that he had a past life as Hannibal the Conqueror. There are many historic examples of this.        

Now, with our having gained a very minor fraction of schooling about the sciences of creation, let’s again return to Robert Morning Sky’s perspective and review a very compressed version of what happened next.

With billions of accomplishments in her past, the Goddess lacked an equal, a male partner of her own. The Queen had acquired broad experience creating physical landscapes populated with intelligent beings with limited capabilities.

She decided it was time to create a breed of very sophisticated human beings which would be surrounded with a fabulous range of other living things that together inhabited an enormous watery planet located on a spiraling arm of stars in the distant Milky Way galaxy, a planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter called Tiamat.  

“She wanted to see what happens,” Penre stated, “if she created a type of being who voluntarily descended from the sacred essence of herself into all forms of sentient matter.” She wanted to insert an experimental colony of genetically designed intelligent beings into a supportive environment as a special investment for a future based on a human factor. For its riches and natural beauty, Tiamat was selected as where her extraordinary human species could best thrive.

They would possess “…souls that had Fire already inserted into highly multidimensional, androgynous bodies,” Penre states. They would be genetically programmed by ‘creator gods’ to mature in form and become tall, slender, smooth, dark—bodied figures.

To ensure long-term protection of the natural evolution of her experiment, she also ordered a contingent of the mighty Titan race to be her personal ambassadors. These guardian giants would oversee the protection of all projects with the sole duty of deterring any intrusions into her sophisticated breeding grounds on Tiamat.

The tremendous strength and fighting skills that the gigantic Titans possessed are themes found in major legends of Greek mythology.

The Titans and the new humans would evolve together. The Titans watched over their habitat, a lush paradise that was filled with gifts of wondrous plants, fauna and a full, rich range of animal life, a collection conceived as what has been called a “Living Library”.

An accepted archeological fact from ancient Romania backs up the existence of the Titans: “The legend of the Tartars is also supported by Herodotus, the early Greek historian who spoke of them as a noble and glorious tribe. Also called “Teutars” or “Titans,” according to Homer, these giants were favored by the gods”because “they surpassed all men in height, strength, and beauty’ ”. Tiamat was located on a spiral arm of what is today called the Milky Way.

The experiment would not be easy, but it would be worth it. The task of initiating a natural evolution proceeded, untouched and respected by other visiting civilizations who wanted to stay and observe the Law Of One non-interference agreement during their time there. The success of the ambitious experiment was a tribute to her plan to create an ideal human over a period of what was expected to take some five-hundred thousand years.

With that perspective established, let’s return to the historic review of galactic events that the recovering alien, Bek—ti, gave to the Hopi youngsters. He told them about a young race of restless beings, not at all a peace-loving tribe by nature, which had appeared in the Queen’s Orion Empire. They were well-armed warriors, some of them twelve feet tall, who lived incredibly long, nearly immortal life spans. Yet, …“immortality” doesn’t really mean the gods live forever,” states another historian. “They are mortal, just like us, but they sometimes live for millions of years with the help from their technologies, medical machinery which they were taught about by their creator gods. These mechanisms came to be what is called the ‘Tree of Life’.” 

Their relatively extended life, some tens of thousands years long, were ways to ‘cheat death’. They drank special potions. They could move into genetically duplicated, clone bodies whenever their original bodies needed replacing or switch to new bodies using technology. Certain elite groups today are pursuing that same goal.

These individuals started to form arrogant, elite aristocracies in which top-ranking men became Princes, Lords and Kings who often battled each other for supremacy as they plundered civilizations on planets all over to win wars—until some worlds opposed them.

As such, some stable civilizations began to be threatened by these ambitious, militarily advanced races that had become anxious to expand into other territories, building “empires”. Some became known as conquering pirates whose victory battles gained them reputations as extremely dangerous adversaries.

One of these, the young, most vicious race brought up earlier, came to the attention of the Queen. Their home planet orbited the star Sirius, the brightest of all stars. This race matured some 4.2–4.5 billion years ago, about the same era the Goddess first became involved with them as rulers from Sirius.

The Sirians were then ruled by a man named Khanus who called himself a king, or King Anu. Over time, he had risen in military strength to conquer ever more territory. Later on, as their presence on Earth’s ancient Sumeria increased, they became known as the Anunnaki: “Those who came from the heavens”.

After the Queen won a major battle with him—an event known as the Orion Wars—she assumed Khanus might once again become a challenge to her prominence should he again turn his malevolent ambitions on her. Wisely, she conceived a path of diplomacy to appease the situation even though she sensed dishonor was a factor.

The Annunaki already had a long history of genetically manipulated ancestors who evolved over many millions of years on one of the planets circling the brightest star, Sirius. Today, researchers say that it is the Global Elite, working behind the scenes to control our reality and keep us trapped here, are possessed by, or were long ago taken over by Reptilian ETs called the Anunnaki.

Yet the Annunaki began their evolutionary journey long after the Queen had started her original genetic expansion, so, just to be sure of the timing of all this, they were a “younger” race which had achieved a very high degree of technological capability, especially in warfare, but little in the way of intellectual, cultural or moral values.

All had become fearsome warriors whose great expertise involved use of the most vicious tactics of battle. Their military skills were aided by having use of the best exotic weaponry known in a long history of victories. The Sirians were merciless fighters–and remain so even today.

“Still, species are always in different stages of development all over the universe,” Penre said of the Queen’s previous and still ongoing evolutionary experiments, “due to an almost infinite multiverse, so we can expect that there are races which will fight over real estate instead of ethically and morally earning the real estate they want.”

Tiamat’s location in the group of planets on the inner edge of the Milky Way was of key interest to the King Anu for its strategic future military value. 

“For awhile,” Mr. Penre elaborates, “the Annunaki culture began to retreat from the treacherous tactics of ruling as warriors after realizing the greater gains afforded by making routine business deals that yielded more in profits at less costs to them…So, instead of pursuing their past as warriors, the Anunnaki began to assume management of commercial business interests, a profit-making success that attracted the Orion Queen’s attention.”   

“These ETs don’t foresee and predict,” according to research performed by Christina Valenzuela. “They formulate and calculate. Nothing in the Universe happens without a reason. The logic of numbers dictates and creates events.”

As we began to explain earlier, during this pause in Sirian warring, the Queen realized that taking measures to avoid the potential for invasions of her domain by King Anu would require a series of defensive moves on her part. Thus, she called upon the King for a first meeting. She intended to cleverly appraise the situation with him, focusing on the main interest of convincing him to respect the advantages of the better peace-making life enjoyed in most sectors of the Universe. 

Despite all warnings about King Anu, the Goddess virtually ignored the tales about his despicable reputation and entreated his company at her palace in Orion where they could open a dialogue on the prospective relationship. He took her up on the invite and prepared for it by deceptively assuming the part of a wise and quite charming chief who’d earned the loyalty of his savage Annunaki soldiers, men who idolized their wily ruler, before he arrived in her company.  

In the meeting, the Orion Goddess crafted an offer to King Kanus, a ‘Peace Treaty’, a deal-making that suggested a long term partnership with the King, close to what we today would call a business merger with benefits. In the deal, the Sirians became Orions, too. Anu, however, would have to send a percentage of any resources they exploited back to Orion as a part of the deal.

There were other arrangements, including her desire to learn more about the other, darker side of life and what he might do to father the children she desired. Included in the arrangement, she ended up giving him control over most of what was known of the 9th Sector of the Universe, an area referred to otherwise as District 9.   [Director Peter Jackson’s film of the same title is based on the available knowledge of the existence of this spacefaring route.]

Within District 9 was a major interstellar superhighway of commerce called Pesh-Meten. This passageway had been established long before, at a time when commerce between galaxies began. It remains very active today as a direct way to travel between civilized stars, constellations, galaxies—even to other dimensions. Tiamat sat like a dock very near this heavily trafficked route through vast distances of our universe, pathways where valuable cargo had traversed for a long time.

This busy line of transit runs like an interstate highway throughout the better part of the Milky Way. Part of the Queen’s agreement with the Sirian King Anu included the restriction that he couldn’t interact in any way with traffic passing by on that busy thoroughfare in such a way as to impede her relations with cultures that used the route.

“The Queen’s Orion Empire was teeming with life,” Wes Penre has elaborated. “Experiments were pending in many places; the idea of starting up a more sophisticated ‘Living Library’ was only one of a lot of different ideas and experiments. It may appear that it didn’t occur to the Queen when the agreement was made that the Sirian Lords would disturb the development of a human species or interfere with her business and other developments on Tiamat.”

“Many star races from far away knew about her human based experiment on Tiamat,” Penre continued, “but the Sirian Lords and Anu did not.” Tiamat cities that made up Atlantis were part of this.

“…Each race in any solar system is supposed to reign themselves into sovereignty while abiding                 

by the laws of the Orion Empire, laws which included observing the rules stated in ‘The Law Of One’.”                                                                                 

“Nowhere in the contract did it say that King Anu could interfere with a pending experiment, but apparently it didn’t say they couldn’t, either.”           

“Did the Queen make a terrible mistake when she made up the contract?”                                                                                                        

“Did she leave that part out because it ‘goes unsaid’? That is not something you need to put in a contract — that part goes unsaid.”

“However, if a star race, like the Sirians, manage to ‘manipulate’ another star race into agreeing with them and to have them do something they wouldn’t agree with normally, if they knew the full consequences, the Sirians, in our example, could potentially bypass the Law of Non-Interference and refer to the Law of Free Will.”                  

“They could justify their actions by saying, ‘We didn’t do it! They did! They agreed to do it!’ And this was exactly what happened..!”                                   

“Besides, King Anu ambitiously saw himself and his people as heirs to this Universe after having agreed to the terms of the Peace Treaty with the Queen of the Stars,” Penre stated.

In this marriage of convenience, at first, the news of this union brought some lasting peace to relations in the expanding Universe. Yet, at the same time, the Goddess aspired to her natural need to give birth. Out of female instinct, she wanted children with King Anu.

With Anu as father, she delivered a first egg, but it was unfertilized. It did hatch and out came a male that they named En.ki. The second egg was fertilized and when it hatched it produced a second male whom they named En.lil. Each brother was awarded the title of ‘Prince’. As King Anu’s heirs, by tradition, they were rightful owners to all that he possessed upon his retirement or passing. Since the Queen showed no sign of passing, her Empire still reigned supreme.                                                                          


While En.lil took interest in business and commerce, En.ki was to grow up being specially educated in the medical arts by the Goddess herself. In her role as a genetic master, En.ki, too, became a master DNA scientist. “En.ki used an array of names and titles, which has made it extremely hard for scholars to get the story correct,” Penre observed. It’s also very important to note that En.ki was assigned a noble, royal name of ‘Prince Lucifer’ during the training his mother provided.

Let’s return to the time of Robert Morning Sky’s tale of the stranded extraterrestrial Bek—ti, when he told the rest of the story about Tiamat’s demise. What follows below is a very condensed version of that period of time. The storyline blends the rest of Bek-ti’s tale with other background on the events provided by Wes Penre and other sources.

The Queen had assigned genetic scientists from Lyra as ‘creator gods’ for her breeding project, the Lyrans who were introduced earlier.

The Lyrans also had competent laboratory help from the Vegans, another sophisticated race from a civilized planet that circled the star Vega. It is not ironic that when Carl Sagan’s wife was writing the book Contact, she chose the Vegan civilization as having had a major influence on Earth in the storyline.

“Another species, also from the Lyran star system was the Vegans, originating from a previous density version of the star Vega, quite close to Earth,” Wes Penre notes. “Not much is left of this race today in their original form, but they played a major role in seeding and building genetics and DNA on Earth. In fact, they were the pioneers.”

When this team of Lyrans and Vegans started up, they decided to combine their own multidimensional 12 strand DNA into the basic genetic template of the new human so that the resulting individual would have a full DNA spectrum of spiritual and physical abilities.                     

The Lyrans were very successful in building the Living Library, and many different energies were brought into existence. Among others, very evolved civilizations emerged from their efforts after their success here on Earth. Early humans contained her divine essence.

King Anu and his sons found out about Tiamat, the ‘blue pearl’ planet, and the riches available for mining there. Anu left his sons in charge of the commercial mining operations that he started up on Tiamat. [Tiamat has also been called Marduk in a number of historical references] It ran successfully…until frictions between his sons arose. “No two brothers could have been further apart in their views,” Penre explained, “…both wanted to be in charge of the Tiamat mission.” But it was Enki’s fervent hope to continue with the original genetic ambitions of his mother to create humans blessed with a full set of positively inclined and powerful abilities both spiritual and physical regardless of his brother’s contempt for him and his mother.

En.lil complained to Anu about being too long away from his distant home in Sirius. He was openly envious of En.ki’s achievements after beginning to interfere with the Lyran/Vegan ideal human experiment and his success in managing the gold mining operations that pleased King Anu so greatly and paid the Queen a royalty, too.

The brotherly conflicts between the two Princes eventually forced King Anu to plan a trip to tropical Tiamat to mediate the issues… but ever so carefully, without arousing the Queen’s ire for interfering in the operations of her prized sanctuary. At the same time, he was also having to deal with a real threat to his throne at home.

As he was leaving for Tiamat, King Anu decided to bring along a highly skilled, but covertly treasonous in-law prince who chose the King’s negotiating visit as the best time to stage a revolt, a fight that the prince won and was re-named King Zeus, the same Zeus as told of in Greek mythology.

Zeus’ victory did not last long. So, King Anu mounted yet another war fleet, returned to the solar system where Zeus waited and Anu successfully defeated Zeus in what became known as ‘The Battle of the Titans’ over Mount Olympus in Greece. This is one of the more significant myths in all of Greek mythology.

In the furious battle that followed, his planet-sized battleship was damaged so severely it began a plunge toward Tiamat…

Anu’s Mothership Plunges Down on Tiamat / Robert Morning Sky Image

…the force of gravity exerted by the enormous planet ended pulling his planet sized battleship into a great collision, a disaster which shattered Tiamat so badly, the planet split in two. The larger section eventually became Earth and the other much more fractured pieces became the asteroid belt that still circles around in our solar system. 

Tiamat’s Asteroid Belt / Robert Morning Sky Image

“Tiamat, the giant water planet, was destroyed about 4.5 billion years ago, shortly after our solar system was created,” Wes Penre asserted.

This incident underscored the fact that, right after the Peace Treaty was signed, “King Anu had started plotting,” Penre has asserted. “He realized that being in alliance with the Orion Queen could be a great beneficial factor for him and his people when came time to conquer the Universe.” With this in mind, his recalled the great passion he had to rule the solar system when the treaty was made.              

Despite all that, he had broken the peaceful spirit that the deal promised. 

It was during this major sweep of time that the Queen became greatly threatened by En.lil, who cursed her because she had rejected him, her son, as no longer fit to fill his intended future role as King of the Orion Empire.

This decision was unbearable to En.lil and, according to various scriptural sources, he was cast out of Orion by force. The queen’s guardian angel Micheal tossed En.lil out with his ‘Fallen Angels’ for threatening his mother violently. This expulsion isolated the rejected Annunaki to a 4% partition of the Universe where they remain  today—along with the rest of us. If true, the other 96% of the Queen’s territory also remains off-limits to 3-D limited DNA humans.

Billions of years after this warfare with Zeus and his quick defeat, the immortal King Anu and his Sirian Lords resumed travel through the 9th District of the Universe joined often by En.lil and En.ki. Unlike the many other stable, peace-loving cultures who traveled freely anywhere, the bad boy reputation of the conquering Anannaki put limits on where they could safely travel or risk attacks. They knew very little about life outside the Empire of their heavy-handed rule.

By then, because other warring races besides the Anunnaki were becoming threats, many planets joined forces to protect themselves by forming a ‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’, which still exists and, as we’ll see later, is currently a very important agent of deterrence in the present conflict taking place on Earth.

Anu’s royal visits eventually led them back down along the Ninth Passageway to inspect the big piece of Tiamat that remained intact. It had spun around so long, it formed into a round body that evolved into what had good prospects to again become habitable planet. 

After landing, King Anu’s Anunnaki party discovered that the Queen’s scientists from Lyra and Vega had returned to resume their work once again, working to produce an intelligent human in the genetic experiments underway at a colony. “We can compare the Lyrans, if only vaguely, with today’s Native American, Asian and Aboriginal people. The Vegans were the true genetic pioneers, even though today only a few of them have survived the conflicts since,” Mr. Penre states. “Much of the Vegan mysticism is the origin of many spiritual teachings on Earth, for instance, Tibetan culture before Buddhism, the Vedic culture in India, prior to Hinduism. Very few ancient texts exist on Earth from this highly influential time period.”

“…conditions the Anunnaki found were not troublesome to En.ki,” Penre elaborated on their returning arrival on their prior outpost. Tiamat had been known as a paradise and, despite the calamities, the much smaller planet had recovered miraculously and retained Tiamat’s former rating as a rare, splendidly beautiful planet now named Terra. This is how Robert Morning Sky named his book.            

The discovery inspired the ruthless Annunaki Lords to renew their ambition to exploit it. Prince En.lil, regardless of his rabid jealousy of his brother En.ki’s support from his mother [and Anu] went back to work as previously. He remained at odds with En.ki.                         

Prince En.ki, now known as simply ‘Ea’, was not only the Genetics Master, he was a master political manipulator. They took enslaved Annunaki miners and troops and resettled them on new bases he allowed them to build, but he also provided them with an education, sheltered and protected them against any outside interferences:

“We here on Earth are still young souls in comparison with many others out there in the Multiverse, and we have not even started fully exploring the stars. Current members of humanity who trace their roots back to the original humans, thinking humans,” as Wes Penre puts it, “and we became singularly aware souls.”

“We descended through these genetic roots [as nurtured by En.ki] and none of us are any more than about 250,000-300,000 years old. That’s not a long time as viewed from the perspective of an ‘old’ cosmic universe…[This era thrived] while the human civilizations in Antarctica and Russia were still in their fullest. This time period is considered the beginning of human civilization, but, in fact, it was the death of the older, more benevolent and evolved era…Eventually, after long and bitter battles overhead Earth, the original Lyran coalition of genetic planners lost the war. Darkness had defeated Light and Earth became the territory of the Anunnaki. Some of these space battles extended down to Earth herself and developed into atomic wars.”

The arriving Annunaki initiated a complete occupation as an ‘invader force’. Ea promoted expansion of an urban culture to enable establishment of a second version of the culture that had existed on Tiamat, a vast city what was then named ‘Atlantis’, and the new civilization was again named that. Knowing this means that it makes better sense to look for the remains of Atlantis above ground more worthwhile as archeological adventures. The relics of the first Atlantis may have been cast off into the asteroid belt or have become the rings of Saturn, where the ruins of huge structures, actual sections of buildings, have been identified in the expert analysis of the satellite imagery of sections of the rings of Saturn performed by noted specialist Richard Hoagland.

Also, along with many other asteroids that have returned to smash into Earth, one of those asteroids may have returned to smash into what is now the Gulf of Mexico on the newly forming planet in the tens of thousands of years that chunk spun around to form the new planet Terra:

Once the planet was deemed habitable again, Ea and En.lil proceeded to rebuild the ecosystems of the planet with splendid success. He and his brother rose in royal rank to become Lord En.lil and Lord Ea, who re-named the planet as ‘Earth’.

Earth was bursting with life once more. The Sirian brothers co-operated with each other to sustain a fragile era of peace. The news that Ea had developed an intelligent ‘human’ that could be put to work doing heavy labor in the Anunnaki gold and metal mines traveled to other civilized planets. “As word of Lord Ea’s success with the ‘human’ spread to other galaxies,” Morning Sky reported, “another group of Genesis Lords [from a distant galaxy] extended a gift to him…the single strand of DNA filament that provided ‘passion’ to the new humans…the invisible motivating force that gave a being intense feelings…The offering became known as ‘The Gift Of The Feather’.“ This phenomena has also been reported on in the the many amazing videos created by artist/researcher Dante Santori.

Anunnaki family members moved out to dominate emerging cultures elsewhere on the planet, such as the Mayan and Central American civilizations. It is said that the Mayan god Quezequadal was a direct Anunnaki descendant, for instance. Their influence expanded—along with the growing population of Earth.

To further disrupt the final stages of development of the experimental human model which the Goddess originally intended, Lord Ea again turned off the ten DNA strands that the Lyran/Vegans had once more restored in the final template of the homo sapien sapien, the human figure that was later named ‘Adama’.

Keeping in mind that the Annunaki under En.lil’s rule wanted slaves they could control, Penre comments: “There was no way for the Anunnaki to be able to work with beings who possessed 12 helices of DNA; they would have been too smart and too perceptive. On the other hand, the “regular” ape-man was too stupid to work with in the first place, so it was easier for their scientists to “cut” than to add. The oppressors also wanted to break the DNA code that existed originally.” These scientific alterations really riled the Lyran team to the point of wanting to go to war with them over ruining the intended spiritual human being.

“They [the Annunaki] rearranged your DNA in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band, a frequency that could feed them and keep them in power,” Wes Penre elaborated.

“The original human was a magnificent being whose twelve strands of DNA were contributed to by a variety of sentient civilizations. When the new owners came in, they took the original DNA of the human species and disassembled it. The original DNA pattern was left within the human cells, yet it was not functional; it was split apart, unplugged.”

Thus, the Anunnaki insisted that humanity belonged to them entirely. In every way possible, they have always used deception to divert us away from discovering our true past and how we could renew ourselves physically back to our full DNA capacity and towards the stable, loving future which the Goddess initially wanted.

“After a lot of twists and turns,” Penre tells readers, “this confrontation [with the Goddess and Lyrans] came to involve planet Earth in a very profound way and to such an extent that it directly has to do with the final creations of mankind.” By that, Penre meant to indicate the future posterity of all versions of the human race.

Leading up to this war, Ea and one of his many lovely female consorts had a son that they named Marduk. Even though quite young, Marduk had already developed a strong desire to become king of the solar system where Earth orbited. Robert Morning Sky stated that Marduk, “…would use war, works of intrigue and even the deadly art of betrayal to try to seize the Throne.” 

Indeed, later in life, Marduk prepared a coup of the Throne carefully. He enticed the support of the entire management network of the Earth-bound Annunaki colony, promising them increased prosperity if they came over to help him overthrow Enlil and Ea.

As a side note, we have to bear in mind that the population of Earth wasn’t that great at the time of Marduk’s deceptions. An internal rebellion was not as difficult to pull off in the same manner in which it is being done today by propaganda manipulation of a large global population via the near total control of news media and institutions.

When the perfect time to trip the switch for his takeover came, Marduk called for action. Within hours, his plan put the rulers and their followers on the run without bloodshed. Robert Morning Sky relates the outcome: “Earth, the island outpost of the Sirian Empire, was now the seized Empire of the Lord Prince Marduk…He was victorious, the ‘War of Take-Over’, backed by the reptilian rebels, had been successful beyond expectations…” This all happened in a relatively recent period of our history. With Ea in the background, Marduk currently remains the highest authority in charge here.

Penre continued: “The Lyrans saw what was coming [the plan by Lord En.lil] and decided to interfere with the process. They did not want the homo sapien sapien genetic work to be tampered with by the Anunnaki, as it would seriously alter their plans for the Living Library in [rebuilding the sanctuary] of Atlantis.

In his novel, Dune Messiah, Frank Herbert observed, “Every civilization must contend with an unconscious force which can block, betray or countermand almost any conscious intention of the collectivity.”

In this instance, the collectivity was the Lyrans, Vegans and the Goddess, all of whom, to one degree or other, had cooperatively wanted to create a peace-loving environment. 

“A huge war broke out on Earth between the two species of creator gods—the Lyrans and their allies on one side and the Anunnaki allies on the other—a war which ended in a major nuclear disaster on Earth. Evidence of this, and other nuclear wars in the past, has been found in the deeper layers of the Earth’s surface [by academic geologists and archeologists].”

Penre reports that the surviving Lyrans and Vegans escaped back to their planet, Lord Prince En.lil and his followers fled back to the palace the Sirian Empire and “Lord Prince Ea took his following, plus a substantial group of the more intelligent Adamus enslaved humans to his own refuge in the Pleiades.”

“After the destruction created by the atomic war,” Penre concludes, Earth had ‘a changing of the gods’. The Anunnaki under Marduk had conquered an ‘old’ world and “…expanded the Anunnaki Empire with new real estate.” But Marduk’s victory celebration on Earth would have to wait for radioactivity to subside enough to go back—tens of thousands of years.

In the current editions of the Law Of One material that Penre had investigated, “…it states that Earth was inhabited by intelligent beings who had rebuilt yet another Atlantis civilization before that was destroyed about 500,000 years ago.” That culture was as saturated with electronics as we are. 

After the radiation count dropped low enough, the Annunaki Lords returned for yet another go at it. Enlil, Ea and Marduk started a fourth era of civilization on the Earth that they commanded control of. “Genetic engineering is the game of the gods, and is extremely common throughout the universe,” Wes Penre reminds us. “The truths of this era are chronicled as legends of the Old Testament.”

Before we launch into a brief summary to close the gap in history from then up until now, let’s look into some of Middle-Eastern Biblical events influenced by Mardak during intervening times.

Penre explains: “One of the first things Marduk did was rewrite history in his favor. Marduk wanted to place himself in the position as the one and only God, and therefore, he wanted to erase all history of all the gods previous to him…[In doing this,] he also took control over all major world religions to use them…to manipulate the growing Earth population and to divide and conquer.”

Dr. Sasha Lessin holds a PhD in anthropology at UCLA [pictured below] and he has said that: “Marduk felt like his father, Lord Ea, had at least made an effort to satisfy his imperatives to become a ruler. So, about 9,800 years ago, Marduk was assigned Egypt by his father and assumed the name “Ra’, the role of the main god named Ra who ended up influencing a very long line of royal Egyptian dynasties,” observed Dr. Lessin. Leading up to that time, “Marduk gave Hammurabi, his king at Babylon, “a powerful weapon,” called ‘Great Power of Marduk’, with which Hammurabi subdued all Mesopotamia,” Dr. Lessin states.“The Israelites repeated what the Anunnaki had given them in form of genes (DNA),” said Dr. Lessin, “and not the least of it, from the “gods” behavior:

Dr. Lessin

Destructive action →revenge → destructive action → worse revenge, in an endless, immature to the extreme, cycle.”

Importantly, research strongly indicates that Lord Ea, given his ability to live an extended life, went on to preside over many different cultures in which the only difference of character traits involved his making a change of name—and maybe shaving off his beard. As a ‘name-changer’, En.ki has always demanded being referred to as a ‘god’ of whatever culture he was ruling. They worshiped him using the name of the new title he devised, just as his father did when he lorded over various cultures, hopping from one identity to another.

Throughout all ancient and then more contemporary times, this was the case—at least until Christianity took a firm hold and he made sure that his rule was secured further by internal deals he made when the Church of Rome was being put together following the death of Jesus. It is said that Ea and his son Marduk played a big role in writing the Holy Bible during the end of Roman rule. Working in the background, unseen by the humans involved, they presided over the convention of Roman scribes at the “Council of Nicea” in the year 435 AD. Ea ruled as a master of many disguises during the rise and fall of many cultures and was surely capable of adopting a human appearance.

“In different accounts of history, the Pleiadians say that the god known as Poseidon was the first ruler of Atlantis,” Penre notes. That character change may have also enabled Ea to act as the water related Poseidon who sprang up on tropical Tiamat. “We know that Poseidon and Ea (the En.ki) are the same being. He was Ea in Mesopotamia, Poseidon again in Greece, the god Ptah in Egypt, and Neptune in Rome—the same deity, the same Lord Ea. They also say Poseidon had Pleiadian connections.” He is also suspected of playing the roles of Thoth and many other rulers right up to post Roman Empire leaders—with his son Marduk supporting him or taking his place when Ea went elsewhere in the cosmic Anunnaki Empire.

The long life expectations of these characters that we’ve already discussed here are the reason why Ea/En.ki could make royal ‘reappearances’ to visit many cultures, each of them separated by thousands of years. “The Anunnaki have lifespans of “360,000–420,000 earth-years,” Wes Penre asserts. “The lifespan…could be extended much more than that with the help of technology, up to perhaps a couple of million years, or close to it.” With exotic medical technology and some additional tinkering with genetics, they can live almost ‘forever’. 

To populations much, much smaller than today’s on Earth, Lord Ea and Lord Marduk ruled the planet throughout the entire Old Testament, plus also managing the scriptures and religions all over the rest of the world, involvements so complex I will skip over that era, except for mentioning Noah’s involvement may have led to yet another termination of the human experiment and its renewal by Noah to bring about yet one more iteration of civilization on Earth, tthis one being perhaps the fifth time Earth had been re-populated in a terraformed ‘Genesis’.

These men have been deeply involved in many modern cultures, under the names of so many different cultural leaders, in the times we know of as beyond the era that Christ lived.

Then we also have the time came when King Anu decided to retire after who knows how many countless eras he was in charge. According to Penre and another scholar, Anu’s decision directed a “changing of the gods”, a period in which all Anunnaki Earth operations ceased for hundreds of years, coincidentally during the times we refer to now as ‘The Dark Ages’.

This Anunnaki exodus happened in the 6th-8th century CE. “There were about 400 Anunnaki on our planet, and 3/4 of them were supporting Marduk, obeying him as their King of Earth,” Penre explains, “or the others who were obeying King Anu and were not recognizing Marduk as their king.” This occurred about the same time as the end of the Roman Empire. From this coincidence, the end of Anu’s rule during the drawn out decay of the Roman era, it can easily said that cosmic parasites like the Anunnaki are “unable to live independent of the institutions which they conquer” as Penre puts it. They are unable to function unless they can sink their teeth into the livelihood of the culture that hosts them. We were, and still are, their ‘food’.

In making a point about all of the eccentric behavior exhibited by all of the Anunnaki, Penre characterizes the elite royals as being, “…big, spoiled children, power-hungry and arrogant… playing with fire.”

Marduk was the biggest loser as he is just not popular…anywhere.

“This was a big problem for the home Anunnaki Kingdom,” Penre notes, “and Marduk had always been, and still was, a time bomb and a great concern.” Marduk’s menacing lifestyle of in-house villainy in all probability led to his even becoming no longer welcome in Anu’s distant Kingdom some 400 years after his return from Earth.

Thus, due to his unpopularity even among the criminal class Anunnaki, “Marduk and approximately 300 Anunnaki returned to Earth again,” Penre explains, “and they have been here ever since, with some of them taking control over certain Earth populations by force, creating their own pyramid power structure, placing Marduk himself on top as the only ‘God’ and ‘King of the Universe’. Marduk easily fits the picture as the Biblical Satan…”

Since Lord Ea joined Marduk in setting up shop for this, the fourth or even the fifth seeding experiment on Earth, from what can be assessed with what’s known, being forced to leave Anu’s palace may possibly have been part of the Biblical event called the “Fallen Angels” or “Lucifer’s Rebellion” noted earlier. Or not—maybe the Queen had thrown them out earlier. In any case, Marduk was a great risk to have around and worked at crossed purposes to his father’s efforts to shepard humanity along in evolution to become highly civilized, but nonetheless, Anunnaki controlled groups of diverse races on another planet in their empire.

“The Original Planners had not given up on their experiments to create a ‘thinking man’,” Penre elaborated before he reports a surprising reversal of fate: “Renegade Pleiadians monitored the situation until a faction of those Pleiadians returned to Earth to support the Anunnaki in their effort to genetically manipulate mankind one more time…The scale of [human] creation this time around was likely large, with the great standing size of humans reduced later in the process…” Human skeletons 25-30 feet tall have been unearthed but then secreted away—but photos exist of them. Even more amazing, some very tall 12′ figures who are alive but “sleeping” in a state of stasis or, as this condition is known otherwise, in suspended animation have been found in various secreted locations far distant from each other. Some research indicates that they will soon ‘wake up’ from this state to assist the coming of another age on Earth. Indeed, in several interviews concducted in 2022 with a US Army operative identified only as JD by Dr. Micheal Salla, there is evidence that several of these very tall, sleeping ‘stasis beings’ have been located during secret archeological expeditions conducted by the US Army in Florida. In the series of interviews with JD devoted to the US Army operations, other such tall beings who are arrested in suspended animation are said to have been located long ago in an underwater site within the Bermuda Triangle, while a number of others may be found elsewhere.

Many of these finds have been carted off and hidden away by the archeological authorities in charge of those expeditions. Easter Island’s mysterious tall, standing stone men may have been fashioned on the true great heights of the race they were modeled after. And, as for the many, many 12 foot high Anunnaki figures carved in Sumerian times, it is suspected that those ‘gods’ were really that tall. “The Anunnaki,” Penre stated, “were never our creators; they always were imposters who manipulated an already highly developed DNA/RNA.” He was referring to the genetic model that became us—homo sapien sapien—produced by the Lyrans. “…Ea wanted to deny them [the new humans] immortality so that they could stay quarantined on Earth for a long time., as slaves,” Penre states. 

Legends of dragon-like reptilians on Earth are great in number, whether we look at the dragons found in ancient China, and then those that lurked during India’s earliest Vedic times or, as one other very prominent example, the evidence of a reptilian presence found in the ancient land called Dacia in Romania. These were highly advanced extraterrestrial creatures themselves and they joined up with Anunnaki forces at some point in more recent history, the two of them forming a deadly, conqueror’s alliance. Wes Penre speculated that this ‘dragon’ group was yet another example of the long-term results of experimentation that took place under the Lyran genetic blendings, this time with dinosaurs, which yielded this reptilian race which further evolved in the Draco star system and returned to Earth to become known as the fearsome Draco, the fierce race with a dragon head and referred to as “cosmic parasites” who lived in what is now Romania, and still reside under parts of the Carpathian mountain range whose contour greatly resembles the shape of the Draco star constellation:

Do the Draco and Anunnaki hide from populated human habitats, and take refuge from us in many enclaves beneath the planet that they have either found or constructed for themselves? Certain US Navy satellite ground-piercing radar sources have detected hollow earth places over the years, along with known undersea fortifications. The number of such potential hideouts range into the hundreds, with some of them occupied by a large number of members also belonging to very benevolent underworld societies.

Top level policy makers know them as Dracos, “The Great Serpents of Old” or as the “Fallen Ones”. Looking at all this from a position taken purely on the level of observing facts, we must realize that these beings are high tech and can do things requiring super-technologies that we are only starting to understand today.

“The Anunnaki and the Dracos are reputed to be very hierarchical, bureaucratic and rigid, operating by age old formulas used to hijack, take down, manipulate and destroy peoples, cultures, nations and civilized worlds,” writes Veterans Today editor Howard Duff. “They primarily work behind the scenes to put others into power so that they can then have their ‘controlled’ humans take all the steps needed to execute their dirty work as compromised sell-outs.”

“They are experts at convincing the public that black is white, and white is black, good is evil, and evil is good,” Mr. Duff goes on.“ And the worst part is that they have apparently gained control of the most of the earth’s riches by hijacking most of the monetary production and distribution systems under the Luciferian power of the Draco ancient Babylonian ‘money-magick’ game or applied black-magic arts.” In fact, they introduced ‘magick’ to this world.”

“The Draco leaders know that it is essential that they keep the world organized into hierarchies run by the top policy-maker leaders of the world which must be Illuminati or Royal Bloodlines linked to Draco heritage.” Mr. Duff is referring to historically influential, elite secret societies that have craftily controlled modern day human affairs throughout contemporary times.

