A Multiverse Journey Part Two

The Lost Days Of The Divine Feminine

In a story that oddly relates to Princess Diana’s demise, a woman who appeared in one sequence of the independently produced British television documentary Presence of Supreme Reptilian Aliens On Earth claimed that she was party to the infamous California satanic ceremony held yearly at the location called ‘Bohemia Grove’.

Leadership from around the world would gather at this sacred sinister site to practice a blood ritual sacrifice. In her on camera testimony, she claimed that she saw British ruler Lord Heath there and that he changed form to become a much larger, 9 foot tall reptilian while other Satanic onlookers stood motionless as he did so.

This shape-shifting ability is understandably rejected by average people as some sort of fabricated science fiction fantasy or another strange brand of conspiracy theories, however, as evidenced in the prior examples provided, credible witnesses or events point to the reality of this phenomena. Chris Carter, writer-producer of the X-Files television series, included shape-shifting in several series plots. There is a history of horror stories built around the concept of Changelings that looked human but were human/hybrid creatures that could deceptively change their appearance to onlookers.

Explanations as to how shape-shifting is executed stands as an equally compelling question. These mysteries point to the fact that these cultures are not only way ahead of us in this field but that they resort to using these tricks very often. It may be inter-dimensional in nature.

“If it fits the purpose, one moment the ET may look like our typical ‘Anunnaki’ and then next moment like a dragon or reptilian, or a typical human,” Wes Penre stressed. “And no one can tell—the being appears just as physical as you and I. When they shape-shift like that, the beings appear so physical that you can even shake hands with them without noticing that they are not really physical.”

“Then it may shape-shift back to a giant Anunnaki ‘god’ with long locked hair and a braided Sumerian beard,” Penre elaborates. “Sometimes it’s because the [ET] visitor wants you to see him that way, so he shape-shifts into that form. This is very easy for them to do by over-riding human perceptions via their use of their strong visual telepathic abilities. It’s happening all the time here on Earth”.

Perhaps the most prominent figure to come forward and verify not only the existence of these reptilians and also substantiate the real nature of NASA’s secret advances in space technology was a highly respected veteran of the Apollo Moon missions named William Tompkins.

From his teenage years onward, he was deeply involved on a first hand basis in Naval Intelligence during WWII. He worked in top secret conditions for the Navy throughout the war and, afterwards, in the key peacetime transitional elements of the rapidly emerging military, as a designer in the aerospace industry that followed, then on into service as a managing engineer on the Apollo Moon missions.

His memoirs, titled Selected by Extraterrestrials, reveal the intrigue he experienced as the section chief engineer for Douglas Aerospace on NASA’s Moon mission while he managed 140 engineers on the creation of the astronaut’s lunar capsule. All along, he continued to work in a high ranking position as an officer in Naval Intelligence until he passed on in 2017.

In a December 16, 2016 interview with William Tompkins conducted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, he testified that, during WWII, a team of 29 American-German US Naval Intelligence spies infiltrated the highly secreted Nazi flying disc programs, took pictures and brought back a treasure trove of evidence that the Nazis were working with reptilian ‘engineers’ on circular Third Reich anti-gravity spacecraft. In Tompkins later career at NASA, he discovered that, when the Apollo 11 astronauts were debriefed by NASA officials, they reported that “there were dozens of 8 to 9 foot tall reptilians standing across the crater from them, jumping up and down under their vehicles…They were ugly looking, lizard alligator type people, terrible looking faces.”

In an incident that elaborates a bit further on this claim, Neil Armstrong presented one of the very few speeches he ever made about his Apollo mission experiences to a carefully filtered group of scientists one night in Washington, DC. Afterwards, Armstrong replied confidentially to a woman scientist’s question about the ‘alien’ incident on the Moon. He told her that the entire reptilian welcoming party on the Moon [the same as was described by William Tompkins] shape-shifted to become human in appearance.

Wes Penre added a report about such lunar activities as well. Anunnaki era Sumerian scribes translated by Russian researcher Zachariah Sitchin wrote that our Moon came from elsewhere. Sitchin thought that King Anu and his people inhabited the planetoid called Niburu, a small planet formed when a star exploded in the Sirius constellation.

“This is probably the reason why researchers like David Icke say that the Moon is inhabited by Reptilian beings,” Penre contended. I agree with him.

“[Many people] believe that we were interrupted in our Apollo missions because whoever it is that is claiming ownership of the Moon didn’t want us there,” Icke stated.

A revision is needed here: In references given at the very end of this essay, I provide links to the reports made by reliable sources in early 2022 that substantiate how, during the ongoing war with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Draco/Reptilian forces have finally lost domination of the Moon and many other outposts, like Mars, which they’ve ‘owned’ for quite some time in this solar system. The sinister forces were driven out. 

Most of the alien races which have interfered with human evolution one way or other and still want to control and manipulate our behavior are inter-dimensional. This means they can appear and disappear at will, due to our inability to see beyond the 3rd  dimensional plane, into the astral realm described earlier.  They operate from the 5th dimension of existence or higher or, in the case of sinister beings, they still retain a dark agenda from those levels.

Because most of us lack the full DNA helix, we can’t even see what’s going on in this next dimension of existence, the astral plane. Some races know how to transit to and from this dimension, “…the same as souls also come and go there when they are using their ‘avatars’ to appear differently,” Penre asserts. “For example, if a soul/avatar is visiting Earth, it can take on the form of a human to blend in, and you and I wouldn’t be able to see the difference. Then, in a moment, the same alien soul can let its avatar shape shift into another form, let’s say a reptilian.”

This subject is so confounding to people, it is widely ridiculed as an absolutely absurd fantasy—until examples from credible people come up from individuals such as those just presented.

“Almost all ancient cultures on Earth had extensive records of contact and interaction with human-looking ‘gods’ who had [demonstrated invincible] super-human abilities and technology [to the Sumerian population]” acclaimed author David Wilcock stated in 2014.                                               

Reptilians in particular have created the matrix prison planet system on this Earth to maintain the manipulation of religions and inhabit the lower astral realms, feeding on life sources such as souls, and recycled souls. The Global Elite have us “trapped” in an electronic net that the Anunnaki engineered as ‘life’ in an ever-repeating film.

 Until very recently, they had also run the human abduction scheme with the direct assistance of another species generally referred to as the Grays, or as they are called in the greater universe, the ‘Nebu’, who are a frail but mentally powerful species which came into the picture locally after taking up company with the Draconian reptilians.  

Below are paintings found in an Australian cave made by an aboriginal tribe in the outback. They associated the painted figures with the creation of the world and called them the Wandjina—also known as Sky Beings.

To us, they are the Grays.

Wes Penre has written: “Anunnaki still work together with the Draco today, and it also looks like they are still using factions of the species known as the Grays as their servants [and soldiers] as well…” As we shall read at the end of the essay, this activity may have been forcibly shut down.

The types of short Grays that have interfered with us on Earth, performing all sorts of attention-grabbing aerial shows or reported by most people taken aboard spacecraft during abductions, have been sighted the most are “…a race of biologic robots, created long ago by some superior civilization that they outlived,” contends Mr. Penre. “A number of different types of beings have been thrown under the ‘Gray’ umbrella…but these are the programmed life forms that the US military uses when they abduct people.”

These abductions have come to be known as MILABs [Military Abductions]. Longtime Pentagon interactions with the Anunnaki/Draco/Grays are one of a long list of reasons why the US government refuses to release any formidable information on what they know on these subjects. U.S. military personnel, or humans posing as such, have been spotted standing by aboard Gray aerospace craft [flying saucers] by abductees while medical procedures were taking place.

Abductions are also performed by corrupt military. My friend, a very talented young woman who works creatively on major film and television productions in set design, was a victim of MILAB operations several times—a multiple abductee. After being taken in one instance, she managed an escape after Reptilian looking beings captured her. In the struggle, their convincing disguises fell apart and revealed that they were humans in military gear. “They were German Nazis,” she told me, “They were just looking for money.” She broke free and escaped.  

The image above is alleged to have been recorded of a captured Gray being, perhaps deceased. There are many such pictures. Only some stand to be validated as real photographs.

“The programmable Gray beings have been widely used by a number of different [ET, military and/or government] groups,” said another observer of this odd field of research. “It would make sense that actual living members of a controlling group would not want to risk self-endangerment in visiting a foreign planet when they could simply send their Gray drones to do menial tasks such as pickups and drop-offs of people and supplies. The small Grays that are about three to four feet in height… those are very robotic, very programmable, and those are controlled a lot of times by the Reptilians.”

There are different breeds of Grays. There are some from the Zeta Reticuli I and II star systems, referred to otherwise as Zeta Reticuli A and B. “The ‘Zeta Reticuli Gray’ are the Grays that got a bad rep,” Wes Penre argues, “whereas the version of Grays that earned the wicked reputation are very similar looking and are known as the Bellatrax Grays, named for a planet that orbits the Bellatrax star in the Orion star system.” These are robots or evil ones.

“Today, here on Earth, we have a quite misleading stereotype vision of who the Grays are, and, because one faction is performing the abductions, the Bellatrax Grays, we assume they are all quite negative in nature,” Penre states. “This is a common error we make. We have a tendency to categorize alien species to fit into one box or the other—bad aliens and good aliens. I’ve pointed this out before, but will do it again because of its importance: We need to stop categorizing ET races in the above manner; it is very misleading. It is true that we humans have had some very disturbing experiences with the Grays, but this is only from certain groups of them—not all of them are like that. This goes for other races as well—no race is purely evil or purely good—there are all shades of gray in between (no pun intended)”.

The Bellatrax Grays, however, are probably the most widely known types of ETs because they are the ones doing the abductions in their flashy, light-show models—the more exotic-looking spacecraft.

Author Whitley Strieber has consistently not taken sides on the good Gray, bad Gray issue when the subject comes up, despite having had a number of personal incidents where Grays took part in his own disturbing abduction experiences, with his describing each of them in detail within one or another of his sensational line of books, starting with Communion in 1988.  

I spoke with X-Files writer/producer Frank Spotnick at a writer’s conference at Universal Studios and he let me know that a number of episodes, however, were based on true FBI investigation files which were secret, a fact that he told me didn’t sit well with the agency the TV series was based on. The FBI went so far as to question Carter on where they got the information about the real FBI investigations that those X-Files episodes explored. “We’ve have our sources,” Carter confided, while refusing to tell them who their sources were.

With that said, with any and all fairness owed to the success many of us have had in conspiracy hunting, let’s continue unpacking as much as we can of the whole, exhausting story into this one reading here:

“The Zeta Reticulians and Bellatrax are not the only types of Grays out there. In fact, several sources point out that the Gray sauroid/reptilian type is not uncommon at all in the universe, even in other galaxies…” said Penre. “So, even if many of the Grays we have learned about here on Earth may act and look different from each other, many of them may have the same origins. Some are not ‘robotic’ at all.”

Grays are capable of limited telepathic communication–mostly for reassuring their victims that “Everything will be fine“. They are reported to be able to put humans into a trance by staring at them and can perform low level commands on humans. The Draco and certain reptilian factions, on the other hand, have developed enormously strong telepathic abilities that they have been known to use as mental weapons when interrogating humans and can use this facility to kill.

“One thing most researchers, including myself, are quite certain about,” Penre states, “is that the Grays can no longer mass produce and they even lack sex organs, and instead use cloning to expand the number of individuals. Some of them, probably, also lack souls. In other words, they are onto-cybernetic.” These are the robotic types which have no soul.

One other investigator points out an apparently limited robotic nature that these have that may require constant repairs: “They are stuck forever in an enforced universe of parts. Their immortality has to be an artificial, mechanically produced one. I believe they are parasitizing us and other suitable species universe-wide, and the short Grays and their greatly advanced spacecraft were created as a means to this end.”

Acclaimed British author Timothy Good and other respected, reliable sources assert that there are underground bases all over the Earth containing these craft and occupants who are caught here. [Towards the end of these reference sections, more will be told about the 160 or so underground civilizations and bases that have been built, most of them by the Pentagon]

“They have been seen behind the Moon or near Mars,” Mr. Good states. “I believe that these craft are actual physical mechanisms for conveyance in our space/time created for the short utilitarian Grays who actually pilot them.”

