If Only They Knew

Never before in this round in the evolution of human civilization have criminal agencies of governance around the world banded together so forcefully on a war plan to mass murder the majority of mankind.

While governments in the past have initiated genocidal programs on their own people, this may be the first time that dozens of governments simultaneously coordinated and launched a population reduction campaign using mass mind control to convince billions of people to commit individual acts of suicide and homicide under the pretext of protecting themselves and others for “the public good.”    

How did this get started?

If we ask when it did, we should first also look at the realities of such prior extinction events as the Biblical Great Flood and another earlier incident in the planet’s formation towards human habitude when an asteroid or large meteor collided with Earth, wiping out most life. Add to that the deadly event called polar shift, which was a magnetic switch which took place in the electrical polarity beaming out from either end of our planet. Scientific exploration of that phenomena over the years has confirmed that it must have happened, but less is known about why.

Prophets who may have seen these events coming led some residents to flee underground and survive to rebuild their lives there in substantial numbers. Recent archeological evidence has confirmed a few places where this occurred. The best guesswork indicates that these locations had off-world connections.

Some people who heeded the warning signs of collapse traveled up to higher elevations beforehand.

But what of the evidence about intelligently conceived disasters ? Did some of these events, like the final destruction of the civilization called Atlantis, have their cause in manufactured technological weaponry brought about to lessen the population of Earth with the same intent as we are now experiencing?  

In the mid-1960s, a relatively little known think tank run by wealthy Europeans that convened regularly in Italy, a group who called themselves the Club of Rome, funded software programmers who created a computer program exercise, using an array of the early tape driven IBM mainframes, to create a simulated model of non-renewable resource use into the future as it might occur based on increased usage with the growing world population. This rise in basic materials use was also theoretically weighed against other emerging factors such as pollution and economics. The final results staggered the minds of the computer scientists, with exponential usage occurring to the point of exhausting many of the basics just beyond the upcoming turn of the 21st century.

The book that published those findings was titled The End of Affluence and it was a best-seller for quite some time over the years following. It likely helped create the environmental movement, however, this noble outcome was surely not the intent of The Club of Rome as, since then, that organization is run by the Black Nobility of Italy who hardly honor the best ideals for humanity.  

The Club of Rome became a leader in what ignited the public debate over curbing the negative effects of resource use that would shortly imperil mankind, including the loss of cheap oil. Since then, the more sinister motives of the Club of Rome have been revealed, as their purposes as leading agents of propaganda became clear, right up until today’s highly questionable global initiative to inoculate populations everywhere with a mix of deadly bio-warfare agents, all capable of killing individuals within a relatively short period of time after injection, with more than one injection after another mandated just to be sure.

Investigator Ed Dowd reported in December of 2022 that, in the U.S. alone, some 2,400 inoculated individuals were dying every month from the so-called vaccine, with some 4,500 other inoculated individuals suffering from a range of other directly related adverse affects monthly, many of which will plague them for the rest of their lives. Mr. Dowd’s figures may be on the low end of the sad reality since it has been shown that the reporting agencies are shorting their numbers. Vaccinated children, for instance, should be added to these grim statistics, however medical authorities are definitely blaming other childhood problems for these deaths. Very similar figures for these same death tolls are being reported in the rest of the world, where propaganda driven populations have also submitted to being inoculated. Many people are beginning to die suddenly and it is becoming impossible for the perpetrators to blame this news on other illnesses, asking a poorly educated public to believe even more propaganda.

There is verifiable evidence that the current bio-warfare catastrophe has been guided into effect by a “sinister technical source’ which is employing more than one technological mechanism to accomplish their sick ambition to depopulate a wide range of their own population. Deeply religious minds are blaming this series of events on the effect of the long-predicted ‘end-times’, while authorities continue to pin the cause on Covid-19, a virus that has yet to be isolated clinically, other than as a short-lived type of flu they also created. It simply doesn’t exist other than as propaganda.