Winged Draco

Wes Penre brings up another major genetic intervention the Draco introduced, a genetic manipulation that placed an aggressive mechanism at the base of all human brains to ensure production of violent behavior.                                             

Another aspect of this shrewd medical work was the disturbing introduction of a very negative physiological alteration to the structure of the ‘new’ human brain by the Draco during the later stages of genetic alterations performed. They inserted a ‘negative- emotion’ brain mass to the lower stem of the brain, where the nerve endings join the spinal cord.

Using genetic trickery, they placed an aggressive mechanism at the base of all human brains to ensure production of violent behavior.

Penre points out that: “…David Icke’s determination that the existence of this ‘reptilian brain’… harbors a mechanism which reacts to threats with a disposition of fear, violence and a potential for total abandonment of respect for life… The genes which include traits like murder, rape, revenge, jealousy, service-to-self behavior, and more, would most probably not be dominant traits in many people on Earth if it wasn’t for them.”      

This Anunnaki/Draco alliance has become more than just ‘double trouble’ because, over millions of years research and development, they developed a most effective range of physical and mental weapons to torture victims—mainly humans. They desensitized them. Later in his writings, Penre stressed the outcome of this Anunnaki/Draconian dimming of our ability to feel compassion:                                                              

“When we can’t feel, we don’t value life.”

Original-looking Draco prefer to hide out, due to their unmistakable dragon-like appearance and tall height, with some of them reaching 12’ tall. Their mere presence is startling. At night in Romania, a military officer sighted one in 2018, sitting in a new model Hummer at a rural gas station in the outlands of that nation. He was shocked.

Both the Anunnaki and the Draco share a repulsive liking for creating fear in humans because it produces an emotional reward for them. “due to their nature, they love to feed off a certain frequency of the human electromagnetic spectrum that is based on fear…,” Wes Penre has stated. “When they do this, they feel powerful and energetic, like they could conquer anything; it [is] like a drug to them. They ate the flesh of their enemies and drank their blood. That was not only because of some strange adrenaline rush they got while at war, but they fed off the fear that was induced in the dying enemy. This is also why, in dire times, they eat their young and drink their blood, too — it gives them more life energy and more potential to survive.”

Widespread incidents of human abduction, particularly in the lucrative global network of trafficking of women and children, is believed to be partly due to this ‘alien addiction’ by the wealthy which shares a connection with similar insidious human perversions.

The Anunnaki may also be capable of employing advanced weaponry to manipulate catastrophic geophysical events on Earth. Crystals are the most elevated state of matter. The use of ‘crystal-based’ technology affects the planet’s surface via manipulations of the Earth’s crystalline inner core.

Both breeds can change their appearance greatly. The following story has been told often, mostly in private British circles, yet it goes far to explain at least one of the key reasons why Princess Diana was killed.

Diana once told a close friend, a man who had worked awhile at Buckingham Palace, that she accidentally walked in on a ceremony being conducted by Queen Elizabeth and members of the Royal British Court in which all of them appeared in their real reptilian forms. Later on, she was quoted as having said during this confession about the Queen and her Court: “They’re not human.”

End Part One


Part One

1] May I first thank Robert Smith for coming up with an enchanting opening page image that combines Michelangelo’s ‘Adam’ on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with an image of the powerful Egyptian goddess ‘Isis’.

2] Time itself, a topic brought up early in Part One, has puzzled the best of scientists throughout history, yet witness testimony regarding secretly funded, recent day American experiments in time travel indicate that many breakthroughs in this realm of science have been made.

Seeing the concept of time as a ‘fourth dimension’ has been examined in the time modification research of Dr. David Anderson, according to his main proponent, book publisher Peter Moon of Sky Books. He has made a video that introduces viewers to the idea of time as a function of distance…Time Travel Theory Explained which may be purchased at http://www.timetraveleducationcenter.com

3] A commendation for quotes featured through this entire essay goes to author Wes Penre, a Swedish-born spiritual explorer whose extensive historic studies have skillfully traced the enormous scale of creation, through billions of years that support the idea of a divine feminine Source of humanity that evolved in a great number of manipulated genetic experiments that she initiated.

Mr. Penre’s well-organized writings are preserved at wespenre.com and were released for free over a four year span on the Internet between 2011 and 2015, to become a 5,000 page adventure in archeology, religious scriptures, the UFO phenomena we are experiencing and anthropology. In my opinion, they are unmatched as objective, level-headed, even life-changing readings. Some of his ‘Levels of Learning’ about our true past are highly controversial yet always thought-provoking. Mr. Penre shuns being followed as leading any sort of cult, but has had around 800,000 visitors to his site. I myself found the time to read all of it. You would benefit, trust me, with even having a good look at a few chapters.

My use of his work probably takes up the greatest part of the observations compiled in this essay. Of his 5 ‘Levels of Learning’, the ones I used in this document came from the following locations:

Level One: Parts 6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15

Level Two: Parts 1,2,and 9

Level Three: Parts 5,7,9,10

Level 4: Part 7

His website remains quite active with followers at www.wespenre.com

4] Next, the concept of an ‘information cloud’ was noted by retired US Marine Corp research and development engineer Pete Peterson in an interview that featured him performed by Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan and David Wilcock as can be found at the portal for Project Camelot at:

5] Various Sumerian tablets, other sculpted images and certain interpretations featured in this essay are taken from Zachariah Sitchin’s archeological studies of how Anunnaki ETs influenced civilizations in Mesopotamia. His work, by the way, was largely funded by the Rockefellers.

6] The original publication of The Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky are available at no cost and can be accessed at:

https://www.goodreads.com › 35265108-the-terra-papers

7] The article that is quoted verbatim in this essay came from Star People and Flying Shields Are Familiar Notions Inside Native American Tribes Hopi Referencesby The Explorer and was published on April 23rd, 2017 at the Stillness in the Storm website from the website Humans Are Free:


8] The extensive library of books, interviews, periodic readings and other announcements of Barbara Marciniak and her spiritual family are found at:


9] “Humans” May Be All Over the Universe, Scientists Say is an article re-published by Dr. Joseph Farrell on his website at https://gizadeathstar.com/2022/04/cosmic-humanity/ which supports Wes Penre’s research into the potential that a divine feminine Source was busy devising human experiments all over the place. The BBC’s Science Focus magazine has published an interview with Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionary palaeobiologist at the university’s Department of Earth Sciences, in which he stated that researchers can “say with reasonable confidence” that human-like evolution has occurred in other parts of the universe. Dr. Farrell found a strong branch on the tree of evolutionary thinking when he stated that…”…there is an inherent teleology implied in the statement that “evolution is a natural law that operates similarly on all planets.”

10]The Exploded Planet Hypothesis The Destruction of Tiamat, Electra, Maldek and the Creation of the Asteroid Beltwas published by astrophysicist Tom Van Flandern as accessed from MetaResearch Website and featured in an edition of Stillness In The Storm in June of 2017. The concept advanced by Mr. Flandern remains the only one to explain the existence of craters on our Moon and Mars as well as the asteroid belt which bombards Earth even today.

11] Dr. Sasha Lessin and his wife Janet Kira Lessin published Anunnaki The Gods No More to explain the Anunnaki’s involvement in human history. Their website is found at https://dragonattheendoftime.com/sasha-alex-lessin-ph-d/

12] The map of the Romanian Carpathian mountains was provided to me by Valentin Tursic who is regarded in that country as having an ancestry that is tied to the much legended underworld nation of Agartha. I was provided with a documentary program that Mr. Tursic was the featured guest speaker on, a television show about the Agartha civilization that was shown to Romanians in 2017, in which Mr. Tursic informed viewers about such cosmic topics such as quantum physics and our extraterrestrial origins and the existence of a rather large community of humans underground that have been there for quite awhile…and may wish to renew acquaintances up here. Here is my special thanks to Valentin’s friend Victor Gravrilescu for translating correspondences. 

13] Dr. Micheal Salla’s interview with US Army secret operation operative is found at


14] Once again, the contributions of Howard Duff and Jim Dean, editors of Veterans Today are worth noting again. Over many years of bravely publishing their controversial investigations, they need to be praised again for their consistent dedication to exposing the truth behind the false flags and evil machinations of the warriors at the Pentagon and their compatriots in the military industrial complex which General Eisenhower warned of during a much more honest period of American history. A recent attempt [June, 2022] on the lives of Mr. Dean and his wife in Washington, DC testifies to the truth they published and how far the enemies of humanity will go to stifle free speech and our constitutionally guaranteed liberites. May Mr. Dean and his wife both recover fully.

I can be reached at woldrob@gmail.com




A Multiverse Journey Part Two

The Lost Days Of The Divine Feminine

In a story that oddly relates to Princess Diana’s demise, a woman who appeared in one sequence of the independently produced British television documentary Presence of Supreme Reptilian Aliens On Earth claimed that she was party to the infamous California satanic ceremony held yearly at the location called ‘Bohemia Grove’.

Leadership from around the world would gather at this sacred sinister site to practice a blood ritual sacrifice. In her on camera testimony, she claimed that she saw British ruler Lord Heath there and that he changed form to become a much larger, 9 foot tall reptilian while other Satanic onlookers stood motionless as he did so.

This shape-shifting ability is understandably rejected by average people as some sort of fabricated science fiction fantasy or another strange brand of conspiracy theories, however, as evidenced in the prior examples provided, credible witnesses or events point to the reality of this phenomena. Chris Carter, writer-producer of the X-Files television series, included shape-shifting in several series plots. There is a history of horror stories built around the concept of Changelings that looked human but were human/hybrid creatures that could deceptively change their appearance to onlookers.

Explanations as to how shape-shifting is executed stands as an equally compelling question. These mysteries point to the fact that these cultures are not only way ahead of us in this field but that they resort to using these tricks very often. It may be inter-dimensional in nature.

“If it fits the purpose, one moment the ET may look like our typical ‘Anunnaki’ and then next moment like a dragon or reptilian, or a typical human,” Wes Penre stressed. “And no one can tell—the being appears just as physical as you and I. When they shape-shift like that, the beings appear so physical that you can even shake hands with them without noticing that they are not really physical.”

“Then it may shape-shift back to a giant Anunnaki ‘god’ with long locked hair and a braided Sumerian beard,” Penre elaborates. “Sometimes it’s because the [ET] visitor wants you to see him that way, so he shape-shifts into that form. This is very easy for them to do by over-riding human perceptions via their use of their strong visual telepathic abilities. It’s happening all the time here on Earth”.

Perhaps the most prominent figure to come forward and verify not only the existence of these reptilians and also substantiate the real nature of NASA’s secret advances in space technology was a highly respected veteran of the Apollo Moon missions named William Tompkins.

From his teenage years onward, he was deeply involved on a first hand basis in Naval Intelligence during WWII. He worked in top secret conditions for the Navy throughout the war and, afterwards, in the key peacetime transitional elements of the rapidly emerging military, as a designer in the aerospace industry that followed, then on into service as a managing engineer on the Apollo Moon missions.

His memoirs, titled Selected by Extraterrestrials, reveal the intrigue he experienced as the section chief engineer for Douglas Aerospace on NASA’s Moon mission while he managed 140 engineers on the creation of the astronaut’s lunar capsule. All along, he continued to work in a high ranking position as an officer in Naval Intelligence until he passed on in 2017.

In a December 16, 2016 interview with William Tompkins conducted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, he testified that, during WWII, a team of 29 American-German US Naval Intelligence spies infiltrated the highly secreted Nazi flying disc programs, took pictures and brought back a treasure trove of evidence that the Nazis were working with reptilian ‘engineers’ on circular Third Reich anti-gravity spacecraft. In Tompkins later career at NASA, he discovered that, when the Apollo 11 astronauts were debriefed by NASA officials, they reported that “there were dozens of 8 to 9 foot tall reptilians standing across the crater from them, jumping up and down under their vehicles…They were ugly looking, lizard alligator type people, terrible looking faces.”

In an incident that elaborates a bit further on this claim, Neil Armstrong presented one of the very few speeches he ever made about his Apollo mission experiences to a carefully filtered group of scientists one night in Washington, DC. Afterwards, Armstrong replied confidentially to a woman scientist’s question about the ‘alien’ incident on the Moon. He told her that the entire reptilian welcoming party on the Moon [the same as was described by William Tompkins] shape-shifted to become human in appearance.

Wes Penre added a report about such lunar activities as well. Anunnaki era Sumerian scribes translated by Russian researcher Zachariah Sitchin wrote that our Moon came from elsewhere. Sitchin thought that King Anu and his people inhabited the planetoid called Niburu, a small planet formed when a star exploded in the Sirius constellation.

“This is probably the reason why researchers like David Icke say that the Moon is inhabited by Reptilian beings,” Penre contended. I agree with him.

“[Many people] believe that we were interrupted in our Apollo missions because whoever it is that is claiming ownership of the Moon didn’t want us there,” Icke stated.

A revision is needed here: In references given at the very end of this essay, I provide links to the reports made by reliable sources in early 2022 that substantiate how, during the ongoing war with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Draco/Reptilian forces have finally lost domination of the Moon and many other outposts, like Mars, which they’ve ‘owned’ for quite some time in this solar system. The sinister forces were driven out. 

Most of the alien races which have interfered with human evolution one way or other and still want to control and manipulate our behavior are inter-dimensional. This means they can appear and disappear at will, due to our inability to see beyond the 3rd  dimensional plane, into the astral realm described earlier.  They operate from the 5th dimension of existence or higher or, in the case of sinister beings, they still retain a dark agenda from those levels.

Because most of us lack the full DNA helix, we can’t even see what’s going on in this next dimension of existence, the astral plane. Some races know how to transit to and from this dimension, “…the same as souls also come and go there when they are using their ‘avatars’ to appear differently,” Penre asserts. “For example, if a soul/avatar is visiting Earth, it can take on the form of a human to blend in, and you and I wouldn’t be able to see the difference. Then, in a moment, the same alien soul can let its avatar shape shift into another form, let’s say a reptilian.”

This subject is so confounding to people, it is widely ridiculed as an absolutely absurd fantasy—until examples from credible people come up from individuals such as those just presented.

“Almost all ancient cultures on Earth had extensive records of contact and interaction with human-looking ‘gods’ who had [demonstrated invincible] super-human abilities and technology [to the Sumerian population]” acclaimed author David Wilcock stated in 2014.                                               

Reptilians in particular have created the matrix prison planet system on this Earth to maintain the manipulation of religions and inhabit the lower astral realms, feeding on life sources such as souls, and recycled souls. The Global Elite have us “trapped” in an electronic net that the Anunnaki engineered as ‘life’ in an ever-repeating film.

 Until very recently, they had also run the human abduction scheme with the direct assistance of another species generally referred to as the Grays, or as they are called in the greater universe, the ‘Nebu’, who are a frail but mentally powerful species which came into the picture locally after taking up company with the Draconian reptilians.  

Below are paintings found in an Australian cave made by an aboriginal tribe in the outback. They associated the painted figures with the creation of the world and called them the Wandjina—also known as Sky Beings.

To us, they are the Grays.

Wes Penre has written: “Anunnaki still work together with the Draco today, and it also looks like they are still using factions of the species known as the Grays as their servants [and soldiers] as well…” As we shall read at the end of the essay, this activity may have been forcibly shut down.

The types of short Grays that have interfered with us on Earth, performing all sorts of attention-grabbing aerial shows or reported by most people taken aboard spacecraft during abductions, have been sighted the most are “…a race of biologic robots, created long ago by some superior civilization that they outlived,” contends Mr. Penre. “A number of different types of beings have been thrown under the ‘Gray’ umbrella…but these are the programmed life forms that the US military uses when they abduct people.”

These abductions have come to be known as MILABs [Military Abductions]. Longtime Pentagon interactions with the Anunnaki/Draco/Grays are one of a long list of reasons why the US government refuses to release any formidable information on what they know on these subjects. U.S. military personnel, or humans posing as such, have been spotted standing by aboard Gray aerospace craft [flying saucers] by abductees while medical procedures were taking place.

Abductions are also performed by corrupt military. My friend, a very talented young woman who works creatively on major film and television productions in set design, was a victim of MILAB operations several times—a multiple abductee. After being taken in one instance, she managed an escape after Reptilian looking beings captured her. In the struggle, their convincing disguises fell apart and revealed that they were humans in military gear. “They were German Nazis,” she told me, “They were just looking for money.” She broke free and escaped.  

The image above is alleged to have been recorded of a captured Gray being, perhaps deceased. There are many such pictures. Only some stand to be validated as real photographs.

“The programmable Gray beings have been widely used by a number of different [ET, military and/or government] groups,” said another observer of this odd field of research. “It would make sense that actual living members of a controlling group would not want to risk self-endangerment in visiting a foreign planet when they could simply send their Gray drones to do menial tasks such as pickups and drop-offs of people and supplies. The small Grays that are about three to four feet in height… those are very robotic, very programmable, and those are controlled a lot of times by the Reptilians.”

There are different breeds of Grays. There are some from the Zeta Reticuli I and II star systems, referred to otherwise as Zeta Reticuli A and B. “The ‘Zeta Reticuli Gray’ are the Grays that got a bad rep,” Wes Penre argues, “whereas the version of Grays that earned the wicked reputation are very similar looking and are known as the Bellatrax Grays, named for a planet that orbits the Bellatrax star in the Orion star system.” These are robots or evil ones.

“Today, here on Earth, we have a quite misleading stereotype vision of who the Grays are, and, because one faction is performing the abductions, the Bellatrax Grays, we assume they are all quite negative in nature,” Penre states. “This is a common error we make. We have a tendency to categorize alien species to fit into one box or the other—bad aliens and good aliens. I’ve pointed this out before, but will do it again because of its importance: We need to stop categorizing ET races in the above manner; it is very misleading. It is true that we humans have had some very disturbing experiences with the Grays, but this is only from certain groups of them—not all of them are like that. This goes for other races as well—no race is purely evil or purely good—there are all shades of gray in between (no pun intended)”.

The Bellatrax Grays, however, are probably the most widely known types of ETs because they are the ones doing the abductions in their flashy, light-show models—the more exotic-looking spacecraft.

Author Whitley Strieber has consistently not taken sides on the good Gray, bad Gray issue when the subject comes up, despite having had a number of personal incidents where Grays took part in his own disturbing abduction experiences, with his describing each of them in detail within one or another of his sensational line of books, starting with Communion in 1988.  

I spoke with X-Files writer/producer Frank Spotnick at a writer’s conference at Universal Studios and he let me know that a number of episodes, however, were based on true FBI investigation files which were secret, a fact that he told me didn’t sit well with the agency the TV series was based on. The FBI went so far as to question Carter on where they got the information about the real FBI investigations that those X-Files episodes explored. “We’ve have our sources,” Carter confided, while refusing to tell them who their sources were.

With that said, with any and all fairness owed to the success many of us have had in conspiracy hunting, let’s continue unpacking as much as we can of the whole, exhausting story into this one reading here:

“The Zeta Reticulians and Bellatrax are not the only types of Grays out there. In fact, several sources point out that the Gray sauroid/reptilian type is not uncommon at all in the universe, even in other galaxies…” said Penre. “So, even if many of the Grays we have learned about here on Earth may act and look different from each other, many of them may have the same origins. Some are not ‘robotic’ at all.”

Grays are capable of limited telepathic communication–mostly for reassuring their victims that “Everything will be fine“. They are reported to be able to put humans into a trance by staring at them and can perform low level commands on humans. The Draco and certain reptilian factions, on the other hand, have developed enormously strong telepathic abilities that they have been known to use as mental weapons when interrogating humans and can use this facility to kill.

“One thing most researchers, including myself, are quite certain about,” Penre states, “is that the Grays can no longer mass produce and they even lack sex organs, and instead use cloning to expand the number of individuals. Some of them, probably, also lack souls. In other words, they are onto-cybernetic.” These are the robotic types which have no soul.

One other investigator points out an apparently limited robotic nature that these have that may require constant repairs: “They are stuck forever in an enforced universe of parts. Their immortality has to be an artificial, mechanically produced one. I believe they are parasitizing us and other suitable species universe-wide, and the short Grays and their greatly advanced spacecraft were created as a means to this end.”

Acclaimed British author Timothy Good and other respected, reliable sources assert that there are underground bases all over the Earth containing these craft and occupants who are caught here. [Towards the end of these reference sections, more will be told about the 160 or so underground civilizations and bases that have been built, most of them by the Pentagon]

“They have been seen behind the Moon or near Mars,” Mr. Good states. “I believe that these craft are actual physical mechanisms for conveyance in our space/time created for the short utilitarian Grays who actually pilot them.”

The next quote comes from an American woman whose father had worked for years as a brilliant light-speed propulsion plant engineer on top secret aerospace projects that Lockheed/Martin and the rest of the military-industrial-complex has performed. Lockheed is where the first American light speed spacecraft was, and are likely still, manufactured. He told her:    

“The Grays are created as if they were androids made by people. They’re robots. They are programmed, although they have a powerful computer-like mind that has biological aspects,” he said, “and they can control the crafts that they’re in, but there are times they’re not very good at it.”

“So the tragedy lies in the damage the Grays do to humans in trying to reach what they can’t reach,” Penre elaborates, “converting us, via abduction and genetic manipulation, to be more like them, making us, in other words, more like machines.”

Hearing all this, some who read this will conclude that the storyline is filled with fanciful ideas—fake hokum—and yet when you combine the number of global abduction reports—a figure which presently might reach up to a hundred thousand cases or higher, as just my own wild guess—there’s no denying the evidence that this Anunnaki/Draco alliance, who are working with their Gray quasi-robots on most of these abductions, are after something that resides in human physiology—or beyond, perhaps something in our DNA originating code.

I should be thankful for Wes Penre’s science-based opinion about the more harmless curiosities that these conquerors exhibit, yet this aspect of the wider perspective on the basic motives of these ETs only supports opinions on the lesser ruthless side of their relations with us.

On the other side of this strange involvement is their overriding plan to rule over us, an intention more openly demonstrated in what’s called the alien-human hybrid program.

Simply put, this is a human/alien cross-breeding exercise run by specialists capable at the same level as the medical breeding experts in DNA stability spoken of earlier, but whose intent is ultimately quite deadly.   

Everyone has a right to their own take on this issue, and, even though the following subject has been ridiculed as a ridiculous idea during the past 70 years, these Earthbound breeding experiments are said to have been going on intensely during post-WWII times—and probably much longer during the billions of years it took them to attain such medical DNA proficiency. Particularly now in the age of Covid19 hysteria. There are many poisons in these ‘safe’ inoculations. 

There is plenty of current testimony from women all over the world who are claiming to have been made temporarily pregnant during abductions and other women who’ve claimed to have nurtured hybrid-alien-humans closer to their time of birth before losing them.  

These hybrids are taken back in follow-up abductions. It has been said that their lives have been ‘managed’. They have merged into modern affairs and are doing the bidding of the sects of ETs reported about here. The single-minded intent of this evil alliance is to one day unite as a single ‘New World Order’ force that intends to diminish every last avenue of freedom left to humanity as they carry out a sinister formula to rule as a single major global force, using alien hybrid/humans that were born of mothers who were implanted with alien DNA during the adduction phase of this cunning venture.

There is evidence that such hybrids have already been placed in positions of political power all over the free world in recent times. Using this same strategy, they ultimately intend to become the rulers of this universe, a galactic force to be reckoned with as they gain enough military strength to seek the Anunnaki plan for revenge on the Queen. Aspects of their determination to pursue this operation [as part of In.lil’s revenge] will be charted out throughout the rest of this essay and other reference sections found later in the essay.   

One ‘surrogate mother’ who has become highly respected as a very smart-minded survivor of this abduction/hybrid child phenomena is Geraldine Orozco, a ‘contactee’ who followed up on her experiences by performing extensive research about the different breeds of hybrid embryos and 24 children she brought to life when young in Bolivia and again in later incidents after moving to the U.S. later in her life. Ms. Orozco is pictured below while under hypnosis.

Once settled in the U.S. she pursued hypnotic regression to discover why she had experienced so many pregnancies and miscarriages when she was younger. During 10 sessions with a licensed hypno-therapist, she gained many clues as to why she had been ‘chosen’ as a carrier and began to perform a very serious investigation into how extraterrestrial influenced bloodlines spread out over the world in the past.

The elongated skulls shown in this image belonged to a highly intellectual breed of ‘godlike’ rulers of many ancient world cultures. She was also shown the three main bloodlines that have seeded life here. For the most part, these groups line up with the same races featured previously in this essay—except for the Grays, whose robotic role has mostly confined them to abductions or tasks no better than pranks, flying around, dazzling people as airborne tricksters. The insect-like Mantid, a race that operates on Earth, too, has not been detailed in this essay, but they are very active here also.

The first race she presents are described as the ‘Builders of the Matrix’, the reptilian species that she was told have resided in the center of the planet for a great span of time in this, the most recent era of seeding on Earth. They have a ‘red DNA’ and are of the reptilian Draco heritage already described. “They supposedly manage all of the resources of a planet. They have built and maintain all of the realities we live in. It’s a very complex kind of science that these beings possess,” she contends. According to Ms. Orozco, their other principal task is to continue to ‘monopolize government activity’.

The second lineage presented to her was the Pleiadian bloodline. The Pleiadian lines worked at times in history in combination with the first Draco line and are the ones who are primarily in charge of the hybridization program, providing key information that has been very carefully protected throughout history. “Finding these ET lineages is not something our science does not quite have the ability to read yet,” Ms. Orozco insists—indicating that they know a lot about it.

The third group comes from the Alpha Centauri star system but they are not as great in influence on Earth. Geraldine asked “Why were there genetically modified humans or species or combination of multiple species being produced utilizing my genetic material?” To provide a full range of facts to back these concepts up, she’s made a series of very profound scientific presentations in the past few years.

In Ms. Orozco’s public and private consultations about hybridization, she breaks down when these DNA alterations began historically, why our DNA is so incredibly valuable, why women all over the world are being used in this alien hybrid program and much, much more about what is going on in our reality that involves DNA modification as far back as the early migration of mankind up to now:

The question of our common heritage comes up: Are we all related?

What is passed down through generational DNA is an important feature of DNA heritage. This is a common theme in human propagation, but is even more so a key consideration when mating with ETs. 

“The human soul goes through a process of incarnating on this planet—we are made of pure consciousness, and, in order to come down into this 3-D timeline, we have to go through a fragmentation process and we end up being more of a projection of that consciousness. What we refer to as our ‘higher self’, which is the accumulation of information before it comes into the lower state of consciousness, that information is then transmitted into your Chakra system, which  is a very beautifully organized system.” It is related to the electromagnetic mechanisms functioning in all human bodies. As stated earlier in this essay she emphasizes that, “…we are fundamentally electromagnetic beings, rather than chemical beings.”

Above: The 7 Chakra points. Due to DNA manipulations discussed, we only use our bottom 2 Chakras

extraterrestrial past woven into our current experience of life as a human.

So far, this essay has gathered stories about the preceding three or more epochs of global seeding, most of which ended in tragedy—a near total destruction of the ‘Living Library’.

Many deserts in the world actually demonstrate the transformative damage done by nuclear weapons. Deposits of melted glass found in desert areas indicate intense heat from nuclear reactions. If true, we are now in the fourth—or even fifth—version of an attempt to promote a protected, splendid evolution of life on our planet, a sanctuary in this vast universe which one good-hearted extraterrestrial race has allegedly called the ‘Blue Pearl’.

Among the jobs the Grays have performed the most duty on are the abductions such as Ms. Orozco was involved in to produce some 24 embryos. The Anunnaki/Draco have needed to ‘seed’ abducted women with ET DNA to create a younger-aged army of “hybrid humans” to move ahead with their plans for a final turnover of power on our ancestral home.

It is probable that a good many of these men and women hybrids grew up with special schooling, many of them having become associated with established secret societies, where they were seamlessly integrated into positions of importance. Many have been trained and are very experienced as intelligence agents to perform covert duty in the fields of government, military, business and other fields that benefit these major Anunnaki/Draco/Reptilian operations.

“They call the shots. They use the world’s well paid-off media,” Mr. Penre insists. “All they have to do is tell people they are being attacked—or are about to be—and most people will go along with that and do their bidding without second thoughts or asking the questions about what should be investigated.”  

Notably, here is another quote from Dune author Frank Herbert: “Fear is the mind killer. Courage is the way to triumph over it.”

“Such hybrids have been created in secret military bases, primarily under Area 51, [in the deeper levels of Nellis AFB in Nevada,] and at a lot of others,” claims geopolitical analyst Nigel Kener. “So this is one way for physical beings from other star systems to visit us. The beings who navigate the craft are not always native to the planet from where the craft comes, but are enhanced hybridizations of the original star race…Some of the human hybrids that are raised in this program are, without a doubt, being taken to other planets as slaves.”

“If you become totally fixed on your mission to control a group of people,” Mr. Kener concludes, “if it’s called for, you learn how to dispense with any number of human lives without a second thought.” And from Mr. Penre: “Any show of respect for God and human souls is not part of their strategy.”

Presently, it appears that there is a treacherous, Nazi-oriented leadership now well-established as a Fourth Reich and growing quickly in its influence on world affairs. It is greatly funded by elite sources who are determined to achieve the technological wonderland they aspire to create, a group of wealthy elites who have formed a ‘one-world society’ run by a relatively small-sized workforce of slaves completely managed by an Artificial Intelligence: a technocracy.

Wes Penre concludes: “Most reptilian races favor a being who is motivated by greed, money and power as they can be manipulated by controllers who exist [with] half or more Annunaki in their DNA, who sympathize with their agenda and maintain the belief systems on Earth that promote race superiority, genetic discrimination, and social and financial hierarchy as defined by class or a rank assigned.”

To understand how we got here, let’s go slipping back in time to WWII events and briefly list the manipulations in the background that brought us to the circumstances we face today. As confirmed by reputable Apollo era engineer William Tomkins in 2016, during WWII the Germans were assisted with their secret UFO technology by Reptilian consultants. Anti-gravity and propulsion systems were given to the 3rd Reich under extremely secret operations.

The following selections of already compiled historical notes are taken from my upcoming book Lightning On The Moon:

KGB files on this topic were opened to the Russian public after the Soviet Communists gave up power in 1991 and the Russian Federation was formed. In the post-Soviet democracy, a 2006 Russian television documentary The Third Reich: Operation UFO traced both WWII and postwar Antarctic developments. The documentary traced heightened interest in Antarctica by the Third Reich in many well-funded expeditions to the ice covered continent early on in the Hitler’s regime, trips all over the world that began in the late 1930s. Beginning narration in the documentary details the possible Nazi motives for the South Pole expeditions: “It’s possible they learned something very interesting about Antarctica. They made a study of this continent one of the main Nazi leadership goals.” In the picture above, US Naval Intelligence learned aliens were working with the Nazis to develop advanced spacecraft before the war got underway.

German interest was satisfied when this Nazi contingent and their Anunnaki /Draco/Gray companions were introduced to industrial facilities deep under the ice, engineering shops abandoned by a long departed civilization, perhaps the Anunnaki themselves long ago. By 1941, large squadrons of the technically advanced German engineers the Anunnaki and Draco had trained went to work on outfitting the industrial shops with new equipment so that they could continue to develop huge, weaponized Nazi anti-gravity spacecraft:

Meanwhile, the war ended in Europe and the Allies began to look over the spoils of war the Nazis left behind and took note of all the evidence of work being done on highly advanced, exotic spacecraft that Naval Intelligence was fully aware of from spy work.

JFK and James Forrestal were both highly respected officers in US Naval Intelligence who maintained their previously established US Navy friendship after WWII.

“It’s clear that American intelligence obtained information concerning the fact that part of the Nazi legacy, its potential, in terms of researchers and scientists, had evacuated Germany and, naturally, the Antarctic polar zone became the center of their attention,” reports veteran UFO investigator U.S. Air Force Colonel Wendelle Stevens. U.S. Naval Intelligence was aware of how wealthy Nazis gotaway from Europe. Forrestal’s War Department had that information at that time, stated Stevens in his book Nazi Flying Discs:

“We had classified information that some of these research enterprises were transported to Antarctica, to the place called New Swabia. Another went to the Amazon and a third to the north coast of Norway. They were evacuated to secret underground facilities.”

At the end of 1946, world-respected polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd, then retired from the U.S. Navy with the highest of honors, was recruited by head of the U.S. Department of Defense James Forrestal for a rapidly organized special mission to Antarctica which the Navy named Operation Highjump, or Task Force 68.

Byrd took several thousand pictures. Among these pictures were intriguing sights. One picture revealed the highly defined edges of a pyramid, as circled.

Another image captured by Admiral Byrd’s cameras, pictured on the right, features a blazing light piercing through the ice…

What’s going on under the bright light?

The Third Reich: Operation UFO Russian documentary continues the Highjump story:

“But things went wrong. The mission was aborted just one month after they arrived following a mysterious conflict. The resistance met by the American squadron even now raises many questions.”

Dmitri Filiponeth, a Phd in History and a Captain, 1st Rank in the Russian Federation Army, comments on Highjump’s sudden pull back:

“Suddenly, the inexplicable occurs. The expedition, designed to last six months, is quickly aborted after two months, leaving the Antarctic coast deserted. It was an actual retreat. A real fast retreat.”

Homebound, Byrd and crewmembers stopped at a port in Chile where reporter Lee Atta interviewed them. Byrd admitted that Task Force 68, Operation Highjump, had “engaged fighter jets with incredible capacities.” Crew members testified to Abbas about ‘heavy casualties’. Rather than deny the casualty reports, the famous admiral revealed only that Task Force 68 had encountered a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.”

One witness to what actually happened came from a report by John P. Szehwach, a radioman stationed on the USS Brownson, who gave testimony on how saucer-shaped UFOs appeared “dramatically” out of the ocean depths.

By several accounts, these saucers sliced the U.S. Navy destroyer in half, sinking it:

In other accounts, the devastation was much worse than even these accounts claimed. In mid 2022, I have read another report which stated that almost all the aircraft were taken out and that many more vessels than just the destroyer already mentioned were also quickly sunk by a team of eight or more black flying saucers equipped with ‘death rays’.

The research of Dr. Michael Salla, of exopolitics.org, remarked that: “Indeed, Byrd did not ever speak again to the American Press about Operation Highjump, leaving it for researchers to speculate for decades over what really happened, and why Byrd was silenced.”

One must wonder if, during the time after Admiral Byrd’s return, the Nazi/Alien coalition used back channels to contact President Truman and General Eisenhower to demand that an agreement stating that the Nazis won the war be signed. Truman didn’t want Germans coming into America after WWII but existing fixtures of government in Washington, probably in the State Department, brought them in anyway. Some 50,000 Germans, many of them former Nazi military, eventually immigrated to the US.  

Both Truman and Eisenhower strictly objected to signing what amounted to an admission of Allied defeat to the Anunnaki/Draco-linked Nazis which they knew were based in South America and under Antarctica. Eisenhower and his military advisors knew they were working on ‘saucer-based’ technology. Around that same time, in the mid-1940s, saucer sightings were becoming common. The crash of one of these in 1947 started making the ET issue public after a spacecraft plummeted from the sky onto a ranch 50 miles from Roswell, New Mexico.

Members of Eisenhower’s military advisors didn’t want to reveal what was going on. They were about to begin close work with the Nazis who had pioneered rocketry in Germany who had come over to the United States to provide a technical base for an American military rocket industry with the guidance, at first, of the US Army.