The next quote comes from an American woman whose father had worked for years as a brilliant light-speed propulsion plant engineer on top secret aerospace projects that Lockheed/Martin and the rest of the military-industrial-complex has performed. Lockheed is where the first American light speed spacecraft was, and are likely still, manufactured. He told her:    

“The Grays are created as if they were androids made by people. They’re robots. They are programmed, although they have a powerful computer-like mind that has biological aspects,” he said, “and they can control the crafts that they’re in, but there are times they’re not very good at it.”

“So the tragedy lies in the damage the Grays do to humans in trying to reach what they can’t reach,” Penre elaborates, “converting us, via abduction and genetic manipulation, to be more like them, making us, in other words, more like machines.”

Hearing all this, some who read this will conclude that the storyline is filled with fanciful ideas—fake hokum—and yet when you combine the number of global abduction reports—a figure which presently might reach up to a hundred thousand cases or higher, as just my own wild guess—there’s no denying the evidence that this Anunnaki/Draco alliance, who are working with their Gray quasi-robots on most of these abductions, are after something that resides in human physiology—or beyond, perhaps something in our DNA originating code.

I should be thankful for Wes Penre’s science-based opinion about the more harmless curiosities that these conquerors exhibit, yet this aspect of the wider perspective on the basic motives of these ETs only supports opinions on the lesser ruthless side of their relations with us.

On the other side of this strange involvement is their overriding plan to rule over us, an intention more openly demonstrated in what’s called the alien-human hybrid program.

Simply put, this is a human/alien cross-breeding exercise run by specialists capable at the same level as the medical breeding experts in DNA stability spoken of earlier, but whose intent is ultimately quite deadly.   

Everyone has a right to their own take on this issue, and, even though the following subject has been ridiculed as a ridiculous idea during the past 70 years, these Earthbound breeding experiments are said to have been going on intensely during post-WWII times—and probably much longer during the billions of years it took them to attain such medical DNA proficiency. Particularly now in the age of Covid19 hysteria. There are many poisons in these ‘safe’ inoculations. 

There is plenty of current testimony from women all over the world who are claiming to have been made temporarily pregnant during abductions and other women who’ve claimed to have nurtured hybrid-alien-humans closer to their time of birth before losing them.  

These hybrids are taken back in follow-up abductions. It has been said that their lives have been ‘managed’. They have merged into modern affairs and are doing the bidding of the sects of ETs reported about here. The single-minded intent of this evil alliance is to one day unite as a single ‘New World Order’ force that intends to diminish every last avenue of freedom left to humanity as they carry out a sinister formula to rule as a single major global force, using alien hybrid/humans that were born of mothers who were implanted with alien DNA during the adduction phase of this cunning venture.

There is evidence that such hybrids have already been placed in positions of political power all over the free world in recent times. Using this same strategy, they ultimately intend to become the rulers of this universe, a galactic force to be reckoned with as they gain enough military strength to seek the Anunnaki plan for revenge on the Queen. Aspects of their determination to pursue this operation [as part of In.lil’s revenge] will be charted out throughout the rest of this essay and other reference sections found later in the essay.   

One ‘surrogate mother’ who has become highly respected as a very smart-minded survivor of this abduction/hybrid child phenomena is Geraldine Orozco, a ‘contactee’ who followed up on her experiences by performing extensive research about the different breeds of hybrid embryos and 24 children she brought to life when young in Bolivia and again in later incidents after moving to the U.S. later in her life. Ms. Orozco is pictured below while under hypnosis.

Once settled in the U.S. she pursued hypnotic regression to discover why she had experienced so many pregnancies and miscarriages when she was younger. During 10 sessions with a licensed hypno-therapist, she gained many clues as to why she had been ‘chosen’ as a carrier and began to perform a very serious investigation into how extraterrestrial influenced bloodlines spread out over the world in the past.

The elongated skulls shown in this image belonged to a highly intellectual breed of ‘godlike’ rulers of many ancient world cultures. She was also shown the three main bloodlines that have seeded life here. For the most part, these groups line up with the same races featured previously in this essay—except for the Grays, whose robotic role has mostly confined them to abductions or tasks no better than pranks, flying around, dazzling people as airborne tricksters. The insect-like Mantid, a race that operates on Earth, too, has not been detailed in this essay, but they are very active here also.

The first race she presents are described as the ‘Builders of the Matrix’, the reptilian species that she was told have resided in the center of the planet for a great span of time in this, the most recent era of seeding on Earth. They have a ‘red DNA’ and are of the reptilian Draco heritage already described. “They supposedly manage all of the resources of a planet. They have built and maintain all of the realities we live in. It’s a very complex kind of science that these beings possess,” she contends. According to Ms. Orozco, their other principal task is to continue to ‘monopolize government activity’.

The second lineage presented to her was the Pleiadian bloodline. The Pleiadian lines worked at times in history in combination with the first Draco line and are the ones who are primarily in charge of the hybridization program, providing key information that has been very carefully protected throughout history. “Finding these ET lineages is not something our science does not quite have the ability to read yet,” Ms. Orozco insists—indicating that they know a lot about it.

The third group comes from the Alpha Centauri star system but they are not as great in influence on Earth. Geraldine asked “Why were there genetically modified humans or species or combination of multiple species being produced utilizing my genetic material?” To provide a full range of facts to back these concepts up, she’s made a series of very profound scientific presentations in the past few years.

In Ms. Orozco’s public and private consultations about hybridization, she breaks down when these DNA alterations began historically, why our DNA is so incredibly valuable, why women all over the world are being used in this alien hybrid program and much, much more about what is going on in our reality that involves DNA modification as far back as the early migration of mankind up to now:

The question of our common heritage comes up: Are we all related?

What is passed down through generational DNA is an important feature of DNA heritage. This is a common theme in human propagation, but is even more so a key consideration when mating with ETs. 

“The human soul goes through a process of incarnating on this planet—we are made of pure consciousness, and, in order to come down into this 3-D timeline, we have to go through a fragmentation process and we end up being more of a projection of that consciousness. What we refer to as our ‘higher self’, which is the accumulation of information before it comes into the lower state of consciousness, that information is then transmitted into your Chakra system, which  is a very beautifully organized system.” It is related to the electromagnetic mechanisms functioning in all human bodies. As stated earlier in this essay she emphasizes that, “…we are fundamentally electromagnetic beings, rather than chemical beings.”

Above: The 7 Chakra points. Due to DNA manipulations discussed, we only use our bottom 2 Chakras

extraterrestrial past woven into our current experience of life as a human.

So far, this essay has gathered stories about the preceding three or more epochs of global seeding, most of which ended in tragedy—a near total destruction of the ‘Living Library’.

Many deserts in the world actually demonstrate the transformative damage done by nuclear weapons. Deposits of melted glass found in desert areas indicate intense heat from nuclear reactions. If true, we are now in the fourth—or even fifth—version of an attempt to promote a protected, splendid evolution of life on our planet, a sanctuary in this vast universe which one good-hearted extraterrestrial race has allegedly called the ‘Blue Pearl’.

Among the jobs the Grays have performed the most duty on are the abductions such as Ms. Orozco was involved in to produce some 24 embryos. The Anunnaki/Draco have needed to ‘seed’ abducted women with ET DNA to create a younger-aged army of “hybrid humans” to move ahead with their plans for a final turnover of power on our ancestral home.

It is probable that a good many of these men and women hybrids grew up with special schooling, many of them having become associated with established secret societies, where they were seamlessly integrated into positions of importance. Many have been trained and are very experienced as intelligence agents to perform covert duty in the fields of government, military, business and other fields that benefit these major Anunnaki/Draco/Reptilian operations.

“They call the shots. They use the world’s well paid-off media,” Mr. Penre insists. “All they have to do is tell people they are being attacked—or are about to be—and most people will go along with that and do their bidding without second thoughts or asking the questions about what should be investigated.”  

Notably, here is another quote from Dune author Frank Herbert: “Fear is the mind killer. Courage is the way to triumph over it.”

“Such hybrids have been created in secret military bases, primarily under Area 51, [in the deeper levels of Nellis AFB in Nevada,] and at a lot of others,” claims geopolitical analyst Nigel Kener. “So this is one way for physical beings from other star systems to visit us. The beings who navigate the craft are not always native to the planet from where the craft comes, but are enhanced hybridizations of the original star race…Some of the human hybrids that are raised in this program are, without a doubt, being taken to other planets as slaves.”

“If you become totally fixed on your mission to control a group of people,” Mr. Kener concludes, “if it’s called for, you learn how to dispense with any number of human lives without a second thought.” And from Mr. Penre: “Any show of respect for God and human souls is not part of their strategy.”

Presently, it appears that there is a treacherous, Nazi-oriented leadership now well-established as a Fourth Reich and growing quickly in its influence on world affairs. It is greatly funded by elite sources who are determined to achieve the technological wonderland they aspire to create, a group of wealthy elites who have formed a ‘one-world society’ run by a relatively small-sized workforce of slaves completely managed by an Artificial Intelligence: a technocracy.

Wes Penre concludes: “Most reptilian races favor a being who is motivated by greed, money and power as they can be manipulated by controllers who exist [with] half or more Annunaki in their DNA, who sympathize with their agenda and maintain the belief systems on Earth that promote race superiority, genetic discrimination, and social and financial hierarchy as defined by class or a rank assigned.”

To understand how we got here, let’s go slipping back in time to WWII events and briefly list the manipulations in the background that brought us to the circumstances we face today. As confirmed by reputable Apollo era engineer William Tomkins in 2016, during WWII the Germans were assisted with their secret UFO technology by Reptilian consultants. Anti-gravity and propulsion systems were given to the 3rd Reich under extremely secret operations.

The following selections of already compiled historical notes are taken from my upcoming book Lightning On The Moon:

KGB files on this topic were opened to the Russian public after the Soviet Communists gave up power in 1991 and the Russian Federation was formed. In the post-Soviet democracy, a 2006 Russian television documentary The Third Reich: Operation UFO traced both WWII and postwar Antarctic developments. The documentary traced heightened interest in Antarctica by the Third Reich in many well-funded expeditions to the ice covered continent early on in the Hitler’s regime, trips all over the world that began in the late 1930s. Beginning narration in the documentary details the possible Nazi motives for the South Pole expeditions: “It’s possible they learned something very interesting about Antarctica. They made a study of this continent one of the main Nazi leadership goals.” In the picture above, US Naval Intelligence learned aliens were working with the Nazis to develop advanced spacecraft before the war got underway.

German interest was satisfied when this Nazi contingent and their Anunnaki /Draco/Gray companions were introduced to industrial facilities deep under the ice, engineering shops abandoned by a long departed civilization, perhaps the Anunnaki themselves long ago. By 1941, large squadrons of the technically advanced German engineers the Anunnaki and Draco had trained went to work on outfitting the industrial shops with new equipment so that they could continue to develop huge, weaponized Nazi anti-gravity spacecraft:

Meanwhile, the war ended in Europe and the Allies began to look over the spoils of war the Nazis left behind and took note of all the evidence of work being done on highly advanced, exotic spacecraft that Naval Intelligence was fully aware of from spy work.

JFK and James Forrestal were both highly respected officers in US Naval Intelligence who maintained their previously established US Navy friendship after WWII.

“It’s clear that American intelligence obtained information concerning the fact that part of the Nazi legacy, its potential, in terms of researchers and scientists, had evacuated Germany and, naturally, the Antarctic polar zone became the center of their attention,” reports veteran UFO investigator U.S. Air Force Colonel Wendelle Stevens. U.S. Naval Intelligence was aware of how wealthy Nazis gotaway from Europe. Forrestal’s War Department had that information at that time, stated Stevens in his book Nazi Flying Discs:

“We had classified information that some of these research enterprises were transported to Antarctica, to the place called New Swabia. Another went to the Amazon and a third to the north coast of Norway. They were evacuated to secret underground facilities.”

At the end of 1946, world-respected polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd, then retired from the U.S. Navy with the highest of honors, was recruited by head of the U.S. Department of Defense James Forrestal for a rapidly organized special mission to Antarctica which the Navy named Operation Highjump, or Task Force 68.

Byrd took several thousand pictures. Among these pictures were intriguing sights. One picture revealed the highly defined edges of a pyramid, as circled.

Another image captured by Admiral Byrd’s cameras, pictured on the right, features a blazing light piercing through the ice…

What’s going on under the bright light?