The Biblical belief of end times that’s currently popular is also being hailed as part of the reason for an increase in war, weather related damage and any number of other negative conditions now set upon mankind as punishments. But the use of human technology to create havoc is given little inspection even though there is plenty of evidence from readings of government sponsored proposals generated by the Department of Defense in the 1960s onward, papers dedicated to support of funding research and development of such super technologies, which fully document the ambition to create such life-endangering mechanisms. These programs promised to create the technical means for these realities 6 or more decades ago and then the subjects suddenly were no longer spoken of. Scientific proof that, behind the silence on progress made in these areas of technology, it was happening. 60 years ago if you brought up the idea that a coordinated effort to kill off the population of the planet intentionally was in development, you would have been harshly ridiculed for it, if not institutionalized. As indicated in the number of recent scientific studies just mentioned, many recent day tragic events can now be proven to stand as man-made.

Elite political and financial forces began to promote disaster and crisis conditions years ago. Propaganda efforts matched funding of the technologies of massive doom that they were beginning to create secretly. They were also  creating the leadership required to manipulate the public to accept upcoming ‘savior’ government actions that they wanted to be accepted as necessary to protect the greater number of people from the very doom the governments were helping to expedite globally…all while they would survive themselves.

Those preparations have included building underground bunkers to protect the highest ranking members of society in high tech survival shelters, residences that can be proven to have indeed been built deep underground. From the recent admissions of a former member of the Illuminati, it may be said that there are 54 shelters operating now under America alone, much less those built elsewhere in the world during the past half century. As one example of their current existence, in 2009, there was a tremendous call in New Orleans to hire cooks to man the long term shelter built directly under the French Quarter. It is built so deep beneath the surface that even a nuclear war wouldn’t touch it.

Once the world returns to habitable conditions, these elite survivors would once again emerge to resume total control in relatively safe conditions, fully capable of continuing rule over the world with plenty of resources left, but only for them to exploit and establish new trade among themselves [and, it is suspected, off-world trading partners] as a means of prospering further after a disastrous reduction in population. But what if the nefarious ETs they have been working with since the end of WWII kill them too while they are in residence underground?

There is an important separate discussion forming on how the race is on for a fix to the physical crisis created by the injections, an effort by still sane doctors that’s based on the real hope that some of the worst elements found in the inoculations can be removed from the body with medical and other technical antidotes.

It has taken well over a year and a half for any solutions to be developed after the members of the brazen psychopathic pharmaceutical industry created serums that they thought would be “irreversible” as tools of mass murder.  

A follow up article on these remedies is being put together to direct people on those life-saving procedures. This essay is mainly intended to reveal how this widespread plan developed from the 1960s onward and expose just some of the many principal players who instituted the plan over many, many decades.

Scare tactics were used during the early years leading up to the current day attack. President Barack Obama signed into law an Executive Order which allowed the legal use of propaganda by government agencies which has resulted in a massive surge of lies by people in authority to insure that populations of the modern world would believe that this was being carried out for their own safety when in fact it was designed to kill them.

Hordes of people have allowed themselves to be injected with pure poisons, all the while thinking that they were protecting themselves and others from a virus which actually is no more potent that the common flu, a nasty cold or, at worst, pneumonia: COVID-19

That term was actually a code name for the whole plan, one that would allow governments worldwide to technically track all who had taken the inoculation by way of the telecommunications systems. This is to be accomplished with use of a micro-communication ingredient that had only been invented in the 1980s: Graphene oxide. A number would be assigned to every inoculation as a matter of identifying that individual anywhere telecommunications were available.

COVID-19 is not a deadly virus—it actually stands for:

Certificate Of Vaccination Identification.

Attaching the number 19 may have had an occult significance for the satan-worshipping groups that have instituted these plans and expected a much higher kill rate from the injections.   

As already stated, the majority of the planning had its roots in America during the post-war years, with wealthy Europeans also involved at the highest levels.` This conspiracy started within the ranks of what was left of the Third Reich, a group that successfully penetrated America, protected by self-serving Americans in many of the upper levels of the US Government after WWII.

Many high level Nazis escaped death for war crimes that a few of their comrades were hanged for at the Nuremberg trials during WWII. They did this by making deals to work for the American military-industrial corporations on a radically new common goal of eventual world domination: The Fourth Reich.

Many of the highly advanced weapons the Nazis had been bringing into existence had the direct technical assistance of an ancient civilization of non-human warriors, a race that is reptilian in nature, the Anunnaki.

These beings claim that they evolved here on Earth first, as far back as in the age of dinosaurs, long before another conquering race came along to begin genetic experiments to seed the planet with ‘humans’.