Truman’s military advisors advanced legislation designed to control outside interference into their alliance with the Anunnaki/Draco/Gray extraterrestrial forces that came over to America with the Nazi rocket scientist group. After Stalin demanded half of the captured Nazi engineering group be sent to work with the Russians, the others were sent to military quarters in Alabama with leader Werner von Braun to initiate a semi-public military authorized American rocket program. At the same time, the other, extraterrestrial-linked faction of this German group were separated and given quarters at a remote Air Force base in the desert of Nevada where, with great help from the Anunnaki/Draco/Grays, they swiftly began to dig out a vast underground facility for the highly secret engineering that has today become known as Area 51, a multi-level engineering and manufacturing site. To protect both of these aerospace development operations, Pentagon advisors crafted the National Security Act of 1947 that Truman’s Presidency empowered to make sure that the truth would never see the light of day.

This act enabled a very small group to be able to control the technology of geo-engineering space and, today, it is completely run by the American managed, multi-nation secret space program. It is ‘multi-nationed’ because the Americans made secret deals with nearly all 120 world nations to participate in development of off-world technical relations with the extraterrestrials that the US had made a deal with. They had to keep completely quiet themselves, which, for the very most part, those nations have.

Careful research of documents has verified that a rouge group of officers and a few civilians exercised arrogant control of internal American extraterrestrial research affairs. They were code named the Majestic 12, but over time that’s been shortened to ‘MAJ-12’ or MJ-12. As members left or died, they were replaced after recommendations from within. One of the later day replacements, in the 1970s, is said to have been Carl Sagan.

At the same time, after saucers began crashing in many locations, Pentagon chiefs moved to clamp down even further on any evidence of extraterrestrial contact, especially sightings and including retrieval efforts of their own spacecraft—and others.

In his 2020 book, Exploring The Close Encounters of President Eisenhower, author Paul Smith has extensively researched historical records, whistleblower testimony, and documentary evidence that President Dwight D. Eisenhower had multiple official encounters with extraterrestrials. These encounters may have begun as early as 1948/1949 when he was working with the Truman administration, according to Smith’s analysis of a leaked 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency document.

During a good number of years, both President Truman and semi-retired General Eisenhower resisted the demands of the South American and Antarctica Nazis, who had remained working with the Anunnaki/Draco/Gray alliance, to officially submit to defeat.

These Nazis knew that the Allies were aware of their flying saucer developments and the threat of nuclear engagement and were trying to force Truman and Eisenhower to capitulate.   

Both of the American leaders continued to refuse agreeing to any of their terms—until the latest Nazi spacecraft began flying ‘sorties’ with their new, weapons equipped aerospace vehicles directly over Washington D.C. from July 12th through July 29th, 1952.

Paul Smith presents impressively researched evidence that, during Eisenhower’s Presidency, he met with extraterrestrial delegations on at least three occasions at Edwards Air Force Base (Feb 1954); Kirtland AFB (July 1954), and Holloman AFB (Feb 1955), which culminated in secret agreements signed in 1954—but Eisenhower never signed. According to Mr. Smith, who was interviewed by diplomatic authority Dr. Micheal Salla in March, 2022, the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned about later during his parting speech to the public went behind the President’s back and signed a deal with the Nazi aligned extraterrestrials.

Dr. Salla described the disclosure of references to hidden military activities described in a 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency document: “…supporting the authenticity of the DIA document, its contents contain a wealth of information on topics such as the 1948 Aztec UFO crash; diplomatic relations between the Eisenhower administration and alien life and the fact that human looking extraterrestrials are friendly and have been secretly living among humanity for decades.”

Mr. Smith’s work also indicates that the Nazi/Anunnaki/Reptillians, hereafter referred to as the ‘dark forces’, allowed the passing on of advanced technology. The dark forces started bygiving the U.S. military a very simple model of anti-gravity spacecraft, but they took out the propulsion engine in the deal. In exchange, they began to abduct many Americans as part of the permission the U.S. military gave them to kidnap people for experimentation. Eisenhower already had developed other relations with a positive extraterrestrial group which helped him in a number of different ways to set up a long term agenda that would counter MJ-12s operations, however, the negative side really took advantage of the treaty and the good side was overwealmed in the end.       

“Above the President of The United States, MAJ12 had made a secret law that superseded the Presidency in 1947: The entire subject and knowledge of UFO’s and their occupants was to remain the highest guarded secret only above atomic weapons.“

James Forrestal believed that the public should know about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and their superior technological capabilities.  He was very willing to go public with this information.  To muzzle him, Pentagon officials declared him insane and forced him into closely guarded conditions at the Bethesda military hospital. Suddenly afterwards, his suicide was reported. The public record states that his body was found wrapped tightly in a bed sheet. How does one tie himself up in a bed sheet and jump out a window on his own?  Did he really commit suicide … or was he murdered to keep him silent? Have there been other supposed suicides that were actually murders to ensure those individuals remained silent as well?

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
                                                                                                         Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

John F. Kennedy considered James Forrestal a very close friend and noble Naval Intelligence officer often. He made a public point of visiting Forrestal’s burial place.

When Eisenhower became President, he and Kennedy had a relationship of mutual respect and, no doubt about it, both were very aware that treasonous conditions had developed around the Pentagon’s ironclad secrecy about what was going on in the nation’s top secret science and military centers, most notably Area 51 at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

Due to WWII US Naval Intelligence infiltration of Nazi anti-gravity manufacturing facilities that was disclosed earlier in this essay, both Kennedy and Eisenhower surely knew the Nazi scientists and the Anannaki/Draco/Gray had formed an evil alliance within the American military apparatus, the Pentagon, other branches of the US Government and major American financial interests. All of this was being guided by the emerging 4th Reich now headquartered in South America and under Antarctica. 

Just a glimpse of the betrayals that took place during this period of American presidential history is told of by President Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, who has somberly studied and publically explained what her great grandfather was up against.

Opportunist American businessmen and government leaders with a dark agenda “were able to make decisions on behalf of the human race that the President did not have authority over,” states Paul Smith in his book on Eisenhower’s horrifying ordeal.

“[Because of them], the Nazis were successful in taking over the military industrial complex and much of the government of the United States and Europe…The crushing reality that Eisenhower was up against troubled him greatly…His advisors and those he thought were on his side and the side of humanity were connected to the very system of dark control he tried to defeat in WWII…leading us down a road that would eventually seek to strip us of our freedoms and capacity to reach our human potential.”

When the full realization of all this hit, Dwight Eisenhower became furious with what had happened. Before long, he suffered a heart attack. Further heart troubles followed. Behind the curtains of the Cold War, WWII never ended.    

One most unfortunate example of this policy is Nazi General turned CIA spy Reinhold Gehlen, pictured on left. After his arrest as Hitler’s chief spy, to escape death after Nuremberg, Gehlen offered his captors use of his network of Nazi spies throughout Eastern Europe. He completely set up the CIA and became their most valued ‘asset’.  His Gestapo colleagues practiced attacking people on a spiritual and mental level and that’s what he did.

Some 50,000 Nazis from war-torn Germany being granted asylum in America in the 1950s, Gehlen took the lead at the CIA in the late 1940s. There is little doubt that he and other key Nazis placed within the institutions of the US government initiated a Cold War plan to overrun the power structure of Washington like an invasive species. They began a deeply regrettable mission to slowly form a 4th Reich. Gehlen was peculiarly deceptive in designating enemies that in reality didn’t threaten the US. He deliberately issued false CIA overestimates of the power and reach of the Soviet Union by supplying falsely exaggerated figures of Russian nuclear weapon buildup. The Pentagon reacted with increases in its output of nuclear weapon manufacturing. This deception was but the first that put the CIA on the trail as antagonist in world affairs ever since, with the Nazi/evil ET alliance benefiting, while remaining hidden in background of American warlord policies that the CIA has been involved in, with over 70 deadly military incursions, many of them leading to regime changes run by the US, in foreign countries attributable to CIA activities since it was formed in 1947. “The CIA is not a good institution; they are not helping humanity”, one long-time US government operative has said.

There is an historic trail of evidence that Kennedy and Russia’s Khrushchev exchanged thoughts about a mutual concern they shared about the ‘UFO problem’ which were harassing military radar units on both sides and could potentially lead to a mistaken nuclear alert that could trigger a real nuclear missile launch. After the fall of the Soviet Union, records of extraterrestrial interference included sightings, abductions, crashes and landings that were equally alarming to the Soviet military.  

By the time President Kennedy announced the Moon race with Russia, Nazi dominance of the American scientific rocketry staff was evident at NASA where 1,500 Nazi rocket scientists led by Werner von Braun had gone to work building rockets they had envisioned during WWII.  Werner von Braun is pictured on the right below.

Kurt Debus was not a rocket scientist. Debus became the Apollo Flight Administrator even though he was hardly qualified as a rocket scientist, his scientific training having been in plasma physics, a far more exotic field of study within what was the emerging science of quantum physics. He was a brilliant plasma physicist, and it might be suspected that he exercised much more of that part of his talent in the underground operations at Area 51 where the Anunnaki/Draco/Grays had excavated a massive system of facilities some 8 or more levels deep, spread out widely beneath the desert above. The rumored existence of this highly sophisticated industrial complex was confirmed in 2018 when aerospace engineer David Adair, seen below, gave testimony on his work there.   

Throughout his very accomplished engineering life, David Adair has contributed a number of highly significant inventions in advanced aerospace propulsion physics which earned him a long career in the highest levels of spacecraft construction. He started out firing good-sized rockets he’d built on his family farm in rural Ohio during his teens. In a chance meeting between Air Force General Curtis LeMay and his mother in the late 1960s, LeMay took interest in a paper Adair had written which theorizes a fusion based propulsion unit for deep space travel.                 

Much impressed, LeMay provided David with the use of the facilities at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee where he and a small team of engineers finished building a working model of the world’s first electromagnetic fusion containment vehicle for space travel in 1971.                                                                                         

Air Force officials invited him to launch it at White Sands Missile Range at the high security Los Alamos, New Mexico Laboratories.                             

A flawless test flight of David’s small rocket to Area 51 was followed up as the arrogant Nazis led by Rudolph took Adair on a tour of the vast underground facilities. “We went down, must have been a quarter mile [down to] this corridor that went out as far as the eye could see…and, along the way, more than a half mile, you’re just seeing offices, offices and hanger doors. There must have been even thousands of them.”

They came to gymnasium-sized, darkened hangar where an enormous spacecraft was displayed up on a platform where he saw a 75 foot long fusion spacecraft that was light years beyond anything on Earth and so sophisticated it responded to Adair’s thoughts and emotions when he made contact with it.    

Mr. Adair has provided a good many other glimpses into secret technology work that had potential to develop superior weaponry capabilities but have not, if improvements are measured by the serious shortcomings of newly developed recent technology.    

Another credible disclosure about Anunnaki presence in current times comes from Clark McClelland, a bright, highly trained American aerospace engineer whose dedicated professional career began in his work for Navy Intelligence. He transferred to NASA just after President Eisenhower signed NASA into existence with the Space Act of 1958.

Clark never hesitated to speak freely about his extraterrestrial beliefs. After all, at that time at NASA, what better place on Earth could you be to wonder about going to the stars to find out than Cape Kennedy? Some of his studies included knowledge of the Sumerian link to giant Anunnaki ‘gods’ worshipped in that ancient culture pointed out in this essay. Due to the ‘unorthodox’ convictions he held about the existence of other intelligent life in the universe, during many of his later years at Kennedy Space Center, Clark was kiddingly referred to as the ‘UFO guy’. Behind the kidding around that Clark had to endure about ‘little green men’, Clark’s opinion must have been important to the very brightest of NASA’s scientists if they took him along on site for special investigations such as the one noted below:

In one instance recalled in his book, McClelland was summoned by the Pentagon and NASA for an on-site inspection of a very unusual spacecraft that fell from the sky at night into a fresh water lake in Kecksberg, Pennsylvania. Its origins were never solved. 

In my opinion, Clark also spotted the Nazi who was a regular visitor at the Kennedy Space Center and whom McClelland believed was most active in visible US/Nazi relations. This man, Hans Kammler, designed and saw to the building of the Polish gas chambers. Although McClelland never came out and stated it in his book, I believe this Nazi named Kammler was acting as the front man for the South American and Antarctic Nazis—and very likely including Hitler—or at least his later-day, Fourth Reich commandants—including the newly formed CIA’s Rinehold Ghelen.

Clark wrote a book titled The Stargate Chronicles as his memoirs, a review of his life that not only recalled a career dedicated to his ever-competent support of America’s earliest ventures into space, but also his own investigations into realms of archeology and hidden scientific facts based on extraterrestrial influences on many past cultures on Earth, including China. As I read further into the online book, it was censored and I never completed reading all of it. Clark’s efforts to restore my link with the publishing firm several tomes never worked. They didn’t want me reading it.

In the book, he recalls a life-changing incident experienced one night working on duty alone at the Kennedy Space Center monitoring a live television feed from a camera that targeted the open bay of the Space Shuttle during a highly classified military space walk.

As Clark watched, the single astronaut who was performing a space walk to assure proper deployment of the secret unit, another astronaut unexpectedly appeared in the televised image, moving into the scene as if to direct or instruct the assigned astronaut.      

Amazed, Clark instantly reported the sight over the communications channel that linked him to mission control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. He told them the other astronaut was 8 feet tall, way taller than any astronaut on the Space Shuttle. He reported that the 8 foot man was showing the astronaut how to perform a certain task. In no time, Houston cut Clark’s microphone and television feeds off and harshly ordered him to go home.

When he came back the next morning, he was met by two security officers who took his keys and marched him back out, telling him he was never to return to Kennedy Space Center. After 32 years, they never so much as let him get his things out of his work locker. NASA ultimately stripped him of his entire pension and medical benefits.  

The evidence of alien interference in our past space programs is so stunning, it can’t be ignored…The chaos we see around us every day is not arbitrary chaos. It is organized chaos. 

Robert Dean

A prominent witness to modern day claims of Anunnaki/Draco/Gray involvement in human affairs is Robert O. Dean, pictured above, who retired honorably from the Army as a rugged Command Sergeant Major after becoming quite involved in photographic archive duties while serving in West Germany. In a series of interviews with Project Camelot, he expressed the outrage he still felt after getting an order he got from his superiors in the 1970’s to destroy a priceless treasure trove of high quality 35mm and larger format negatives and images recorded during NASA’s Moon missions, whether manned or by satellites. Among them were photos of many types of lunar anomalies, obviously structures and other oddities such as the one pictured above which may be grainy, but you sure get the idea.

He also claimed that, while he had official status in Army operations, he was told about direct ET interactions by many different races who regularly contacted US military. Some of these races were benevolent, good-hearted—others not. He stated that some of these ETs walk among us. Mr. Dean is most remembered for having made the statement that the, “Anunnaki are walking the halls of the Pentagon”.          

General Eisenhower was particularly disturbed by their ability to disappear because he believed that mode could be used to walk around anywhere and perform spying, as an “invisible man”.

Is there a command unit of Anunnaki/Draco fighters headquartered under Israeli sands? A reputable, well-respected but rebellious Israeli journalist Barry Chamish investigated claims that Anunnaki beings were running Israel from a large base built under the desert. Rumors have persisted that spacious underground facilities exist under Dimona, Israel. Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy interviewed Chamish, before he passed away in 2021, after he followed up on many reports coming in from reliable housewives in Israel who complained that, “their homes were being invaded by very tall male individuals who would enter without knocking, walk around like they owned the place, kicking their dogs…” He did not come to a conclusion except to note that the description of these beings was remarkably like the beings seen carved into the walls of temples in Egypt and Iran”. Those tall ‘gods’ very much resembled the Sumerian ‘god’ carvings.

In another related story, Ms. Cassidy focused on facts she learned from insiders who told of intimate contact with the Grays that American military officers had. “The American military persuaded the Grays, who had previously launched [their own] genetic engineering program in the United States beginning in the 1930s, to move their plundering/abduction of US citizens to create Gray-human hybrids, to move it down into Latin and South America. That program was hugely successful,” Ms Cassidy went on, “and many of their hybrid offspring have grown up south of the border. This is really what the [current US Southern] border issues are all about—as well as to keep Chinese from invading us from underground. A lack of compassion in these new hybrids will affect our world drastically in the future.” In 2022, 250,000 illegal aliens entered the southern border in a short period. Many hybrids are suspected among them.

Robert Bigelow was sole heir to the Bigelow Tea fortunes, yet he turned his attention to supernatural mysteries and space ventures in the 1980s forming an industry which eventually became Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BLASS). After he was awarded $12 million by the Pentagon, he was interviewed by CBS 60 Minutes about his interest in extraterrestrial activity on Earth. He was asked if he believed in ETs. “They’re running around all over the place,” he answered, “right under our noses.”

As the key evidence I’m presenting of the Anunnaki takeover comes to a close here, we can visualize how the real history of the Divine Feminine was turned into a tyrannical rule by the pro-masculine rulers within the Anunnaki, a totally patriarchal regime who pulled off a male-oriented turnaround that they instituted hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Several times, they landed on Earth and carried out a “regime change” important for them to be able to suppress the truth and insert their own false religion on mankind. “Truth be told,” Wes Penre has declared, “both men and women can equally use either masculine and/or feminine energies to enhance their spiritual and biological development.”

“Earth was colonized an incredible number of times throughout its history, by different alien races,” he continues, “and the final Earth-born homo sapiens sapiens are the product of a multiple cross-breeding. Violent wars have wrecked entire worlds in this solar system. On Earth, continents were sunk, lands washed from all life by floods and devastations in the past—with all surviving biodiversity, out of all that was thriving on this planet, reduced to just about four percent of the original abundance.”

Now, coming back up to current times, we can highlight other recent evidence of the major influences Anunnaki figurehead Marduk and this alliance have had as arrogant, vicious members of the now legendary Global Elite, the Globalist World Economic Forum, UN and World Health Organization powerbrokers.

If current reports about Marduk are true, as described in numerous stories that originate from the work of analysts who closely watch occult circle activity, Marduk maintains his presence here on Earth with or without the absence of his father En.ki. There are a number of accusers who believe that Marduk has been living comfortably in locations deep under Africa—perhaps beneath what is now called the Congo—where he continues to exert sinister influence over humanity with plans no one could call public-spirited. A ‘mountain’ of gold was found in the Congo in August of 2022, a site where the soil contains 40-60% gold ore. No doubt, this find will likely be used for evil purposes.

Wes Penre’s statements maintain the idea that the Pleiadians who’ve returned are here now to change the timeline which would lead to a future tyranny 350 years from now. They “…await the time when we humans will be able to reactivate our DNA and evolve. Then, we can escape from the oppressors…”

“That time is now.” 

Let me now recall that, shortly after the announced death of Nelson Mandela, a commemorative meeting in his honor was delayed until world leaders could all attend the occasion in South Africa. Although it remained a matter of speculation within the ranks of highly responsible investigators at that time in 2017, the belated eulogy for Mandela concealed another actual meeting by all the key rulers—with  Marduk. That get-together was the real reason for the ‘eulogy’.

One of those secret discussions was likely to promote the vaccinations that would cause billions of deaths and, as a second most important topic we have seen being developed, the transhumanist ambitions that global technocrats want, a totalitarian world of artificial intelligence [AI], electronically mind-controlled slaves that Frank Herbert’s main character, young Paul Atreides, warned of in the opening pages of Dune:

”Once, men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them. Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a man’s mind,” said Paul.  “What would their terrible purposes be?”

“The Lyrans/Pleiadians at one time also became part of the Atlantis drama,” claims Wes Penre. Here he is referring to the comparatively recent sinister involvement of the Anunnaki in the later stages of the destruction of Atlantis based on mind control of the population and then the use of technological weaponry that destroyed the land masses of that great civilization.”

“This is where the Lyran/Pleiadian karma comes from, and to free themselves from their Atlantis devolution, in which we humans, as a mass consciousness are part of as well, they need us to avoid repeating the same mistakes they made in the highly technological Atlantis, as this time now is repeating itself.”

“We are beginning to make the same mistakes the ‘gods’ were making 11,500 years ago! According to the Pleiadians (and it’s easy to see that they are correct), we are currently, here in the United States living in the ‘New’ Atlantis that has been planned for hundreds of years behind the scenes. Sir Francis Bacon was one of the planners. Both the Rosicrucian Order and Freemasonry are promoting a new Atlantean future for mankind, while other secret orders are doing the same, in their own ways. The Pleiadians, whom there is no reason to believe are deceiving us at all on this matter of DNA manipulation, tell an honest version of what happened under more recent Anunnaki rule.”

Those purposes are the biggest challenges our corporate culture has put in front of us, something planned for centuries, has always been the ‘End Times/Revelations’ plan to depopulate Earth. Recognizing that the total ancient population of Earth was relatively low in the older times when they were in control, now the population of Earth that this evil ET alliance think they ‘own’ is much larger and not as easy to control—so they started hatching a plan to kill as many of us as possible in plans that were announced around 70 years ago.

“It’s easier to kill a million people, than it is to control a million people,” Trilateral Commission/Global elitist Zbigniew Brezinski once declared.

Marduk and his cult have remained unchallenged since he assumed management of Earth from his father En.ki/Ea, but if the next story presented here is fact, perhaps he and the Dark Alliance will soon be meeting their match in the form of the relatively recent arrival of a large and highly capable military contingent of space-faring forces who have caught up with them here in our solar system, the Galactic Federation of Worlds I brought up early in this essay.

The Earth’s elites, the very most wealthy, have a contract with interstellar forces of tyranny—but we may choose to void that contract as humanity if we act to stop the destruction of humanity by the evil forces noted in this essay.

Let me now introduce French-born archeologist Elena Danaan, a highly creative woman who has become a leading proponent for the goal of liberating humanity from the clutches of ET tyranny so that true human freedom can be achieved.

Ms. Dannan has begun to earn a great deal of world respect as an emissary of the previously described off-world military organization referred to as the Galactic Federation of Worlds, a collective of interstellar races who are deeply concerned with the intense international conflict we are engaged in right now on Earth.

Ms. Danaan started out as a student of Fine Arts and Archaeology in Paris and then spent twenty years of her life as a privileged field archaeologist in Egypt at the temples of Karnak, Cairo, Dendera of the Kings and, later, in France with Neolithic, Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures. She now lives in Ireland along the coast of that nation.

The exclusive Egyptian Antiquities authorities regarded Ms. Danaan highly. With a university degree in Egyptian religion, she also had the honor of being trained there in traditional Egyptian Magic.

  Ms. Danaan at work at Luxor

In 2018, she published her first book, a novel about those experiences titled A Gift From The Stars Alien Races. In early 2022, she published a stunning follow-up book We Will Never Let You Down withsections of the writing featuring interviews with her rescuer Thor Han and his military friend Val Thor, the human extraterrestrial who befriended Dwight D. Eisenhower during the time the dark alliance of Anunnaki/Draco/Grays began to usurp the basic institutions of America. Here we begin a much edited compilation of tales from her last book.

Elena and Thor Han exchange regular telepathic and physical contacts, but this activity has been limited, as those reading this will understand, by Thor Han’s work as a Commander for the Federation in the current war with the dark forces.

“They are not here to save us,” Elena elaborates further, “they are here to help us save ourselves. We are lucky to have these powerful allies on our side. The Federation is a real, physical alliance of civilizations, not an ethereal spiritual organization of floating light beings.” They are a mix of many different species, yet both Thor Han and Val Thor are human, their heritage owed to the spread of humanity by the human-oriented ‘seeder’ and ‘terraforming’ efforts here and elsewhere in this part of the universe which were detailed in this essay earlier.

“They are people just like us,” Elena continues with this idea, “born somewhere else, sometimes looking slightly different one way or other, perhaps as humans who are using other advanced technologies. The last thing they want is that we put ourselves down as inferior beings.”

“This star system, and its Earth glowing with the light of our star, is crowded with more than sixty motherships belonging to these benevolent groups,” Thor Han added in another talk with Elena. “There are more than sixty outposts in this solar system, either as motherships or planetary facilities, part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and all are here to play a role in the liberation of Earth. It is a huge display of forces coming from the seven quadrants of this galaxy. All of these people, all of this weaponry and high technology, would have never been deployed just to save a tiny planet at the fringe of the Milky Way. We are on the front line.”

The opposition is cornered and their attempts to create local and international chaos are all intended to drive the world into fear and an eventual World War III.

Indeed, word of a substantial military presence standing by in our solar system came from a former Department of Defense scientist Norman Bergrun awhile ago. He had worked for many years as one of the aerospace engineers responsible for developing the faster-than-light vehicles Lockheed-Martin came up with as part of the enormous and hidden post-war space program of Department of Defense that has now cost around $21 trillion dollars in black budget expenditures. Some of this missing money has been spent elsewhere on secret projects, such as building and maintaining over 150 underground cities, a superfast rail system that connects them and undersea facilities. Major portions of the unaccounted for funds have produced some 200 spacecraft, some of which are interstellar in capabilities according to whistleblowers who have worked directly on the programs, investigators and research sources who have, over the past two decades, come to call this international operation a ‘secret space program’.

A long time senior scientist at Ames Research Center & Lockheed-Martin, Dr. Norman Bergrun retired in the early 1980s and, by 1986, he published a book titled The Ringmakers of Saturn. In it, he uses data and pictures captured by the Voyager capsules to explain why he believes large extraterrestrial vehicles are “proliferating” around Saturn.

Over the past few years, it has been fairly well ascertained that Elena Danaan is a genuine emissary of this Federation. What she states aligns scientifically with much of what is known in quantum physics and her knowledge of the negative practices of the enemies of humanity [and the civilized positive military forces from the planets which are united in determination to defeat their agendas] for lack of any other way to describe the unified force ready to step in. But they will not until we disavow the power the sinister government forces have created. And we will have to demand the truth in large numbers before any intervention will happen. So, truth is forbidden.

The next statements are again from Elena’s rescuer, Thor Han. Surprisingly, he discourages the policy of disclosing some very distressing tales of how the Anunnaki-allied terrorism has taken over or destroyed civilized planets elsewhere, a policy that they are well underway to exercising here.

“We are in a war on every front,” Thor Han reminded Elena. “They [the inhabitants of the entire planet] will be shown the truth in time, but not for now. The people of Earth don’t need to know right now about deep horrific acts, even if its part of the truth, because it will create tremendous distress, that will lead to greater chaos in the actual circumstances…your people are still not prepared for the terrifying idea that aggressive species are already in place here [on Earth].”

Thor Han speaks of the ‘White Hat’ units of the US military, a group primarily aligned with US Naval Intelligence and military squadrons elsewhere in the world who have been allied with the Federation to defeat the dark forces for many years now: “In the Alliance, the Earth military’s job is to cleanse the web of slave trafficking. Our job [in the Galactic Federation of Worlds] is to give them reinforcement when they don’t have it.”

“The [sinister aliens] have the technology to stand up and kill you with a simple thought. We are assisting you, fighting in the [underground] tunnels and in space. This is a very difficult job. A lot of us are dying, a lot of yours are dying, but a lot of the enemy is dying, too. We do not like to kill, but we do it when we have no other choice.”

“When will you show yourselves to Humanity?” Elena asks Thor Han urgently, “People need signs, people need hope! People need to believe!”

“You are carrying the heart of your people,” Thor Han answered. “You speak on their behalf…This [truth] will come in time, he replied very calmly. Humanity is not ready yet. The evidence you are asking for will come at the right time. [If they were to show them now] …it would compromise the operations we are actually running with the Galactic Federation.”

“They need evidence!” she urges him again. “They need evidence you are helping us! We need hope!”

“Now, more than ever,” Thor Han answered, “all people on Earth need to keep their [emotional] vibration as high as possible, to step out of the reach of the Deep State’s mind-control strategies, because that is what our enemies are desperately working at. Truth, with everything attached to it, will be revealed shortly after the outcome of this war. You know, sometimes it is not orders, oaths, threats or safety reasons that stop you from revealing a classified truth, but it is the very nature of the truth itself, when words cannot express what is truly going on in front of the unbearable and despicable truth…What is buried must sometimes remain buried, at least for awhile.”

Thor Han remained confident: “You can only take what you are able to take and, in some cases, it is better for you not to know.”

“Where are we headed now?” she asks.

He assures her: “Don’t worry. Your future is bright…Come on, the future is bright. Raise the hope in your heart because we will win this war, not only with weapons, but with unconditional love. Love from above imbues the weapons of the ground fighters and guides their actions. It is because you raise your heart in frequency that this war will be won. That is why it is so important to believe. The battlefield is not only under the ground and in the sky but more importantly in your heart.”

Thor Han brings up the Pesh-Menten intergalactic super-highway [which has already been fairly well detailed in Part One] where both acceptable and dark commerce vessels both travel, the route through the Milky Way galaxy described earlier in this essay where slave labor transits. “The [Anunnaki] have created already, throughout the galaxy, several armies hybridized from the population of many conquered worlds. They are doing the same on Earth, mainly…and these hybrids and many abducted humans from Earth are sold as a work force, to the best buyers. There is a vast trade between the Anunnaki, the Draco and the Dark Fleet and 900 other civilizations…Hybrids are more valuable than humans because when you cross-breed two different species—which, at the start, aren’t compatible—you force a soul into a container and you have total control over a soul which hasn’t come through the natural process of incarnation.”

Another resistance/geopolitical news source, Ben Fulford in Japan, recently provided the following horrific figure: “In the United States, according to the FBI, 40,000 children have been vanishing every year for decades. Most of these children were probably tortured to death to harvest adrenochrome, [ed: a valuable drug craved by the elite not only as a stimulant, but for purposes of life extension] multiple witnesses are now saying. When this comes out, as it now is, there will be nowhere either on or off this planet for these criminals to hide.”

“Plus,” Thor Han continued, “with use of hybrids to conquer civilizations, the dark forces have slowly created a world without using much violence and without the local population becoming aware that they are being invaded. It is a slow, sneaky agenda that doesn’t declare war on anyone, not even on the Federation.”

“They breed themselves in…So there is another reason why the hybrids are very valuable. Some have special mental powers and this is a glimpse into the future of all races, a grasp of the mechanisms of the evolution of consciousness. Normally, certain hybrids possess some psychic superpower.”

“There have been reliable reports of ET/human hybrids walking among us,” the editors at Veteran’s Today stated. “I have wondered if the current Globalist push for excessive unregulated immigration [across U.S. borders] is being used to provide cover for these hybrids, who seem to be very intelligent but have trouble managing colloquialisms and attaining good communication, even after lessons in learning to speak and write English.”

Elena reacts to Thor Han’s statements: “His voice, firm and strangely reassuring, his radiant certainty in the way he spoke, triggered in me a wave of emotion from somewhere else…It was as if it were not me anymore, suddenly, but billions of souls in despair and confusion. I was channeling the collective unconscious of Humanity.”

“We will never let you down,” Thor Han concluded.

“One of the primary reasons that this rescue attempt is being carried out is based on the potential for the near future imposition of an intolerable tyranny here on Earth,” he revealed, “a total lockdown of surface and underground activity that would occur 350 years from now if the Dark Forces are not defeated shortly.”

“Various means of detecting this need to act now involved methods of looking back in time from the future to find the roots of this problem,” Thor Han stated.

“The process of using time travel eventually led a team of future investigators to track back in time and conclude that a totalitarian regime was imposed in this galaxy 350 years from now from major political activity started in these times.”  

Their study revealed that the negative timeline started in this very time period, times that some religious groups and others are now referring to as the End Times, the Apocalypse, Revelations or, as a genocidal plan called ‘The Harvest’.

That there are Satanic forces in play right now is clearly evident. Given all the facts noted to that effect in this presentation, it is easy to see the sweeping changes that have rolled out against citizens in the strictest terms by intolerant governments worldwide over the past few years, are causing the most intelligent, good-hearted people almost everywhere on Earth to demand that human rights and liberty be restored.  

“Acts of true love are unconditional and don’t expect anything in return,” Thor Han stated with humility. “We’re fine with that, we’re doing what is right and that’s all. We’re not seeking recognition. There’s a greater purpose to that which involves the future of this galaxy. What has been foreseen must not come into realization.”

“How could he be always that calm,” Elena wondered to herself, “when the greatest war of all times, the final battle of humankind for their freedom, was raging.”

The threat of the foreseen potential tyranny 350 years from now is why the Galactic Federation of Worlds is successfully eliminating all possibility of a totalitarian galactic military evolving from problems created on Earth, Moon and Mars…” They are winning in a turnaround that really began during Eisenhower’s days in office.”

With that sense of resistance in mind, below on the page we have a picture of the Federation of Worlds diplomatic attaché Val Thor on the right below which was taken in 1943 during a briefing of scientists in an operations room aboard the USS Eldridge, the US Navy destroyer escort ship on the left below, just prior to the vessel’s involvement in what was to become ‘The Philadelphia Experiment“.

Val Thor is the remarkably talented physics consultant who attended the 1943 briefing that preceded the ship’s involvement in an ill-fated electronic trial that has become known as ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’. There are 2 other photos taken of Val Thor. Here is another one of them, taken by August C. Roberts at the New Jersey home of Howard Menger in 1959:

                                                 Photo courtesy of Dr. Micheal Salla www. exopolitics.net

“I came to Earth to help you not commit to an unfortunate fate,” he began at the start of his talk with Ms. Danaan, “[but] we cannot act in your place. We need your decision and your agreement. You have free will. We are not deciding for you…This is the law of all species in this galaxy, under the protection of the Federation. You will always have the choice of your destiny.”

After Val Thor’s stern warning about the possible outcome of the experiment to the assembled scientists about the potential disaster that could [and did] occur pursuing ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’, his next tour of statesmanship took place after WWII as he tried to stop the US government from siding with the Anunnaki/Draco/Gray alliance and his highly unusual talents came to the attention of Dwight Eisenhower. As we have already learned, WWII did not really come to a halt and General Eisenhower, not yet a President, was aware of the deception going on. Eisenhower befriended Val Thor and found him a position at the newly minted Pentagon headquarters. A book was later written about this series of events titled Stranger At The Pentagon about the time the two men exchanged thoughts and acted to thwart the ongoing deceptions during the times which led up to Eisenhower’s presidency and beyond.       

“The message [he gave Eisenhower] was a warning against those who truly control your planet,” Elena explains. “You have free choice,” Val Thor stated. “It is only of your free will that you will ask for assistance. Beg not the Federation and the Council. Ask not in fear, ask as an equal. If you want to enter as a peaceful people—equal in wisdom to the level required for this membership—ask for assistance with your heart and we will answer…Not begging, not with anger, not with despair, but with strong will…It is everywhere in this universe, a matter of agreement and free will.” His words worked wonders on Eisenhower.

“Stand up, look at the sky not as something above you but as you being part of it, then request assistance from the Federation as free human beings…We cannot liberate a slave who holds on to its chains. Do not consider yourselves as such, slaves neither to a religion, a political power or even to us.”

“And what if these agreements behind Eisenhower’s back had not been made?” Elena asks.

“President Eisenhower had never intended to sign agreements with the Grays and was instead fooled by the MJ-12,” Val Thor replied.

He commends Dwight Eisenhower as a truly remarkable man. “His heart was very gentle. His love for his family touched my heart…After MJ-12 committed behind his back with the Grays, it was seemingly too late…And despite all of the energy of rage and despair which Eisenhower put into reversing this agreement, he failed, heartbroken.”