The Third Reich: Operation UFO Russian documentary continues the Highjump story:

“But things went wrong. The mission was aborted just one month after they arrived following a mysterious conflict. The resistance met by the American squadron even now raises many questions.”

Dmitri Filiponeth, a Phd in History and a Captain, 1st Rank in the Russian Federation Army, comments on Highjump’s sudden pull back:

“Suddenly, the inexplicable occurs. The expedition, designed to last six months, is quickly aborted after two months, leaving the Antarctic coast deserted. It was an actual retreat. A real fast retreat.”

Homebound, Byrd and crewmembers stopped at a port in Chile where reporter Lee Atta interviewed them. Byrd admitted that Task Force 68, Operation Highjump, had “engaged fighter jets with incredible capacities.” Crew members testified to Abbas about ‘heavy casualties’. Rather than deny the casualty reports, the famous admiral revealed only that Task Force 68 had encountered a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.”

One witness to what actually happened came from a report by John P. Szehwach, a radioman stationed on the USS Brownson, who gave testimony on how saucer-shaped UFOs appeared “dramatically” out of the ocean depths.

By several accounts, these saucers sliced the U.S. Navy destroyer in half, sinking it:

In other accounts, the devastation was much worse than even these accounts claimed. In mid 2022, I have read another report which stated that almost all the aircraft were taken out and that many more vessels than just the destroyer already mentioned were also quickly sunk by a team of eight or more black flying saucers equipped with ‘death rays’.

The research of Dr. Michael Salla, of exopolitics.org, remarked that: “Indeed, Byrd did not ever speak again to the American Press about Operation Highjump, leaving it for researchers to speculate for decades over what really happened, and why Byrd was silenced.”

One must wonder if, during the time after Admiral Byrd’s return, the Nazi/Alien coalition used back channels to contact President Truman and General Eisenhower to demand that an agreement stating that the Nazis won the war be signed. Truman didn’t want Germans coming into America after WWII but existing fixtures of government in Washington, probably in the State Department, brought them in anyway. Some 50,000 Germans, many of them former Nazi military, eventually immigrated to the US.  

Both Truman and Eisenhower strictly objected to signing what amounted to an admission of Allied defeat to the Anunnaki/Draco-linked Nazis which they knew were based in South America and under Antarctica. Eisenhower and his military advisors knew they were working on ‘saucer-based’ technology. Around that same time, in the mid-1940s, saucer sightings were becoming common. The crash of one of these in 1947 started making the ET issue public after a spacecraft plummeted from the sky onto a ranch 50 miles from Roswell, New Mexico.

Members of Eisenhower’s military advisors didn’t want to reveal what was going on. They were about to begin close work with the Nazis who had pioneered rocketry in Germany who had come over to the United States to provide a technical base for an American military rocket industry with the guidance, at first, of the US Army.

Truman’s military advisors advanced legislation designed to control outside interference into their alliance with the Anunnaki/Draco/Gray extraterrestrial forces that came over to America with the Nazi rocket scientist group. After Stalin demanded half of the captured Nazi engineering group be sent to work with the Russians, the others were sent to military quarters in Alabama with leader Werner von Braun to initiate a semi-public military authorized American rocket program. At the same time, the other, extraterrestrial-linked faction of this German group were separated and given quarters at a remote Air Force base in the desert of Nevada where, with great help from the Anunnaki/Draco/Grays, they swiftly began to dig out a vast underground facility for the highly secret engineering that has today become known as Area 51, a multi-level engineering and manufacturing site. To protect both of these aerospace development operations, Pentagon advisors crafted the National Security Act of 1947 that Truman’s Presidency empowered to make sure that the truth would never see the light of day.

This act enabled a very small group to be able to control the technology of geo-engineering space and, today, it is completely run by the American managed, multi-nation secret space program. It is ‘multi-nationed’ because the Americans made secret deals with nearly all 120 world nations to participate in development of off-world technical relations with the extraterrestrials that the US had made a deal with. They had to keep completely quiet themselves, which, for the very most part, those nations have.

Careful research of documents has verified that a rouge group of officers and a few civilians exercised arrogant control of internal American extraterrestrial research affairs. They were code named the Majestic 12, but over time that’s been shortened to ‘MAJ-12’ or MJ-12. As members left or died, they were replaced after recommendations from within. One of the later day replacements, in the 1970s, is said to have been Carl Sagan.

At the same time, after saucers began crashing in many locations, Pentagon chiefs moved to clamp down even further on any evidence of extraterrestrial contact, especially sightings and including retrieval efforts of their own spacecraft—and others.

In his 2020 book, Exploring The Close Encounters of President Eisenhower, author Paul Smith has extensively researched historical records, whistleblower testimony, and documentary evidence that President Dwight D. Eisenhower had multiple official encounters with extraterrestrials. These encounters may have begun as early as 1948/1949 when he was working with the Truman administration, according to Smith’s analysis of a leaked 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency document.

During a good number of years, both President Truman and semi-retired General Eisenhower resisted the demands of the South American and Antarctica Nazis, who had remained working with the Anunnaki/Draco/Gray alliance, to officially submit to defeat.

These Nazis knew that the Allies were aware of their flying saucer developments and the threat of nuclear engagement and were trying to force Truman and Eisenhower to capitulate.   

Both of the American leaders continued to refuse agreeing to any of their terms—until the latest Nazi spacecraft began flying ‘sorties’ with their new, weapons equipped aerospace vehicles directly over Washington D.C. from July 12th through July 29th, 1952.

Paul Smith presents impressively researched evidence that, during Eisenhower’s Presidency, he met with extraterrestrial delegations on at least three occasions at Edwards Air Force Base (Feb 1954); Kirtland AFB (July 1954), and Holloman AFB (Feb 1955), which culminated in secret agreements signed in 1954—but Eisenhower never signed. According to Mr. Smith, who was interviewed by diplomatic authority Dr. Micheal Salla in March, 2022, the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned about later during his parting speech to the public went behind the President’s back and signed a deal with the Nazi aligned extraterrestrials.

Dr. Salla described the disclosure of references to hidden military activities described in a 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency document: “…supporting the authenticity of the DIA document, its contents contain a wealth of information on topics such as the 1948 Aztec UFO crash; diplomatic relations between the Eisenhower administration and alien life and the fact that human looking extraterrestrials are friendly and have been secretly living among humanity for decades.”

Mr. Smith’s work also indicates that the Nazi/Anunnaki/Reptillians, hereafter referred to as the ‘dark forces’, allowed the passing on of advanced technology. The dark forces started bygiving the U.S. military a very simple model of anti-gravity spacecraft, but they took out the propulsion engine in the deal. In exchange, they began to abduct many Americans as part of the permission the U.S. military gave them to kidnap people for experimentation. Eisenhower already had developed other relations with a positive extraterrestrial group which helped him in a number of different ways to set up a long term agenda that would counter MJ-12s operations, however, the negative side really took advantage of the treaty and the good side was overwealmed in the end.       

“Above the President of The United States, MAJ12 had made a secret law that superseded the Presidency in 1947: The entire subject and knowledge of UFO’s and their occupants was to remain the highest guarded secret only above atomic weapons.“

James Forrestal believed that the public should know about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and their superior technological capabilities.  He was very willing to go public with this information.  To muzzle him, Pentagon officials declared him insane and forced him into closely guarded conditions at the Bethesda military hospital. Suddenly afterwards, his suicide was reported. The public record states that his body was found wrapped tightly in a bed sheet. How does one tie himself up in a bed sheet and jump out a window on his own?  Did he really commit suicide … or was he murdered to keep him silent? Have there been other supposed suicides that were actually murders to ensure those individuals remained silent as well?

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
                                                                                                         Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

John F. Kennedy considered James Forrestal a very close friend and noble Naval Intelligence officer often. He made a public point of visiting Forrestal’s burial place.

When Eisenhower became President, he and Kennedy had a relationship of mutual respect and, no doubt about it, both were very aware that treasonous conditions had developed around the Pentagon’s ironclad secrecy about what was going on in the nation’s top secret science and military centers, most notably Area 51 at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

Due to WWII US Naval Intelligence infiltration of Nazi anti-gravity manufacturing facilities that was disclosed earlier in this essay, both Kennedy and Eisenhower surely knew the Nazi scientists and the Anannaki/Draco/Gray had formed an evil alliance within the American military apparatus, the Pentagon, other branches of the US Government and major American financial interests. All of this was being guided by the emerging 4th Reich now headquartered in South America and under Antarctica. 

Just a glimpse of the betrayals that took place during this period of American presidential history is told of by President Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, who has somberly studied and publically explained what her great grandfather was up against.

Opportunist American businessmen and government leaders with a dark agenda “were able to make decisions on behalf of the human race that the President did not have authority over,” states Paul Smith in his book on Eisenhower’s horrifying ordeal.

“[Because of them], the Nazis were successful in taking over the military industrial complex and much of the government of the United States and Europe…The crushing reality that Eisenhower was up against troubled him greatly…His advisors and those he thought were on his side and the side of humanity were connected to the very system of dark control he tried to defeat in WWII…leading us down a road that would eventually seek to strip us of our freedoms and capacity to reach our human potential.”

When the full realization of all this hit, Dwight Eisenhower became furious with what had happened. Before long, he suffered a heart attack. Further heart troubles followed. Behind the curtains of the Cold War, WWII never ended.    

One most unfortunate example of this policy is Nazi General turned CIA spy Reinhold Gehlen, pictured on left. After his arrest as Hitler’s chief spy, to escape death after Nuremberg, Gehlen offered his captors use of his network of Nazi spies throughout Eastern Europe. He completely set up the CIA and became their most valued ‘asset’.  His Gestapo colleagues practiced attacking people on a spiritual and mental level and that’s what he did.

Some 50,000 Nazis from war-torn Germany being granted asylum in America in the 1950s, Gehlen took the lead at the CIA in the late 1940s. There is little doubt that he and other key Nazis placed within the institutions of the US government initiated a Cold War plan to overrun the power structure of Washington like an invasive species. They began a deeply regrettable mission to slowly form a 4th Reich. Gehlen was peculiarly deceptive in designating enemies that in reality didn’t threaten the US. He deliberately issued false CIA overestimates of the power and reach of the Soviet Union by supplying falsely exaggerated figures of Russian nuclear weapon buildup. The Pentagon reacted with increases in its output of nuclear weapon manufacturing. This deception was but the first that put the CIA on the trail as antagonist in world affairs ever since, with the Nazi/evil ET alliance benefiting, while remaining hidden in background of American warlord policies that the CIA has been involved in, with over 70 deadly military incursions, many of them leading to regime changes run by the US, in foreign countries attributable to CIA activities since it was formed in 1947. “The CIA is not a good institution; they are not helping humanity”, one long-time US government operative has said.

There is an historic trail of evidence that Kennedy and Russia’s Khrushchev exchanged thoughts about a mutual concern they shared about the ‘UFO problem’ which were harassing military radar units on both sides and could potentially lead to a mistaken nuclear alert that could trigger a real nuclear missile launch. After the fall of the Soviet Union, records of extraterrestrial interference included sightings, abductions, crashes and landings that were equally alarming to the Soviet military.  

By the time President Kennedy announced the Moon race with Russia, Nazi dominance of the American scientific rocketry staff was evident at NASA where 1,500 Nazi rocket scientists led by Werner von Braun had gone to work building rockets they had envisioned during WWII.  Werner von Braun is pictured on the right below.

Kurt Debus was not a rocket scientist. Debus became the Apollo Flight Administrator even though he was hardly qualified as a rocket scientist, his scientific training having been in plasma physics, a far more exotic field of study within what was the emerging science of quantum physics. He was a brilliant plasma physicist, and it might be suspected that he exercised much more of that part of his talent in the underground operations at Area 51 where the Anunnaki/Draco/Grays had excavated a massive system of facilities some 8 or more levels deep, spread out widely beneath the desert above. The rumored existence of this highly sophisticated industrial complex was confirmed in 2018 when aerospace engineer David Adair, seen below, gave testimony on his work there.   

Throughout his very accomplished engineering life, David Adair has contributed a number of highly significant inventions in advanced aerospace propulsion physics which earned him a long career in the highest levels of spacecraft construction. He started out firing good-sized rockets he’d built on his family farm in rural Ohio during his teens. In a chance meeting between Air Force General Curtis LeMay and his mother in the late 1960s, LeMay took interest in a paper Adair had written which theorizes a fusion based propulsion unit for deep space travel.                 