The Anunnaki always insist that, due to their evolution here first, they own this planet. As a reptilian race, they became highly advanced long ago and formed alliances with a few other conquering extraterrestrial races and began to win enough battles to form a small empire in this galaxy.

They possess an “original hatred” for humans who they say invaded their planet during genetic experiments that took place largely in the Middle East in the not too distant past and resulted in the growth of many different races here along with a now great mix of populations in numbers.

During WWII, this reptilian appearing race had become closely allied with Hitler’s sharpest technical minds—the Germans developing his master race weapons. And with the reptilians came the two other highly advanced alien species the reptilians were already banded together with, races whose origins are on planets far from Earth.

All of these alien “enemies of humanity” were also imported into the US with the Nazis who were brought here after the war. This is why the Pentagon had to place such major secrecy on the development of advanced technologies these ETs were aiding Americans in building. Only the very highest level military knew that they were working with the Nazis and ETs to continue developing high tech weapons with which to rule planet Earth. These co-operations also included bio-weapon development.

Dark-minded Nazi agents were placed carefully throughout the United States in nearly every institution of government and private business, some out in the open, others hidden from the public. They were behind the major plans being made, many of which were merely continuations of Third Reich goals which as is well known, included an eventual mass extermination of the world’s population.

Despite the promises made at Nuremberg, as already noted, the “Fourth Reich” ambitions included developing major genocidal bio-weapons. All of the covert programs, the ones that could not be made public, were financed by a number of ‘alternative’ sources.

One of the major ones was a 2.2 trillion dollar Japanese Navy gold cache, a huge treasure chest of gold gathered from the raids of many Asian nations by the Japanese during WWII that was recovered just after the war and captured in the Philippines by Truman’s American military. It was called Admiral Yamashita’s gold. That treasure was brought to America and secretly placed in a high level investment bank in NYC where it provided major funding for such military-industrial efforts as the Vietnam war, the Apollo Moon program and the many, many secret ambitions of the Pentagon warlords.

The newly-minted Pentagon officers after WWII who were greedily mesmerized by the exotic weaponry the Nazi Germans had developed went into business with the Fourth Reich, which actually was post-war America. John Kennedy was aware of this, along with Dwight Eisenhower. These egotistical military minds intended to back engineer as much of the extraterrestrial technology as possible. They formed what they called the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, to carry out these major back-engineered and other developments, much of it in facilities they built underground in Nevada and, later, Utah.

As has already been established here, one of the principal weapons DARPA developed to a modern art is propaganda, the ability to deploy the darkest fears into the minds of the public. Not just in America, either, but planet-wide.

Hidden behind the spread of general world respect for American prestige for democracy, justice and human freedom, this evil secret alliance used the CIA to create small wars all over, overturned elections in over 50 nations to install their own puppets and introduced a doom and gloom era of false scientific propaganda the world over. Correspondent Benjamin Fulford published the following list of topics the world media covered as true themes of concern that never happened: 

1) The US Military Is Involved In Ukrainian Weapons Labs

2) The media was programmed and paid by the U.S. government to spread propaganda  about the purpose of the labs to cover up the facts.

One of the most respected musicians in history, Eric Clapton, had agonizing reactions after having the shots that propaganda scared him into taking and he later lashed out at the medical establishment in Britain for fooling him. He had  to work hard to recover being able to play guitar comfortably again.

                                                                                            [Good Dog.com 12/31/2022]

A media control mechanism has been used all along to combat any opposition to the injection campaign.

Creating fear has been policy for the Center for Disease Control [CDC] and the Health and Human Services since about the mid-1980s. Under this shift in command, the CDC became the sole authority in judging the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Katherine Watt is a pharmaceutical expert who’s ongoing examination of how we got here includes these observations:

“A whole lot of things that once were federal and state crimes and civil rights violations have been legalized by Congress through legislative, statutory revisions to the United States Code, signed by US Presidents, and implemented at the administrative, regulatory level by the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Defense through the Code of Federal Regulations…Congress and US Presidents legalized and funded the overthrow of the US Constitution, the US government and the American people, through a massive domestic bioterrorism program relabeled as a public health program, conducted by the HHS Secretary and Secretary of Defense on behalf of the World Health Organization and its financial backers.” This writing and research is the work of Katherine Watt’s combined with Sasha Latypova, a US Law specialist.