“The Military Industrial Complex signed with the devil, with the blood of Humanity,” Val Thor asserted. Elena interjected her thoughts. “All along, we were made to believe that we couldn’t do anything, that the Reptilians and Grays were in power—helped by powerful Earth’s secret and wealthy empires”

“Since World War II, a variety of high-profile money-laundering operations have been conducted to pay for this vast, multifaceted, highly secretive operation.”

“The MJ12 and the Military Industrial Complex had no interest in allowing this information to become public,” Val Thor resumed the conversation, “and if we had an open battle with the Anunnaki alliance in space and above your heads, a violent war would have erupted if Eisenhower had pushed back against the MJ12 and Pentagon people.”

This is their game on every planet they takeover…Reptilians, in each conquest, pick a race with a potentiality for gullibility and manipulation,” Val Thor confided, “and they elect slave custodians among them. Think of the Dark Fleet on Earth, what was left of the Third Reich, the German Nazis [after they signed up with the Anunnaki/Draco/Grays]…” He refers to the devastation of Germany.

“To the Reptilians,” he continued, “we are either slaves, genetic material or living food. They don’t want us to evolve because if we wake up, if we liberate our consciousness and make of this world of peace, unity and unconditional love, we will be out of reach for them.”

In a plea that reminded me of the many lost days that divine feminine influence has lost, Elena asks what would our world have become after the war if they had not been around to manipulate affairs. “If the Anunnaki and Nazi alliance had been driven off back in the 1940s,” Val Thor answered, “you would have access to better medical technology. Your world would be at peace. You would have changed your system of energy, all of the big establishments working against your species and your planet would be dismantled.”

That said, Val Thor announced some much better news: “Some of your powerful leaders have recently requested assistance—we are working with them. We cannot eradicate those who turned to the dark unless you start doing it yourself and request assistance.”

“You are spiritual beings, do not forget, and you are free. You need to acknowledge it and embrace it and proclaim it to the universe…Push away all anger, push away all resentment. Do not be manipulated. Be sure we will answer…“I’d like the people of Earth to know that they have the power within themselves to chase the Reptilian and Gray alliances from their world. We cannot decide for you. You must do it yourselves…You have the will power, your energy is not trapped. It’s an illusion. Enslavement is an illusion first in the mind.”

“This is a matrix woven with ignorance and fear. If you unfold and elevate your consciousness, they will fear you and they will not attack you…Your job is to elevate your consciousness as fast as you can. Keep your feelings as high as you can. This is difficult to comprehend, but, believe me, it makes sense and it is your salute.” He indicates that he likes human curiosity most, but the second human trait he likes is love.

Elena: “How do you handle lower frequencies that involve being here?

“I keep away from it,” Val Thor says. “I have my way of protecting myself by a mind shield, an energy field around your head, a field that nothing can pierce through. It is a creative intention…Once your brain receives the impulse from the higher being, which you call consciousness, it creates electromagnetic and scalar wavelengths that you can modulate to manipulate whatever you wish around you.”

“Especially thoughts from other beings. Our brain is a power plant generating electromagnetic waves and you can create a shield with this method…This is nature, for you all do this, you merely do not realize it, you send out these electromagnetic waves from your brain…This is how you can keep away all interference. Mind control also works like this, when the waves are sent from far, such as from satellites. This ability exists.”

“We will never let you down,” he reminds her. “You walk your path; we cannot walk this path for you. We can just hold you so that you will not stumble. If you want assistance, just raise your hand and take ours…We were here all the time and we will never let your species down. We are here until you reach the next destination in the next level, in the next step of your evolution. We are all making sacrifices for you, but you don’t see them…It is important for people to know that there are that so many races are here helping you. You have to trust that this is happening and keep hope alive.”

“What about the scare tactics they are using?” Elena asks.

“There is a lot of manipulation by fear, using humanity’s ignorance and lack of education. I would advise that, anytime something is told to scare you or put you in a situation of mental or emotional dependence, you refuse it.”

“These are not just wise words. They are war tactics…The reaction of becoming scared is typical of the Dark Ages, when elites in power scared the populations who were maintained in ignorance, with worrying and predictions, in order to enslave people’s minds emotionally. Seek the facts that make you secure.”

“I would have spoken to you about the miserable events occurring in your solar system on different planets, such as your satellite Moon, Mars, its two satellites, or Pluto, but I will not, because knowing these details will not help you advancing in consciousness. These details might disturb you. Don’t look back, look ahead instead. Because ahead is where you are heading. I trust in you, from the bottom of my heart. Love is what binds us all.”

“Time has come,” Elena comments. “Humanity is ready to heal from its past, and what was hidden no more dwells in the shadows. Let us reclaim what is ours. We have this power—it was never taken from us. It is time we wake up, open our eyes and stand up! These are scary times. These, the members of the Federation, are the silent watchers, holding us up with love when we stumble…Even if the sunlight blinds us, we need to take the leap. There is no way back. Only forward.”

‘Maintaining balance in this galaxy is what the Federation does,” Val Thor added, “following universal principals in which I believe with all my heart.”

“Benevolent galactic races are not here to save us like superheroes,” Elena cautions, “but they are here to help us save ourselves. If we have to be rescued, we will never evolve…They are watching our back, protecting us in secret and they have so many times in the past kept Humanity of Earth from blowing themselves up. We cannot be rescued against our will…We have a window of opportunity now when we can still wake up and take back control. If we fail in this task, then we will never, ever be able to again free ourselves from slavery. It will be game over…”

Lights out!

Yet the current hurried up invasion of human rights, the scrambled medical plan to kill off great numbers of humans by those who have targeted us, is now leading to massive resistance and violent social conflicts that threaten the very two resources they came here to exploit: Earth and its inhabitants.

As the meeting with Elena came to a close, she passed along the last words of what Val Thor had told her. “With only the power of our intention, we break our chains by liberating ourselves from within, regaining our freedom and sovereignty…I believe in Humanity. I have hope and this hope is now indestructible. My only sadness is that the people of Earth cannot see that. They know nothing about the work and sacrifices that these fine people are making everyday for us.”

“The war being fought in this star system concerns all of us. Earth is the seed of a great evil,” Val Thor told her later, “and we came here to destroy it before it grows and spreads further in its lethal roots to the rest of this galaxy…the only thing that can stop it is that you all wake up. When you wake up, your consciousness opens to a higher level of frequency and you can no longer be manipulated.”

“Soon, the demons will be out,” he said, “and the striking light of dawn will burn them all…We will do whatever it takes to kill this beast before it hatches. Never stop believing. What was stolen from you is being given back. It’s coming. May peace and justice always prevail.”

Since his days with Eisenhower and, with that, the several years of his living at the Pentagon that Eisenhower had arranged for him, Val Thor has written 29 books over the past 60 years. These are remarkably touching books which, one way or other, invite readers to “…Reclaim your planet, reclaim your rights and your freedom—reclaim your destiny.”

At the end of this essay, all of the books are listed, along with where they are available.

In yet another meeting later with Thor Han, he again goes over the main concerns with Elena: “The only way we can win this is by strategy. Another factor is the rise of consciousness of your people, to escape for the mental illusion that they are kept under, and helping them regain their higher power to get out of the reach of their slave masters. If enough inhabitants on Earth ask for help, one way or other, together, the dark forces will abandon their project and go, because, in the end, your species is of a highly powerful nature. Your genetic heritage is a treasure box.”

“We, the Galactic Federation of Worlds, cannot intervene openly unless the enslaved population wakes up and requests assistance. And it becomes really wicked when the enemy uses techniques of self-enforced enslavement, using fear to get people to give their rights and power away”.

This has already happened with the implementation of a highly questionable vaccination campaign. Many, many medical doctors and related medical support personnel are quitting their noble professions, a field of critical service to others that they have spent years becoming educated to perform, because they refuse to be a part of the harm it is causing. They don’t want to load them up with fear—and poisons.

They’re quitting because they were being forced to administer the poisons and other deadly junk contained in the shots.

“The American secret space programs, many of which have shown to offer less than honorable intentions with regard to the future of humanity, also have many connections with different corporations on Earth and also with other non-Earth species involved,” Thor Han discloses at some point in these further discussions with Elena. “They are also working on the off-world slave trafficking,” he added. “It is all intertwined.”

Since many of the statements about the ongoing war were made within the time her book was written, an enormous purge of the dark forces military units has taken place in this solar system. Battles that occurred since the writing began succeeded in routing out Anunnaki/Draco/Gray military quarters under Antarctica and within Earth’s Moon, on the moon Titan, inside the large planetoid Ceres and even light years away on the Draconian resident planet orbiting around the star Aldebaran [called ‘Altair’ by the Draco].

As of the end of 2021, the majority of these sinister groups have been mostly defeated in a very long awaited victory in the current battle of good versus evil. The status of individual military or corporate figures who escaped to underground locations on Mars in 2021 remains unknown as of early June, 2022.

“Humanity of Earth is slipping through their fingers and they don’t like that,” Thor Han continued. “We are headed towards victory in the liberation of Earth. The old patterns are breaking down. They’re the ones who are scared…they are scared. Have compassion, but don’t overpower them by your attention.”

“Forgive, only when victory is yours.”

“Remain faithful to what you know is true. The war is not over yet. Humanity still has a long fight ahead and so do we. The fate of this galaxy is at stake.”

“The Earth Alliance is composed of fourteen countries on Earth, with America, Japan, United Kingdom, Israel and France as the most influential ones…The American government is strongly compartmentalized. The Galactic Federation is secretly allied with the ‘White Hats’ in the U.S. Navy.”

Courtney Brown is the head of Farsight, the American-based, internationally respected group of reliable ‘remote-viewers’: individuals who possess a unique ability to mentally travel to distant locations and see what’s there. This is a very short description of what is otherwise a somewhat complex skill that military training has developed into an important surveillance tool. Mr. Brown thus possesses a lot of knowledge about the true nature of American involvement with various ETs and their cultures. He has this to say about our current status: 

“The rest of humanity needs to wake up to the big picture of how extraterrestrial life has long been interacting with us, led to the creation of multiple secret space programs, and how these battling entities involve both positive and negative factions…The Galactic Federation of Worlds is always fighting from the background because they believe in us.”

So, in this, the final months of a very long war with these satanic beings, what role does the ‘Cult of Marduk’ still active here on Earth play in this battle?

Let’s look at the history of Babylon’s fate, another civilization where Marduk once ruled, for clues of what’s ahead for all of us: 

“Marduk is in charge of the banking cartel — or at least most of it,” Wes Penre asserts. “There are more ETs involved behind the scenes, to whom some people in power have made an alliance with in more recent times…It is clear that Marduk has a stronghold over most institutions, banking cartels, educational systems, religions, entertainment etc., in the world of today. However, he does not have the monopoly many researchers think. Besides the two factions of Anunnaki, fighting each other (the RAM clan, En.lil, and the Serpent Clan, En.ki), there are at least two or three other major ET races competing over total control of Earth and mankind.” This fact alone diminishes their plans for “one world government”.

The Anunnaki are an unpredictable race of psychopaths whose heavy-handed approach to managing human affairs is felt at every level of government throughout most nations in the world they have climbed into control of. The Anunnaki and their Draconian partners sincerely believe that they own us—because they manipulated our genes—but resistance to that push towards enslavement is swiftly growing—and it is scaring them into finding greater measures to oppress us as soon as possible.

This is a battle for the very existence of Humanity, my friends, and failure is not an option. Do you not think the Earth Alliance will have to do things that will mean there are a few casualties? Most of us are not in the military nor have we ever been. The civilian population is ill-equipped to understand war strategies devised by distinguished and brilliant military generals.

“To up the ante we also have,” Mr Penre states, “metaphysical aspects to this spiritual war that most of us are unaware even exist or are possible. I daresay we have “off-world” help and the Universe is on our side. The rampant spread of evil must be arrested if we are to continue our civilization.”

“It’s not getting easier as government disinformation agents are coming out and muddling the water,” he adds. “Indeed, we are living in a state of affairs where elite corporate powers are contracted with forces of tyranny and hire mercenaries to kill those who speak out too loudly against them.”

“The world counts as many as 200 million propagandized public accomplices in local, state and federalized central governments,” so claims Ben Fulford. All of them are hard at work in a mad dash to create a global totalitarianism before they are stopped by a rising opposition to their evil plans.

As demonstrated earlier, these manipulators are either the alien hybrids we discussed, with motion picture special effects created facial and body doubles crafted for television appearances, or real human, physical look-alikes, clones or shape shifters, or they are the real deal. As completely corrupt puppets, they form the middle “management” of this bizarre extraterrestrial control matrix—beings who are not of this world. “I have one high level friend who has claimed that cloning of humans is now a reality,” stated Veterans Today editor Jim Dean, “but that they have no souls, do not live very long and “glitch-out” at times making them unreliable.”  

“They are a group of Satan worshippers who have managed to infiltrate the highest positions of finance: The Vatican, most governments, the military and, long before that, the ancient secret societies. “The lie has become so big, that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the truth,” the editors of Veteran’s Today added to their argument. “They are hard core Zionists, Satanists, hate mankind, create constant chaos and war for profit, sacrifice and eat children and are self-serving psychopathic mass-murderers, and all for self-gain, that is, riches, power and status.”

Historian George Kennedy, who has also noted that ‘all governments keep secrets’, provides this quote, “…the more secrets they keep, the less of a republic they govern. The more isolated these people become, the more they live in a state of fear.” [From the book UFO Headquarters]   

“Hitler saw this whole Marduk issue coming,” Wes Penre contends. “He was in contact with them mind-to-mind, and he saw how they really looked behind the shape-shifting—and he was terrified. He worked towards the goal of creating the Anunnaki Kingdom, but it was too much for him to handle. It drove him insane and he started acting out in a very destructive manner. (Hitler worked directly with the Draco Reptilians and the Grays in black magic ceremonies. It may very well be that those who showed themselves to him were Reptilian in physical respects, but still working for the Anunnaki).

Veterans Today editor Jim Dean has strongly stated our situation at this moment in history: “And there can therefore be no doubt that these hierarchy leaders are pure evil; that they take direction from these non-corporeal entities (their consiglieres) and that they are self-serving, unimaginably evil psychopathic mass-murders committed to the eradication of humanity, yes, all for their own personal gain at the expense of everyone else.”

The recent global mandates manufactured by these dark-minded organizations are solely intended to drive the world into a frenzy of fear to shove us into an electronically managed tyranny, where the digital world is more important than our real world. As announced in June, 2022, by the World Economic Forum, soon, “…our digital lives—our online identities, experiences, relationships, and assets — will become more meaningful to us than our physical lives.” 

The recent few years of worldwide medical subterfuge to vaccinate as many people with poisons, genetic altering compounds and nanotechnology graphites sensitive to specific broadcasts from 5G microwave towers was a major ‘new world order’ campaign that was nowhere near the success in depopulating areas of the world the evil ones hoped for.

They are extraordinary monsters who are creating epic scale genocide, thrashing around in the last stages of a horrifying ordeal to harm their sickened victims, each so sure and still trusting, but well-deceived on their way to death. No wonder why individuals who question cruel and unusual methods of control are being branded as criminals, terrorists and heretics.

Yet, they will go on pushing the same tactic of scaring the public with a new virus as often as is needed to kill off more victims of their lies. That plan is still the way they have destined themselves to move into control a brainwashed populace that hasn’t a clue to what’s really in the works from these criminal monsters. No wonder people feel like they are on a roller-coaster blindfolded.

Wes Penre questions the introduction of 5-G wireless broadband tower modification in the context of an ever expanding global electronic technocracy aided by satellites.

He asks: “Are we going to stop relying so much on technology and start trusting our spiritual “innernet” or are we going to let technology take us where most of us don’t want to go, including the cloning of humans, genetic manipulation of our species, the negative uses of electro-gravity, making humans into onto cybernetic robots/machines and most sadly in that process, losing our souls and our sexual ability to mass produce.”

“Is prophecy set in stone?,” Wes Penre asks.

“Is it totally pre-determined? Of course not. Is it likely to happen? Yes, some, if not most of it—because it’s planned that way. By getting people hooked to world religions and their offspring and cults and sects, via priests, religious leaders, mass media, et al, we are constantly bombarded with religious propaganda, which makes it easier for the prophecies to stick. To our favor is the mass awakening that’s going on at this time. Prophecy, however, is always slippery, because humans are very unpredictable.”

“When comes to Bible prophecy and other ancient prophecies,” Penre elaborates, “much of that is more likely to stick, because humankind is secretly steered in the direction of fulfilling these old predictions. There are those behind the scenes who work furiously to make these prophecies come true.”

“But,” he adds with conviction, “they are also determined by the plans of off-planet beings over whom we have little control.”

This statement could be altered according to the news about the inter-vention of the benevolent military forces of the advanced civilized worlds who seek justice for the evil past that the Anunnaki/Draco/Gray factions brought with them in current times.

Mr. Penre has several times brought up the future threat that of an Artificial Intelligence driven culture that he calls a ‘Machine Kingdom’, or, to use a science fiction term familiar to many readers, “the Borg”. This technocracy is probably the threat to humanity that the future inhabitants of the star system we call the Pleiades have come back in time some 350 years to prevent the institution of.

“It is crucial to recognize that this sort of AI culture has no own life energy of its own and needs human life energy as a necessary source to power its existence,” states Mr. Penre. “This conflict between humanity and advanced AI is a subtle way of losing our sovereignty once and for all. In the same sense, once we lose our liberty, it’s lost for good.”

To make a long and complicated story short, if we look at the archeological and other types of historic evidence presented in this essay, Earth is going through the fourth of fifth stage of being restarted and then destroyed again after enduring some greatly destructive events—a major flood and at least another extinction event involving nuclear weapons. There have been many other possible reasons offered for these end times.

“Their ultimate goal is to assimilate us into their fascist empire and parasitically exploit us for our biological, consciousness, and physical resources.”

“Through covert manipulation and hyper-dimensional tricks that employ time travel, they have secretly exploited humanity in every way conceivable since the birth of our race,” another Veterans Today article has emphasized. “Smart tyrants stay hidden and cleverly manipulate the population into first defeating and enslaving itself.”

“The shadow government—or Cabal, as many of us have been calling it—has been diverting countless trillions of dollars into developing the awesome range of offensive warfare capabilities of the military-industrial complex. Through their military mouthpieces in the Pentagon, they have consistently promoted identifying enemies of America everywhere even if the facts did not support that contention…They must have an enemy to justify their existence, even at the risk of nuclear annihilation. We’re being lied to on an epic scale…It has now become obvious to most people that we have a ‘shadow government’ that is conducting mass surveillance–and has nearly bankrupted our entire world.”

This economic warhorse included the construction of what has ultimately amounted to building some 250 underground cities under America that could each hold 65,000 personnel,” state the Veterans Today editors. “Many, many different spaceships have been built that use anti-gravity propulsion systems — and can very easily travel throughout our solar system and beyond,” they continue. “Trillions of dollars of “missing” money have been used to build highly-classified colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as on or within certain other satellites.” The recent military wins claimed by the Federation have most probably defeated some of these headquarters, with more to be put out of commission.

“We now have over 200 very large spacecraft throughout our solar system — and beyond. The irony is that we have been told exactly what is going on, over and over again, through a wide variety of films and television shows—ever since Roswell…”

It is estimated that over 1,200 science fiction ‘high concept’ feature films and television programs, some of these made with partial funding by the Pentagon have been produced. [The few funded by the negative Pentagon military have intentionally put the benevolent aliens up as the bad guys when, in fact, it is they who are acting out as true traitors imbedded within the US military.]

The television series Stargate was mostly based on the real uses the positive US military unit, the White Hats in the Air Force, put to use of a found extraterrestrial artifact.

“The Avatar movie is pretty interesting,” Wes Penre observes, “if we reverse the plot to make the humans who transfer their consciousness into the Avatar, aliens. Thus, aliens can walk around on Earth in any city or be in top positions within governments without being detected—which we now know is the case.” These are just 2 examples where creative writing and film making are presenting fact as fiction.

Later in his writings about the potential to really activate our ‘avatar’, Mr. Penre brings out an interesting and very important spiritual fact. “You travel in your thoughts and manifest [reality] with your avatar,” he says. “Your everlasting soul is your Fire—the Fire of the Mother Goddess. Please take into consideration that the Fire property of any ‘original soul’ is not burning down…Souls are never burning down.”

Now, getting back to current events again, it is crucial to state that, where the Galactic Federation has just claimed that the evil facilities listed in Elena’s book have been raided and overtaken—freeing thousands of enslaved workers, women and children trapped in sordid conditions—the savage censorship maintained by corporate media reduces the Federation victors ability to reveal what is happening. Announcements about this major news can only made by a few relatively unknown but respectable citizen journalists.

If indeed the opposition’s facilities really are being destroyed elsewhere, the eviction or destruction of the ETs which have covertly taken control of this planet still remains as perhaps the greatest of challenges to achieve without risking the lives of most of humanity. These ETs are the cause of our constant fighting and they will do anything to distract us from going after them.

Why are humans constantly fighting each other? The answer is, without the Anunnaki/Reptilian/Draco/Gray influences, all of this would stop.

“When we make war,” Mr. Penre states, “they feast on the souls of our dead, steal our spiritual energy. They plan and cause our wars. They can cause us to kill each other for their purposes.”

“They are nothing with out us. We’re everything to them.”

“It was easy to take over a planet once upon a time,” he has said, “when those who lived here were unprepared, but the situation is different now. They work together to produce fear as an aid to governments maintaining their grip on large populations. When they find it almost impossible to do so, they believe they have no choice but to vastly reduce the population of a planet.

If we turn to one example of the academic attention being given to the deep past of our universe in relation to intentional destruction of civilizations, Mr. Penre notes a startling idea based on a scientific theory raised at Penn State University. Scientists there have indicated that they believe that one or possibly two other attempts to create universes have taken place, ”and ended in failures.”

Presently, the independent thinkers who heroically confront the intensely disturbing facts about the tyranny of evil, conditions that most of humanity has little or no knowledge about, are performing a vital job. Without these truths being brought to light, so much worse would be the perilous times we already live in.

Many dedicated researchers have lost their lives to honor the sense of integrity, vigilance and courage needed to oppose the current surreal degradation of civilized life on Earth, one funded by a powerful coalition of financial, communications, military and religious elitists who are determined to bring humanity down with a psychopathic agenda aimed at creating a climate of fear and turmoil.

“There is little doubt that today’s Cabal, the Global Elite, have been given the old technology of the gods by the old gods themselves,” Wes Penre has said, “and they have used this technology to control us, the rest of the human population, to instigate earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, tsunamis, and other unwanted weather phenomena.” But while these highly advanced electronic weapons have been used often in the recent past, the military accomplishments of the Galactic Federation in 2021, many of these seized weapons have been, or will soon be, rendered inoperable.

It may be a challenge to take them out of business, but this time could be different, because, if, on the other hand, given the evidence presented by Elena Dannan and many others, there is a strong indication that, with a more conscious effort by the masses to strip the wicked forces in control of things from power, they can be thrown out.

The beginnings of this movement to self-empower our divine, truly spiritual abilities are already visible. Our liberation can be accomplished if we all look within and find the ‘secret’ spiritual powers US Navy Admiral Hoover recognized and spoke so bravely about in one brief statement.

Despite the recently announced Galactic Federation wins, we are living in times where the very real possibility of the extinction of humankind itself stalks us with each edict, mandate or totalitarian demand the psychopathic sold-out globalist elite make to preserve powers they have no moral rights to.

The practical acceptance of this fact perhaps leaves us with one path we can walk on—the one that allows us to look inside ourselves, to the ‘world within’, for ways to survive individually in spirit.

This means we must put aside some time in our busy lives, the time we need to practice methods that work for us to look effectively inside, to really learn about ourselves in order to change our destiny and go on to better mankind’s future before we pass.

It may be that one of the very few paths available to us to survive as the most “refined human form” is first of all in spiritual form, evolving as best we still can without bodies, to ‘save our soul’.

The following passages describe the personal path we can take to start with. Thor Han recited them to Elena Danaan:

1] Refuse fear: It is the tool used to control you and bind you as a slave. You are way more powerful than you have been conditioned to believe.

2] Follow your heart. Your heart knows. Your heart is your intuition, your instinct. The very first feeling in the first fraction of a second is the right one. Your senses of perception are far sharper than you think.

3] Find peace. When you refuse to allow fear to reach out to you, what is left is perfect stillness of your mind, of your heart and of your soul. It is in this moment, that all three are functioning in total wisdom and clarity. It is in this state of perfect peace, complete with all levels of your being, that you are connected with the universe. The emotion/energy of bliss is of a very high frequency and this state can be reached through meditation. Connect vertically and be the bridge between the Earth and Sky, root below and sky above.

4] Reconnect: You are invincible and all-knowing because you are linked to who you truly are, connected with all things. You can feel the presence of your true kind, those to whom you belong as a true family. Connecting with yourself is reconnecting with the entire universe. Sharing the story is a way of being together heart to heart. 

5] Perform your mission: In this higher state of consciousness, you suddenly know…you remember…the veil of illusions of the matrix is far below you. You can’t know your mission until you know thyself. We are tremendously loved, even if what motivates the presence and actions of our galactic allies is of a higher common interest.

The point emphasized is the connection of all to one life source. All knowledge comes from one source.

Healthy living, virtue, goodness and integrity go a long way in terms of spiritual protection.

In this galaxy, there isn’t any global religion in the civilized worlds. The real solutions we need in spiritual advances are not “out there” but “in here”, “inside”. “Every culture develops its own beliefs until they open their consciousness widely and find that all the gods they imagined are the multiple facets of a one and only flow of life, of energy and love, which the advanced cultures in this galaxy call Source. Source is pure consciousness. It is in everything. It composes the fabric of the universe.

Most importantly, your heart is a direct portal to Source.   

“Make it a rule to always look at things from the highest possible level, and you will have a much greater understanding for things happening around you..,” so Mr. Penre has stated. “You have to have an absolute belief in the value of life and the beauty of life. The most compelling instinct for exploring our entire past is to negate the forces of damage we have done to others or, after that task has worked wonders on our true ability to reject evil, move to confronting what has been done to us, not to act as victims but also to again revitalize our ability to forgive out of understanding the method of having had a physical reactive mind placed in our basic thought mechanism.”

He may be referring to the Reptilian brain stem spoken of earlier. These moments of rejecting the negative, of not offering any consent to acting with its agenda, are stepping up our ability to avoid falling into further entrapments.

Val Thor added this to this topic: “The message of your Jesus Christ was about love, on many levels. He was highly elevated in wisdom.”

Presently, the independent thinkers who heroically confront the intensely disturbing facts about the tyranny of evil that most of humanity has little or no knowledge about are performing a vital job. Without these truths being brought to light, so much worse would be the perilous times we already live in.

I have considered what a lot of my more Biblical friends expect: The possibility of divine intervention, particularly if people were to start to recognize that we are our own gods, we are the masters of our own destiny if we can remember the truths about life that are contained in the Bible. The doorway to personal transformation is within your heart—it leads to realms of peace and revelation.

A great number of people ask if meditation really is helping. I would say, yes, indeed it is! And as much could also be said about praying.

Individually, in a local group, via internet gatherings or by agreement for a set global meditation time, visualizing and focusing on the glorious world you want is definitely helping that intention come into being.

The ability to “move mountains” is not a fantasy—you have innate abilities to accomplish marvels! Daily meditation or prayer exercises performed regularly are essential for spiritual activists.

Meditation as a practice greatly helps us investigate the foundation of who we are and to gradually build on a solid belief in ourselves, exercise our greatest potentials while still remaining humble.

Meditation can empower our Spirit to discover knowledge and wisdom, moments that provide us with “epiphanies”, sudden realizations of a truth about life, whether that moment arrives as a wondrous or even a disturbing revelation.

It is suggested that we can empower our soul with the courage needed to connect with the compassion and love offered by Source. 

“Always remember that evil ones and any other negative visitors,” Val Thor advised Elena, “are here because they perceive our fear.”

Major feats of human potential are manifested when we follow a path of metaphysical understandings, rather than a purely mainstream physical route.

“Objects of inestimable value and rarity, such as Earth, make Earth an extraordinary object of attraction. It’s precisely this attraction that has brought the concepts of evil to our psyche.”

The research performed to create the images above indicates that lines of energy exist from a few miles to sixty miles above Earth as the fairly accurate geometric ‘ley-line’ configuration pictured. These energy lines can be measures with electronic sensing devices, as if to offer proof that because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

“The controlling forces know all about this and have used it to manipulate us and our collective consciousness to cause things to happen in real time and in our world,” Mr. Penre asserts. “And their magic—it’s not really true magic. It is just manipulating us to make things happen with our ‘co-creative consciousness’”. This energy field can be affected by the thoughts of all of us.

“This frequency fence, something like an electrical fence, was put around the planet to control how much the frequencies of humans could be modulated and changed. Therefore, evidence shows that this external, planetary grid or fence, as it is linked to the internal aspect described, is sensitive to human consciousness and thus interacts with the both the negative and positive thoughts of humanity collectively, a phenomena which has the power to affect the actions individuals and groups for better—or worse. Effects of large, coordinated meditations may travel up along this grid.” Fortunately, if the reports from individuals like Elena Danaan about the very important winning battles of the Galactic Federation are true, much of the control long held by the dark forces is finally beginning to crumble as they are being put out of business, battle by battle, below us and the field above Earth is dissipating.

Robert Morning Sky

Robert Morning Sky, from what the Star Elder told him, the whole Earth was put under quarantine, and humans, too, were not allowed or able to travel very far out in space long ago. But that quarantine has now been broken.

Just as David Icke has claimed, the ‘frequency quarantine’ where our DNA was tampered with to the extent that we’ve been stuck in this 3-D frequency range for the past 300,000 years as an ‘imprisonment’ is coming to an end. It may not be much longer for those of us who have taken the time to enhance our spirit.

We will start traveling great distances in this sector of the universe, either physically in advanced spacecraft or using our ‘avatars’, as much simpler way to go.

“Also, inside every person, you have control over electromagnetic fields” states the enlightened woman whose father was the Lockheed engineer cited earlier. “You have your own inside the pineal gland, and you also have the interferences of other types of electromagnetic energy. That includes all of the light spectrum. We have really short wavelengths of energy coming in from cosmic radiation all the time. And we also have very slow wave or longer wavelengths of, like, radio waves, for instance. Like AM radio waves can be three meters in length.”

“And our pineal gland actually produces short wavelength radiation. And it’s not harmful to us or animals or anything on this planet. But the closer you are together, the more metaphysically powerful it is. It just represents the proximity of the mind and the consciousness working together can affect an entire planet, if not neighboring planetary bodies.”

The average carving of an Anunnaki god was 10-12 ft tall. The pine cone in this one represents the human
pineal gland.

“Also, remember that the Anunnaki Sirians are tied, too, in certain ways,” Mr. Penre has advised. “They have to restrict themselves to following the Law of Free Will and that’s why they are really afraid we will see through the manipulation. Because when that’s what is done, and we need help to run them off, there are benevolent forces that will see to that it will happen. There are many out there who are just waiting for them to make a mistake so they can run them off.” That statement, made years ago, held foreknowledge to the recent winnings of the Federation Of Worlds. They are huge setbacks for the evil ones.

Our defiance grows with every instance of the blatant, unlawful and cruel treatment of Humanity by this criminal syndicate at this point. Not only is the Federation standing by, but other ETs from many other walks in life out in the universe are also curiously watching us break out from this “prison”. No escape is easy. In a real sense, we’re paying for the violence of our ancestors.

Why haven’t the Queen’s forces, or the Galactic Federation Of Worlds, come to our solar system to take Marduk and En.lil, along with their Anunnaki, Draco and Gray allies, out of control?

“The answer is quite simple,” Wes Penre explains, “Lucifer has an important ace up his sleeve—he’s got an evolving race under his control. Everyone on the planet is a potential hostage. If the Queen of Orion would attack, perhaps together aided by the Federation of Worlds, Marduk would definitely use humankind as his shield, and the Empire would have to kill all of us, and probably everything else on this planet as well, because weapons of mass destruction would inevitably be used.”

“This is no Eden; it is infested with disgusting evil predators who can no longer control us and they want us dead,” he concludes. “However, there have been a few who changed their minds—they do not want mankind terminated.”

Kerry Cassidy, a most couragous interviewer, says that, “Any investigator must include the background included in this essay (and there’s a lot more) before you can begin to really grasp what is going on here on Planet Earth and the various ET interest groups interacting with governments vying for control of humanity.”

“Still, it’s by grace we are still breathing air here on Earth,” Mr. Penre explains,  “We could have been eliminated more than once! In addition, if Lucifer would be backed into a corner, he wouldn’t hesitate to destroy our planet and terminate what he considers his own creation—us!”

Distinguished author David Wilcock has stated that: “Best of all, human life is a natural product of intelligently-guided evolution in our galaxy. We are only at the first stage in the evolution of what it means to be a human being.”

“Hold your heads high, humans,” Penre encourages us, “because every day most of us are doing good deeds for self and for others, in spite of the negative and degraded genes that were implanted in us. This shows we have something very admirable, honorable and desirable–we have strong, loving hearts! And this we can’t thank the Anunnaki for. We are who we are, when at our best, in spite of them. Heaven on Earth can only be achieved without the gods…”

Respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality.

There’s a big purge coming, but will it come in time—without a major loss of life?

This time around, I’d even consider the necessity of a divine feminine intervention, yet let’s continue doing our soul-searching best to improve ourselves from within. Then, we can stand up together strong when we appeal for help from an effective fighting force, asking them to join us in eliminating these killers.

Be brave.

It’s a war against you…

…in a battle for the survival of all of us.

No matter how great this task might become, we should respect that, however we imagine this great spirit to be, Source is the original seed of love.


Part Two

1] May I again thank Robert Smith for coming up with an enchanting opening page image that combines Michelangelo’s ‘Adam’ on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with an image of the powerful Egyptian goddess ‘Isis’.

2] A second commendation for quotes featured through the entire essay goes to author Wes Penre, a Swedish-born spiritual explorer whose extensive historic studies have skillfully traced the enormous scale of creation, through billions of years that support the idea of a divine feminine Source of humanity that evolved in a great number of manipulated genetic experiments that she initiated.

Mr. Penre’s well-organized writings are preserved at wespenre.com and were released for free over a four year span on the Internet between 2011 and 2015, to become a 5,000 page adventure in archeology, religious scriptures, the UFO phenomena we are experiencing and anthropology. In my opinion, they are unmatched as objective, level-headed, even life-changing readings. Some of his ‘Levels of Learning’ about our true past are highly controversial yet always thought-provoking. Mr. Penre shuns being followed as leading any sort of cult, but has had around 800,000 visitors to his site. I myself found the time to read all of it. You would benefit, trust me, with even having a good look at a few chapters.