Much impressed, LeMay provided David with the use of the facilities at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee where he and a small team of engineers finished building a working model of the world’s first electromagnetic fusion containment vehicle for space travel in 1971.                                                                                         

Air Force officials invited him to launch it at White Sands Missile Range at the high security Los Alamos, New Mexico Laboratories.                             

A flawless test flight of David’s small rocket to Area 51 was followed up as the arrogant Nazis led by Rudolph took Adair on a tour of the vast underground facilities. “We went down, must have been a quarter mile [down to] this corridor that went out as far as the eye could see…and, along the way, more than a half mile, you’re just seeing offices, offices and hanger doors. There must have been even thousands of them.”

They came to gymnasium-sized, darkened hangar where an enormous spacecraft was displayed up on a platform where he saw a 75 foot long fusion spacecraft that was light years beyond anything on Earth and so sophisticated it responded to Adair’s thoughts and emotions when he made contact with it.    

Mr. Adair has provided a good many other glimpses into secret technology work that had potential to develop superior weaponry capabilities but have not, if improvements are measured by the serious shortcomings of newly developed recent technology.    

Another credible disclosure about Anunnaki presence in current times comes from Clark McClelland, a bright, highly trained American aerospace engineer whose dedicated professional career began in his work for Navy Intelligence. He transferred to NASA just after President Eisenhower signed NASA into existence with the Space Act of 1958.

Clark never hesitated to speak freely about his extraterrestrial beliefs. After all, at that time at NASA, what better place on Earth could you be to wonder about going to the stars to find out than Cape Kennedy? Some of his studies included knowledge of the Sumerian link to giant Anunnaki ‘gods’ worshipped in that ancient culture pointed out in this essay. Due to the ‘unorthodox’ convictions he held about the existence of other intelligent life in the universe, during many of his later years at Kennedy Space Center, Clark was kiddingly referred to as the ‘UFO guy’. Behind the kidding around that Clark had to endure about ‘little green men’, Clark’s opinion must have been important to the very brightest of NASA’s scientists if they took him along on site for special investigations such as the one noted below:

In one instance recalled in his book, McClelland was summoned by the Pentagon and NASA for an on-site inspection of a very unusual spacecraft that fell from the sky at night into a fresh water lake in Kecksberg, Pennsylvania. Its origins were never solved. 

In my opinion, Clark also spotted the Nazi who was a regular visitor at the Kennedy Space Center and whom McClelland believed was most active in visible US/Nazi relations. This man, Hans Kammler, designed and saw to the building of the Polish gas chambers. Although McClelland never came out and stated it in his book, I believe this Nazi named Kammler was acting as the front man for the South American and Antarctic Nazis—and very likely including Hitler—or at least his later-day, Fourth Reich commandants—including the newly formed CIA’s Rinehold Ghelen.

Clark wrote a book titled The Stargate Chronicles as his memoirs, a review of his life that not only recalled a career dedicated to his ever-competent support of America’s earliest ventures into space, but also his own investigations into realms of archeology and hidden scientific facts based on extraterrestrial influences on many past cultures on Earth, including China. As I read further into the online book, it was censored and I never completed reading all of it. Clark’s efforts to restore my link with the publishing firm several tomes never worked. They didn’t want me reading it.

In the book, he recalls a life-changing incident experienced one night working on duty alone at the Kennedy Space Center monitoring a live television feed from a camera that targeted the open bay of the Space Shuttle during a highly classified military space walk.

As Clark watched, the single astronaut who was performing a space walk to assure proper deployment of the secret unit, another astronaut unexpectedly appeared in the televised image, moving into the scene as if to direct or instruct the assigned astronaut.      

Amazed, Clark instantly reported the sight over the communications channel that linked him to mission control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. He told them the other astronaut was 8 feet tall, way taller than any astronaut on the Space Shuttle. He reported that the 8 foot man was showing the astronaut how to perform a certain task. In no time, Houston cut Clark’s microphone and television feeds off and harshly ordered him to go home.

When he came back the next morning, he was met by two security officers who took his keys and marched him back out, telling him he was never to return to Kennedy Space Center. After 32 years, they never so much as let him get his things out of his work locker. NASA ultimately stripped him of his entire pension and medical benefits.  

The evidence of alien interference in our past space programs is so stunning, it can’t be ignored…The chaos we see around us every day is not arbitrary chaos. It is organized chaos. 

Robert Dean

A prominent witness to modern day claims of Anunnaki/Draco/Gray involvement in human affairs is Robert O. Dean, pictured above, who retired honorably from the Army as a rugged Command Sergeant Major after becoming quite involved in photographic archive duties while serving in West Germany. In a series of interviews with Project Camelot, he expressed the outrage he still felt after getting an order he got from his superiors in the 1970’s to destroy a priceless treasure trove of high quality 35mm and larger format negatives and images recorded during NASA’s Moon missions, whether manned or by satellites. Among them were photos of many types of lunar anomalies, obviously structures and other oddities such as the one pictured above which may be grainy, but you sure get the idea.

He also claimed that, while he had official status in Army operations, he was told about direct ET interactions by many different races who regularly contacted US military. Some of these races were benevolent, good-hearted—others not. He stated that some of these ETs walk among us. Mr. Dean is most remembered for having made the statement that the, “Anunnaki are walking the halls of the Pentagon”.          

General Eisenhower was particularly disturbed by their ability to disappear because he believed that mode could be used to walk around anywhere and perform spying, as an “invisible man”.

Is there a command unit of Anunnaki/Draco fighters headquartered under Israeli sands? A reputable, well-respected but rebellious Israeli journalist Barry Chamish investigated claims that Anunnaki beings were running Israel from a large base built under the desert. Rumors have persisted that spacious underground facilities exist under Dimona, Israel. Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy interviewed Chamish, before he passed away in 2021, after he followed up on many reports coming in from reliable housewives in Israel who complained that, “their homes were being invaded by very tall male individuals who would enter without knocking, walk around like they owned the place, kicking their dogs…” He did not come to a conclusion except to note that the description of these beings was remarkably like the beings seen carved into the walls of temples in Egypt and Iran”. Those tall ‘gods’ very much resembled the Sumerian ‘god’ carvings.

In another related story, Ms. Cassidy focused on facts she learned from insiders who told of intimate contact with the Grays that American military officers had. “The American military persuaded the Grays, who had previously launched [their own] genetic engineering program in the United States beginning in the 1930s, to move their plundering/abduction of US citizens to create Gray-human hybrids, to move it down into Latin and South America. That program was hugely successful,” Ms Cassidy went on, “and many of their hybrid offspring have grown up south of the border. This is really what the [current US Southern] border issues are all about—as well as to keep Chinese from invading us from underground. A lack of compassion in these new hybrids will affect our world drastically in the future.” In 2022, 250,000 illegal aliens entered the southern border in a short period. Many hybrids are suspected among them.

Robert Bigelow was sole heir to the Bigelow Tea fortunes, yet he turned his attention to supernatural mysteries and space ventures in the 1980s forming an industry which eventually became Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BLASS). After he was awarded $12 million by the Pentagon, he was interviewed by CBS 60 Minutes about his interest in extraterrestrial activity on Earth. He was asked if he believed in ETs. “They’re running around all over the place,” he answered, “right under our noses.”

As the key evidence I’m presenting of the Anunnaki takeover comes to a close here, we can visualize how the real history of the Divine Feminine was turned into a tyrannical rule by the pro-masculine rulers within the Anunnaki, a totally patriarchal regime who pulled off a male-oriented turnaround that they instituted hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Several times, they landed on Earth and carried out a “regime change” important for them to be able to suppress the truth and insert their own false religion on mankind. “Truth be told,” Wes Penre has declared, “both men and women can equally use either masculine and/or feminine energies to enhance their spiritual and biological development.”

“Earth was colonized an incredible number of times throughout its history, by different alien races,” he continues, “and the final Earth-born homo sapiens sapiens are the product of a multiple cross-breeding. Violent wars have wrecked entire worlds in this solar system. On Earth, continents were sunk, lands washed from all life by floods and devastations in the past—with all surviving biodiversity, out of all that was thriving on this planet, reduced to just about four percent of the original abundance.”

Now, coming back up to current times, we can highlight other recent evidence of the major influences Anunnaki figurehead Marduk and this alliance have had as arrogant, vicious members of the now legendary Global Elite, the Globalist World Economic Forum, UN and World Health Organization powerbrokers.

If current reports about Marduk are true, as described in numerous stories that originate from the work of analysts who closely watch occult circle activity, Marduk maintains his presence here on Earth with or without the absence of his father En.ki. There are a number of accusers who believe that Marduk has been living comfortably in locations deep under Africa—perhaps beneath what is now called the Congo—where he continues to exert sinister influence over humanity with plans no one could call public-spirited. A ‘mountain’ of gold was found in the Congo in August of 2022, a site where the soil contains 40-60% gold ore. No doubt, this find will likely be used for evil purposes.

Wes Penre’s statements maintain the idea that the Pleiadians who’ve returned are here now to change the timeline which would lead to a future tyranny 350 years from now. They “…await the time when we humans will be able to reactivate our DNA and evolve. Then, we can escape from the oppressors…”

“That time is now.” 

Let me now recall that, shortly after the announced death of Nelson Mandela, a commemorative meeting in his honor was delayed until world leaders could all attend the occasion in South Africa. Although it remained a matter of speculation within the ranks of highly responsible investigators at that time in 2017, the belated eulogy for Mandela concealed another actual meeting by all the key rulers—with  Marduk. That get-together was the real reason for the ‘eulogy’.

One of those secret discussions was likely to promote the vaccinations that would cause billions of deaths and, as a second most important topic we have seen being developed, the transhumanist ambitions that global technocrats want, a totalitarian world of artificial intelligence [AI], electronically mind-controlled slaves that Frank Herbert’s main character, young Paul Atreides, warned of in the opening pages of Dune:

”Once, men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them. Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a man’s mind,” said Paul.  “What would their terrible purposes be?”

“The Lyrans/Pleiadians at one time also became part of the Atlantis drama,” claims Wes Penre. Here he is referring to the comparatively recent sinister involvement of the Anunnaki in the later stages of the destruction of Atlantis based on mind control of the population and then the use of technological weaponry that destroyed the land masses of that great civilization.”

“This is where the Lyran/Pleiadian karma comes from, and to free themselves from their Atlantis devolution, in which we humans, as a mass consciousness are part of as well, they need us to avoid repeating the same mistakes they made in the highly technological Atlantis, as this time now is repeating itself.”

“We are beginning to make the same mistakes the ‘gods’ were making 11,500 years ago! According to the Pleiadians (and it’s easy to see that they are correct), we are currently, here in the United States living in the ‘New’ Atlantis that has been planned for hundreds of years behind the scenes. Sir Francis Bacon was one of the planners. Both the Rosicrucian Order and Freemasonry are promoting a new Atlantean future for mankind, while other secret orders are doing the same, in their own ways. The Pleiadians, whom there is no reason to believe are deceiving us at all on this matter of DNA manipulation, tell an honest version of what happened under more recent Anunnaki rule.”

Those purposes are the biggest challenges our corporate culture has put in front of us, something planned for centuries, has always been the ‘End Times/Revelations’ plan to depopulate Earth. Recognizing that the total ancient population of Earth was relatively low in the older times when they were in control, now the population of Earth that this evil ET alliance think they ‘own’ is much larger and not as easy to control—so they started hatching a plan to kill as many of us as possible in plans that were announced around 70 years ago.

“It’s easier to kill a million people, than it is to control a million people,” Trilateral Commission/Global elitist Zbigniew Brezinski once declared.

Marduk and his cult have remained unchallenged since he assumed management of Earth from his father En.ki/Ea, but if the next story presented here is fact, perhaps he and the Dark Alliance will soon be meeting their match in the form of the relatively recent arrival of a large and highly capable military contingent of space-faring forces who have caught up with them here in our solar system, the Galactic Federation of Worlds I brought up early in this essay.

The Earth’s elites, the very most wealthy, have a contract with interstellar forces of tyranny—but we may choose to void that contract as humanity if we act to stop the destruction of humanity by the evil forces noted in this essay.

Let me now introduce French-born archeologist Elena Danaan, a highly creative woman who has become a leading proponent for the goal of liberating humanity from the clutches of ET tyranny so that true human freedom can be achieved.