The most thorough investigation of the Pentagon’s direct involvement in the development of the killing bio-weapons has been conducted over the past several years by independent journalist George Webb.

Together with an investigative partner whom he identified as ‘Task Force’, they got involved in the story of how DARPA was directly involved when he was given one of a number of Blackberry phones that once belonged to Hunter Biden and was used in a number of dealings by the younger Biden to execute deals in the Ukraine as an appointed operative of the criminal agents doing various money laundering business in the Ukraine.

Mr. Webb’s more recent reporting on how the deadly bio-weapons were developed abroad, but also with originating experimentation at U.S. Army facilities, are summarized below as he released them in December of 2022 on his Substack channel.

All 3 of those reports can be viewed at georgewebb@substack.com   

 DARPA’s Michael Callahan was tasked with turning old Soviet bioagents into profitable vaccines CIA insiders. mRNA vaccines were the result.

Russia knew that their old bioweapon labs had been mostly located in the Ukraine and had become operational again during a period of time after 2000.

As partly evidenced in this article, they became run by the Pentagon or its subcontracted agencies, and, as these labs were positioned exactly along the edges of Russian territory, their threatening nature posed a major worry to Russian authorities, That came on top of Ukrainian Nazi’s murder of some 14,000 Russians living in the Eastern regions of that nation after a CIA led coup in 2014.

After the Russian Special Military Operation began in February of 2022, their Army has achieved most of their objectives. In exposing all 36 of these biological labs sponsored or supported by the US as described by Mr. Webb, the US is increasingly become a major threat to world peace in supporting an outright Nazi regime openly supported by a psychopathic American President.

The war hawks in the Pentagon refuse to back down from any guilt and in fact have continually increased the threat of nuclear confrontation. Accordingly, US foreign policy war hawks have established the institutional and ideological framework needed launch a nuclear war without fear of legal reprisal.

The West continues to claim that Mr. Putin is hell bent on world domination when in reality Putin is just beginning to expose the West’s biological crimes against humanity. The many facts which support that are continuing to be denied by all Western media, which qualifies this campaign as propaganda.

Since the growth of the Fourth Reich within all institutions of the American system of government, American presidents, along with succeeding members of Congress, intentional worked hand in hand to destroy the legal basis for Constitutional protections since about the 1970s after being bribed to do so. The degree of treason involved is unbelievable to most common Americans. As one leader in Europe has openly stated about the current situation of the near total loss of democratic government in the U.S.: “[They have become] the true heirs of Nazi propaganda minister Joeseph Goebells”

Dr. Robert Malone, a highly respected freedom of speech advocate has, at great risk to his life, made great efforts to reveal how the U.S. government has systematically used many psychological warfare tactics against its own people and, no less, encouraged the lying to spread across the world. 

No wonder why those of us who are telling these truths are being targeted in every way possible.

Will the world stand firm against this tyranny and pull back from the brink?

For those who have taken the inoculations, despite tremendous efforts on the part of the sinister medical researchers who developed the intended irreversible concoction of deadly agents, progress has been made in coming up with antidotes.

Very recently, treatments have come along to develop an effective, provable means of ridding the body of most of these genocidal ingredients.

My next effort will be to freely provide readers with a long list of those.

I expect to have this compilation done by the end of January, 2023.

“As Humans, we are often pushed to an extreme in order to learn a lesson and change behavior. That is typically human,” archeologist Elena Dannan asserts in discussing the crucial task humanity must now confront, immediately, to gain the benefits of quality relations with benevolent ‘off-world’ civilizations.

How can we pull back from the brink?

We need a visible and active show of hands, at every level, particularly in the local sense and then on up to join the global effort to liberate the planet of a deeply sinister tyranny seeking to exterminate humanity.

We are well into the beginning of this movement. A growing number of people in all walks of life are fed up and are taking these first steps to qualify for membership in with the many other peace-loving residents of our fragile world.

Once again, my website has some interesting writing on related topics like our origins as humanity, how our Moon fits into all of this and civilizations beneath us.

Author: Rob Wold

I'm a former accomplished motion picture and television professional, accomplished as a documentary filmmaker, 35mm feature length director of photography who is credited as a writer, producer and director as well. I'm currently writing a science fiction based on facts novel about a cover-up at NASA.

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