My use of his work probably takes up the greatest part of the observations compiled in this essay. Of his 5 ‘Levels of Learning’, the ones I used in this document came from the following locations:

Level One: Parts 6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15

Level Two: Parts 1,2,and 9

Level Three: Parts 5,7,9,10

Level 4: Part 7

His website remains quite active with followers at www.wespenre.com

3] The original publication of The Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky are available at no cost and can be accessed at:

https://www.goodreads.com › 35265108-the-terra-papers

4] Project Camelot’s two-part interview with Apollo Moon mission chief engineer William Tompkins is well worth watching. It can be accessed at: https://projectcamelotportal.com/2022/05/26/william-tompkins-selected-by-extraterrestrials-two-parts/

5] Gaia Television episode—Cosmic Disclosure interview: Lifting The Military Industrial Curtain with Heather Sartain. Ms. Sartain is the daughter of the late Edward Glen Sartain—a high-ranking military official who worked for Lockheed Martin. Sartain’s exceptionally unique background began as she grew up as the child of a top secret clearance scientist. In this 2017 interview, conducted by author David Wilcock and space program participant Corey Goode, Heather reveals the major points about the Gray and Reptilians that she was exposed to as numerous items of sensitive data very few, if any, civilians were privy to at the time. Among the items is information from her father quoted in the essay.

6] Excerpts From Geradine Orozco Presentation Concerning DNA at the 2021 MegaUFO conference. The video is said to no longer be available.

Ms. Orozco’s instructive hour is packed with DNA science told in an easy to understand lecture filled with descriptive pictures and abduction related stories.

7] Grey Aliens and the Harvest of Souls After Death

by Nigel Kenner, NewDawnMagazine.com 

Source: http://humansarefree.com/2018/07/grey-aliens-and-harvesting-of-souls.html

8] The Third Reich Operation UFO Russian documentary by REN television 2006

Watch at:

9] Dr. Micheal Salla has shared details about the Galactic Federation, a cosmic organization that he believes is composed of various extraterrestrial races. As evidence, he cited the testimony of Prof. Haim Eshed, former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, who specifically mentioned Earth’s contact with the Galactic Federation in late 2020. Eshed said that cooperative agreements had been worked out between the US government and the Federation, including involvement with an underground base on Mars.

Dr. Salla also cited how some of the early contactees dating back to the 1950s, like George Van Tassel spoke about the Federation and Ashtar Command. Ultimately, the end game is for humanity to join the Galactic Federation for a kind of “Star Trek” future, he explained.

He noted the work of psychic researcher Dr. Andrija Puharich who teamed up with Uri Geller to establish contact with an ET organization known as the Council of Nine. According to the channeled information that Puharich, Geller, and others received, there were 24 different “seeder” ET races that helped to birth humanity, and they have been monitoring us ever since.

Dr. Salla’s website is at:  http://www.exopolitics.net

10] One of a number of first rate interviews with David Adair, this one features host Emery Smith who is himself once much involved in extraterrestrial intrigue

as a government medical biologist. The whole story of David Adair’s developing the fusion engine rocket was told during an episode of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV that You Tube is claiming is no longer available as of Nov 2022.

11] Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, the original Project Camelot producers, first interviewed retired Master Sergeant Bob Dean in Pheonix, Arizona in 2008. This is the interview from which his testimonies are taken: “I’m not paranoid. I just pay attention.” Mr. Dean moved on to the next world in 2011.


12] Val Thor’s work with Dwight Eisenhower is chronicled in Frank Strange’s book Stranger In The Pentagon. Later on, Val Thor wrote 29 books on his own and they are available from either Amazon books or goodreads.com. He wrote a few with others that are not included here, but are on the lists of those companies:

Books by Valiant Thor

From Amazon Books:

1985 – The White Planet the Resting Place of Holy Artifacts

1998 – Millennium Seven Biblical Secrets for Galactic Ascension in the 21st Century 

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2018 Valiant Thor’s Vril Force: How to Resuscitate, Rejuvenate, and Rehabilitate Your Nervous System
2018  Valiant Thor’s Unlimited Power of Prayer: Fulfilling Your Purpose on Earth With Focus, Joy, and Meaning

2018  Our Spacecraft Over Your Earth: The Stranger From the Pentagon Speaks
2018  The Banner of Shamballa: The Coming of Maitreya, Future Teacher of the World

13] There are a number of quotes from Veterans Today editors Jim Dean and Howard Duff who I have followed since about 2008. I thank them for their accurate and responsible reporting over the years as well as research you won’t hear from the Pentagon. In a very sad note about Mr. Duff and his wife, in late June, 2022, Mr. Duff and his wife were involved in a near fatal collision in Washington, DC when a car pulled out in front of their motorcycle in what appeared to be an intentional attempt on his life. They were both seriously injured.

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, Mr. Duff and many other Veterans Today writer contributors, have been bravely reporting the underlying true facts which not only led up to the decision by Russia to invade the Ukraine and see to it that some 40 or more biolabs funded by the US Pentagon were not used against Russia. Mr. Duff has also accurately devulged the numerous war crimes being comitted by the Ukrainian forces and facts which substantiate the existence of Nazis within the military Ukrainian forces.

May Mr. Duff and his wife recover from their injuries as fully as possible.

Rob Wold may be contacted at woldrob@gmail.com

Tamarinda and the Agarthan Spirits

by Rob Wold

With reverence for Tibetan wisdom practiced since the distant past, a deep concern for present conditions burdening humanity and astonishing prophecies, the Agartha—Inner Earth Symposium held in Garden City, Long Island was a remarkable learning experience.

Hosted by organizer Sandra Sabatini of Louisville, Kentucky during late August, 2017, additional support for the presentations came with related material contributed by New York author and publisher Peter Moon. A Skype visit by time modification scientist Dr. David Anderson spoke on that topic, while Montauk Project experiencer Duncan Cameron bought people up to date.

What is Agartha? Many aspects of the fabled story of Agartha were revealed by key presenter Tamarina Maassen, the woman who is followed in Romania as an emissary of Agartha. The Maassen family is a large family today, and they have had a historic role in acting as the Knights of Agartha who are described as “…impeccable, truthful, brave people who are defenders of divine consciousness.”

After the flight from Bucarest to JFK, Ms. Maassen and her family companion Teodor were asked if Europeans were more aware than Americans on the topic of extraterrestrial  visitation and the interstellar conflict now being waged nearby and on Earth  They re-sponded agreeably right away: Americans have a ways to go before the truth makes impact in the United States.

In Romania, as an ambassador of Agartha, Tamarinda maintains that position with teaching work devoted to presenting Tibetan spirituality based on emphasizing the true nature of reality. She’s a straight shooter about it, one who conducts the lectures with a pleasant, animated style, with even the most difficult scientific passages capably translated from Romanian to English by her assistant Teodor Maassen. The fundamentals of spiritual traditions practiced in Tibet are often convincingly supported with diagrams, while they occasionally provide indications about what life is like in Agartha—the ancient, storied land that a growing number of recent investigations indicate does indeed exist as an active, major population located in a still secret subterranean setting…yet perhaps not much longer.

Elegantly dressed, Tamarinda’s presentation began with making a special welcome to each guest.

Standing nearby each seated attendee, she looked intently into their eyes and created a conspicuous telepathic connection. One person recalled his experience by saying that it was “…as if she was looking deep into my being.” When he replied to her by thought that he had come all the way to New York to help, Tamarinda gently nodded back. In this captivating way, she visited each member of what was a smart, well-informed and inspired audience of 150 who had come to Long Island from all reaches of Earth.

The Symposium topics highlighted here include only a few of the many startling statements made and just three of the dozens of diagrams sketched. Some truly eye-opening slides were shown, yet, for discrete reasons, none are pictured here. Some who are hearing Tibetan influenced concepts for the first time may experience some teachings as a shock. Some of them are intended to challenge and stretch, or certainly reverse, the often limited, rationally controlled methods of Western thinking.

Without giving an actual location for Agartha, Ms. Maassen did state that it is “not a place, as much as it is an ancient space.” To reach Inner Earth, she elaborated “you have to cross over from this reality,” but only after one grasps the basics on how to assume a higher level of consciousness. Ultimately, Tamarinda told listeners, Agartha is a gateway to another world. “Great gods were once involved in the experiment here on Earth,” she explained, “and, found within Earth, is an area originally created by both demons and gods as a playground for us.”

Shambala is name of Agartha’s capitol, a central city which is a paradise, “a plane of peace,” she informed everyone. “ ’Sham’ means ‘birth.’ ”

Writer Anjun Walia provided a precise overview of Shambala: “Shambhala is a physical place existing within the human realm, but it’s also a spiritual, even supernatural place, which many also believe exists within another dimension.” Highly advanced technologies exist in Agartha and they manifest their food. Life is mostly a sacred, spiritual experience there. “Sacred means it holds and protects the holy, primordial essence of everything,” Tamarinda emphasized. “Jesus was in Agartha” she testified, “he went to learn and this became a part of his transfiguration.”

She also noted the existence of another place in Agartha named Solomonari, the place in Inner Earth that King Solomon was named after. In Romania, the term Solomonari is also applied to a class of beggars or shepherds, both of whom are held in respect. “All planets have hollow spaces,” she instructed, “unless they were created for other purposes.” Indeed, the geological conditions that allowed for making many hallowed out areas under Earth are explainable and examples of these are found in the great caves found all over our planet. As the planet’s molten upper surface mantle heaved up into mountainous regions, large recesses formed underneath as the materials cooled off and molded into huge, ‘honeycomb’ like caverns. This description only sums up a much more complex geological process.

During speaker Duncan Cameron’s storytelling session later in the conference, he noted that the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky were once an entryway to Agartha. This subterranean complex has been calculated to be 348 miles long. [Duncan’s background includes being a very young participant in the illegal time travel experiments of the Montauk Project. Other technicians who say they worked on this ill-fated operation have also claimed that these strange experiments took place at the former Montauk military installation located on the easternmost edge of Long Island, New York.]  In the deep past, prophets who were aware of these underground sanctuaries and who were, at the same time, deeply respected among those they lived with would forewarn of a coming disaster, be it a natural coming crisis or some conflict involving a war or such.

Enough inhabitants believed these predictions and left their homelands on the surface of Earth before tragedy stuck. The prophets saved their lives—often, along the life of the prophet.

They had been told where to take refuge beneath the planet to gain natural protection. There are many legends of other civilizations that were ravaged by natural disaster or came under fierce military attacks. A good number of these survivors fled underground, too. Research of ancient texts from many past global cultures does indicate that some of those who escaped—groups relatively small in number, took records with them—including a knowledge of high technology.

When we look at the many confirmed areas beneath Earth that are hallowed out, it is conceivable that some were taken over by survivors of these tragedies and were redeveloped with use of the advanced technologies they brought with them. Agartha may be an example of such a civilization that existed in the distant past where castaway inhabitants made the best of conditions of survival by ‘ascending’ into a highly advanced population guided by their own spiritual capabilities.

Since then, we can easily speculate that Inner Earth civilizations watched as newly renewed editions of humanity thrived once again on the surface, only to meet with crisis again, even as subterranean cultures remained untouched by the destructive events, protected—totally unaffected.

Analysis of what Ms. Maassen indicated would be to say that the Agarthan community is taking a much stronger, more proactive stance in dealing with the “surface tensions” in the world above them today. Out of this concern for the consequences of the major, life-threatening conditions erupting among humans on the surface, they may be preparing to diplomatically intervene. Tamarinda is the voice for members of the Agarthan community who are firmly announcing that they would welcome interaction with the surface population to help bring about the material and spiritual changes needed to save the world from yet another extinction event.

Taking a moment to review the background for this, the 3D [3rd dimensional] reality most of us live in is the most dense condition. At the same time, many spiritual teachers say, it’s a grand illusion. As individual and group consciousness increases into the more spiritual realms, beings ascend to a 4th dimensional existence, 4D, shedding some of the attachments to material life and welcoming knowledge that they are on a path back to our common source. In 5th dimensional existence, life takes on an even greater ethereal perspective. Agartha, Ms. Maassen testifies, became a 5th dimension [5D] culture long ago.
Spiritual progress can be uneven. She pointed out that “Most people go up to the 4D, then back to 3D, then 4D and 5D and back. “We punish ourselves—God doesn’t.”

According to reports by credible whistleblowers which began in late 2015, more than a half-dozen Inner Earth cultures formally met, each attendee a representative for their race and they discussed the help required to tame the problems of the surface population. It is possible that Agartha, with a larger population, has taken the greatest interest in establishing relations with surface humanity as an agenda that benefits populations below Earth as well as those on the surface when it comes to the urgent need to liberate Earth from what is now recognized as a predatory form of tyranny?

She stirred the spirit adventure when she reminded everyone about the classic science fiction story Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Jules Verne’s iconic tale of a scientific visit to a world that time forgot. Yet, despite the innermost destination of Verne’s famous adventure, Earth’s core is not likely where lost worlds exist, but there is other evidence that they are located within a few miles of Earth’s surface.

Original illustrations for Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Edouard Riou.

Some of these enclaves are said to be accessed from fissures in easily accessed rock formations, caves and through an abundance tunnels found everywhere under the planet as both ground probing satellite and surface level investigations have discovered them. In 2017, for instance, Mexican geological officials announced that their studies plotted 700 miles of tunnels offering transit between Mayan communities. “Inner Earth bases are connected by tunnels,” Ms. Maassen said.

There is much evidence on record to corroborate the existence of active underworld societies that maintain great discretion and meet all of their needs by with what today would be considered ultra high technology left from times when these peoples were connected to such past advanced civilizations as Egypt, Tibet, Atlantis or, long before, the culture known as Lemuria that incubated early here on Earth. One Inner Earth group claims to have evolved here millions of years ago. Conventional archeologists continue to act outraged when the slightest mention is made about strong evidence that an ‘Atlantis’, ‘Lemuria’ or any other small, but quite obviously advanced civilization existed ‘before the Great Flood’.  This huge fight continues to keep such valid evidence hidden from common knowledge among all people in our world.

Illustration of the crystal cove in Journey To The Center Of The Earth
by Eduoward Riou

Tamarinda stated that the total area of usable land found under Earth is “larger that the available land on the surface.” However, unlike the fictional entertainment of Verne’s book, along with the other Inner Earth stories that contend there are civilized settings with large tracts of land found deep in subterranean vaults, real evidence indicates that the advanced civilizations we’ve been discussing are actually located at much more shallow depths, in vast cavernous areas long ago converted to living quarters. In Jules Verne’s work, the other correct knowledge about an Inner Earth he included in the story leads us to wonder who informed him, even though his voyagers only witnessed the remains of a civilization past and no living humans and that his central concept of placing these remains at Earth’s center is likely either a misconception or planned disinformation.

“Inner Earth is ‘crystal charged’ by solar light, the sun,” Tamarinda testifies. “The Northern Lights appear when this happens.”

Not long after the success of Verne’s book was published in 1864, an American-born aristocrat with a German lineage named Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton published a German language book in 1871 with the title The Coming Race as a document of his astonishing visit to a vast, highly sophisticated ‘kingdom’ existing beneath us. As the book opens, Lytton descends into a mine at the invitation of a friend who is a mining company engineer who wants him to see what has been found down in a mining pit. As the two of them descend down on foot, the miner slips and falls into the depths to his death.

After making his way to the bottom of the shaft, Lytton sees a dim light. He follows the barely lit passageway to the outskirts of an amazing kingdom populated by a human-looking race. Youngsters takes him in and give him a place to stay as they introduce him to the worship of a sacred energy source that they call the Vril, the secret force of the universe which they believe  pervades all organic and inorganic material as a basic, life-giving energy. Lytton spends some time learning about these highly educated people who inhabit cities with populations of no more than 17,000 people, with many cities linked to make up a much larger underworld nation where Lytton witnesses personal flight taking place as aided by winged devices.

When first published, Germans preferred to treat Lytton’s book as great science fiction, yet, fifty years later, during pre-Nazi rise of German interest in all things spiritual, many came around to believing that Lytton’s account was true after all.

Ms. Maassen also brought up the alleged experience of American Admiral Richard Byrd, the first man to fly over both of Earth’s polar regions, and an encounter with a Germanic civilization which is described in the ‘lost dairy’ Byrd was said to have written before his death.  In the account, while Byrd flew near the North Pole, to his great surprise, he sighted lush green land beneath him. He was then contacted by entities who invited him to land his plane. In the meeting that followed with representatives of the human society greeting him, they told him to return to his superiors and demand that nuclear weapons be outlawed. In all fairness to accuracy here, however, a recent analysis concerned with the legitimacy of Byrd’s dairy revealed that the publisher of the ‘found Byrd dairy’ was actually related by family to the Bank Of America fortunes, finances associated with the Black Nobility of Italy. On the other hand, it’s a fact that Byrd was noticeably affected to profess a positive change in his personal consciousness towards the end of his life. Even so, he never spoke out publically about what brought that dramatic change in his life about. As a good military man, after being told to remain silent, he never let on much about what he’d discovered during extraordinary years of duty as a very high ranking member of the U.S. Navy.

Further verification for tales of populations living under Earth were collected by Project Red.com which features well over 100 stories—most of them from public sources like old news articles—about possible Inner Earth encounters, with each case recorded and alphabetically filed on 37 pages of potential significance to supporting the idea that our planet may harbor many hidden populations, some of which are not inhabited by anything remotely human.

The best companion reading to every subject raised in the Symposium is found in a series of 5 English language books by Romanian author Radu Cinimar which are available from Sky Books.com, all of them edited by author/publisher Peter Moon. In the opening introduction to the third book, Transylvania Moonrise. [2011 Sky Books], an intriguing list of Romanian based evidence about the existence of Agartha is presented about a range of other Romanian anomalies which strongly indicate the existence of an Inner Earth enclave.     “Creation is unexplainable,” Tamarinda suggested after the eternally debated subject of creation comes up. Despite her statement about something most people consider incomprehensible, she did her best to explain it by first drawing a diagram to help visualize an answer to the big question about our original Source.

She placed a single dot and designated it as representing a super consciousness. A line was drawn straight down, through a distance in space and time, to another dot which represents the consciousness of a child of the super consciousness. Other lines sketched in trail down and outward to represent future offspring.

Thus, the ‘superconsciousness’ exerts a divine force that drops down through distance, through multidimensional densities, to support birth of new spirits.
The term ‘plasma’ comes from studies of quantum physics and refers to a substance that pervades the universe and produces light. Studies of the basic mechanics of plasma, its role in the material and spiritual forces that our bodies are part of may be the same as references to life forces named Chi, Vril or references to a vital energy found everywhere named otherwise within a variety of other cultures. Ms. Maassen explained that plasma exists “to be collected with our hearts…Love is a substance, not a story,” just like the light produced by plasma, Ms. Maassen said. “Love is like a glue.” This is yet another concept that supports the potential for our spiritual transition to heart-consciousness. Importantly, Tamarinda noted that “the soul resides just behind our hearts in a little bag of [plasma] gas.” This testimony may be the reason why the heart emanates the strongest electromagnetic reading of all the Chakra nodes in the human body. “Many people fear love,” she added. “We come into life to find love…and find competition.”

Just as the soul is linked to the heart, she brings up the fact that our highly individualized DNA data is imprinted behind our eyes by a process that is holographic in nature. Ultimately, we have 24 pairs of genes, but only use 22 of them. P40 is the term applied to the higher pairs of genes and is the defense mechanism of the body. The lower genes are called the P24 genes.

Tamarinda took steps to demystify the functioning physical and mental aspects of the human body. “We are a dynamic web of energy,” she observes, “[with] bodies that are held together by our mind.“ She recalled the symbol of the Kundilini and explained that it stands for the force of life. “There is a great universe inside our bodies,” she added. “A billion bits of information get sucked into our bodies everyday.”

The concept that the mind operates within a larger field of consciousness is of great importance to understanding exactly how we function. These introductions to our fundamental knowledge of human operations—facts supporting the physics in play—often lead to surprising explanations about how quantum mechanics rules our universe.

“Consciousness affects our reality…we are like a big piece of consciousness …each person moves their consciousness into a different space,” Tamarinda stated. “Our mind is able to move around inside our consciousness and can decide to stop moving…Our consciousness will exist, no matter what…[it] is multidimensional.” This multidimensional nature of physical reality has perplexed truth-seekers: “We also lead parallel lives,” she proposed.  “What does sacred mean?” she asked. “Wisdom is the most sacred state of being in the world. Look within! You will discover this yourself and find other realms, where you can discover this state of being, this state of consciousness.” And, beyond becoming aware that our inner being is the greatest resource we can turn to, she offered an important insight as to how this can have impact in the world at large: “By what you are inside, you can help others.”

From a medical standpoint, Tamarinda covered a few facts about the physical side of humans. She pointed out that “…the liver is the only organ to regenerate every two weeks and it is sustained by the left kidney.” The chemical invasion of the world’s food chain came up: “There are more microorganisms in our bodies now than human cells. They are more powerful, causing you to create actions you can’t control. We have created an environment for them to thrive. Now that we eat chemicals, it makes them bigger and stronger, an acidic environment. We provide a premier environment for them.” Tamarinda observes this takeover as “seeing the dragon ‘coming out’ as a parasite that captures individuals. Closing on an up note, Tamarinda informed people that ”India wants technology for the good of humanity,” and “…already has incredible healing programs.”

“Sexuality is a gift not to be squandered,” she cautioned, “and can be a connection to the Dance of the Gods.”

“We make ourselves sick,” she claimed and “…disease means very far away from God,” before observing that “HIV distracts the immune system and leads to total destruction of your defenses.”

“Women are the creative force,” she said with grace, “they have the goddess energy. Women generally operate at a higher frequency since the time they are born and can make a child all by themselves, just with their mind….God represents the woman—she is the creative force.”

On the topic of children, amazing statements followed, starting with a talk about a soul’s pre-birth experiences. “We look for parents that can help us achieve the quantum we wish to achieve and enter the auric fields of the parents we have chosen” After noting that, in some instances, the soul of a child can create situations that put their parents together, she states that the soul of the child resides there for 12 months. “Then, when the woman feels the ‘movement’, the soul enters. The parents only want the body, not the soul, but life has to be filled with soul.”

“A child can feel frequency,” she observes. “Children don’t have attachments,” Tamarinda pointed out and “…have no problem believing a game…[they] play honestly.” She also testified that “…An adult’s mind is structured. A child’s mind doesn’t record that way.”

She pointed out that “…[Most] babies are born head down. Baby born feet first will always be dependant on mother.” In advice quite the opposite of the Western practice of showering children with amusements, Tamarinda said that parents should not give children anything. This will set the child up to live in power as wise and powerful children. Tamarinda echoed the concept that we often reincarnate into the same linage of souls when she stated that “your children are often your next parents.”

Of the opposed gender, she stated that “Men are special in this reality because they are the protectors and hold the potential for the universe within them.”

She passed a bit of old school, medicine chest magic along with some advice possibly based on a practical, positive application of real alchemy. “If you don’t have the medicine you need,” she suggested, “write the name of the medicine on a piece of paper. Place the note under a glass of water. Let ten minutes go by while you raise the intention to bring the medicine into the water. Then, after ten minutes, drink it. The medicine will be in the water.”
Each Chakra generates a field, so we have 7 fields separated by about 50 centimeters each.

1st When you are born, the first Chakra anchors into the ground, establishes stability, our ego and the battery on which we live.

2nd Sexuality. Learn to conserve energy and not deviate to it. Adolescence.

3rd  Light. Eye of God science rules until 28-30 years when you want power to be a leader.

4th Love—either exists or not. A time to have children.

5th Destiny, truth and the ability to carry these concepts to an end.

6th We are the light itself. Love, compassion. Guidance from the Christ, reflection and clairvoyance. From here, we can stay and become a teacher—or go home.We all have the potential to become the Christ energy and nust learn how to become enlightened. We are surrounded by God.

7th Lotus chakra—Celestial knowledge, home and back to the Source.

8th  Infinity From here, you can go into another dimension.

9th Realm of saints…

We each have a total of 144 Chakra levels.

Her advice for seriously taking up the spiritual path in life begins with changing the way you live. ‘Now I decide what I want to see.’

‘First, work with yourself, what you say and think,’ Ms. Maassen advises. The challenge is for people to understand that consciousness affects reality. She asks them to assume the primary role in causing the reality they want.

“Get rid of your attachments, get rid of people and events that keep you attached.” For those who become saddened with the idea of this separation, she said “You have to love them [family and friends] enough to let them live their own lives.” At this stage, she elaborated, “You will be the receiver [of the action],” she tells her listeners. “‘What you give, you must pay the action in some way. Don’t take things for free,” she continues, “you must have exchanges, [an] energetic exchange—if you take it for your own actions.” She issued a warning: “If you decide to think the same as others believe, you will share the results. Use your mind to find your purpose—that’s true genius!” Lastly…“If you take on authenticity, you start to get rid of misunderstandings,” she instructed the gathering.

“When you have the power in you, no one can rule you,” she said. Of the end result, Ms. Maassen commented that “…Immortality is a consequence of the way you live your life.”

7 years of training in mind, body and spirit are required to become an initiated Tibetan monk. As for the monk’s practice of chanting mantras, specific mantras are regarded for their ‘enchanting power’. Mantras are vibrations with words. Monks repeat certain mantras 108 times as a sacred technique at the Tovah Mongolian monastery where it is said that 108 books made of gold reside. Each book is connected to a lama.

A mandala is an illustration created from words, 108 words which are tied to us individually and, ideally, represent what we want—the real mandalas of our life. It is an organized pattern that carries a deeper spiritual meaning.  “You can create a mandala out of what you wish. You can use up to 108 words,” Tamarinda testified. “Use words of a very high vibration. Vibrations are everything. God is a very high vibration. Then, the mandala has to be activated by energy, wish and spirit. Without sacred knowledge, the mandala and mantra won’t work, but with this knowledge, it creates a field.”

“There is potential in everyone for a 2nd birth in life, a rebirth, the true awakening,” Tamarinda said with encouragement.

“Enlightenment is a consequence of the spiritual work we do…which assumes the role of your thinking,” she remarked and added that “…surface dwellers ‘think all the time’ and that this can be altered with breath control practices which help prevent this.”

A first field rotates in one direction and then, at another level outward, another field begins to rotate in the opposite direction after you awaken. After this 2nd energy field starts, meditation allows a person to rotate the whole thing in the opposite direction. As the 2nd field rotates in the opposite direction, anti-gravity is created. As a Tibetan student begins to experience being “enlightened”, they can learn to control these rotations at will, a spiritual accomplishment which can lead to mastering feats of levitation.

“Enlightenment takes place as a person realizes that you don’t need anything from here,” Tamarinda observed. “Material needs diminish and your being extends up into the cosmos.” Tamarinda also warns that “beyond gravity, every action must be calculated.”

“While the operating frequency of most unawakened humans is 7.8 Hz, the frequency of an enlightened being is up to 18Hz.”

“We are more than what we see [and] live in an illusion,” she went on to say.

“This reality was created a long time ago. Someone before us created that reality and each of us experiences that reality.”…a reality formed by prior ‘agreements’.

“People surround themselves with holograms which we create every day as a record of our existence,” she said and then elaborated. “Every day is a new hologram. Holograms are filled with information. Stem cells are holographic. Our personal genetic imprint is saved as a hologram.”

“Every thought travels as a wave,” she added, “the action remains forever.” She reviewed the popular notion that a mechanism exists to record reality in full. “Everything you do is recorded,” Tamarinda claimed. “Akasha is a space for this universe. The Akashic records is a space for the universe to keep records.”
Early in life, Tamarinda Maassen became deeply involved in studies of the physical sciences. She rose to become recognized as a prodigy in possession of unique understanding of physics in times when the much more accurate science of quantum physics was emerging.

In the 1920s, Tamarinda was picked to work with and consult Herrman Oberth, one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics, who based the foundations of his work on a book written about rockets in the 1500s.

Both Ms. Maassen and Oberth came from the Transylvanian region of Romania, lands inescapably tied to wicked tales of Dracula, yet, in actuality, it has been the background for many other uplifting legends, such as the belief that Norse god Odin was born there. Transylvania, Hindu tales claim, was also the setting for visits by the influential, benevolent god Rama and his entourage.

In Romania, Oberth refined rocket science to a point where, even though he was an outsider to the Nazism overtaking Germany, he became Werner von Braun’s teacher in Germany. After the war, when chief Apollo engineer von Braun had vibration problems on the Saturn C4 rocket intended to hurl men to the Moon, NASA hired Oberth away from his university teaching in Hungary. Oberth helped von Braun stabilize the main, first stage booster of the Saturn rocket to become a major figure in the Apollo Moon program.

Yet, since that time, Oberth has also earned an even bigger name among recent day investigators who’ve carefully researched the major pre-war, global Nazi effort to study secrets of the occult sciences and apply that thinking to dominating the world. At the center of this activity was Hitler’s esoteric think tank called The Ahnenerbe Society, which aimed to incorporate the most powerful potentials of these “hidden sciences” into Nazi military equipment. After Oberth spoke at a post war public conference about mankind’s leap into space in 1959, the rocket engineer told the European press that the Third Reich had direct technical help in developing a wide range of highly advanced technologies from “…people of another world.”

Two influences arising from the same non-human culture influenced the Nazis in separate development deals made with the Nazis as early as the 1920s. The key group in question is described by Ms. Maassen when she refers to these ‘people’ as “…parasites [who] came here to feed off of the gods. They like an acid environment…They live off of the chain reactions in our bodies.” In Romania [as well as within many other older cultures], they were consistently referred to as horrid ‘Demons’. Today, this reptilian breed is more formally known as the Draco, which refers to the star constellation where they are said to have been artificially cultured in genetic manipulations performed by deranged humans to create cunning warrior beasts. “They gave Hitler television so that he could create tyrants at home after first broadcasts in 1935,” Ms. Maassen recalled. “Nazis were connected to the [Tibetan] lamas, who gave them [the] cosmology,” Tamarinda disclosed. “These lamas revealed the dark side of Tibet while the Third Reich was looking for Inner Earth.” Some lamas were known to have been threatened by Nazi ‘raiders’. Tamarinda explained that the lamas gave the technological plans to them so that Hitler “would not get them from another source.” Like Oberth, she echoed the same belief, that “…Hitler had his own connection to ETs.” She was likely referring to other, competing Third Reich anti-gravity development known to be technically supported directly by Draco activity. These cooperative interactions remained carefully hidden within the heavily compartmentalized Luftwaffe aviation wing of the Third Reich, as managed by Hitler’s chief engineer, Hans Kammler.

Mere mortals can’t get into Agartha—much less spiritually dead Nazis—yet, according to Ms. Maassen, they did find or force their way into “the first level of Agartha”…somewhere.

Let’s look at just one example of how the Nazis hijacked some of the sacred knowledge they learned from studying spiritual techniques that lead to ‘enlightenment’ and incorporated it into development of weaponized, gravity-cancelling spacecraft. It starts with a review of the 1920’s engineering work done by a small clique of women headed by a remarkable psychic woman named Maria Orsitch. The women called themselves The Vril Society. She and her followers may have had direct connections to the same underworld encampments that Baron Lytton described in his book The Coming Race as described in the following excerpt from a book on the Apollo era, Lightning On The Moon:

Maria Orsitsch

“…The Vril women psychics longed to travel to that distant planet after coming to believe that the Germanic Aryans were a creation of the Black Sun, symbolized by a form of the Swastika. This ‘true Aryan home’ was found close to the Pleiades constellation, some 500 light years from Earth—a planet orbiting the star  Aldebaran. British researcher Peter Crawford elaborates:‘Orsitch was considered an advanced medium in the 1920’s. Her very basic designs for anti-gravity craft were transcribed on paper during a series of telepathic contacts the Vril group claimed to have had with distant Pleiadian sources.’

This is Maria Orsitch’s original 1919 rendering is courtesy of REN-TV, Russia: Operation UFO

The copy of Orsitch’s basic drawing pictures the simplest demonstration of one form of anti-gravity concept, one which features three discs. The center disk remains stationary while the two on either side are spun in counter-rotating directions. Thus, when a specific spin speed is reached, a lifting effect occurs to oppose gravity in a certain range, the basis for ‘anti-gravity’. [A number of other methods of achieving ‘anti-gravity’ and ‘faster than the speed of light’ spacecraft exist and have been extensively developed.]    Crawford notes that the resulting mechanism made the conditions for flight possible by creating “…an extremely strong field around itself extending somewhat into its surroundings which would render the space thus enclosed including the machine a microcosm absolutely independent of the Earthbound space.

At maximum strength this field would be independent of all surrounding universal forces – like gravitation, electromagnetism, radiation and matter of any kind – and could therefore maneuver within a gravitational or any other field at will, without acceleration forces being effective or perceptible.”
The fields created by Orsitch’s three mechanical disks do compare directly to the two counter-rotating spiritual auric fields that occur in humans who have long practiced producing this phenomena for awhile as a measure of reaching enlightenment. With the unmoving, stationary field the effect can be experienced is human levitation. When compared to the Virl women’s disc experimentation, the two counter-rotating plates separated by an unmoving one produce ‘anti-gravity disc levitation’.

Tamarinda also provided another example of how the reptilians aided the Nazis in coming up with working models of their prototype ‘flying discs’. “When the Draco taught Nazis how to make their first anti-gravity machines for flight,” she explained, “they used alchemy.” Alchemy is considered the most secret of sciences, a field in which those who become adept at practicing it learn how to convert various atomic structures into other atomic alloys or forms to achieve what’s needed to achieve a technical goal.

“[Models for the parts of the spacecraft] were fashioned first in wood,” Ms. Maassen explained, “and then transmuted [atomically converted] into metal.”

Pictured above are a few of the very early designs that the Vril Society developed and flew.

It is greatly important to note that, in a book published in 1915, highly placed U.S. Navy Intelligence officer William Tompkins, the gifted designer who also acted as a chief manager of the Apollo Moon program, confirmed that reptilian military forces, known as the Draco or Saurians, directly aided the enormous flight engineering advances made by the Third Reich before and during WWII.

There has long been speculation that the feature film Stargate, along with the long-running television series it spawned, were both based on a real program run by the U.S. Air Force, which provided direct, consistent  consultation to both productions, if not also film funding. Ms. Maassen confirmed that a stargate machine exists and went on to pinpoint a great problem it poses. Any time the stargate is opened, undesirable extraterrestrials were able to get into this reality. “Time being broken,” she said, “ETs come in through the gate…They remain open now.” She added a sorry footnote to this phenomena when she said that this “…generated a collapse in this society…we see the results of what a limited mind can do.”

Tamarinda provided a short review of the importance of symbols historically known as ‘Runes’.

Diagram of runes by Tamarinda Maassen
Discovery of the runes in Journey To The Center of theEarth. What did Jules Verne know about Inner Earth?
Discovery of the runes in Journey To The Center of theEarth. What did Jules Verne know about Inner Earth? Illustration by Edoward Riou

Based on simple symbols, runes are a language that was used in secret Germanic societies. “These symbols have power and can control,” she revealed.

“Powerful people will use mystic symbols to gain prosperity. Runes can be activated in certain rituals… Once activated, they have power…When you have that power, no one can rule you.” Runes were also known to have had popular use among Nordic tribes and shamans who learned how to employ them for various rituals.

She spoke briefly on the subject of time. “Tomorrow doesn’t exist; we wake up to today,” she said and “…There is a guardian of time…In the present, we have past/present and future. To live in the present, we must have love, truth and the Christ,” she emphasized. “We need to have love to live in the present. This will bring you to the future… You are a part of the future.” She also provided surprising insight about a major capability in our possession: “The human mind is a time machine.”