Ms. Dannan has begun to earn a great deal of world respect as an emissary of the previously described off-world military organization referred to as the Galactic Federation of Worlds, a collective of interstellar races who are deeply concerned with the intense international conflict we are engaged in right now on Earth.

Ms. Danaan started out as a student of Fine Arts and Archaeology in Paris and then spent twenty years of her life as a privileged field archaeologist in Egypt at the temples of Karnak, Cairo, Dendera of the Kings and, later, in France with Neolithic, Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures. She now lives in Ireland along the coast of that nation.

The exclusive Egyptian Antiquities authorities regarded Ms. Danaan highly. With a university degree in Egyptian religion, she also had the honor of being trained there in traditional Egyptian Magic.

  Ms. Danaan at work at Luxor

In 2018, she published her first book, a novel about those experiences titled A Gift From The Stars Alien Races. In early 2022, she published a stunning follow-up book We Will Never Let You Down withsections of the writing featuring interviews with her rescuer Thor Han and his military friend Val Thor, the human extraterrestrial who befriended Dwight D. Eisenhower during the time the dark alliance of Anunnaki/Draco/Grays began to usurp the basic institutions of America. Here we begin a much edited compilation of tales from her last book.

Elena and Thor Han exchange regular telepathic and physical contacts, but this activity has been limited, as those reading this will understand, by Thor Han’s work as a Commander for the Federation in the current war with the dark forces.

“They are not here to save us,” Elena elaborates further, “they are here to help us save ourselves. We are lucky to have these powerful allies on our side. The Federation is a real, physical alliance of civilizations, not an ethereal spiritual organization of floating light beings.” They are a mix of many different species, yet both Thor Han and Val Thor are human, their heritage owed to the spread of humanity by the human-oriented ‘seeder’ and ‘terraforming’ efforts here and elsewhere in this part of the universe which were detailed in this essay earlier.

“They are people just like us,” Elena continues with this idea, “born somewhere else, sometimes looking slightly different one way or other, perhaps as humans who are using other advanced technologies. The last thing they want is that we put ourselves down as inferior beings.”

“This star system, and its Earth glowing with the light of our star, is crowded with more than sixty motherships belonging to these benevolent groups,” Thor Han added in another talk with Elena. “There are more than sixty outposts in this solar system, either as motherships or planetary facilities, part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and all are here to play a role in the liberation of Earth. It is a huge display of forces coming from the seven quadrants of this galaxy. All of these people, all of this weaponry and high technology, would have never been deployed just to save a tiny planet at the fringe of the Milky Way. We are on the front line.”

The opposition is cornered and their attempts to create local and international chaos are all intended to drive the world into fear and an eventual World War III.

Indeed, word of a substantial military presence standing by in our solar system came from a former Department of Defense scientist Norman Bergrun awhile ago. He had worked for many years as one of the aerospace engineers responsible for developing the faster-than-light vehicles Lockheed-Martin came up with as part of the enormous and hidden post-war space program of Department of Defense that has now cost around $21 trillion dollars in black budget expenditures. Some of this missing money has been spent elsewhere on secret projects, such as building and maintaining over 150 underground cities, a superfast rail system that connects them and undersea facilities. Major portions of the unaccounted for funds have produced some 200 spacecraft, some of which are interstellar in capabilities according to whistleblowers who have worked directly on the programs, investigators and research sources who have, over the past two decades, come to call this international operation a ‘secret space program’.

A long time senior scientist at Ames Research Center & Lockheed-Martin, Dr. Norman Bergrun retired in the early 1980s and, by 1986, he published a book titled The Ringmakers of Saturn. In it, he uses data and pictures captured by the Voyager capsules to explain why he believes large extraterrestrial vehicles are “proliferating” around Saturn.

Over the past few years, it has been fairly well ascertained that Elena Danaan is a genuine emissary of this Federation. What she states aligns scientifically with much of what is known in quantum physics and her knowledge of the negative practices of the enemies of humanity [and the civilized positive military forces from the planets which are united in determination to defeat their agendas] for lack of any other way to describe the unified force ready to step in. But they will not until we disavow the power the sinister government forces have created. And we will have to demand the truth in large numbers before any intervention will happen. So, truth is forbidden.

The next statements are again from Elena’s rescuer, Thor Han. Surprisingly, he discourages the policy of disclosing some very distressing tales of how the Anunnaki-allied terrorism has taken over or destroyed civilized planets elsewhere, a policy that they are well underway to exercising here.

“We are in a war on every front,” Thor Han reminded Elena. “They [the inhabitants of the entire planet] will be shown the truth in time, but not for now. The people of Earth don’t need to know right now about deep horrific acts, even if its part of the truth, because it will create tremendous distress, that will lead to greater chaos in the actual circumstances…your people are still not prepared for the terrifying idea that aggressive species are already in place here [on Earth].”

Thor Han speaks of the ‘White Hat’ units of the US military, a group primarily aligned with US Naval Intelligence and military squadrons elsewhere in the world who have been allied with the Federation to defeat the dark forces for many years now: “In the Alliance, the Earth military’s job is to cleanse the web of slave trafficking. Our job [in the Galactic Federation of Worlds] is to give them reinforcement when they don’t have it.”

“The [sinister aliens] have the technology to stand up and kill you with a simple thought. We are assisting you, fighting in the [underground] tunnels and in space. This is a very difficult job. A lot of us are dying, a lot of yours are dying, but a lot of the enemy is dying, too. We do not like to kill, but we do it when we have no other choice.”

“When will you show yourselves to Humanity?” Elena asks Thor Han urgently, “People need signs, people need hope! People need to believe!”

“You are carrying the heart of your people,” Thor Han answered. “You speak on their behalf…This [truth] will come in time, he replied very calmly. Humanity is not ready yet. The evidence you are asking for will come at the right time. [If they were to show them now] …it would compromise the operations we are actually running with the Galactic Federation.”

“They need evidence!” she urges him again. “They need evidence you are helping us! We need hope!”

“Now, more than ever,” Thor Han answered, “all people on Earth need to keep their [emotional] vibration as high as possible, to step out of the reach of the Deep State’s mind-control strategies, because that is what our enemies are desperately working at. Truth, with everything attached to it, will be revealed shortly after the outcome of this war. You know, sometimes it is not orders, oaths, threats or safety reasons that stop you from revealing a classified truth, but it is the very nature of the truth itself, when words cannot express what is truly going on in front of the unbearable and despicable truth…What is buried must sometimes remain buried, at least for awhile.”

Thor Han remained confident: “You can only take what you are able to take and, in some cases, it is better for you not to know.”

“Where are we headed now?” she asks.

He assures her: “Don’t worry. Your future is bright…Come on, the future is bright. Raise the hope in your heart because we will win this war, not only with weapons, but with unconditional love. Love from above imbues the weapons of the ground fighters and guides their actions. It is because you raise your heart in frequency that this war will be won. That is why it is so important to believe. The battlefield is not only under the ground and in the sky but more importantly in your heart.”

Thor Han brings up the Pesh-Menten intergalactic super-highway [which has already been fairly well detailed in Part One] where both acceptable and dark commerce vessels both travel, the route through the Milky Way galaxy described earlier in this essay where slave labor transits. “The [Anunnaki] have created already, throughout the galaxy, several armies hybridized from the population of many conquered worlds. They are doing the same on Earth, mainly…and these hybrids and many abducted humans from Earth are sold as a work force, to the best buyers. There is a vast trade between the Anunnaki, the Draco and the Dark Fleet and 900 other civilizations…Hybrids are more valuable than humans because when you cross-breed two different species—which, at the start, aren’t compatible—you force a soul into a container and you have total control over a soul which hasn’t come through the natural process of incarnation.”

Another resistance/geopolitical news source, Ben Fulford in Japan, recently provided the following horrific figure: “In the United States, according to the FBI, 40,000 children have been vanishing every year for decades. Most of these children were probably tortured to death to harvest adrenochrome, [ed: a valuable drug craved by the elite not only as a stimulant, but for purposes of life extension] multiple witnesses are now saying. When this comes out, as it now is, there will be nowhere either on or off this planet for these criminals to hide.”

“Plus,” Thor Han continued, “with use of hybrids to conquer civilizations, the dark forces have slowly created a world without using much violence and without the local population becoming aware that they are being invaded. It is a slow, sneaky agenda that doesn’t declare war on anyone, not even on the Federation.”

“They breed themselves in…So there is another reason why the hybrids are very valuable. Some have special mental powers and this is a glimpse into the future of all races, a grasp of the mechanisms of the evolution of consciousness. Normally, certain hybrids possess some psychic superpower.”

“There have been reliable reports of ET/human hybrids walking among us,” the editors at Veteran’s Today stated. “I have wondered if the current Globalist push for excessive unregulated immigration [across U.S. borders] is being used to provide cover for these hybrids, who seem to be very intelligent but have trouble managing colloquialisms and attaining good communication, even after lessons in learning to speak and write English.”

Elena reacts to Thor Han’s statements: “His voice, firm and strangely reassuring, his radiant certainty in the way he spoke, triggered in me a wave of emotion from somewhere else…It was as if it were not me anymore, suddenly, but billions of souls in despair and confusion. I was channeling the collective unconscious of Humanity.”

“We will never let you down,” Thor Han concluded.

“One of the primary reasons that this rescue attempt is being carried out is based on the potential for the near future imposition of an intolerable tyranny here on Earth,” he revealed, “a total lockdown of surface and underground activity that would occur 350 years from now if the Dark Forces are not defeated shortly.”

“Various means of detecting this need to act now involved methods of looking back in time from the future to find the roots of this problem,” Thor Han stated.

“The process of using time travel eventually led a team of future investigators to track back in time and conclude that a totalitarian regime was imposed in this galaxy 350 years from now from major political activity started in these times.”  

Their study revealed that the negative timeline started in this very time period, times that some religious groups and others are now referring to as the End Times, the Apocalypse, Revelations or, as a genocidal plan called ‘The Harvest’.

That there are Satanic forces in play right now is clearly evident. Given all the facts noted to that effect in this presentation, it is easy to see the sweeping changes that have rolled out against citizens in the strictest terms by intolerant governments worldwide over the past few years, are causing the most intelligent, good-hearted people almost everywhere on Earth to demand that human rights and liberty be restored.  

“Acts of true love are unconditional and don’t expect anything in return,” Thor Han stated with humility. “We’re fine with that, we’re doing what is right and that’s all. We’re not seeking recognition. There’s a greater purpose to that which involves the future of this galaxy. What has been foreseen must not come into realization.”

“How could he be always that calm,” Elena wondered to herself, “when the greatest war of all times, the final battle of humankind for their freedom, was raging.”

The threat of the foreseen potential tyranny 350 years from now is why the Galactic Federation of Worlds is successfully eliminating all possibility of a totalitarian galactic military evolving from problems created on Earth, Moon and Mars…” They are winning in a turnaround that really began during Eisenhower’s days in office.”

With that sense of resistance in mind, below on the page we have a picture of the Federation of Worlds diplomatic attaché Val Thor on the right below which was taken in 1943 during a briefing of scientists in an operations room aboard the USS Eldridge, the US Navy destroyer escort ship on the left below, just prior to the vessel’s involvement in what was to become ‘The Philadelphia Experiment“.

Val Thor is the remarkably talented physics consultant who attended the 1943 briefing that preceded the ship’s involvement in an ill-fated electronic trial that has become known as ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’. There are 2 other photos taken of Val Thor. Here is another one of them, taken by August C. Roberts at the New Jersey home of Howard Menger in 1959:

                                                 Photo courtesy of Dr. Micheal Salla www. exopolitics.net

“I came to Earth to help you not commit to an unfortunate fate,” he began at the start of his talk with Ms. Danaan, “[but] we cannot act in your place. We need your decision and your agreement. You have free will. We are not deciding for you…This is the law of all species in this galaxy, under the protection of the Federation. You will always have the choice of your destiny.”

After Val Thor’s stern warning about the possible outcome of the experiment to the assembled scientists about the potential disaster that could [and did] occur pursuing ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’, his next tour of statesmanship took place after WWII as he tried to stop the US government from siding with the Anunnaki/Draco/Gray alliance and his highly unusual talents came to the attention of Dwight Eisenhower. As we have already learned, WWII did not really come to a halt and General Eisenhower, not yet a President, was aware of the deception going on. Eisenhower befriended Val Thor and found him a position at the newly minted Pentagon headquarters. A book was later written about this series of events titled Stranger At The Pentagon about the time the two men exchanged thoughts and acted to thwart the ongoing deceptions during the times which led up to Eisenhower’s presidency and beyond.       

“The message [he gave Eisenhower] was a warning against those who truly control your planet,” Elena explains. “You have free choice,” Val Thor stated. “It is only of your free will that you will ask for assistance. Beg not the Federation and the Council. Ask not in fear, ask as an equal. If you want to enter as a peaceful people—equal in wisdom to the level required for this membership—ask for assistance with your heart and we will answer…Not begging, not with anger, not with despair, but with strong will…It is everywhere in this universe, a matter of agreement and free will.” His words worked wonders on Eisenhower.

“Stand up, look at the sky not as something above you but as you being part of it, then request assistance from the Federation as free human beings…We cannot liberate a slave who holds on to its chains. Do not consider yourselves as such, slaves neither to a religion, a political power or even to us.”

“And what if these agreements behind Eisenhower’s back had not been made?” Elena asks.

“President Eisenhower had never intended to sign agreements with the Grays and was instead fooled by the MJ-12,” Val Thor replied.

He commends Dwight Eisenhower as a truly remarkable man. “His heart was very gentle. His love for his family touched my heart…After MJ-12 committed behind his back with the Grays, it was seemingly too late…And despite all of the energy of rage and despair which Eisenhower put into reversing this agreement, he failed, heartbroken.”

“The Military Industrial Complex signed with the devil, with the blood of Humanity,” Val Thor asserted. Elena interjected her thoughts. “All along, we were made to believe that we couldn’t do anything, that the Reptilians and Grays were in power—helped by powerful Earth’s secret and wealthy empires”

“Since World War II, a variety of high-profile money-laundering operations have been conducted to pay for this vast, multifaceted, highly secretive operation.”

“The MJ12 and the Military Industrial Complex had no interest in allowing this information to become public,” Val Thor resumed the conversation, “and if we had an open battle with the Anunnaki alliance in space and above your heads, a violent war would have erupted if Eisenhower had pushed back against the MJ12 and Pentagon people.”

This is their game on every planet they takeover…Reptilians, in each conquest, pick a race with a potentiality for gullibility and manipulation,” Val Thor confided, “and they elect slave custodians among them. Think of the Dark Fleet on Earth, what was left of the Third Reich, the German Nazis [after they signed up with the Anunnaki/Draco/Grays]…” He refers to the devastation of Germany.

“To the Reptilians,” he continued, “we are either slaves, genetic material or living food. They don’t want us to evolve because if we wake up, if we liberate our consciousness and make of this world of peace, unity and unconditional love, we will be out of reach for them.”

In a plea that reminded me of the many lost days that divine feminine influence has lost, Elena asks what would our world have become after the war if they had not been around to manipulate affairs. “If the Anunnaki and Nazi alliance had been driven off back in the 1940s,” Val Thor answered, “you would have access to better medical technology. Your world would be at peace. You would have changed your system of energy, all of the big establishments working against your species and your planet would be dismantled.”

That said, Val Thor announced some much better news: “Some of your powerful leaders have recently requested assistance—we are working with them. We cannot eradicate those who turned to the dark unless you start doing it yourself and request assistance.”

“You are spiritual beings, do not forget, and you are free. You need to acknowledge it and embrace it and proclaim it to the universe…Push away all anger, push away all resentment. Do not be manipulated. Be sure we will answer…“I’d like the people of Earth to know that they have the power within themselves to chase the Reptilian and Gray alliances from their world. We cannot decide for you. You must do it yourselves…You have the will power, your energy is not trapped. It’s an illusion. Enslavement is an illusion first in the mind.”

“This is a matrix woven with ignorance and fear. If you unfold and elevate your consciousness, they will fear you and they will not attack you…Your job is to elevate your consciousness as fast as you can. Keep your feelings as high as you can. This is difficult to comprehend, but, believe me, it makes sense and it is your salute.” He indicates that he likes human curiosity most, but the second human trait he likes is love.

Elena: “How do you handle lower frequencies that involve being here?

“I keep away from it,” Val Thor says. “I have my way of protecting myself by a mind shield, an energy field around your head, a field that nothing can pierce through. It is a creative intention…Once your brain receives the impulse from the higher being, which you call consciousness, it creates electromagnetic and scalar wavelengths that you can modulate to manipulate whatever you wish around you.”

“Especially thoughts from other beings. Our brain is a power plant generating electromagnetic waves and you can create a shield with this method…This is nature, for you all do this, you merely do not realize it, you send out these electromagnetic waves from your brain…This is how you can keep away all interference. Mind control also works like this, when the waves are sent from far, such as from satellites. This ability exists.”

“We will never let you down,” he reminds her. “You walk your path; we cannot walk this path for you. We can just hold you so that you will not stumble. If you want assistance, just raise your hand and take ours…We were here all the time and we will never let your species down. We are here until you reach the next destination in the next level, in the next step of your evolution. We are all making sacrifices for you, but you don’t see them…It is important for people to know that there are that so many races are here helping you. You have to trust that this is happening and keep hope alive.”

“What about the scare tactics they are using?” Elena asks.

“There is a lot of manipulation by fear, using humanity’s ignorance and lack of education. I would advise that, anytime something is told to scare you or put you in a situation of mental or emotional dependence, you refuse it.”

“These are not just wise words. They are war tactics…The reaction of becoming scared is typical of the Dark Ages, when elites in power scared the populations who were maintained in ignorance, with worrying and predictions, in order to enslave people’s minds emotionally. Seek the facts that make you secure.”

“I would have spoken to you about the miserable events occurring in your solar system on different planets, such as your satellite Moon, Mars, its two satellites, or Pluto, but I will not, because knowing these details will not help you advancing in consciousness. These details might disturb you. Don’t look back, look ahead instead. Because ahead is where you are heading. I trust in you, from the bottom of my heart. Love is what binds us all.”

“Time has come,” Elena comments. “Humanity is ready to heal from its past, and what was hidden no more dwells in the shadows. Let us reclaim what is ours. We have this power—it was never taken from us. It is time we wake up, open our eyes and stand up! These are scary times. These, the members of the Federation, are the silent watchers, holding us up with love when we stumble…Even if the sunlight blinds us, we need to take the leap. There is no way back. Only forward.”

‘Maintaining balance in this galaxy is what the Federation does,” Val Thor added, “following universal principals in which I believe with all my heart.”

“Benevolent galactic races are not here to save us like superheroes,” Elena cautions, “but they are here to help us save ourselves. If we have to be rescued, we will never evolve…They are watching our back, protecting us in secret and they have so many times in the past kept Humanity of Earth from blowing themselves up. We cannot be rescued against our will…We have a window of opportunity now when we can still wake up and take back control. If we fail in this task, then we will never, ever be able to again free ourselves from slavery. It will be game over…”

Lights out!

Yet the current hurried up invasion of human rights, the scrambled medical plan to kill off great numbers of humans by those who have targeted us, is now leading to massive resistance and violent social conflicts that threaten the very two resources they came here to exploit: Earth and its inhabitants.

As the meeting with Elena came to a close, she passed along the last words of what Val Thor had told her. “With only the power of our intention, we break our chains by liberating ourselves from within, regaining our freedom and sovereignty…I believe in Humanity. I have hope and this hope is now indestructible. My only sadness is that the people of Earth cannot see that. They know nothing about the work and sacrifices that these fine people are making everyday for us.”

“The war being fought in this star system concerns all of us. Earth is the seed of a great evil,” Val Thor told her later, “and we came here to destroy it before it grows and spreads further in its lethal roots to the rest of this galaxy…the only thing that can stop it is that you all wake up. When you wake up, your consciousness opens to a higher level of frequency and you can no longer be manipulated.”

“Soon, the demons will be out,” he said, “and the striking light of dawn will burn them all…We will do whatever it takes to kill this beast before it hatches. Never stop believing. What was stolen from you is being given back. It’s coming. May peace and justice always prevail.”

Since his days with Eisenhower and, with that, the several years of his living at the Pentagon that Eisenhower had arranged for him, Val Thor has written 29 books over the past 60 years. These are remarkably touching books which, one way or other, invite readers to “…Reclaim your planet, reclaim your rights and your freedom—reclaim your destiny.”

At the end of this essay, all of the books are listed, along with where they are available.

In yet another meeting later with Thor Han, he again goes over the main concerns with Elena: “The only way we can win this is by strategy. Another factor is the rise of consciousness of your people, to escape for the mental illusion that they are kept under, and helping them regain their higher power to get out of the reach of their slave masters. If enough inhabitants on Earth ask for help, one way or other, together, the dark forces will abandon their project and go, because, in the end, your species is of a highly powerful nature. Your genetic heritage is a treasure box.”

“We, the Galactic Federation of Worlds, cannot intervene openly unless the enslaved population wakes up and requests assistance. And it becomes really wicked when the enemy uses techniques of self-enforced enslavement, using fear to get people to give their rights and power away”.

This has already happened with the implementation of a highly questionable vaccination campaign. Many, many medical doctors and related medical support personnel are quitting their noble professions, a field of critical service to others that they have spent years becoming educated to perform, because they refuse to be a part of the harm it is causing. They don’t want to load them up with fear—and poisons.

They’re quitting because they were being forced to administer the poisons and other deadly junk contained in the shots.

“The American secret space programs, many of which have shown to offer less than honorable intentions with regard to the future of humanity, also have many connections with different corporations on Earth and also with other non-Earth species involved,” Thor Han discloses at some point in these further discussions with Elena. “They are also working on the off-world slave trafficking,” he added. “It is all intertwined.”

Since many of the statements about the ongoing war were made within the time her book was written, an enormous purge of the dark forces military units has taken place in this solar system. Battles that occurred since the writing began succeeded in routing out Anunnaki/Draco/Gray military quarters under Antarctica and within Earth’s Moon, on the moon Titan, inside the large planetoid Ceres and even light years away on the Draconian resident planet orbiting around the star Aldebaran [called ‘Altair’ by the Draco].

As of the end of 2021, the majority of these sinister groups have been mostly defeated in a very long awaited victory in the current battle of good versus evil. The status of individual military or corporate figures who escaped to underground locations on Mars in 2021 remains unknown as of early June, 2022.

“Humanity of Earth is slipping through their fingers and they don’t like that,” Thor Han continued. “We are headed towards victory in the liberation of Earth. The old patterns are breaking down. They’re the ones who are scared…they are scared. Have compassion, but don’t overpower them by your attention.”

“Forgive, only when victory is yours.”

“Remain faithful to what you know is true. The war is not over yet. Humanity still has a long fight ahead and so do we. The fate of this galaxy is at stake.”

“The Earth Alliance is composed of fourteen countries on Earth, with America, Japan, United Kingdom, Israel and France as the most influential ones…The American government is strongly compartmentalized. The Galactic Federation is secretly allied with the ‘White Hats’ in the U.S. Navy.”

Courtney Brown is the head of Farsight, the American-based, internationally respected group of reliable ‘remote-viewers’: individuals who possess a unique ability to mentally travel to distant locations and see what’s there. This is a very short description of what is otherwise a somewhat complex skill that military training has developed into an important surveillance tool. Mr. Brown thus possesses a lot of knowledge about the true nature of American involvement with various ETs and their cultures. He has this to say about our current status: 

“The rest of humanity needs to wake up to the big picture of how extraterrestrial life has long been interacting with us, led to the creation of multiple secret space programs, and how these battling entities involve both positive and negative factions…The Galactic Federation of Worlds is always fighting from the background because they believe in us.”

So, in this, the final months of a very long war with these satanic beings, what role does the ‘Cult of Marduk’ still active here on Earth play in this battle?

Let’s look at the history of Babylon’s fate, another civilization where Marduk once ruled, for clues of what’s ahead for all of us: 

“Marduk is in charge of the banking cartel — or at least most of it,” Wes Penre asserts. “There are more ETs involved behind the scenes, to whom some people in power have made an alliance with in more recent times…It is clear that Marduk has a stronghold over most institutions, banking cartels, educational systems, religions, entertainment etc., in the world of today. However, he does not have the monopoly many researchers think. Besides the two factions of Anunnaki, fighting each other (the RAM clan, En.lil, and the Serpent Clan, En.ki), there are at least two or three other major ET races competing over total control of Earth and mankind.” This fact alone diminishes their plans for “one world government”.