Dr. David Anderson, a pioneer, American educated inventor in the field of time modification, started out doing research and development along those lines for the U.S. Air Force long ago. On a Skype call, he spoke about his field:

“The workings of time are important,” he said, “We have the capacity to move time. It is fluid…Time control holds the potential to change our lives and reality in ways that are difficult to comprehend.” Is there a positive influence here on Earth from a place “beyond time”?

The Space Shuttle was used on multiple missions to deploy intelligence gathering equipment and possibly weapons into space for the Department of Defense.
One of these was devoted to geological surveillance, a satellite electronically capable of probing deep within the ground [If you please, visualize a highly advanced form of X-ray vision] to detect resources, military operations or structures.

This Pentagon operation detected a suspiciously shaped facility hidden inside one of the Bucegi Mountains in Romania, under a mountain topped off with a sculpted stone figure with facial features that’s long been called ‘The Sphinx’.

Tumultuous events soon followed, circumstances summed up best by Peter Moon as ‘intrigue, turmoil and restriction’. What follows below are passages extracted from introductions to several of the 5 book series Peter Moon has published about these events, originally chronicled by Radu Cinamar, the Romanian writer  whose life was spiritually transformed greatly during the experiences that he details with considerable writing skill in each book.

Peter Moon:
“In August of 2003, an…unprecedented collaboration of American and Romanian military troops conducted an expedition beneath the Bucegi Mountains…”
The American military unit used exotic Earth boring machinery equipped to dig with plasma and magnetic resonance technologies. In operation, these mobile units can create up to seven miles of a large-size, smooth-wall tunnel a day.

“…[They] uncovered the greatest archeological find of all time; a mysterious chamber some 50,000 years old with holographic technology that is beyond man’s wildest dreams.”

[from Transylvanian Moonrise]

Highly sophisticated technology was found in what became called the ‘Great Chamber’, a circular room embedded in solid rock, the construction of which must have required exotic techniques, measures around 300 feet in diameter and is covered by a dome more than 90 feet high.

The first machine described was activated by one of the main characters in the overall story, Cezar Brad, a Romanian intuitive who had been trained since very young by a Tibetan lama to become a master of the higher levels of consciousness. In his twenties, Brad was appointed to head Department Zero, the Romanian government office put in charge of investigating all odd phenomena. Department Zero could be compared to an X-Files operation run, not by FBI agents, but by gifted psychics.

Once the first device was turned on, a person could place their hand over the machine and the holographs produced would display medical data about their condition right down to DNA details.

The second device demonstrated would clearly show detailed highlights of historical events as holograms of those episodes—but only up to around 500 AD.

Another machine energized in the Bucegi complex pictured holograms of different species of advanced extraterrestrial life forms which could then separately bring up another extraterrestrial life form, then combine them as holographs which showed how the two might look when genetically joined.

An upright platform exists in the center the chamber, its purposes unknown, which indicated that those who walked into it must have been 12-14 feet tall. If this is an indication of the common height found in the culture that built the complex found inside the Bucegi mountain, they were twice the size of humans today.

Three tunnel entrances were carved into the outer edges of the chamber. One led to the Giza, Egypt, another to Tibet and the third to Inner Earth:

Peter Moon:

“…it became a state secret of the highest level for Romania and their new partner, the United States, whose advanced technology enabled the discovery to take place,” Peter Moon wrote. “The primary custodial agency of this chamber full of holographic technology is Department Zero, a secret service unit that answers only to the Romanian President. Ever since, there has been a continuous and persistent effort by certain Romanian and American factions to undermine the authority of Department Zero in order to gain access to and control this technology.”

“…The Secret Parchment…tells the story of the detailed political intrigues behind this remarkable find and also how these matters have been subject to intervention by superior forces, one of which concerns the arranged discovery of an ancient Tibetan manuscript…”              [from The Secret Parchment]
With further secrets involving this technology hanging in the balance, guarded full-time by NATO troops to prevent full disclosure, the world will have to wait for the Great Chamber to be opened to inspection by the modern world.

In the years since, brave Romanian newspapers have published detailed reports on the discoveries and the international suppression of those events, so the public in that nation is fairly well aware of what’s been going on.

Closing statements by Tamarinda Maassen strongly indicated the stance of a faction of Romanians who remain determined, despite any NATO imposed suppression of these events, to make sure the world knows about what was found under the Bucegi mountain. “We are standing in an historic moment,” she said, “It is time for truth to come out.”

Perhaps the most important statement Ms. Maassen made at the Symposium was that the Agarthan community wishes to gradually reemerge from the depths to encourage “a reunion with the surface world.” They envision a full disclosure of their existence, and of the discoveries made in 2003, to happen in stages over the next 7 years. [presumably from 2017 onward to 2024, starting with this NY event]

Ms. Maassen claimed that the Agartha community urgently wants the surface population to “stop the nonsense.”

“The end of ruling will come,” she assured the gathering. That hardly meant the end of the world is coming. She argued that the limitation of knowledge imposed by the global elite is unlikely to keep humanity arrested in tyranny much longer.

”The birth of a new Earth is coming,” she predicted, “…The apocalypse is a change…the end…then [we can] start rebuilding the world again…The journey isn’t over…”

Disclosure of the discoveries at the Bucegi mountain would favor the future importance of Romania as a nation at the crossroads between East and West, with an emphasis on its link to modern day China, to create an important economic, political and even spiritual position for a nation where, “politics is very different.”

In 1990, archeologists discovered indications of a prior civilization centered in Romania. These finds may be no surprise to many Romanians who are aware that their nation holds a huge potential impact on the making of a positive future for humanity. “There are 7000 kilometers of tunnels under Romania…[many of which are] lined with solid gold” Indeed, Transylvania has one of the biggest deposits of gold in the world.  All told now, Romania could become a major world player as selfish controlling interests dominating the world now continue to lose power as humanity begins to mature after a centuries-long delay in natural spiritual evolution.

About the author:

Rob Wold is a former film and television writer/producer and director whose documentary work has appeared on PBS in America. He was a director of photography on 2 dramatic foreign language feature films, written several acclaimed screenplays, worked in film casting and performed successful development of major film financing.

Rob can be reached at woldrob@yahoo.com.


Thanks to Linda Castile of Belize for taking detailed notes and allowing their use in composing this essay. Thanks also goes out to Lauren Williams in New Orleans for help in preparing some of the graphic art contained above.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

The full collection of pen and ink illustrations from Jules Verne’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth can be found at

Zvi Har’El’s Jules Verne Collection  jv.gilead.org.ilOriginal illustrations for Jule’s Verne’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth all by Edouard Riou. Research provided by Mary Jo Collins in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Inner Earth Evidence:

The Coming Race:https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1951/1951-h/1951-h.htm

Project Redbook: 37 pages



Article by Arjun Walia: The Legend of Shambala, January 31st, 2017.Source—Collective Evolution.

Article by Arjun Walia: The Legend of Shambala, January 31st, 2017.Source—Collective Evolution.

Books: There are now 5 books detailing the implications of the Bucegi mountain discovery, powerful Tibetan practices for spiritual advancement and the influence that an ancient prophecy which pinpoints these times as a major turning point for humanity.   

Transylvanian Sunrise  Author Radu Cinamar’s entrancing account of the early years in the life of Cezar Brad, a Romanian child blessed with remarkably unusual psychic abilities who receives a special education in practicing them from Doctor Xien, a Tibetan llama stationed in Romania by the Chinese under a highly unusual communist nations exchange program.

After Cezar takes over Department Zero in post-communist times, the Romanian agency charged with handling investigations of all strange phenomena, he takes charge of the historic discovery of ultra-high technology found within the Bucegi mountains and the international crisis that follows. A remarkably well written account of intrigue from start to finish, diligently edited for English publication by Peter Moon.

Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon 288 pages

ISBN 978-0-9678162-5-8

Transylvanian Moonrise: A Secret Initiation in the Mysterious Land of the Gods

This third book in the series further describes the author’s spiritual transformation as he encounters a true alchemist in possession of technology that keeps him relatively young even though he is some 600 years old. The storyline continues through travel to Tibet where he has a wondrous meeting with a goddess who gives him long hidden writings, some of which are spiritual prophecies intended for release during the present day conflicts the global population is enduring now.   

by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

ISBN 978-0-9678162-8-9

Mystery of Egypt – The First Tunnel

In this, the fourth book in the series by author Radu Cinamar, he is recruited by Cezar Brad to accompany him and a small contingent of trained commandos down into the ‘first tunnel’ entrance found in the Projection Hall under the Bucegi mountain where the facility was excavated 50,000 years ago. Destination: Egypt.

Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon

The Secret Parchment — Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques

This is the actually the 3rd book in the series, one which presents “five invaluable techniques for spiritual advancement,” explains the intelligence and secret weapons war taking place now on Earth and tells how an “ancient Romanian legend comes alive as subterranean solid gold tunnels…are revealed to facilitate super-consciousness as well as lead to the nexus of the Inner Earth where ‘all the worlds unite.’ “

Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon ISBN 978-1-937859-13-8

NEW: The White Bat – The Alchemy of Writing by Peter Moon

Peter Moon’s account, the 5th in this series, tells how his experiences with the work of

Radu Cinamir, special purpose travels to Romania and other related phenomena were not only life-changing events, but aided his writing abilities.

224 pages, ISBN 978-1-937859-15-2

All books are $22.00 USD Details for ordering them are found at skybooks.com

Lightning On The Moon Introduction

Actual Photo Of Nazi Lunar Outpost

Rob Wold

Copyright Library of Congress

May, 2020

The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.

                                                                                                                    J.B.S. Haldane


Tree houses, for some boys, are enchanted places where the wonders of the universe come alive at night. At childhood’s end, my friend Richard joined me to camp out one clear August night in a tree house I’d built on the big branches of an apple tree in our Wisconsin apple orchard. It was the late 1950s and, beneath the twilight, we stayed up late, finding constellations, both of us possessed with wonder over all that is out there.

   Long about two in the morning, our endless boyhood talk was brought to an abrupt halt when a fascinating sight came into view some eight hundred feet aloft. Five dark circular discs slid silently across the stars, in a wide > shaped flight pattern, cruising at some twenty miles an hour on a southeast heading towards Chicago. Jolted into pure awe, we hollered, “What are those?” The twinkling field of stars disappeared smoothly behind the black discs as they soared over—there were no lights visible to signal their passage. I longed to be up there, somehow, taking a closer look at the vessels which appeared to span more than two hundred feet across.

   Filled with amazement, we scrambled down the tree, anxious to tell the world, starting with our parents who were sound asleep in the house. We yelled and startled them awake with our story. Richard’s father, a respected economics professor at Northwestern University, was hardly amused. My dad, who had retired as a U.S. Army Colonel, had served with 5th Army in China during WWII. He was willing to hear us out, but, anything that was good for a laugh, he played for one. To him, flying saucers were something so funny and he couldn’t help but make us both feel awkward for taking the sighting so seriously.

   The postwar years had brought waves of news reports concerning sightings of unidentified craft in flight and other sensational stories—events my father was likely aware of. Beyond the attempts to humor us, there were no answers offered. We were unable to coax them outside. I recall the sense of something powerful rendering them incapable of talking about it.

   Throughout the years since, I wondered if, that night, they’d discovered firsthand from their ten year olds that speculation about flying saucers and extraterrestrial visitations might hold actual merit. Back then, it was a disquieting prospect that few were prepared to confront, however, my father made calls to Washington and located a newly founded UFO research group and helped me file a report.

   Since then, much more dramatic events have attracted controversy. Over the past seven decades, these reports began to intensify, becoming one of the greatest mysteries confronting mankind, joined by the largest effort by U.S. government agencies to lock up any evidence that might verify the existence of an extraterrestrial presence at work in our midst.

   Since humans first gazed up at our Moon, they have wondered about its meaning.  This novel’s lunar theme has been visited in the works of revered writers Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke and others. It’s my hunch that a few of these thinkers were aware that astronomers had noted inexplicable evidence of civilization on the Moon. Indeed, the Moon’s mystique has long tested the best of scientific minds. 

   What has been learned about the true nature of our nearest neighbor? Odd phenomena have been seen on the lunar surface through the ages. This is a novel of speculative fiction based on dramatic events that I began to encounter in my early experience as a filmmaker. In the course of preparing this book, I relied on analysis made by many dedicated investigators, scientists in many fields and claims made by former military and government sources who’ve had direct experience with extraterrestrial phenomena. This book takes readers into the corridors of the intelligence camps, as well as the military and official networks that still remain largely hidden from the public.

   The material is bound to raise objections with some readers. Why was evidence of activity on the Moon intentionally falsified during the time of the Apollo flights?

The research this novel is based on should be available from NASA sources. Unfortunately for the public, there are strong indications that much evidence has been altered and that, during all of its missions to the Moon, the government employed a range of deceptive practices.

   Embedded in specific NASA images, and from other reliable, non-government sources, there is ample visual evidence contradicting the claim that our Moon is a barren, lifeless planet.

    The awakening of the general public to the extraterrestrial phenomena over the past few decades via popular media, as a matter of entertainment, has left a serious set of facts undisclosed, and an even-handed approach to these controversies must acknowledge their existence.

   The learning doesn’t have to stop at this book; I strongly recommend that all readers look into the footnoted appendix to this novel, The References and Sources section located at the very end of the novel or online. It is set up to act as a lively counterpart to the fictional interests of the storyline. It dives deeper into the missing links to the truth and offers a summarized perspective on past and current thinking about these issues.

   It is an organized attempt to demystify as many of these questions with scientific explanations as possible based on what is now known. The sources component of the reference section includes Internet sites. The hosts of many of these websites are dedicated to research on various compelling aspects of this phenomena. 

   The details offered in the References also act as a guide to how speculative writing can draw inspiration from a large body of scientific facts to drive the creation of fictional characters and, more importantly, motivate some of the action they experience. I’ve taken the process one step beyond the boundaries and restrictions of current day conventions of science to allow for free thinking.   

    Amid this widening controversy, a careful review of all the facts collected over the years leads us to conclude that there has been an altogether different agenda with today’s efforts to return to the Moon and go to Mars acting to conceal another, even more exotic space program underway. Research indicates that the full extent of this series of interstellar military activities appear to have been quite extensive and involved us in many direct contacts with many extraterrestrial cultures. It is likely this interaction has also led to the discovery of the existence of human populations elsewhere in the universe.

   Independent research by outside investigators has provided the world with enough information to form a basic profile of the methods and motives of the extraterrestrial populations in our midst, most actively involved in our affairs, perhaps in carrying out some grand scale operation not to the benefit of humanity.

   There are factions within this occupation that possess the desire to educate us, who operate with good intentions, but there other, more ominous elements present.   For some time, there have been strong indications that other negative groups are tactically aligned with the primary, public groups and have been working with them for many decades, liaisons which reveal some of the larger truths of human existence which have not been shared with the general public, but are well known within an elite faction of governments worldwide who are involved in full time extraterrestrial contact.

  The rest of the world needs to be made aware of this contact and of the spiritual benefits certain teachings hold for all of humanity.

   If contemporary societies on Earth remain bound to concepts of the universe that are unworkable, inevitably humanity as a whole will find itself exiled from the rest of the universe. The wall of ignorance perpetrated by this mindset separates the true reality surrounding every one of us with a version of enforced truth that doesn’t stand up under scientific scrutiny. This mindset contains a built-in mechanism that rejects new ideas automatically and is a major factor hindering the positive progress of mankind in that process. It may be a factor born of allowing too much technological artificial intelligence to enter into governance on Earth.

   For all of us on Earth, fellow travelers seeking the truths that life in its great wonder may offer us, may we look through the eyes of a child and hope that somehow we may yet learn to see.

   My task, which I am trying to achieve, is by the power of the written word to make you hear, to make you feel.

   It is, before all, to make you see.

Joseph Conrad


A nuclear missile station in North Dakota scrambles two F-16 jets to intercept a large UFO approching the base only to find themselves wrestling with an adversary able to capture both of them

Lightning On The Moon

Chapter One

Capture In The Sky

Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota

September 15th, 1989

An extraordinary full moon watched over the airbase as the eerie sounds of an all-out scramble of fighter jets shot through the night.

   Air raid sirens wailed, shattering the deep sleep of airmen and officers who tumbled out of their barracks to join the full alert. Forming teams that filled up jeeps and cars, they raced off across streets and runways, lights flashing like fireflies.

   A fleet of vehicles carrying support crews screeched to a stop by the squadron of F-16 Falcon jet interceptors standing in readiness outside a darkened hanger. Flight crews poured out onto the tarmac, and two first-rate pilots climbed up, then jumped into the open cockpits, tripping switches to ignite their engines.

   Streaking in fast and silent from high up beyond the outer edges of the base, an immense, shining circular craft swooped smoothly down low across the main runway and moved across the field to halt in position just above the control tower at the center of the facility. A shaft of blinding white light winked on beneath; the structures below lit bright as day. Moments later, the beam dimmed and the domed disc streaked straight up, moving hundreds of feet and stopped, then zipped away, zigzagging in a wide arc. An intense white flash radiated under the body of the craft as it jumped off to fly to a point many miles away where it came to a standstill, dazzling far brighter than any star visible in the dark skies beyond.

   Instants later, the two F-16’s screamed down the runway at full throttle towards takeoff speed, afterburners thundering, and blazed into flight, soaring up into a steep climb. They turned into a tight right bank, starting to close in on the intruder hovering in the distance, as a parade of multi-colored lights pulsed brightly around its outer edges in repetition.

     Inside the tower radar room, other airmen arriving were shaking off sleep, yet senior air controller Major Mike Lipton was in top condition, fully awake as he rushed in, saluting night watch radar man Lieutenant Greg Moore in a transfer of authority, discharging him from duty.

   “Down in silo A-43, sir,” Moore said, “checking a security breach on a missile. Something’s set off all the alarms.”

  “Get him up here,” Lipton directed the lieutenant firmly as he slid down onto the hot seat in front of the main radar display. “Now!”

   “Yes, sir,” Moore replied. He grabbed the security phone to make the call that would work its way up through the chain of command and rush the general to the tower for any combat activity.    

   Lipton slipped on the headphones and observed the earliest stage of the swift interception racing across the big green screen. He peeked over the shoulder of Lieutenant Peter England, the altitude air traffic controller seated next to him. Lipton got a fix on the altitude of the intruder, then snap-calculated the closing distance of the fast-moving pursuit.

   Moore huddled over Lipton to give him a quick update. “It buzzed the base twice in the last twenty-two minutes. From zero, it took off and we calculated it jumped to Mach 3 in a split second and, just as fast, the target came back here to perform some incredible maneuvers right over us, then raced out to the position on the screen,” he concluded. Moore leaned over to finish in a forceful whisper. “They’re here, Mike.” [i]

   Lipton nodded. “I saw it,” he stated, then bluntly dismissed the topic to reset the main radar’s beam from making a full circular sweep to a beam that scanned a narrow, back-and-forth perspective which took in only the paths of the F-16’s and the target of their assault.

   “Lipton here,” the tactics controller signed on crisply. “Check in, Demon Dogs. Squawk IDs.”

    “Roger, Minot. Demon Dog One,” senior pilot Major Jim Cafferty came on. “Welcome to the late show, sir,” he added casually, his interceptor shuddering with the side effects of afterburner-assisted thrust, giving it all she had to reach supersonic speed.

   “Minot. Roger, One,” Lipton followed up. ”We’ve got a very special guest for you fellas this evening. Look heading 52 degrees, 12 miles out and stationary at ninety-five hundred feet.”

   “Dog One. Roger, Minot. Can’t miss him. Dog One out.”

   “Minot, Demon Dog Two.” Captain Tom Shanker logged on as he neatly jockeyed his Falcon snug into the formation slot behind Cafferty’s. A young pilot, he fingered at the flip-top cover protecting the launch trigger for his weapons—six lethal sidewinder air-to-air missiles. Only Lipton’s go ahead for an air-to-air strike was needed. “Up for duty, sir!” he reported in.

   Thundering through the darkness, the supersonic assault was covering ground fast. The Falcons scattered a deafening set of wide sonic booms over the quiet farmlands below.

   “Minot. Closing,” Lipton said to estimate their separation from the UFO. “Six miles.”

   Sidewinder missiles were heat-seekers and Cafferty seriously questioned whether the intruder target had any hot spots to seek. Their only other option was to radar-guide all the missiles fired into the large target blip displayed on the radar screens. “Dog Two, Dog One. Heat-seeking’s no good for this. Launch with radar,” he alerted his flight partner while activating his weapons system and switching it from a ‘heat’ to ‘radar’ function. “Locking to target.  Copy me, Dog Two?”

   “Dog One. Dog Two confirming,” Shanker followed suit on his own system. “Locked.”

   In less than a minute’s steep climb, the jet fighters had reached an altitude slightly higher and  above the motionless adversary.

   “Minot. Closing…” Lipton reported, “…four miles.”   

   “Minot, Dog One. Penetration. Dog Two, cut the burners,” ordered the mission leader. “Maintain 800.” Throttling back from max speed, the aviators slowed to around 800 miles an hour, a feat that demanded very keen handling at night.

   An aeronautical engineer by trade, Cafferty was a highly skilled flight instructor who’d qualified many a combat pilot. He shifted his eyes up from the dimly lit instrumentation to size up the spectacle ahead. Glowing softly a bright, pale yellow―at times orange―against the starry sky, the body of the invading craft featured a slowly paced sequence of red, blue, yellow and green lights strobing in regular sequence around its bottom rim.

   “Dog One. Dog Two, we’re on top. Orient to target,” Cafferty signaled. Both men nosed their warplanes down slightly to position the Falcons into an attack attitude.

   “Minot.Three miles. Dog One, Two—still movin’ in way too hot,” reasoned Lipton as his jets were open to pre-emptive attack. “Slow to 200. Flaps twenty-five.”

   “Dog One. Roger, Minot,” Cafferty acknowledged. “Out.”

   “Dog Two, Minot. Affirmative—they know we’re coming,” Shanker obeyed and broke his jet out to the side to safely execute the procedure. They eased back on their speed again and lowered their main wing flaps to the first setting to boost lift in the slower speeds. The savage howl of the whining jet turbines hushed down into a drone. The thrill of the sight rushed through Shanker.

   “Amazes the hell out of me,” he commented on the air.   

   Cafferty looked down the sleek nose of his F-16 to take his first hard look at what they were up against. In more than twenty years of service as a fighter pilot, he’d racked up well over three thousand hours of flight time, but even with the constant intelligence training on foreign aircraft provided by the U.S. Air Force, the combat-hardened flyer couldn’t recall any known design to match what he was seeing. Nothing remotely close. Even watching the super-sized craft from a distance was an absolutely phenomenal experience.

   “Dog One, Minot. Tell ya right now,” Cafferty said in hard-edged Texan, “there ain’t any Russians ridin’ in this one.”

   The glimmering intruder took the form of a sharply-rising, arched dome that flowed smoothly up and over on all sides, creating a bulge at the bottom of the body that rested atop a shallow-bottomed disc. Cafferty’d always joked to other pilots that UFOs were ‘unconventional flying objects’ being flown by interplanetary stunt pilots. Secretly to himself―and like many other combat pilots with years of flight time―from time to time he harbored a hope to luck out with the rare opportunity to see one while aloft. Now here he was, coming up on what was, in his mind, a true dream baby of one. [ii]

   “Dog Two. Big Dog, just what in hell are we talkin’ about here?” Shanker asked with wary reluctance.

   “Stick around, Little Dawg,” Cafferty coaxed him on. “Might learn somethin’ new tonight, kiddo.” He came back on seconds later. “The size of it,” he radioed out awestruck as the craft’s details became more clear to him. “Gotta be fifteen stories tall.” Cafferty was certain it was a spacecraft, at once fascinating, yet intimidating―its intents unknown.

   “It’s a little over half a football field wide,” Shanker came back. “It’s a monster.”

   Cafferty didn’t dare chance second-guessing the capabilities of an opponent who likely possessed vastly superior weapons, kinds only imagined by the best minds in the nation’s weapon labs. Before he could carry out any offensive attack, standing orders required him as the mission leader to proceed by rules of engagement. Authorization for a strike had to be made by Lipton.

   If they hit it with all they had, a debris field could spread out over an area much larger than the remains of the craft recovered at Roswell, a tale that had circulated among Air Force pilots for years.

   Cafferty recalled the time he joined in with some other senior Air Force pilots in hallway talk that brought up the Roswell buzz, the wild story of a crashed flying disc that originated with transport pilots who once flew for the 509th Bomb Group based in Roswell, New Mexico. They were the aviators who dropped the A-bombs on Japan in 1945, then went on to recover the remains of an extraterrestrial spacecraft two years later in the northern part of that state. This once highly classified tale had rapidly spread among pilots and servicemen in other military branches.

   In mid-1947, the Army Air Force hastily wrote a cover story about the apparent accident of a flying disc to create the impression that the thing was obliterated when it hit the ground during a furious thunderstorm. At the ranch north of Roswell, the fictional crash site was said to be three-quarters of a mile long and several hundred feet wide.

   According to that version of the story, a remarkable example of spacecraft engineering actually had been discovered in the form of a fairly intact flying disc deliberately left for the Army to find just days prior to the Roswell event. This was found in a stretch of desert near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Barely damaged, only its engine was missing.

   A doll-like alien mannequin was propped up beside the shell of the small, slender saucer like disc, which was then secretly dismantled and shipped to Washington where it was inspected, then shipped to Wright-Patterson airfield in Dayton, Ohio.[iii]

   In comparison, the spacecraft confronting Cafferty and Shanker was enormous. At this altitude, Cafferty speculated that their missiles might decimate it into a million pieces―if they weren’t knocked out themselves first. The resulting devastation would rain down heavily over many square miles of the North Dakota farmland below.

   Cafferty reached for his trigger gate. “Dog One. Minot, ready to confirm engagement,” he alerted Lipton.

   “Dog Two. Minot, Dog One—ready to engage,” Shanker followed, sounding cocky. “Let’s bring in that big score.” The deadly rockets were radar-linked to the unidentifiable opponent, each pilot’s thumb tensed tight over their trigger, combat ready.

   With no reply, Cafferty repeated, “Minot, Dog One. Major Lipton, are we cleared to engage?”  

   As Shanker’s comment hung in the air among the radar crew, tension notched up with every tick of the clock. 

   “Stand by men,” the major held them off, playing for time to strategize. Orders for an offensive operation required a commander’s decision, not Lipton’s. In the commanding officer’s absence, his duty was to assess the existing threat. How real was it? A seasoned tactical pilot himself, he had a background in precision tactics, but this situation posed many unknown risks on the ground, too, including possible civilian casualties that might occur on the many farms beneath the conflict. Above all, Lipton had to consider the security of the nuclear arsenal of ten intercontinental ballistic missiles housed below ground in their silos along the outer perimeter of the base. Why was the intruder playing such provocative games? What was its true agenda?   

   Suddenly, the whole instrument panel in Cafferty’s F-16 went dark, flashed on again in sections, then failed, starved for power. Flight system units came on separately for split seconds, malfunctioned—then died out.

   “Dog One, Minot. Got big troubles here,” he notified the tower calmly, but loud enough to be heard above the shrill emergency alarms that had begun to sound in the cabin.

   In Shanker’s cockpit, the same conditions erupted. Warning alarms buzzed frantically and a panic of flashing lights–red, white and amber–flooded the cockpit. “Dog Two, Minot..,” he blurted, his voice raised, “…something’s gone wild here, too!”

   The severely garbled reports of the hectic crisis unfolding in the sky only amounted to noise in the tower, where they were only partly heard. Lipton knew some kind of hell had broke loose out there when he saw the F-16 blips begin to flicker, stalled in place on the large display. Concerned that both jets might have been hit and were falling, he conferred with the altitude radar man.

   “England,” Lipton asked the captain at that other radar screen, “where are they?”

   “Holding at 10,000 feet, sir,” England informed him. 

   In the pitch black sky, a severe shaking started to rattle the sturdy Falcons. The aircraft pitched around, wobbling up, then down, shuddering like they’d blundered into a gusty zone of air turbulence.

   Right off, Cafferty knew better than to blame turbulent winds and searched through his intimate knowledge of F-16 operational features, unable to recall any known engineering flaw that would explain the symptoms. Cafferty suspected that both jets were being roughed up by some form of technical harassment.

   Cafferty recalled the mysterious aerial entities that came to be called the Foo fighters by WWII airmen who saw them tagging along just off the wings of military flights.[iv] Other pilots tagged them ‘gremlins’. Perhaps, he theorized, similar unseen forces had come onboard. The gremlin-like beings from the spacecraft had invaded both jets and took over the sensitive flight control systems. They were directly manipulating the intricate electronic instruments that ran the F-16’s main directional control surfaces, beating the controls silly in a rapid-punch, one-sided fight that the spacecraft owners from afar were well equipped to carry out. Cafferty imagined one gremlin hard at work on his jet fighter, while another was playing havoc on Shanker’s.

   Just then, Cafferty sensed a presence reaching into his mind.

   The control yoke in Shanker’s hand wrestled against him viciously as he tried to override it. His feet remained firmly placed on rudders that wretched around on their own―command of his F-16 had been taken over by…who?

   The threat posed by the spacecraft’s superiority left Shanker feeling despise for the power this force possessed. Second-to-second in the bright, double bursts of his strobe light, he caught snapshots of Cafferty’s jet careening, thrown around, wings swaying high. Suddenly, he caught sight of Cafferty’s wing moving in fast, the whole jet coming at his belly first—with one of his missiles about to be nicked by Cafferty’s wingtip.

   In the darkness, Shanker’s jet shuddered as his missile collided with Cafferty’s wingtip.  He rapidly applied all his might to wrenching the control yoke stick to the right, moving his jet away to avert what could have been a fatal collision. Shanker let out a breath of relief. Somehow, the young pilot had momentarily overpowered whatever was struggling against his fighter. Or, Shanker tried to recall, did he feel his controls released for seconds, long enough to bring his jet craft back into control―and save them both?

   Cafferty was certain that, whoever was causing their torment, they intended to put them through a stress test, using extreme force to search for structural weak points which could create the destructive conditions able to tear apart a soundly built aircraft. Over the racket, he could hear his mighty engine gasping furiously for air–a sure sign that both F-16’s were at risk for engine flameout and loss.

    “Dog One,” Cafferty shouted over the confusion, unsure he was heard in the radar room. “Controls lost!” he yelled.

   In Minot’s radar room, only the word “…lost!” crackled from the speaker. Lipton looked at the second hand on the clock to time the emergency and then back to the pursuit on the screen.

   “Powe…” Cafferty’s clipped-off message squawked into the tower. At first, Lipton chose not to cut into the cross talk between the pilots and what little could be heard of their choppy, badly broken-up messages. “England, how they holdin’ up?” he asked.

   “Still at 10,000, sir,” the altitude man confirmed.

   “Dog Tw….” Shanker’s words sputtered in.

   “Stay wi…me, Thom.” Cafferty was heard, his words in pieces.

   Lipton counted the seconds off. “Minot. Roger me,” asserted Lipton. “Steady in the storm, men. Roger me, Dogs,” he boomed, to be sure they heard him. “Check in, Dogs!”

   Shanker knew the tower couldn’t help even if Lipton got their calls. Disruptions were interrupting electric and fuel supplies to the engines. The powerful jets pulsed off, then on again, buffeting each man around fiercely. [v]

   Cafferty fought to tame his interceptor using the minimal manual controls still available to him. He saw his compass slowly revolving—an impossibility, since he’d kept enough of a visual fix on the target to know it hadn’t budged. Tossed around, Cafferty sharply cursed the intimidator.

   All at once, his F-16 rolled over and stopped, turned upside down. Struggling with a roll system that was fixed in place, his face cringed in anger.

   “…we launch?” Shanker’s tension-filled call for a strike echoed in the tower. By Lipton’s count, over fifty seconds had elapsed. He knew that each pilot’s defensive mood was building stronger by the second. To prevent them from firing at will, he had to issue an order tempered by restraint, remaining cool and composed―but would they hear him?

   “Minot. Do not engage,” he instructed them crisply. “Repeat. Hold fire. Repeat. Minot. Do not engage. Minot. Hold fire.”

   “Dog One. Affirmative, Minot,” Cafferty managed to respond amidst terrific disorientation. He hard muscled the tight control yoke that resisted his attempt to roll the jet back over topside. In awkward jerks, the F-16 tipped around to right itself again and he resumed the battle of manually maintaining the jet’s stability otherwise.

   “Dog Two. Roger that, Minot,” Shanker replied loudly. Highly aggravated with the hassles, he felt his warplane waffling up and down nose first, a signal that the F-16 was about to snap up into a perilous flip and spin recklessly out of control. Seriously disoriented, then he realized that he no longer had Cafferty’s Falcon anywhere in sight.

   Then, just as fast as it began, the chaos stopped.

   Both engines roared back to life. Each F-16 started a recovery and stabilized in free flight, just as designed. All of their flight systems returned, fully operational, and the badly shaken pilots reacted instantly to take full control over their jets. They maneuvered each jet back into smooth flight.

   “Ooowhee Doggies!” roared Cafferty in relief. “What a workout that was!” he shouted and scanned his jet’s readouts. “Dog One. We’re back in business.”

   “Dog Two. What from hell was that?” screamed Shanker in a tizzy.

   “Gremlins,” Cafferty teased Shanker, “out.”

   “Dog Two. We’re sure earnin’ our pay tonight,” groused Shanker. Agitated, he looked around trying to find Cafferty and wondering what “Gremlins” referred to. “Dog One,” he snarled. “Where are you?”  

   In the tower, Lipton looked down from the second hand—just over a minute and a half had passed since the start of the crisis. He scanned the fighter jet radar blips as they were returning to solid signals, the men on track to the target again. But, in re-plotting the distance between the warplanes and their contender, he noted a major discrepancy—the F-16s had covered very little additional ground during the conflict. They were still miles away from their opponent.

   Cafferty spotted the strobe and navigation lights on Shanker’s jet above him and began to maneuver his jet upward. “Dog One. Gotcha, Dog Two. Comin’ right up behind you,” Cafferty alerted his flight partner and they regrouped into a slotted formation.

   “Dog One, we almost collided,” Shanker commented in aggravation as he inspected the wingtip damaged by Cafferty’s sidewinder as much as the strobe light would allow.

   “Dog One. I didn’t see anything, Thom,” Cafferty shot back. “My eyes were shut.”

   “Dog Two,” Shanker growled, his voice real edgy, “you lost a missile when you hit my wingtip.”

   Surprised by Shanker’s frustration, Cafferty tried humor. “Uh Oh. We coulda’ hit a cow.”

   “I almost had one,” Shanker called back, clearly annoyed.

   Cafferty expected the snappy come back, like always, from his longtime buddy, yet the mission leader fretted over the other pilot’s mood change. He wasn’t taking it well at all. Years back, Cafferty’d taught Shanker every trick about how to remain stable in combat, under any conditions. The ordeals being thrown at them shouldn’t have continued to needle Shanker so badly—for so long. In times since, they’d flown together as a team in fighter squadrons at U.S. airbases the world over. Never once had Cafferty ever experienced any surly antagonism, nor ever heard a complaint or word of fear come out of Shanker—until tonight.

   “Dog One. You OK, little dog?” Cafferty asked. Again, he was ignored. What was happening to the happy-go-lucky, good-spirited pilot that he’d always known his young buddy to be?

    Shanker’s continued refusal to reply irked Lipton and he stepped in to inject his own inquiry. “Minot; Dog Two, confirm status.”