The Anunnaki are an unpredictable race of psychopaths whose heavy-handed approach to managing human affairs is felt at every level of government throughout most nations in the world they have climbed into control of. The Anunnaki and their Draconian partners sincerely believe that they own us—because they manipulated our genes—but resistance to that push towards enslavement is swiftly growing—and it is scaring them into finding greater measures to oppress us as soon as possible.

This is a battle for the very existence of Humanity, my friends, and failure is not an option. Do you not think the Earth Alliance will have to do things that will mean there are a few casualties? Most of us are not in the military nor have we ever been. The civilian population is ill-equipped to understand war strategies devised by distinguished and brilliant military generals.

“To up the ante we also have,” Mr Penre states, “metaphysical aspects to this spiritual war that most of us are unaware even exist or are possible. I daresay we have “off-world” help and the Universe is on our side. The rampant spread of evil must be arrested if we are to continue our civilization.”

“It’s not getting easier as government disinformation agents are coming out and muddling the water,” he adds. “Indeed, we are living in a state of affairs where elite corporate powers are contracted with forces of tyranny and hire mercenaries to kill those who speak out too loudly against them.”

“The world counts as many as 200 million propagandized public accomplices in local, state and federalized central governments,” so claims Ben Fulford. All of them are hard at work in a mad dash to create a global totalitarianism before they are stopped by a rising opposition to their evil plans.

As demonstrated earlier, these manipulators are either the alien hybrids we discussed, with motion picture special effects created facial and body doubles crafted for television appearances, or real human, physical look-alikes, clones or shape shifters, or they are the real deal. As completely corrupt puppets, they form the middle “management” of this bizarre extraterrestrial control matrix—beings who are not of this world. “I have one high level friend who has claimed that cloning of humans is now a reality,” stated Veterans Today editor Jim Dean, “but that they have no souls, do not live very long and “glitch-out” at times making them unreliable.”  

“They are a group of Satan worshippers who have managed to infiltrate the highest positions of finance: The Vatican, most governments, the military and, long before that, the ancient secret societies. “The lie has become so big, that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the truth,” the editors of Veteran’s Today added to their argument. “They are hard core Zionists, Satanists, hate mankind, create constant chaos and war for profit, sacrifice and eat children and are self-serving psychopathic mass-murderers, and all for self-gain, that is, riches, power and status.”

Historian George Kennedy, who has also noted that ‘all governments keep secrets’, provides this quote, “…the more secrets they keep, the less of a republic they govern. The more isolated these people become, the more they live in a state of fear.” [From the book UFO Headquarters]   

“Hitler saw this whole Marduk issue coming,” Wes Penre contends. “He was in contact with them mind-to-mind, and he saw how they really looked behind the shape-shifting—and he was terrified. He worked towards the goal of creating the Anunnaki Kingdom, but it was too much for him to handle. It drove him insane and he started acting out in a very destructive manner. (Hitler worked directly with the Draco Reptilians and the Grays in black magic ceremonies. It may very well be that those who showed themselves to him were Reptilian in physical respects, but still working for the Anunnaki).

Veterans Today editor Jim Dean has strongly stated our situation at this moment in history: “And there can therefore be no doubt that these hierarchy leaders are pure evil; that they take direction from these non-corporeal entities (their consiglieres) and that they are self-serving, unimaginably evil psychopathic mass-murders committed to the eradication of humanity, yes, all for their own personal gain at the expense of everyone else.”

The recent global mandates manufactured by these dark-minded organizations are solely intended to drive the world into a frenzy of fear to shove us into an electronically managed tyranny, where the digital world is more important than our real world. As announced in June, 2022, by the World Economic Forum, soon, “…our digital lives—our online identities, experiences, relationships, and assets — will become more meaningful to us than our physical lives.” 

The recent few years of worldwide medical subterfuge to vaccinate as many people with poisons, genetic altering compounds and nanotechnology graphites sensitive to specific broadcasts from 5G microwave towers was a major ‘new world order’ campaign that was nowhere near the success in depopulating areas of the world the evil ones hoped for.

They are extraordinary monsters who are creating epic scale genocide, thrashing around in the last stages of a horrifying ordeal to harm their sickened victims, each so sure and still trusting, but well-deceived on their way to death. No wonder why individuals who question cruel and unusual methods of control are being branded as criminals, terrorists and heretics.

Yet, they will go on pushing the same tactic of scaring the public with a new virus as often as is needed to kill off more victims of their lies. That plan is still the way they have destined themselves to move into control a brainwashed populace that hasn’t a clue to what’s really in the works from these criminal monsters. No wonder people feel like they are on a roller-coaster blindfolded.

Wes Penre questions the introduction of 5-G wireless broadband tower modification in the context of an ever expanding global electronic technocracy aided by satellites.

He asks: “Are we going to stop relying so much on technology and start trusting our spiritual “innernet” or are we going to let technology take us where most of us don’t want to go, including the cloning of humans, genetic manipulation of our species, the negative uses of electro-gravity, making humans into onto cybernetic robots/machines and most sadly in that process, losing our souls and our sexual ability to mass produce.”

“Is prophecy set in stone?,” Wes Penre asks.

“Is it totally pre-determined? Of course not. Is it likely to happen? Yes, some, if not most of it—because it’s planned that way. By getting people hooked to world religions and their offspring and cults and sects, via priests, religious leaders, mass media, et al, we are constantly bombarded with religious propaganda, which makes it easier for the prophecies to stick. To our favor is the mass awakening that’s going on at this time. Prophecy, however, is always slippery, because humans are very unpredictable.”

“When comes to Bible prophecy and other ancient prophecies,” Penre elaborates, “much of that is more likely to stick, because humankind is secretly steered in the direction of fulfilling these old predictions. There are those behind the scenes who work furiously to make these prophecies come true.”

“But,” he adds with conviction, “they are also determined by the plans of off-planet beings over whom we have little control.”

This statement could be altered according to the news about the inter-vention of the benevolent military forces of the advanced civilized worlds who seek justice for the evil past that the Anunnaki/Draco/Gray factions brought with them in current times.

Mr. Penre has several times brought up the future threat that of an Artificial Intelligence driven culture that he calls a ‘Machine Kingdom’, or, to use a science fiction term familiar to many readers, “the Borg”. This technocracy is probably the threat to humanity that the future inhabitants of the star system we call the Pleiades have come back in time some 350 years to prevent the institution of.

“It is crucial to recognize that this sort of AI culture has no own life energy of its own and needs human life energy as a necessary source to power its existence,” states Mr. Penre. “This conflict between humanity and advanced AI is a subtle way of losing our sovereignty once and for all. In the same sense, once we lose our liberty, it’s lost for good.”

To make a long and complicated story short, if we look at the archeological and other types of historic evidence presented in this essay, Earth is going through the fourth of fifth stage of being restarted and then destroyed again after enduring some greatly destructive events—a major flood and at least another extinction event involving nuclear weapons. There have been many other possible reasons offered for these end times.

“Their ultimate goal is to assimilate us into their fascist empire and parasitically exploit us for our biological, consciousness, and physical resources.”

“Through covert manipulation and hyper-dimensional tricks that employ time travel, they have secretly exploited humanity in every way conceivable since the birth of our race,” another Veterans Today article has emphasized. “Smart tyrants stay hidden and cleverly manipulate the population into first defeating and enslaving itself.”

“The shadow government—or Cabal, as many of us have been calling it—has been diverting countless trillions of dollars into developing the awesome range of offensive warfare capabilities of the military-industrial complex. Through their military mouthpieces in the Pentagon, they have consistently promoted identifying enemies of America everywhere even if the facts did not support that contention…They must have an enemy to justify their existence, even at the risk of nuclear annihilation. We’re being lied to on an epic scale…It has now become obvious to most people that we have a ‘shadow government’ that is conducting mass surveillance–and has nearly bankrupted our entire world.”

This economic warhorse included the construction of what has ultimately amounted to building some 250 underground cities under America that could each hold 65,000 personnel,” state the Veterans Today editors. “Many, many different spaceships have been built that use anti-gravity propulsion systems — and can very easily travel throughout our solar system and beyond,” they continue. “Trillions of dollars of “missing” money have been used to build highly-classified colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as on or within certain other satellites.” The recent military wins claimed by the Federation have most probably defeated some of these headquarters, with more to be put out of commission.

“We now have over 200 very large spacecraft throughout our solar system — and beyond. The irony is that we have been told exactly what is going on, over and over again, through a wide variety of films and television shows—ever since Roswell…”

It is estimated that over 1,200 science fiction ‘high concept’ feature films and television programs, some of these made with partial funding by the Pentagon have been produced. [The few funded by the negative Pentagon military have intentionally put the benevolent aliens up as the bad guys when, in fact, it is they who are acting out as true traitors imbedded within the US military.]

The television series Stargate was mostly based on the real uses the positive US military unit, the White Hats in the Air Force, put to use of a found extraterrestrial artifact.

“The Avatar movie is pretty interesting,” Wes Penre observes, “if we reverse the plot to make the humans who transfer their consciousness into the Avatar, aliens. Thus, aliens can walk around on Earth in any city or be in top positions within governments without being detected—which we now know is the case.” These are just 2 examples where creative writing and film making are presenting fact as fiction.

Later in his writings about the potential to really activate our ‘avatar’, Mr. Penre brings out an interesting and very important spiritual fact. “You travel in your thoughts and manifest [reality] with your avatar,” he says. “Your everlasting soul is your Fire—the Fire of the Mother Goddess. Please take into consideration that the Fire property of any ‘original soul’ is not burning down…Souls are never burning down.”

Now, getting back to current events again, it is crucial to state that, where the Galactic Federation has just claimed that the evil facilities listed in Elena’s book have been raided and overtaken—freeing thousands of enslaved workers, women and children trapped in sordid conditions—the savage censorship maintained by corporate media reduces the Federation victors ability to reveal what is happening. Announcements about this major news can only made by a few relatively unknown but respectable citizen journalists.

If indeed the opposition’s facilities really are being destroyed elsewhere, the eviction or destruction of the ETs which have covertly taken control of this planet still remains as perhaps the greatest of challenges to achieve without risking the lives of most of humanity. These ETs are the cause of our constant fighting and they will do anything to distract us from going after them.

Why are humans constantly fighting each other? The answer is, without the Anunnaki/Reptilian/Draco/Gray influences, all of this would stop.

“When we make war,” Mr. Penre states, “they feast on the souls of our dead, steal our spiritual energy. They plan and cause our wars. They can cause us to kill each other for their purposes.”

“They are nothing with out us. We’re everything to them.”

“It was easy to take over a planet once upon a time,” he has said, “when those who lived here were unprepared, but the situation is different now. They work together to produce fear as an aid to governments maintaining their grip on large populations. When they find it almost impossible to do so, they believe they have no choice but to vastly reduce the population of a planet.

If we turn to one example of the academic attention being given to the deep past of our universe in relation to intentional destruction of civilizations, Mr. Penre notes a startling idea based on a scientific theory raised at Penn State University. Scientists there have indicated that they believe that one or possibly two other attempts to create universes have taken place, ”and ended in failures.”

Presently, the independent thinkers who heroically confront the intensely disturbing facts about the tyranny of evil, conditions that most of humanity has little or no knowledge about, are performing a vital job. Without these truths being brought to light, so much worse would be the perilous times we already live in.

Many dedicated researchers have lost their lives to honor the sense of integrity, vigilance and courage needed to oppose the current surreal degradation of civilized life on Earth, one funded by a powerful coalition of financial, communications, military and religious elitists who are determined to bring humanity down with a psychopathic agenda aimed at creating a climate of fear and turmoil.

“There is little doubt that today’s Cabal, the Global Elite, have been given the old technology of the gods by the old gods themselves,” Wes Penre has said, “and they have used this technology to control us, the rest of the human population, to instigate earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, tsunamis, and other unwanted weather phenomena.” But while these highly advanced electronic weapons have been used often in the recent past, the military accomplishments of the Galactic Federation in 2021, many of these seized weapons have been, or will soon be, rendered inoperable.

It may be a challenge to take them out of business, but this time could be different, because, if, on the other hand, given the evidence presented by Elena Dannan and many others, there is a strong indication that, with a more conscious effort by the masses to strip the wicked forces in control of things from power, they can be thrown out.