   “Dog Two. Minot, Dog One, I’m recalibrating my instruments,” griped Shanker testily a moment later. Twice, his eyes made an anxious pass over the instrument clusters to detect any signs of erratic behavior.

   Reliable instrumentation is the most trusted companion any pilot has in flight and he welcomed the readouts indicating the return of his aircraft’s stability once more. “Dog Two. My 16’s straightened up and flyin’ right again,” he reported half-heartedly. The Falcon was forgiving—but Shanker was not. As he got his bearings, Shanker took a quick glance at the glowing foe coming up, then looked up to the full moon. The glowing planet gave him the jitters, too—why, he didn’t know. “Dog Two. Out,” he muttered.

   “Minot. Dog One and Dog Two,” Lipton corresponded while he rechecked his math. “Ninety seconds from target.”

   Cafferty checked all systems again. They passed and his sense of confidence was refreshed—until he noticed that the huge target was missing from the radar display. [vi]

   “Target’s vanished off radar,” disclosed Cafferty flatly. He guessed it was being jammed or that a quirk caused by the ruthless beating the jet took prevented the radar from seeing its own reflection of the target, the unit unable to put it onscreen. Was it just his radar?

   “Dog Two. I have nothing on radar either,” Shanker reported, anxious again as he expected to face renewed trials by fire. “What’s this?” Shanker objected.

   “Minot, Dog One,” Cafferty called Lipton, “do you have a target?”

   “Dog One, Minot,” Lipton responded, “Affirmative. Positive on radar—a large blip.”

   “These guys sure know a thing or two ‘bout playin’ defense,” reckoned Cafferty, holding onto his nerve with an edgy chuckle. “Maybe we should just circle it,” he followed up. 

   “This close, we don’t need radar to launch,” Shanker fired back, headstrong for a strike.

   “Keep your hand off the trigger, kid,” Lipton had the last word on the dilemma.

   Sulking to himself, the junior pilot answered quickly. “Dog Two. Roger, sir,” he answered obediently and kept the sarcasm to himself: This ain’t the type of combat I signed up for.

   Lipton tallied the confusion of unknowns. The men had no other strategic defense against the frisky troublemaker and he had no other viable offensive tactics left to play. Nothing justified keeping the pilots in extreme jeopardy—it was time to call it quits.

   “Minot. Demon  Dogs. Scratch mission,” he ordered. “Return to base.”

   “Dog One. Roger that.” Cafferty indicated. “Dog Two, fast break right on my ‘Go’, ” he ordered.

   “Dog Two. Roger,” Shanker signaled eagerly, preparing to snap roll quickly to his right—then felt his control stick stiffen, like a rod set in cement.

   “Home we go,” Cafferty loudly prompted the break as he muscled at his stick control, attempting to roll out to his left—but the yoke wouldn’t give. He jammed on his foot rudders in another useless effort. “Minot. Dog One. Controls seized up,” he admitted, unwilling to go another round in this uneven fight.    

   “Dog Two. Mine won’t budge, either,” Shanker bitched loudly, his efforts equally frustrated.

   “Dog One. Locked up.” Cafferty blurted, yanking on the stiffened control yoke again and again, yet failing to get it to yield. Its resistance riled the veteran into exasperation.

   “Dog Two. What’s this now, Dog One?” Shanker asked with resentment.

   “Dog One. I dunno. A minute ago, we were in great shape,” a puzzled Cafferty remarked.

   The ominous craft was approaching ever closer. The fighters were completely bathed in the luminous yellow-white glare cast off by their combatant which was less than a mile off, waiting as might a silent, confident hunter.

   Then, as the airmen gazed at it, an amazing sight stunned both of them—a seam on the surface of the craft’s outer shell was splitting apart and tearing open. A wide doorway was opening, exposing the brightly lit interior inside.

   “It’s opening up!” yelled Shanker. “A door…”

   Cafferty witnessed a large section of the lower side of the giant object yawn apart and, during the same moments, detected the wild sensation of a presence emanating from within the craft that touched a place in his mind, enticing him with wonder―and with a feeling of being warned.[vii]

   Up in the tower, static cackled around the pilot’s strained voices. The blips on the radar screen were closing in on each other steadily. Lipton recalculated—maybe forty-five seconds left.

   In the rigorous life of a fighter pilot, these aviators disciplined themselves to expect the worst and then meet any and all dangers while performing with level-headed agility. But as this skirmish waged on, Lipton had little doubt that his best pilots were being pushed hard towards their desperate limits.

   His mind raced to come up with a move they might use to rescue themselves—and he seized on an idea for an evasive plan, but not without also thinking: God forbid this is a mistake.

   “Idle jets,” urged Lipton calmly. “Drop speed and full flaps. Gear down, nose down and bail.”

   “Roger, Minot.” Not a second wasted, Cafferty and Shanker throttled down fully, idling the big engines. The familiar turbine whine eased down fast until a only a whisper of air could be heard rushing past the cockpit. Landing gear lowered and then they fully engaged flaps to quick-as-possible brake speed for a rapid drop. Lipton was betting good old gravity would take hold of the F-16s, allowing the fighters to sink down off their collision course. He also hoped that since they no longer posed a threat to their opposition, the spacecraft might set the controls of the F-16s loose and liberate his men for a flight to freedom.

    “Go for a steep dive, get past under them fast,” Lipton advised with a firm confidence. “Let’s see if we can’t regain functions again. Otherwise, eject!”

   Cafferty watched the airspeed needle dip lower, the F-16s barely above their slowest flight speed, and he was pleased to hear his stall warning sound. The interceptors were poised at the edge of plunging into that steep dive they needed to run for it.

   Each pilot anxiously watched the massive spacecraft creeping slowly higher above them at little more than a thousand feet off. The pulsing lights close by on the craft’s rim scattered a rainbow of colors into their cockpits.

   “Minot. Dog One. Dropping altitude,” Cafferty reported flatly.

   “We’re outta here,” Shanker yelped with renewed joy, his hopes rising as he anticipated good riddance.

   “Not yet,” Cafferty cautioned, even though he was encouraged by the increase in airspeed they picked up, an indication that a fast escape was somewhere just ahead. He was about to give their wily foe his goodbye shout when, there in the bay of the spaceship, he was amazed to see a pair of blue lights flaring up from deep inside and project out towards the jets.

   “Minot. Dog Two. Lights are coming on inside it,” testified Shanker. He watched as the two separate blue lights became focused rays that lit the body of each F-16. The beams intensified and Shanker went on, his voice pitched up, near panic. “They’re shining down on us now.”

   “Minot. Dog One. Blue searchlights,” Cafferty confirmed the event, remaining cool. In no time, both jets slowed and then abruptly swooped upward steeply, the F-16s forward speed braking fast. The planes were being held aloft while also transported towards the ship, floating as helpless as two small, fragile birds about to be sucked into the inlet of a tunnel no more than five hundred feet away. “We’re being pulled up into it,” the lead pilot radioed out. His voice remained steady while he watched as the airspeed needle fell to zero and another alarm whooped. Cafferty slammed off the alarm. He could feel the F-16s rise into a position above the opened bay.

   In quick succession, first on one F-16 and then the next, the landing lights on their wings and wheel gears flicked on. A split second later in the cockpits the switches for the wing landing lights clicked on.

   “Chrissake,” Shanker hissed to himself. Sweating heavily and further upset by the lights, his twitching eyes fell to the override switch. “What do they want with us?” he pleaded as the thought that they might not be able to escape took him over. His heart rate picked up by dozens more beats.

   “Can you eject?” Lipton urgently asked.

   “This’s a trap,” Shanker cried out. Enraged, he grabbed the handle under his ejection seat for the explosive charges that would fire the canopy and seat out of his jet.

   Dead weight, the crippled planes coasted towards an empty bay less than three hundred feet in the distance, with just seconds to go before they were taken in. They could see over the broad polished metal deck of the bay, a band of bold, wildly unfamiliar symbols―the hieroglyphs of a highly advanced society―spelling out some dramatic purpose or acting as identification insignias for the concourse of this terminal.

   Cafferty raised his hand to test the strength of the beam. The attraction exerted on his arm was so great he had to pull back hard—bad news for surviving a bailout—but he knew that option was their only way out now.

   “Bail!” Cafferty insisted.

   Both pilots yanked, set to escape.

   “Charges won’t fire, Mike,” reported Cafferty in quiet futility.

   “N…no!” stammered Shanker, losing strength fast as he jerked on a handle that refused to yield to his struggles. Exhausted and unnerved, his mind snapped. “No go!” he mumbled weakly. The gigantic spacecraft tipped gently towards the Falcons and stopped again, ready to greet the two fighters. The F-16s rotated to towards each other, nose to nose, a position that allowed the dazed pilots a look at each other.

   Engines and instrumentation shut down next—except for the radios, the only device still lit. The men listened to the shrill hum of their jet turbine, then the engines whirred to a stop.

   Cafferty was amused at the moves being orchestrated. The other F-16 moved into a small lead out in front of him as a last preparation needed to bring it inside.

   Shanker’s heart rate quickened. His frenzied thoughts flashed to the time a Navy pilot gave him the details on what it was like to land on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, with landing crew boys guiding the jets back onto deck again, safe, home free. But just ahead, down on the wide bay deck full of inconceivable wizardry, no human stood by. There were no flyboys waiting, ready to wave him in to safety. He tried to subdue the horrible anticipation he had that he would be overpowered by was out there, some force ready to engulf his life.

   “Can’t get out,” he muttered, his voice cracking.

   “I’m with you, Thom,” Cafferty assured Shanker bravely. “Easy, guy. Listen to me, son—I’m right here with you.” He hoped that the boy recalled the point that he’d hammered home every time a chaotic situation emerged: Once you let fear in, you’re finished as a pilot.  

   In the despairing stillness, Shanker felt a deep sense of shame at losing control of his aircraft in the blur of bizarre events. Frozen in his seat, fear grabbed hold of him and held tight.

   “It can’t be…” pleaded Shanker in the grip of horrified shock. His heart beat faster and his breath was short. Weakened, he felt for sure some undesirable predator would come out to take him captive. A lone tear streamed down his face as his thoughts ran wild.

   Am I gonna die inside this…monster?

   Or be a prisoner on some other strange world?

   “Shanker,” implored Lipton gently, “never give into fear.”

   Terrified, convulsive gasps for air were all that was heard. Mid-breath, Shanker’s radio quit dead out.

   Cafferty witnessed Shanker’s jet settling gently to the deck. The tightly focused beam shut off. Not about to be defeated, the fleeting feelings of fear washing over him in shivers, head to toe, felt new indeed. Strong-willed, he’d never had a use for any scare. By nature, he always resisted letting fear take hold and Cafferty returned to the relaxed patience true to his outlook and his mind cleared. He quickly recovered and thought about how he might best prepare himself to enter this advanced, even magic, realm. Tapping sheer willpower, he reasoned through it all to a most basic point:

   If they wanted to kill us, they already would have―they have much more  in mind.

   His F-16’s left wing blazed with colorful reflections from the bright lighting inside. Squinting, his eyes darted over the complexity of the spacecraft’s cavernous bay. The softest landing possible, his tires touched the deck one at a time.

   “Minot. Dog One… Jim… Thom…Please check in,” Lipton pleaded.

   Again Cafferty sensed that same powerful presence probing his mind, stronger this time— but, this time, the sensation was somewhat soothing. He held off on a reply to the base and took off his helmet, crossing his arms spellbound, immersed in the delightful sights, fascinated with the metallic maze of peculiar, sophisticated-looking structures, all the moving parts, the gangs of thick cables, all so spotless. It felt splendid—an aviator’s fantasyland. He yearned for a tour of the grand vessel.

   Looking to the right, he had a good view from the angled deck out over the darkened flatlands of North Dakota emptiness. Thousands of feet below, a single backyard light way down on a farm below was the only reminder of the world he’d known as headlights lit a road in the deep of night.

   He tried to adjust to the physical feeling that gravity felt perfectly level below him, even though he knew full well that he was tipped slightly to the side. Cafferty tried to reconcile that uneasy sensation and, at the same time, the starship moved to reorient itself into a level position again, normal to Earth’s gravity.

   The stars and full moon appeared outside the sharp edges of the bay. In those instants, his first doubts about leaving Earth came to him. A longing and regret for never again seeing home or family again overcame him. Unless they let them go.

   He turned to gaze in wonder, looking over the grayish-white mechanisms blinking everywhere, seeming to indicate an important, complex function for each. Lost in a state of pure bliss, a boyhood thrill came back to him. The wonder-filled memory of the birthday gift he opened at age seven, the completely assembled, over-sized scale-model jet fighter that instilled his earliest ambition to someday fly over earth. Now, he was enchanted with an even greater excitement, a chance to take flight among the stars. He returned to looking out of the bay at the sky. If he was forced to stay with them from here on, Cafferty imagined there was much to learn about worlds on the other side of the universe.

   As he watched the field of stars, another astonishment began to make a very gradual appearance at the outermost rim of the ship, beyond his wingtip.

   The entire superstructure of the metal bay door was starting to take shape in front of him, materializing first as a ghostly framework, and then becoming solid. As a parting wish, he grasped at the hope to see humanity again someday.

   Not about to lose this last chance to radio out, he spoke up to warn them:

   “Mike, don’t come after us,” he warned soberly. [viii] “Dog One…out,” he said softly, his final words faltering. The broadcast trailed off into a loud, garbled static that dimmed, slowly blocked out as the huge bay door became a solid mass again, filling in the hole as if it had never been there. Magically, the huge restoration was over and he realized his entire world had changed, with another world about to take him in.

   Captured, Cafferty, the unexpected visitor, patiently awaited fate inside his dream baby. [ix]

Mike Lipton and his men stared at the screen in shock as the three blips fused into one, pilots and aircraft swallowed up, gone into some kind of harsh nightmare. The major rapidly recovered from his own disbelief to broadcast a hopeful appeal.

   “Demon Dogs, check in.”

   Silence gripped the room. A sadness swarmed over everyone, including the Air Police guard stationed at the entry who swayed uncomfortably.

   Seconds more passed in feverish quiet.

   “Mike, don’t come after us,” Cafferty’s warning came, jarring the gloom. “Dog One… Out.”

   Lipton leaped up. “Jim!” he pleaded, wide-eyed. “Give another holler, Jimmy.” But Cafferty’s transmission went to static and faded gradually into silence.

   “Jim, Thom,” Lipton tried again, the hope he had beginning to drain from his voice. “Lemme hear you guys.”

   They watched in horror as the single blip on the radar display broke into motion and slipped slowly out and away on a path away from the base, taking the mission to a fateful close.

   Greg Moore snapped out of the daze that had overtaken him in the moments it became clear the men had met some perplexing doom.

   “We must notify NORAD immediately, sir,” Moore spoke up.

   Ignoring him, Lipton reset the radar up to a full sweep again to provide a long range watch over the slowly departing invader. He shook his head in sorrow at the loss of his pilots.

   “My God,” the major softly murmured.

   Seeking personal comfort, Moore recalled the tribute he’d seen inscribed on a building at NASA’s Space Center in Cape Kennedy, Florida. It was dedicated to America’s astronauts: “We find the best among us, send them forth into unmapped darkness and pray that they return.” [x]

   The passage resonated in his mind through the wait for any peep on the radio. A half minute must have passed with nothing said, then, Moore offered all gathered a condolence, a traditional moment of grace. “Let’s pray in silence for them.”

   Mike Lipton nodded, agreeing through his despair.

   “At-ten-shun,” announced the guard at the entry. Everyone moved stiffly to brace at attention as their base commander, General John Evans, took big strides into the control room as if he were ready to shake things up.

   “At ease,” the general barked in a rich baritone on the way over to face Lipton. Following a light salute, Evans moved in closer to press Mike in a voice kept low and thick with urgency. “What in high heaven’s going on up there?” 

   “Sir,” answered Lipton solemnly, “the unauthorized flight entered restricted airspace and repeatedly demonstrated hostile intent.”

   “And?” the general pushed on. 

   “Demon Dog squadron was dispatched to confront them, sir,” stated Lipton sharply.

   “What’s their status?,” asked Evans directly.

   “Sir, we’ve…” Lipton began, but he stumbled, no longer able to hide the grief. The major glanced down at the big screen to recoup and get through the statement. Gathering strength again, he spoke with renewed courage. “We’ve lost them, sir.”

   “Lost them?” stormed Evans gruffly. His voice echoed, then fell off into the room’s dead silence. Iron fists closed tight, he bent over and extended his burly hands onto the radar console, placing the weight of his hefty body there. He held his eyes tight to the radar blip that was drifting off towards Canada. Without looking up, the general growled out his demand, his voice  lowered again. “To who?” 

   “To a remarkably capable adversary, Sir. We don’t know who,” the major informed him listlessly. For the first time since he set foot in the room, Lipton trembled ever so slightly, then proceeded. “Major Cafferty and Captain Shanker reported that they were…” he said as he struggled to complete the thought, “…that they were taken aboard.”

   Evans turned, glared rigidly at Lipton over his shoulder, saying nothing for a short spell. “Impossi…” he balked and cut his denial short. Lipton’s report was just too preposterous. By instinct in a crisis, the commander checked his watch. In just over thirty minutes, from just before the time he’d raced out of bed to that very moment, brazen alien jackals had overrun his base, taking them completely by surprise. All the nuclear failsafe measures that they’d anticipated and rigorously trained themselves to avoid happened―they’d been taken to the brink of a nuclear launch. The intruders left behind a messy trail of technical tricks that succeeded in turning a missile defense system on end, then hit and ran off with pilots and fighter jets.

   The general briefly considered resorting to another pursuit of the culprits before they retreated fully out of range. But then, he thought about his pilots: If they were living, the beleaguered Evans pondered, might they be alive out there?

   Years before, at top-echelon Pentagon huddles between the commanders of every Air Force base and a steely group of military officials, there’d been a series of highly confidential readiness meetings to alert the commanders to newly-formulated procedures that had to be followed in the event of an extraterrestrial confrontation at any airbase. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were also in attendance and conducted these ultra top secret briefings for the base generals. High on the list of concerns was a specific warning that aggressive follow-up actions against extraterrestrials carried the grave risk that, if they retaliated, the risk of widespread destruction was a certainty.

   Evans rejected the proposition of going after them again. His thinking was also haunted by the inconceivable sight that had greeted him and his security detail when they arrived underground in the secret lair of the Titan nuclear missile silo. They found the security systems totally compromised―the missile was ready to launch towards whatever Russian destination it was set to hit.

   He thought about the blame he’d have to shoulder from furious hard-liners far up on the chain of Pentagon command. On no commander’s watch was any failure to protect a defensive nuclear missile from harm ever dismissed without an exhaustive investigation. But if there was room for any mercy on his soul, he reasoned, the facts would nullify his critics—alien scalawags were the rascals behind it all.

   Evans raised himself from the console and took a step out into the room to speak to the men. “Gentlemen, we all know how hard we were hit tonight,” he announced harshly. With sympathy edging into his voice, he proceeded. “Most likely, we’ve lost two exceptional pilots, two very valued lives.”

   Lipton wasn’t listening—his mind had strayed to his one remaining wish:

   If angels of mercy have come, maybe  they’re  still  alive.

   “With their disappearance,” Evans began again, “and as fully disheartened as we all are right now—as badly as I feel about our losses—there’s something else I must bring up with each of you.” In ending his impromptu eulogy, the general realized that the emergency required him to invoke the highest standing order for strict security on the books of every military branch. He summoned them around him, the guard included, gesturing to points where each should stand in a circle around him and proceeded with the directive, his tone growing more severe as he delivered it. “It’s something that will bring the burden of a secret to all of you,” he stated severely “and by that I mean you’re going to have to strictly respect the order I give you for  the rest of your lives.”

   Taking a small step past each man, Evans made his demand with great force. “Nobody ever tells anyone what happened here this evening,” he commanded firmly. “No one.”

   Stepping back to walk in the other direction, he raised a hand and jabbed a finger at them in silence, one man to the next, his gaze piercing deep as his eyes passed, one by one, across the eyes of each of them–until he’d fixed the threat in their minds.

   “Not a single soul.” [xi] 












References for Chapter One

Capture In The Sky

i] The basis of this fictional chapter rests on the story I was told of an actual 1959 military incident in Alaska reported by retired Brigadier General Lucius F. Foster who managed the construction of one of the many defensive radar bases positioned along the entire northern border of the U.S. during the 1950s which formed the Distant Early Warning radar system known as the DEW Line. The purpose of the Dew Line was the early detection of Russian bombers or intercontinental nuclear misslies launched from what was then known as the Soviet Union towards the United States over the North Pole.

The sky-watching DEW Line of 63 radar units spanned the entire 3000 miles across the northern perimeter of Alaska and Canada. It was the trigger mechanism for launching a counterattack that was a featured plot in fictional scenarios during that era such as the Stanley Kubrick classic movie Dr. Strangelove or the novel Fail Safe, both of which mirrored the widespread military paranoia concerning the threats of nuclear attack that dominated the Cold War years. The system was considered infallible–until UFOs began testing both the system’s reliability and the nerves of the upper ranks of officials in command of this electronic line of first alert.

The very real example of this incident as disclosed by General Foster that opens this novel occurred at the just finished Alaskan DEW base moments after it became operational. It was switched on for testing and the radar screens immeadiately registered the fast approach of a “suspicious target” located in the Arctic skies just north of the Air Force base late one night. The craft refused to respond to repeated calls for identification on the internationally accepted standard military band frequency.

There were always two pilots and jets on stand by alert at the Air Force base and they were immediately scrambled to intercept the incoming object in their F-106 Starfighter jets. They raced through the skies to a point where the craft was visible to them and reported confronting a massive, brightly glowing flying disc which reacted by making surprizingly nimble moves around the racing Starfighter jets–vectoring–that is making quick, straight line movements from one position to another spot, again and again, activity that was watched in amazement on the radar screens back at the Air Force base.

According to General Foster, the pilots were indicating that they were being rapidly checked out from various vantage points. Radio transmissions from the pilots continued to describe an unfolding emergency that was escalating and they asked for permission to use their weapons as defensive actions. But, before that was granted, ultimately, onscreen base radar showed that each F-106 merged with the object, apparently captured by the enormous disc during flight.

Responding immediately, General Foster left the radar room, suited up for jet flight and went out to scramble his own F-106 to begin his own high speed pursuit. Before long, he too closed in on the brightly lit craft which had lingered in the area after taking aboard the first two jets and pilots.

   As he neared it, closing fast, the UFO took off in one swift break, instantaneously bolting away, jumping up to a great speed, a velocity that Foster later estimated must have exceeded 8,000 miles an hour. He broke off the chase and swiftly returned to the base.

In the morning, personnel performed an air and ground search of the Alaskan wilderness where the conflict took place, yet the investigation yielded no evidence of the jets or pilots. Foster considered himself a fortunate survivor of an event that left everyone involved shaken for some time afterwards.

Today, we now know that scrambling jets so pilots can get a visual of these strange objects is nothing new. In fact, sightings by military pilots have been reported thousands of times, with some military pilots claiming to encounter them on a daily basis.

A bizarre end to Foster’s experience the night of the loss I have left for telling at the end of this section of references, a very strange incident he told of that emphasizes the degree of duplicity involved in many of these events as overseen by sources in the Pentagon with an eerie, supernatural ability to cover them up even as they have just happened, as if they have ‘eyes’ everywhere.

Mr. Foster is an outstanding member of a group of the most reliable and trustworthy witnesses to such phenomena: retired military combat pilots and astronauts.

His pursuit of high adventure in aviation began very early in his life. He made a number of significant contributions in his service years that deserve special recognition—and his treatment by certain officers in the Pentagon explains why, after so many decades of silence under oath of secrecy, he entrusted me with this deeply buried military secret.

   As a youngster, he would ride a bike out from his home in Beverly Hills to where The Little Rascals was being filmed to appear as an extra. By the time he was 16, he was an unusually tall, sturdy youngster who appeared to be much older than his true age. After finishing high school with honors, he was awarded a scholarship by Princeton University, yet after one interview, he decided the Ivy League wasn’t for him and he ended up taking residence in New York City’s Greenwich Village during the later 1930s.

Early in life, the idea of becoming a pilot enchanted him and, as the opposition was building against Hitler’s threat to Europe, he decided to exploit his mature appearance and disposition by joining the Royal Canadian Air Force by lying about his age. He earned his wings at seventeen. He was shipped to England where he learned to fly Spitfighter combat planes. After demonstrating superior skills during the Battle Of Britain, he began training Canadian pilots.

   His remarkable service with the Canada came to the attention of the U.S. State Department in Washington who sent out agents to England who threatened him with a loss of his U.S. citizenship. He offered them his passport. After strongly objecting, he made a counteroffer which the agents capitulated to. He went on to became the youngest, if not also the first battle tested pilot in the U.S. Army Air Force to begin fighting Hitler’s aviators.

Immediately recognized as one of the best lead fighter pilots, he began training the newly arriving American fighter pilots as WWII erupted.

Foster earned a remarkable record of kills during the war and was steadily promoted up to a commanding officer. He was shot down and captured, only to walk out of the concentration camp disguised as a member of the food delivery service. At the end of the European conflict, he was one of the officers assigned to open up the Nazi concentration camps in Poland. Later, after serving in Japan to help administer the reconstruction effort there, he took up duty at the Pentagon with a rank of Brigadier General in the newly formed U.S. Air Force. His post-war relief and intelligence duties which included a number of behind the scenes training missions in the Far East and Isreal and a later diplomatic assignment in Paris, France and Indochina, including Vietnam.

By the early 1960s, he worked alongside the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where he was asked to approve plans for escalating the training mission in Vietnam up into a full conflict with North Vietnam. In a decisive meeting chaired by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, he was the only ranking officer to argue against plans that were setting the stage for the Vietnam War. Foster warned that such a war would have grave consequences for America.

“We’re going in,” McNamara insisted.

General Foster objected strenuously, but McNamara and the others wouldn’t hear him out. So, Foster took off his officer’s suit, took off the medals he’d won and quit the Air Force in a protest that he considered a rejection of the ideology of the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower had warned about only a few years before.

  Foster returned to Beverly Hills and assumed a new career designing and building homes in Los Angeles, one of which in the Hollywood Hills won an award from the American Institute Of Architects. During that time, ranking officers whom he remained friends with in the Air Force arranged for Foster to come back to duty to perform special diplomatic service, although, due to rules established for placing former officers who were resuming work, he had to assume the rank of major, never again to regain his status as a general. While he got married and set up home in Los Angeles with his wife Brandy, he would be away on international humanitarian assignments, some of them involving acting as an advisor to the United Nations. He fathered two boys and two girls, a family that included actress Jodie Foster.

Jodie Foster braves her way on a mystical journey in the film Contact

   In 1996, I was introduced to Mr. Foster in the Los Angeles home of an actor friend who had helped me write a screenplay based on the hunt for a WWII Japanese submarine that was carrying a load of gold when its captain intentionally sank it in a lagoon. Warner Brothers had agreed to fund the film starring Richard Harris as the older Irish veteran who knew where the submarine was hidden. Foster took a liking to the storyline as someone who also had enjoyed writing himself and had known Harris when he lived in Los Angeles.

Our friendship developed along common interests in aviation, literature and in home building, or renovating, and lasted until he departed in 2014.

   Further verification of disappearances involving fighter jets and pilots as linked to UFO activity are reported later in these references. I saved the very startling close to General Foster’s experience in the Alaskan event for the very end of these references. It appears as reference 11].

ii] To clarify once more, this first chapter of the novel combines Foster’s report with two other actual incidents to form a dramatized version. Now, we’ll take up the second element of reality that affected the storyline in an event where my documentary film team experienced the sighting of two UFOs in the San Francisco area and filmed them in October of 1975. I incorporated the physical design of the spacecraft we filmed in the fictional first chapter of the novel.

   Here’s what happened:

   Our film team was midway through a year long tour of the U.S. to gather footage for a one-hour public television documentary on the subject of developing alternative sources of energy, principally to highlight America’s solar-powered prospects at that time.

   Outside San Francisco, with film equipment ready to shoot, three of us stood waiting near a sailboat rigged with a wind generator manufactured by Tom Conlon of San Francisco. The site was located directly next to Alameda Naval Air Station. Our camera [and our attention] was aimed towards the wind turbine on the sailbost positioned to the east, directly across the narrow bay separating us from Oakland, California. It was around noon.

   Fortunately for us, the man we were to interview was late arriving for the shoot. We paced by a fence, waiting. All at once Tom excitedly called our attention to two large, bright, luminous pale yellow lights that he’d caught sight of, moving in a casual silence low in the eastern sky over the hills of Oakland, about a mile and a half off.

   Racing to start the camera, the footage recorded zooms in to a close-up that clearly detailed their shape. Each craft featured an oval, half an egg-shaped upper body that sat on shallow “saucer” shaped bottom rim that appeared to be around 50 or so feet across. The sides of each of them flowed steeply up to create an arched dome at least 150 or more feet high.

   To the naked eye, their size was the most impressive aspect of the experience. Enormous, they were at least as tall as a ten-story building and more than half as wide. The surface of the object appeared to be emanating a bright aura that had, as noted earlier, a yellow—orangish hue. The short length of film we had in the camera ran continuously. Before  the film spooled out, we ran across to a pile of dirt to get a better view and turned around.

They were gone.

   From a payphone, we started to call San Francisco’s television station news departments. We were turned down by the local CBS and ABC stations, yet NBC affiliate KRON snapped up the chance to pick up the story exclusively—if they could first determine that it was genuine.

   UFO film footage shot by professionals and then declared to be genuine was a rarity at that time that would be very welcomed as long-overdue in the public domain.

   Assured of our credentials, KRON had the color film taken out of the camaera at their lab and processed there to eliminate any suspicion of foul play. The developed film was rushed back to the television newsroom to have a first showing in a room far too small for the large number of local and national NBC news reporters wanting a first look. The staff of NBC Nightly News asked us aqll kinds of questions to consider the potential national or worldwide impact of the story.  

   When the footage rolled, some of those gathered sounded their astonishment, reactions I found surprizing to hear from seasoned television journalists. The crowd remained fixed in amazement as the film displayed the two curiosities swooping up and down over the trees of Oakland in a location later figured to have been above the reservoir situated further back.

   An agreement with the KRON news producer was hurriedly secured with me for local and, also if the network news representatives wanted to feature coverage of the event, the deal would allow for a national broadcast of the film. We were interviewed and the film was transferred to large format broadcast videotape so that editing work could then feature slow motion and freeze framed showings of the footage at 5 and 10 o’clock.

   With that night’s news programs, the filmed event became the first time that a major UFO sighting was the featured story broadcast on a national television network.

   In the swirl of the public response that followed, calls swarmed into KRON that night and over the following days, with a curiously high number of those individuals phoning in to testify to their own recent witnessing of two similar objects. If true, and the objects sighted were the same vehicles as those filmed, then it was strongly suspected that the two unidentifieds were going about putting on quite a show in and nearby San Francisco with a frequency that indicated a deliberate intent to be seen often during the days, even weeks, just prior to our filmed incident.

   Furthermore, facts gathered by the NBC journalists assigned to the story and discussed with us indicated that some strange visitors to the San Francisco skies had been making frequent low altitude appearances and had been seen often by reliable witnesses.

   As the NBC reporters eliminated oddball callers, they soon came up with a list containing about a dozen credible sources. But NBC officials, while obviously and urgently interested in the ongoing local controversy, didn’t want to send their own reporters out to interview the witnesses that they picked as reliable. So, the executive producers made a plea to us: “Why don’t you take our cameras and go out and interview a few of these witnesses?”

We left the meeting without making a deal, asking ourselves why weren’t they doing these interviews themselves with their in house producers and technicians? We wondered if it was because of internal policies at NBC News concerning the UFO phenomena.

   We would be given a camera, film and sound equipment needed to follow up for NBC, in effect quietly posing as ourselves. We would pose as independent film producers working on a PBS themed documentary who were sidetracked from making our film on solar energy as the result of our curious encounter. We shared with the witnesses the emotions we experienced during our own UFO experience, a condition that would allow us to much more easily establish common ground with the witnesses who’d called in.

   One interview was to be helf with a mother who’d checked out as quite reputable in Petaluma, California, a suburd not that distant north of San Francisco. She’d called in to offer KRON interview time with her ninth grade daughter, a girl who’d come home from high school upset after she and other children had seen two brightly-lit objects, matching the same description as ours, flying slowly in formation over their schoolyard about three hundred feet up during a recess. This incident had taken place two days before our film was televised.

   Another source the KRON producers mentioned for an interview was a schoolteacher in Davis, California, a town south of San Francisco, who’d called in to report an even closer encounter. Two huge objects, again of the same description, had followed her home. As she sat in the car, frightened silly in the driveway, too scared to get out, the huge domed craft came down so low, she was able to glimpse the occupants. This evening event was also alleged to have happened prior to the airing of our film clips. This woman’s account has been further detailed in at least one non-fiction book among the many written on the subject of closer ‘contact’ experiences in years since.

    A day later, we had another preliminary meeting to discuss our involvement with the news producers at KRON. We were told that NBC News was developing an extensive archive of film and videotaped documentary material on the extraterrestrial enigma. Interests were wide-ranging—close encounters with UFOs, super beings, the government silence—any solid indication of current day alien presense on Earth. All these materials were being collected by NBC for the purpose of eventually producing a nationally-televised special, a documentary-based news program on the subject.

   In our talks, the local NBC executives posed the point that, since we were capable of taking on a national issue like the nation’s need to become energy independent, we could tackle investigate these eyewitness experiences on the side. They agreed there might be links to the Oakland event we’d documented. Covering the San Francisco UFO phenomena would require proper pre-production (time spent fact-checking, developing lines of questioning and then a shooting plan) before any effective production could proceed.

   We brought up the potential that interviews with the witnesses who had contacted NBC could stray into an area of discussion that would include the big question of why extraterrestrials might be interacting with humanity.

   The substantial public reaction in San Francisco to what we’d filmed alone demonstrated what an extraordinary impact that even a short-term local ‘wave’ of UFO events can have. Posing answers to the enigma, we all agreed, was very much in the public interest—but such a program would require a broad documentary research team to back up a production that fully explored the subject. The time required for us to produce even a small segment of such a documentary with care would be considerable.  

   That evening, through film contacts that we’d made, we met up with a film editor attached to the production of Apocalypse Now, who was on hiatus from work on the Francis Ford Coppola epic at Coppola’s San Francisco-based Zoetrope Studios. On their Moviola editing system, he helped us make a tedious frame-by-frame analysis of the UFO film. We speculated on the possiblity that a large sized crew was housed aboard a spaceship of such tremendous size.

   Did military divisions of the U.S. government begin to interact and begin formal relations with at least one key group of an unknown species in the 1950s?

Roswell Saucer Crash Scene Recreated For The X-Files [Credit: 21st Century Fox]

iii] Later on the day of the Oakland UFO filming, our story was passed along to The San Francisco Herald-Examiner reporter Dick Alexander.

   Mr. Alexander phoned both the radar room at San Francisco International Airport and air controllers at the area’s Air Force base to inquire about whether there might have been any other identified, known aircraft recorded as flying very low over Oakland right before or after noon, specifically, over the Oakland water reservoir   According to the spokesman at the SF FAA facilities, nothing of any kind appeared on their radar screens over Oakland just before or after 12:00 noon. The spokesman was repeatedly questioned on the subject.

   Government sources, including the FAA, keep radar data under wraps. In the 1990s, the Citizens Against UFO Secrecy used the Freedom of Information Act in an unsucessful try to gain the release of radar documentation for hundreds of UFO trackings kept by the North American Defense Command. In more recent years, several similar lawsuits have been brought to federal court seeking the release of any knowledge on the subject of UFOs that military or intelligence units of the American government, particularily NASA, have been shielded from public disclosure.

   In the article about our San Francisco UFO advanture in the Herald-Examiner, my description of the two objects’ fluid movements up and down over the hills included the description that the viewing was like “watching two dancers performing ballet.” 

    In a thoughtful gesture, Mr. Alexander arranged a meeting a few days after the incident with Herald-Examiner publisher William Hearst Jr. We were aware that we were meeting with the son of the man respected, or reviled, as the original news media mogul, an icon in the heady world of newspapers and the unacknowledged model for the character in Orson Welle’s masterpiece Citizen Kane.

   Nonetheless, when we met him, it was impressive to hear Mr. Hearst talk so candidly about his longtime personal interest in UFOs. Imagine our surprise when he got around to asking for our help with the effort to break the U.S. government’s secrecy on the matter.

   Hearst invited us to stay on in San Francisco long enough to help with the writing of a feature story on our experience for their Sunday paper, an article that would include frames of our 16mm color film, and delve into the questions raised in our meeting.

   Our main intention for visiting San Francisco, we stated, was to film an interview for a science program, an issues-oriented documentary, a perspective in the field of film making now known as ‘advocate journalism’. Today, the internet is a major outlet for documentaries that are deeply concerned about issues affecting the future of humanity, unlike those days, where there were far fewer mainstream figures in television providing adequete coverage of issues that had a potentially great bearing on the future.

   As such, Mr. Hearst’s aggressive viewpoint on government secrecy was welcomed by all of us as unexpectedly rare from someone holding considerable vested interests.

   Few outside investigators would likely find themselves in a position of asking a man of Hearst’s stature for help in prying open the right doors in Washington where the public would gain access to information vital to understanding the ET crisis. Hearst seemed genuinely inclined to provide support.

   One reason for Hearst’s interest became clear to me after I read a Hearst reporter tell of the secret meeting in the 1960s Hearst attended as a reporter at what is now Edwards Air Force Base in which President Eisenhower met with extraterrestrial entities who silently landed in their space craft. The incident sent several of Eisenhower’s attaches into shock. This meeting, and several others that Eisenhower attended, were profiled later on in a 202o book researched by Paul Smith Exploring The Close Encounters of President Eisenhower.

   So Hearst was aware of these incidents, but did not bring them up to us. He did shared his concern for the American tradition of free access to information gathered in government pursuits. The constitutional right to the truth is vital to the formation of sound opinion in matters affecting our common future. These truths may harshly impact the traditions of groups within society, but the public’s right to know exceeds the desire of a priviledged few to maintain a climate of nondisclosure for the sake of maintaining an unwarranted secrecy that solely benefits only them, in this case, the military-industrial establishment.

  It is also important to note that this incident was reported when mainstrean media still exercized a degree of freedom to talk openly about subjects which became severely restricted after six individuals and their news corporations gained their monopoly on over 90 per cent of the media at the beginning of the 21st Century.

   On our own at this point, we contemplated the offers from NBC and Hearst for several days. We had great reservations about the time that the added, poorly paid  obligations would take away from continuing with our own limited budget filming.

   After giving it a lot of thought, we sensed something covert lurked behind the deal presented by the NBC producers.

   Less than three weeks after capturing the objects on film, we decided it was time to get back to work on our own project and left San Francisco. Later on, I called all of the contacts we’d made in San Francisco thanked them. One of them commented that “…after the starship visitors had made the news on television, they’d accomplished their mission and left.”

   Were the objects “ours”, the product of American military developments or “theirs”, of off-world origin?  If they were from elsewhere, perhaps they headed home, too, on their own highway.

   Back in Chicago, we were invited to a live special television special being produced by Chicago’s PBS station related to the opening of the science-fiction movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The featured guest on the show was prominent Northwestern University astronomer J. Allen Hynek who was a consultant for the final script by creator and director Steven Spielberg. The scene pictured below takes place as an enormous spaceship touches down.

   In the 1950s, Allen Hynek was a newly appointed scientific consultant to the U.S. Air Force and, in time, Hynek came to conclude that witnesses to UFO incidents were indeed experiencing life-changing events. The move was considered radical by more than a few of his colleagues. After 20 years of service in the cause of debunking UFOs for the Air Force, Hynek made a very bold public announcement―Hynek underwent a significant scientific change of heart. His defection from the Pentagon allowed him to become a prominent supporter of extraterrestrial phenomena as a legitimate field of research. He predicted it would bring a big breakthrough in the sciences. However, the Department of Defense has disclosed very little since then.

   Dr. Hynek went on to found the Center For UFO Studies in Chicago.

   After the Close Encounters program, I gave him a copy of our San Francisco UFO footage for study and to add to their film archives. The film clip remains one of the few recordings of UFOs in or near a major American city which has been broadcast on a commercial news television in the U.S.

   A good example of the siezing of documentatary evidence taken during military exercizes is the short 16mm film recorded by Gordon Cooper, one of the nation’s first astronauts. Cooper testified that he coincidentally filmed the visit of a very small UFO at a landing gear test site in the desert. Before Cooper’s running camera, the soundless, minature flying device settled gently down from out of the sky and came to rest on its own tripod legs in the camera’s field of view near the landing gear being tested. After reporting that he had filmed the whole thing to his superiors, the 16mm film was promptly taken from him by a stranger who identified himself as having the high authority required to take it.   

   In recent decades, the prolifereation of video camcorders and digital cameras that have unintentionally recorded the activities of unconventional craft while aimed into the skies has yielded an enormous number of legitimate raw footage, creating further digital documentation for study.

   Amateurs around the world capture instances of UFO activity by the dozens every month and often send it to websites that analyze the footage and release it for public viewing, often with critical statements, one way or other.  

   Unlike U.S. television stations, such evidence has been openly broadcast on television in many nations. Mexican television puts them on the news uncensored. UFOs have shown up on live television in Mexico during air shows where thousands of people were watching. Without the fear of scorn, many Mexicans freely report personal sightings. The U.S. may stand alone as one of the few countries where a UFO sighting is considered abnormal. Residents of most civilized nations now accept the UFO phenomena as a modern reality.

iv] Similar concerns over unknown flying objects were raised by pilots during WWII. After the close of the war, U.S. pilot investigators took time to review hundreds of reports filed by Allied airmen that told of military flights trailed closely by unexplained balls of light, ‘fireballs’, bright objects and ‘ghost rockets’.

Official AAF Photo depicts 3 ‘Foo Fighters’, which Allied Officials named ‘pilotless probes’ at WWII ‘s end

   After the war, it was discovered that military aviators flying missions for all nations involved in WWII on both sides told of being vexed by run-ins with strange aerial visitors, disclosures, which sometimes brought ridicule from other pilots. Lone flyers and flight crews claimed that they could pull off wild manuevers to lose the pursuers: steep dives, hard rolls, spins, wild stunt flying tricks—but anxious pilots were never able to shake them off. When the small craft finally flew off, startled aviators in every nation’s air force resorted to blaming the annoyances on secret technological developments by their enemies, incidents which interestingly never caused any damage. Allied pilots named them ‘Foo-fighters’ after the rantings of a ’30s comic-strip character. “According to the aviators there was one common denominator in all these sightings. The strange and aloof phenomena showed an apparent affinity to watch over and protect the allied planes.”

   American airmen also adopted the name ‘Gremlins’ to describe other entities known to tag even closer along with their battle formations on flights over the skies of Europe.

   Among post-war U.S. airline pilots, many of whom flew combat in WWII, humorous references to wartime ‘Gremlin’ activities remained very popular, so much so that, in one of the better episodes of The Twilight Zone titled Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.

   Rod Serling cast actor William Shatner as a former WWII combat pilot passenger aboard a commercial flight in the U.S. who looks out of the window to see a pesky, menacing creature dancing wildly on the wing as it holds a long rod in its hand, threatening to damage an engine of the passenger plane.

Twilight Zone with William Shatner

Some WWII pilots insisted such beings harrassed them and they became known as “Gremlins”. The mystery has never been solved.  

   The Army Air Force investigating unit who were identified at the start of this reference quite publicly admitted their honest opinion: the objects appeared to be intelligently-controlled vehicles that had buzzed military aircraft from all nations. However, even though the airborne activity was non-threatening, even quite playful, and no damage was ever done, and the phenomena was dismissed in their final report as non-threatening.

   Incidentally, American fighter pilots continued complained of UFOs that shadowed them closely throughout aerial conflicts during both the Korean and Vietnam wars.

v] Both F-16s in our fictional conflict show symptoms of being attacked with electronic warfare technology now referred to as ‘remotely activated electronic manipulation’. This is a matter of patented and developed electronic technologies that can hack and shut down the components of a targeted electronic system. Aircraft avionic systems like the Pegasus system used aboard many Boeing aircraft can be remotely controlled to manuver the plane and, if the aircraft is latched onto an airport installed instrument landing system, the Pegasus system can even land it. Patented plans are on record for development of remotely activated weapons.     

   As for the loss of controls in the fictional F-16s, in 1976,there was a real incident in Iran where military defense pilots experienced a total loss of flight controls aboard an Iranian F-4 which, at the time it happened, were chasing a UFO near Tehran, Iran. The Washington Post headlined this Associated Press story about the pilot of one of the two jets which reported that “his plane’s electrical system stopped working when the object was approached, but resumed working when the F-4s veered away. The unidentified object was said to have been as big as a jetliner.” That same news account also reported the case of a Cuban MIG fighter destroyed over Cuba chasing a UFO in 1975.

Maurice Chatelain

vi] As a prominent figure in the communications engineering of the Apollo Moon missions, he recalled his involvement in the first controversial look at what actually went on behind the heroic propaganda efforts that NASA isssued over the years the project took place. His 1977 book Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space: A NASA Scientist Confirms Mankind’s Extraterrestrail Origins was an immediate sell out. I contacted him at that time and we had a meeting at his contemporary seaside Virginia Beach, Virginia home.

He welcomed me with a warm, good-spirited manner and, over a period of two days of meetings, Mr. Chatelain provided me with keen insights to the hidden history of the lunar adventure not featured in the book for obvious reasons. He was still bound to certain elements of his non-disclosure agreement with the U.S. military which was the actual economic and political engine behind Apollo. He became the real life model for the fictional character Alain Leval who is introduced a little later one in the story, in Part One.

In Our Ancestors…, Mr. Chatelain candidly discloses that all of NASA’s manned missions, from the earliest two-man Gemini launches through the entire span of the Apollo missions, were followed by UFOs. Many astronauts later revealed that they informed NASA of each incident as they occurred and even took a series of pictures of a god number of these visitations.

   On page 18 of the book, he pointed out that:

    ‘It was also said that during their flights our astronauts frequently felt as if some external force were trying to take over their mind. They experienced strange sensations and visions. What seems almost certain is that some of the astronauts did have psychological problems and changes of personality after their missions in space. Some turned deeply religious, some seemed to develop mental trouble—facts that, of course, could be ascribed to pure coincidence without particular significance.”

   Chatelain brought up the case of how Gordon Cooper, ‘unquestionably one of our most skilled space pilots’, was transformed during his many years of experience with NASA:

   “It is also curious that this man, who was not only an astronaut but also a scientist, has now become a firm believer in extraterrestrial life and civilizations and is convinced space visitors to Earth have been around for a long time, from the most distant past to this very day….one may wonder whether Cooper didn’t acquire his sudden interest in extraterrestrial civilizations by seeing for himself things that he did not have the right to tell us about.”

How is it that the astronauts could detect the sentience of those who were operating the UFOs that trailed their capsules as they made their historic flights? Without knowing for sure, we can only suspect that the other pilots possess an inate ability to project an awareness of their presence at a distance. If that’s how, is it possible that this same phenomena that the fictional lead pilot in this novel, Thom Cafferty, experiences taking control of the F-16 in the situation that the two pilots are enduring.

vii] Reference: The Bermuda Triangle, Charles Berlitz, Penguin Books, New York, 1967.

   The widely-read Bermuda Triangle non-fiction book traced the long history of strange disappearences in a vast, roughly triangular swatch of sea off of Florida’s east coast in which Berlitz also recounted the still unsolved disappearance of five U.S. Navy TBM Avenger torpedo bombers and a crew of fourteen aviators on December 5th, 1945.

   In an incident roughly similar to the loss of the jets and pilots in Alaska reported by General Foster, there is the long-standing mystery of Flight 19, which went missing while flying on a routine training mission. On a clear sunny day, two experienced pilots in charge of the five carefully checked TBM Avenger prop planes and their 12 student aviators became disoriented several hours out over the Atlantic Ocean on a route that was plotted from Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station on a 320 mile course, first east, then north over Grand Bahama Island and then back to base. Flight leader Lt. Charles Taylor radioed back to their base in Ft. Lauderdale that: ‘…this is an emergency…We seem to be off course…We cannot see land…” He claimed that both compasses are out and “…we seem to be lost.” For the next two hours, fragmented messages indicated that they were at a loss to determine their position. “We don’t know which way is west. Everything is wrong…strange…Even the ocean doesn’t look as it should.”

   Most investigators agree that the squadron drifted around, relying on a pilot’s intuitive sense of dead reckoning, guiding them on a wandering course to nowhere, instead of back towards Florida. Five frustrating hours later, the aircraft ran low on fuel and Taylor informed the base that land was still nowhere in sight. The planes, each carrying an inflatable life raft, with every man wearing a life jacket, informed Ft. Lauderdale that they were preparing to ditch at sea.

   Despite a massive five-day search of 250,000 square miles of sea, one of the largest ever mounted in maritime history—in which a large Martin Mariner rescue aircraft was also lost in similar mysterious circumstances—both Flight 19 and the search and rescue plane with all crewmembers disappeared. No crash debris, no traces of evidence of any kind were found. A 400-page naval inquiry never answered how or why it happened.

   In often retold lore that developed quickly in the aftermath of the very strange loss of the mission, exaggerations arose and the makings of a legend overshadowed facts. These distortions played into published versions of the story—thus, it was sweetened with dramatic fiction. A celebrated participant in the media industry who was most familiar with the commerce of writing news stories once explained that the practice of muddling the truth often enough is the rule. “When a fact becomes legend,” he remarked, “print the legend.”

   In just one instance, facts regarding the radio messages reported to have been made by the senior pilots of Flight 19 were added by imaginative reporters of the day and were never substantiated in the actual Naval inquiry. Yet this false dialouge has persisted in the re-telling of the story when it has been written about in later years.

   One such report made a claim about the lead pilot Taylor’s final message to Ft. Lauderdale. The report that he said “Don’t come after me.” This statement never surfaced in the official report and, though never spoken, the passage has become part of the fabric of the great fable that surrounds Flight 19. This line of fiction, nonetheless, works so well as drama, I adopted it as the basis for Major Cafferty’s parting reply to officer-in-charge Lipton in the Minot AFB control tower: “Don’t come after us.”

   The total disappearence of Flight 19 and its rescue plane both fit a fatal pattern of other historic losses of ships and aircraft lost in transit through the southeastern Atlantic. Sad stories all, the core causes of this enigma remain hidden, even though a few clues do exist. These leads are based both on scientific theory and legitimate speculation about the forces that might exist behind these vanishings.

This scene from Close Encounters imagines that Flight 19 returned, which wasn’t what happened

   One area of current thinking, however, lies largely outside the boundaries of proveable science. This argument is based on the large body of nautical evidence that supports the prospect that another, highly advanced race of beings inhabit areas many fathoms down below this swath of sea—as well as many other undersea zones elsewhere.

   Could it be that, on periodic whims, for purposes unknown, a submarine civilization has acted to change the destiny of a good number of travellers who were making innocent passage over their waters?

   Since these types of vanishings continue randomly with each passing decade, investigations into this phenomena present questions. Most important: Where are these captive vessels and passengers being taken?

Do they continue their lives elsewhere? Let’s look at the remarkable possiblity that a well-established civilization exists in certain areas under our vastly unexplored seas.

viii] Among the very first scientific treatment of this question came from maritime researcher Ivan Sanderson in his 1970 book Invisible Residents. [World Publishing Company, New York and Cleveland]

    Ivan Sanderson was among the very first modern day proponent of the idea of an undersea civilization based on his studies of the great mysteries involving accounts of unidentifiable disc shaped flying vessels of all sizes which credible witnesses had sighted while at sea.

   Throughout marine history, these craft had been seen flying into or out of Earth’s oceans and inland waters. For centuries, people have watched the incredible acrobatics that many of them have performed while putting on a variety of other feats or moving at terrific speeds underwater.

   A zoologist by education, Sanderson’s interest in these odd maritime matters came as an offshoot of expertise he gained working as a maritime specialist during WWII where he tracked the movements of ships claimed to have been lost. Sanderson called upon Earth’s environmental scientists to take a closer look at the ample evidence supporting the premise that unknown intelligences have been very much as active in underwater life as they have been in the skies throughout civilized times—and even moreso in recent history. 

   He pointed out that 50% of all UFO reports involve activity into, out of or nearby bodies of water.

   More on Ivan Sanderson’s work in reference sections for Chapter 6.

viii] It turns out that there are many other examples of yet unexplained military pilot and jet siezures by UFOs that corroborate General Foster’s story.

The incident reported here occurred over Puerto Rico, an area of high UFO activity, is reported in the first chapter of Tim Good’s Alien Contact, Top-Secret UFO Files Revealed. [Revised edition 1993] William Morrow, New York:

   “It was enormous, blinking with many colored lights…It made a turn back and then came lower, appearing much larger. It was then that we noticed two jet fighters [F-14 Tomcats] right behind it…one tried to intercept it and passed right in front of it, at which point the UFO veered to the left and made a turn back, reducing its speed. The pilots tried to intercept it three times, and that’s when the UFO slowed down and almost stopped in mid-air…The second jet remained on the right side of the UFO and the other one positioned itself on the left rear side. Then—I don’t know exactly what happened—if the jet entered the UFO by the rear, by the upper side, or what…The jet in the back just disappeared on top or inside of the UFO…it didn’t come out of the rear, the upper side or the other sides.”

This 1988 photograph was taken by an individual one morning in a remote area of Puerto Rico just after he had been returned from an abduction. The F-14 on the left maintained watch. The abductee waged a long battle with authorities to keep possession of the photo.

    In an interview with Art Bell on a 2003 Coast-to-Coast radio program, Mr. John Lear stated that “since 1938, some 300 to 400 similar interceptions of U.S. pilots and their jets have taken place during UFO chases”. More significant observations that came from Mr. Lear since then will come up in later references. John Lear passed away in 2021.                               

   In 2003, the figure for the number of jets captured were determined to be high, but there were still a substantial number of incidents over  the years.

The Lear Jet

   John Lear is the son of the inventor of the Lear Jet, Bill Lear. He is a former airline pilot with 10,000 hours flight time in commercial aviation, with a well-respected record otherwise for piloting various military and civilian aircraft designs. Over the years, Mr. Lear also began investigating evidence of extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs, including never-publically revealed UFO interactions with military aircraft.

In another case, in June 2016, NORAD admitted that there had been over 75 UFO chase incidents yearly [at least that’s what they admit to] in which US jet pilots chased and locked weapons systems onto UFOs. North American Aerospace Defense Command [NORAD] tracks an average of 1,800 UFOs anually and sends out jets to perform an average of about 75 interceptions each year, according to the Canadian Access To Information Act (AIA) documents released to Canadian Disclosure advocate Victor Viggiani. A July, 2016 posting published by MUFON [The Mutual UFO Network] pointed out that “No one at NORAD is saying these were UFOs, but instead that they refer to unidentified objects as “Tracks of Interest (TOI)” or Unknown Tracks.”

Interestingly, these chases have ofter been observed from the ground by civilian witnesses who report that visual sightings of UFO activity in their locality are accompanied by military jets, which invariably trigger the quick departure of the ‘unconventional craft’.

The respected UFO research of Dr. Jacques Valle in France began in the 1960s and had enough international impact to boost him into becoming the model for the French UFO scientist featured in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

When working at Stanford
Vallee in 2018
Dr. Vallee portrayed by Francois Traufaut [on left] in Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977

Dr. Valle co-developed the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA and is most noted for his work at Stanford Research Institute [SRI], where he helped create ARPANET, a technology that became the foundation for the modern day Internet. In July, 2016, Valle spoke at a TEDx conference held in Brussels about military interception of UFOs. He supports the hypothesis that some UFOs are indeed intelligently controlled, remotely or not, by beings in command of superior communications technology. One of his many published papers discussed the potential power output of UFOs. Sources:

Dr. Vallee Sources:



Both of these papers offer a comphrehensive look at the oddities military pilots encounter when they are ordered to intercept one of these UFOs. Another related article can still be found at conciousnessevolution.com: Here’s What Happens When A UFO Is Tracked On Military Radar.

U.S. Navy Gunsight Video Image: Is this one of theirs–or ours during a wargames exercize?

The image framed above comes from the 2021 Pentagon admission and official release of the ‘gun target Tic-Tac’ video’ that a U.S. Navy pilot recorded of a UFO encounter. This ‘official admission’ that UFOs exist according to the Department of Defense has not at all impressed UFO disclosure advocates, especially when we consider all of the other striking evidence already presented by the Pentagon from its own sources in NORAD and other aviation agencies as noted in this reference section.

All of the prior admissions you have read about continue to be completely ignored by the Pentagon which seeks to retain an iron grip on the story because they have been working behind the scenes with ETs whose long term intentions for humanity are basically quite sinister.

My opinion remains that there will never be any substantial admission by any U.S. military agency for reasons I will get into later on related to the fact that the Pentagon has been working directly with one or more extraterrestrial species since a number of cooperative treaties have been signed with them some time ago, mostly in exchange for being given exotic weaponry, but also to be allowed to entrap humans in a variety of sinister schemes. Much more on this as the storyline and references progress.

It’s astonishing how many credible people are trying to create awareness about a phenomena that, if it were to become entirely transparent to the world, it would most likely transform all aspects of humanity, leaving nothing untouched.

x] The entire homage to the lost F-16 pilots recited from memory by the fictional character Major Moore near the end of this chapter actually reads:

“To leave behind Earth and air and gravity is an ancient dream of humanity. We find the best among us, send them forth into unmapped darkness, and pray they will return.”

   My thanks to the Cape Canaveral Florida chapter of MENSA for providing this unattributed passage. It is featured as the quote seen the cover of the March, 2003 issue of Sea Coast Area MENSA, (SCAM), the newsletter published by members of the high IQ society chapter located in the region around what was known as the Kennedy Space Center during the Apollo years but which has reverted to its original name Cape Canaveral, Florida. This MENSA group’s newsletter issue was dedicated to the crew aboard space shuttle Challenger flight STS 107 who perished. Astronauts McCool, Husband, Brown, Clark, Chawla, Anderson and Ramon.

The poignant tribute in Moore’s stream of thoughts was edited by the author, shortened for use as dialouge.

   I was left to wonder about why these Mensans would use the acronym SCAM for their branch of Mensa. Most of the members are aerospace specialists who support NASA’s most prominent ventures into space—and are among the brightest and best engineers and scientists in America. Why would they adopt the dubious acronym SCAM as the title of their MENSA chapter? SCAM wasn’t fit for an agency that holds such global prestige.

   SCAM had to indicate some kind of double meaning for them. Is it more that an inside joke, or meant as a codeword to the public regarding hidden agendas at NASA? They adopted their tongue in cheek acronym during the Apollo mission for a good reason, not only as an inside joke.

   As the background story to this book continues in the references that follow, readers will see that there may indeed be good reasons why the MENSA chapter name drops a huge hint about the true nature of the Apollo era operations.  

xi] As told to the author:

When General Foster landed his jet at the Alaskan Air Force base right after the loss of the pilots and their jets, he was met at the end of the runway by a jeep whose driver, an officer, motioned at him to stop. He killed the engine and opened the hatch so that he could speak to the man who appeared to be a commander himself. Since Foster was king of the roost, here was an officer he’d never seen before. Foster was caught up in surprise as the man identified himself as being from the Pentagon, from a division with highest authority.

The officer, who did not give Foster his name, harshly warned him not to ever speak about the incdent or the loss of the pilots ever again. He loudly made the same point several times, adding to it that he would be killed if he did. He then drove off, leaving Foster totally perplexed.

Foster was tasked with getting Non-Disclosure Agreements with everyone on the base and, along the way, questioning each man about whether they saw another commanding officer at that time on the base. No one claimed to have seen the man. The jeep he drove was never found and none of the jeeps in the motor pool were missing.

   No one replied to General Foster’s report to the Pentagon about the incident. The fate of the Air Force pilots who disappeared over Alaska remains publicly unknown to this day. Moreover, perhaps it’ll never be known what the U.S. Air Force told to the families of each lost pilot as an official explanation of his disappearence.

   Retired General Foster broke his silence to me concerning this sad event in a casual conversation we were having in Los Angeles during the fall of 1999. By then, I’d worked with him for about four years and heard many stories, but nothing like this.

For reasons of his own chosing, he disclosed details on the incident to me and granted permission to me in 2013 to use the story as the basis for this chapter’s fictional F-16 incident.

He expressed his reasons for allowing me to do so, saying: “Doors are opening.”

After giving his annoucement a moment’s thought, I aked: “How wide?”

In an interesting turn of events, Foster called the Air Force to inquire about the status of his signing the Official Secrets Act in the 1950s due to the highly sensitive intelligence work he’d done at the Pentagon. They told him that a major fire that broke out in an undergound document storage facility in the North American Air Defense Command [NORAD] had destroyed the paperwork of thousands of military personnel.

   Other confidential files that had piled up in the record area of the U.S. Air Force by the end of the 1960s included over 13,000 UFO reports turned in by its own pilots and many other reports written up by civilians. All awaited an official review that never came.

One of the world’s best researchers on the topic of UFOs is Richard Dolan, an honored historian and author whose military contact incidents are found in his book UFOs For The 21st Century Mind.

He has stated:

“If one thing is glaringly obvious, it is that the UFO phenomena is global and has included many military encounters.”

   There is plenty of evidence that there has been American government contact with representative members of many advanced civilizations. Moreover, many other nations are co-operating with the U.S. to the point of participating in what has come to be called America’s “Secret Space Program”.

   After the WWII, “black budget projects’ were covertly inagurated by hard-line military-industrial contractors in Washington. The fix was in. Since then, an elite regime in Washington has, with rare exceptions, kept the resulting scientific and cultural rewards mostly to themselves. These factions kept watch for any hint of public intrusion into their internal affairs.   

In further references, we will present a covet tapestry of incidents which deeply examine the clandestine world that has been created during the post WWII years. In the decades that followed, in the U.S. trillions of dollars of taxpayer money has been cleverly stolen to support the building of a very private regime in their ambitions to create an interplanetary space program that maintains an enormous degree of control over humanity.

Star Seed

Chapter Two

The bright full moon bathed the Forest family farm buildings that September night, tinting the white wooden clapboard siding of the farm house faint blue. The house and barn were the only landmarks standing just north of the two fences staking off the perimeter of Minot Air Force base.  

   It was just after two o’clock and faint breezes carried the warmth of summer through the barely opened window of seven-year-old Christy Forest’s upstairs bedroom, where she sprawled across her bed sleeping deeply.

   Under an arm, Christy cradled Raggedy Ann, her closest friend out of the many dolls lined up on the shelf over her bed. Leaning against the wall, a giant stuffed dog sat upright, an oversized tongue flopping out of its mouth. Dancing children filled the scenery of the wallpaper wrapped around the room. On the floor, wooden blocks of the alphabet spilled across the floor, next to the storybook about Jack and Jill, and crayons lay scattered beside big pages on a tablet of newsprint, the top page scrawled over with carefree drawings—diversions of a happy child at play in a world still so very new to her.

   The light breezes reached further in, setting to motion the heavenly bodies that hung from a celestial mobile. Six stars dangled on strings, each covered with aluminum foil and in the center of the array, a blue-tinted, half-crescent moon face dangled, adorned with a big-lipped smile that celebrated his place in the dreamy scheme of night time.

   On one area of the room’s outside wall, near the window, two spheres of white illumination began to appear. Within those spheres, two separate pinpoints of light formed. Each lit area on the décor of the wallpaper glowed dimly—the prancing wallpaper figures appeared to be lit from behind, softly highlighted by a light source shimmering deep within the wall.

   Then, fine-tipped pinpointed ends of two gleaming shafts of white light poked effortlessly through the surface of the wallpaper. The rods of light gradually pushed further through the wall—the diameter of each increased as the procession gravitated gracefully into the room. Their white light began to pulse; bright colors filled each of the figures, casting radiance everywhere. The hues of both changed every few seconds. They transformed from pale yellow to rich violet, then to blue, red and light green―on and on, ever-changing, never repeated, a vivid display of changes in color and brightness.

   After finishing this ritual of entry, the spectral intruders penetrated the wall fully and glided freely about the room, then made their way to the foot of Christy’s bed, where they came to a halt mid-air.  

   One of the two figures stretched its body outward. Its body thinned, became longer. It began to float toward the girl, moving above her. The light level of the shaft intensified. Another wand of light extended itself out from the center of the entity and then tilted upward.

   Abruptly, Christy’s body rose from the bed evenly and floated up to rest a few feet off the bed. She remained undisturbed, deep asleep. Long strands of her golden hair floated up along side her body, weightless. Her arms levitated upward as if some force was holding them aloft.

   The rod spun in a circle and Christy’s body began to revolve. The rod came to rest and Christy’s spinning stopped. She floated upside down in mid-air.

   Raggedy Ann had followed Christy smoothly along on her ascent. The large doll hung slumped freely in space. The rod tapped the unwanted doll on the belly and Raggedy Ann plopped back down to the bed.

   The other entity extended a rod outward from inside and the tip turned pale red. The tip of the rod reached a spot over her lower back, centered on her lower spine—and came into contact at that point.

   The rods waved round and round. Still asleep, the youngster spun back over and came to rest face up. One of her hands groped the empty space in the air for Raggedy Ann, then reached further to touch the bed. Both were equally elusive and she stirred slightly, let out a whimper of confusion and thrashed around as she edged from dreamland back towards consciousness.

   Christy’s eyes peeped open and shut again, yet she smiled sweetly. She extended her arms, waving them about sleepily. Christy thrashed an arm downward toward the bed far below—it was just out of reach. Suddenly awake, her eyes flipped wide open, but all she could think about was that she was flying It was a feeling so simple, flying naturally, so carefree.

   Both entities floated closer and began to absorb as much of the essence of the enchantment flowing through Christy into their minds as they could, a thrill so very rare for them to experience.

   One of the beings caught her attention. Christy reacted by cocking her head slightly to the side in mild reply. 

   “Yes, I hear you.” she answered peacefully to a question somehow asked in silence.

   The two entities bobbed several feet up higher over the bed, the wand carefully kept in position a foot or so above the amazed girl as both gazed down at Christy. One of the beings angled itself to one side. 

   “Why would I be afraid?” she responded as bravely as her youth would allow her.

   The pair drifted closer still and continued to sense and absorb the jolts of happiness that darted around inside the girl while she experienced pure weightlessness. Each of them savored every moment of her excitement as if it were their own

   Wakefulness aroused a certainty within Christy that she controlled the power to lift herself and move about, but other thoughts began to enter her mind about the impossibility of flight and the sheer happiness she had been experiencing started to slip away. Her smile turned downcast—she wanted to know about the power that helped her to lift herself.

   “Tell me how I can fly,” Christy demanded curiously.

   Her guests put an end to their antics and floated up and down.

   “Yes, yes,” she answered excitedly, “I love flying.” She bent herself up at the waist, then folded her upper body down tight, her head nestled at her feet for a few instants, before snapping back upright to give them a satisfied grin. Yet, even as she renewed her exhilaration with being aloft, Christy slowly began a graceful descent toward the bed.       

   “Wait—just a little longer,” Christy begged them, flailing her arms, her grin dissolving as her flight time shortened, sadness coming across her face. “It’s so much fun. Please,” she pleaded. “Please.”

   Her feet touched the bed, but she pushed up and off again, swimming in space once more. But as her weight settled softly onto the surface of her mattress, she knew the greatest of fun was ending and her face wrinkled in dismay.

   But not for long. She smiled again, pleased to have visitors who could perform such magic. Christy looked around the room, first at the closed door, then the wall and a touch of suspicion made its way to her face as she posed another question:

   “How did you get in?”

   One entity pointed toward the wall, yet, at first, it made no sense to Christy. “Through the wall?” Christy asked and shook her head back and forth a few times. “Oh, no, no. You didn’t,” she argued and continued shaking her head and scrunching up her face. She was entirely baffled to think such a thing was possible. 

   One of the entities nodded positively. He extended a shaft of light down to the floor where a single red crayon lay and floated it upward into position a few feet from the wall. Then, with a sudden sparkle of light, the crayon flew very hard toward the outside wall, but, instead of striking it, the crayon disappeared through the wallpaper, as easily as if it had fallen into a pond of water.

   Christy giggled joyfully at the sight. The beings gestured with their arms, their heads tilting back and forth before they settled down again. They lowered themselves onto the mattress, and the conversation carried on in silence, telepathically with the little girl.

   “What do you mean by that?” she asked. Christy raised her eyebrows and held them there.

   “Where are you from?” she asked. She was concerned. She wanted to be sure she got an answer to something she considered important.

   One of the entities pointed over to the celestial mobile, drawing a wand around the stars and moon and soon afterward the figures that were hanging from the display began to twirl gently around. 

    Suddenly, the Air Force base air raid sirens screamed loudly to life in the near distance.

   With a furious bark from the family dog, the beings were startled, the wands disappeared out of their hands and they bolted up, quick as bullets, out through the closed window. They both passed right through it without shattering the glass―leaving two round exit holes behind.

   Christy quickly leapt up off the bed, scampering to the windowsill, where she fixed the palms of her hands on the ledge and pleaded in despair. “Come back!” she cried out. The number of alarms sounding were increasing and growing louder.

   Again, she called out to them, “Stay with me!” Seeing no sign of where they could have gone, she lowered her voice to summon them again. “Please come back!”

   Christy looked out over the front yard, watching the commotion of lights. The sound of two powerful jets taking off on the runways just beyond the family’s wheat field, out there, not far past the front yard, were disturbing and pierced the night with a fearsome howl. But she’d never heard any alarms from the base before. In the confusion, she wondered how odd the scene of what just happened in her room might have appeared to anyone watching.

   Another breeze blew through the holes in the window. Christy looked up at the near perfect circles and worried about why her new friends left in such a hurry. Sleepy-eyed, she moved away from the window and shuffled back onto the bed, pulled the blanket over her head to smother the blaring racket and wondered where they went.

   Two sonic booms thundered in from the distant fields, shaking the fragile windows.

   Slipping fast towards slumber again, deep down on her back. She felt a tingling sensation and then her whole body shuddered as warmth rose back up her spine to her head and she wondered if the visitors were headed back to their home. Sleepiness fell upon her and her thoughts searched the heavens:

   Home must be far away for them. If they go back to the Moon or the stars, I hope they remember me.