The beginnings of this movement to self-empower our divine, truly spiritual abilities are already visible. Our liberation can be accomplished if we all look within and find the ‘secret’ spiritual powers US Navy Admiral Hoover recognized and spoke so bravely about in one brief statement.

Despite the recently announced Galactic Federation wins, we are living in times where the very real possibility of the extinction of humankind itself stalks us with each edict, mandate or totalitarian demand the psychopathic sold-out globalist elite make to preserve powers they have no moral rights to.

The practical acceptance of this fact perhaps leaves us with one path we can walk on—the one that allows us to look inside ourselves, to the ‘world within’, for ways to survive individually in spirit.

This means we must put aside some time in our busy lives, the time we need to practice methods that work for us to look effectively inside, to really learn about ourselves in order to change our destiny and go on to better mankind’s future before we pass.

It may be that one of the very few paths available to us to survive as the most “refined human form” is first of all in spiritual form, evolving as best we still can without bodies, to ‘save our soul’.

The following passages describe the personal path we can take to start with. Thor Han recited them to Elena Danaan:

1] Refuse fear: It is the tool used to control you and bind you as a slave. You are way more powerful than you have been conditioned to believe.

2] Follow your heart. Your heart knows. Your heart is your intuition, your instinct. The very first feeling in the first fraction of a second is the right one. Your senses of perception are far sharper than you think.

3] Find peace. When you refuse to allow fear to reach out to you, what is left is perfect stillness of your mind, of your heart and of your soul. It is in this moment, that all three are functioning in total wisdom and clarity. It is in this state of perfect peace, complete with all levels of your being, that you are connected with the universe. The emotion/energy of bliss is of a very high frequency and this state can be reached through meditation. Connect vertically and be the bridge between the Earth and Sky, root below and sky above.

4] Reconnect: You are invincible and all-knowing because you are linked to who you truly are, connected with all things. You can feel the presence of your true kind, those to whom you belong as a true family. Connecting with yourself is reconnecting with the entire universe. Sharing the story is a way of being together heart to heart. 

5] Perform your mission: In this higher state of consciousness, you suddenly know…you remember…the veil of illusions of the matrix is far below you. You can’t know your mission until you know thyself. We are tremendously loved, even if what motivates the presence and actions of our galactic allies is of a higher common interest.

The point emphasized is the connection of all to one life source. All knowledge comes from one source.

Healthy living, virtue, goodness and integrity go a long way in terms of spiritual protection.

In this galaxy, there isn’t any global religion in the civilized worlds. The real solutions we need in spiritual advances are not “out there” but “in here”, “inside”. “Every culture develops its own beliefs until they open their consciousness widely and find that all the gods they imagined are the multiple facets of a one and only flow of life, of energy and love, which the advanced cultures in this galaxy call Source. Source is pure consciousness. It is in everything. It composes the fabric of the universe.

Most importantly, your heart is a direct portal to Source.   

“Make it a rule to always look at things from the highest possible level, and you will have a much greater understanding for things happening around you..,” so Mr. Penre has stated. “You have to have an absolute belief in the value of life and the beauty of life. The most compelling instinct for exploring our entire past is to negate the forces of damage we have done to others or, after that task has worked wonders on our true ability to reject evil, move to confronting what has been done to us, not to act as victims but also to again revitalize our ability to forgive out of understanding the method of having had a physical reactive mind placed in our basic thought mechanism.”

He may be referring to the Reptilian brain stem spoken of earlier. These moments of rejecting the negative, of not offering any consent to acting with its agenda, are stepping up our ability to avoid falling into further entrapments.

Val Thor added this to this topic: “The message of your Jesus Christ was about love, on many levels. He was highly elevated in wisdom.”

Presently, the independent thinkers who heroically confront the intensely disturbing facts about the tyranny of evil that most of humanity has little or no knowledge about are performing a vital job. Without these truths being brought to light, so much worse would be the perilous times we already live in.

I have considered what a lot of my more Biblical friends expect: The possibility of divine intervention, particularly if people were to start to recognize that we are our own gods, we are the masters of our own destiny if we can remember the truths about life that are contained in the Bible. The doorway to personal transformation is within your heart—it leads to realms of peace and revelation.

A great number of people ask if meditation really is helping. I would say, yes, indeed it is! And as much could also be said about praying.

Individually, in a local group, via internet gatherings or by agreement for a set global meditation time, visualizing and focusing on the glorious world you want is definitely helping that intention come into being.

The ability to “move mountains” is not a fantasy—you have innate abilities to accomplish marvels! Daily meditation or prayer exercises performed regularly are essential for spiritual activists.

Meditation as a practice greatly helps us investigate the foundation of who we are and to gradually build on a solid belief in ourselves, exercise our greatest potentials while still remaining humble.

Meditation can empower our Spirit to discover knowledge and wisdom, moments that provide us with “epiphanies”, sudden realizations of a truth about life, whether that moment arrives as a wondrous or even a disturbing revelation.

It is suggested that we can empower our soul with the courage needed to connect with the compassion and love offered by Source. 

“Always remember that evil ones and any other negative visitors,” Val Thor advised Elena, “are here because they perceive our fear.”

Major feats of human potential are manifested when we follow a path of metaphysical understandings, rather than a purely mainstream physical route.

“Objects of inestimable value and rarity, such as Earth, make Earth an extraordinary object of attraction. It’s precisely this attraction that has brought the concepts of evil to our psyche.”

The research performed to create the images above indicates that lines of energy exist from a few miles to sixty miles above Earth as the fairly accurate geometric ‘ley-line’ configuration pictured. These energy lines can be measures with electronic sensing devices, as if to offer proof that because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

“The controlling forces know all about this and have used it to manipulate us and our collective consciousness to cause things to happen in real time and in our world,” Mr. Penre asserts. “And their magic—it’s not really true magic. It is just manipulating us to make things happen with our ‘co-creative consciousness’”. This energy field can be affected by the thoughts of all of us.

“This frequency fence, something like an electrical fence, was put around the planet to control how much the frequencies of humans could be modulated and changed. Therefore, evidence shows that this external, planetary grid or fence, as it is linked to the internal aspect described, is sensitive to human consciousness and thus interacts with the both the negative and positive thoughts of humanity collectively, a phenomena which has the power to affect the actions individuals and groups for better—or worse. Effects of large, coordinated meditations may travel up along this grid.” Fortunately, if the reports from individuals like Elena Danaan about the very important winning battles of the Galactic Federation are true, much of the control long held by the dark forces is finally beginning to crumble as they are being put out of business, battle by battle, below us and the field above Earth is dissipating.

Robert Morning Sky

Robert Morning Sky, from what the Star Elder told him, the whole Earth was put under quarantine, and humans, too, were not allowed or able to travel very far out in space long ago. But that quarantine has now been broken.

Just as David Icke has claimed, the ‘frequency quarantine’ where our DNA was tampered with to the extent that we’ve been stuck in this 3-D frequency range for the past 300,000 years as an ‘imprisonment’ is coming to an end. It may not be much longer for those of us who have taken the time to enhance our spirit.

We will start traveling great distances in this sector of the universe, either physically in advanced spacecraft or using our ‘avatars’, as much simpler way to go.

“Also, inside every person, you have control over electromagnetic fields” states the enlightened woman whose father was the Lockheed engineer cited earlier. “You have your own inside the pineal gland, and you also have the interferences of other types of electromagnetic energy. That includes all of the light spectrum. We have really short wavelengths of energy coming in from cosmic radiation all the time. And we also have very slow wave or longer wavelengths of, like, radio waves, for instance. Like AM radio waves can be three meters in length.”

“And our pineal gland actually produces short wavelength radiation. And it’s not harmful to us or animals or anything on this planet. But the closer you are together, the more metaphysically powerful it is. It just represents the proximity of the mind and the consciousness working together can affect an entire planet, if not neighboring planetary bodies.”

The average carving of an Anunnaki god was 10-12 ft tall. The pine cone in this one represents the human
pineal gland.

“Also, remember that the Anunnaki Sirians are tied, too, in certain ways,” Mr. Penre has advised. “They have to restrict themselves to following the Law of Free Will and that’s why they are really afraid we will see through the manipulation. Because when that’s what is done, and we need help to run them off, there are benevolent forces that will see to that it will happen. There are many out there who are just waiting for them to make a mistake so they can run them off.” That statement, made years ago, held foreknowledge to the recent winnings of the Federation Of Worlds. They are huge setbacks for the evil ones.

Our defiance grows with every instance of the blatant, unlawful and cruel treatment of Humanity by this criminal syndicate at this point. Not only is the Federation standing by, but other ETs from many other walks in life out in the universe are also curiously watching us break out from this “prison”. No escape is easy. In a real sense, we’re paying for the violence of our ancestors.

Why haven’t the Queen’s forces, or the Galactic Federation Of Worlds, come to our solar system to take Marduk and En.lil, along with their Anunnaki, Draco and Gray allies, out of control?

“The answer is quite simple,” Wes Penre explains, “Lucifer has an important ace up his sleeve—he’s got an evolving race under his control. Everyone on the planet is a potential hostage. If the Queen of Orion would attack, perhaps together aided by the Federation of Worlds, Marduk would definitely use humankind as his shield, and the Empire would have to kill all of us, and probably everything else on this planet as well, because weapons of mass destruction would inevitably be used.”

“This is no Eden; it is infested with disgusting evil predators who can no longer control us and they want us dead,” he concludes. “However, there have been a few who changed their minds—they do not want mankind terminated.”

Kerry Cassidy, a most couragous interviewer, says that, “Any investigator must include the background included in this essay (and there’s a lot more) before you can begin to really grasp what is going on here on Planet Earth and the various ET interest groups interacting with governments vying for control of humanity.”

“Still, it’s by grace we are still breathing air here on Earth,” Mr. Penre explains,  “We could have been eliminated more than once! In addition, if Lucifer would be backed into a corner, he wouldn’t hesitate to destroy our planet and terminate what he considers his own creation—us!”

Distinguished author David Wilcock has stated that: “Best of all, human life is a natural product of intelligently-guided evolution in our galaxy. We are only at the first stage in the evolution of what it means to be a human being.”

“Hold your heads high, humans,” Penre encourages us, “because every day most of us are doing good deeds for self and for others, in spite of the negative and degraded genes that were implanted in us. This shows we have something very admirable, honorable and desirable–we have strong, loving hearts! And this we can’t thank the Anunnaki for. We are who we are, when at our best, in spite of them. Heaven on Earth can only be achieved without the gods…”

Respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality.

There’s a big purge coming, but will it come in time—without a major loss of life?

This time around, I’d even consider the necessity of a divine feminine intervention, yet let’s continue doing our soul-searching best to improve ourselves from within. Then, we can stand up together strong when we appeal for help from an effective fighting force, asking them to join us in eliminating these killers.

Be brave.

It’s a war against you…

…in a battle for the survival of all of us.

No matter how great this task might become, we should respect that, however we imagine this great spirit to be, Source is the original seed of love.


Part Two

1] May I again thank Robert Smith for coming up with an enchanting opening page image that combines Michelangelo’s ‘Adam’ on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with an image of the powerful Egyptian goddess ‘Isis’.

2] A second commendation for quotes featured through the entire essay goes to author Wes Penre, a Swedish-born spiritual explorer whose extensive historic studies have skillfully traced the enormous scale of creation, through billions of years that support the idea of a divine feminine Source of humanity that evolved in a great number of manipulated genetic experiments that she initiated.

Mr. Penre’s well-organized writings are preserved at wespenre.com and were released for free over a four year span on the Internet between 2011 and 2015, to become a 5,000 page adventure in archeology, religious scriptures, the UFO phenomena we are experiencing and anthropology. In my opinion, they are unmatched as objective, level-headed, even life-changing readings. Some of his ‘Levels of Learning’ about our true past are highly controversial yet always thought-provoking. Mr. Penre shuns being followed as leading any sort of cult, but has had around 800,000 visitors to his site. I myself found the time to read all of it. You would benefit, trust me, with even having a good look at a few chapters.

My use of his work probably takes up the greatest part of the observations compiled in this essay. Of his 5 ‘Levels of Learning’, the ones I used in this document came from the following locations:

Level One: Parts 6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15

Level Two: Parts 1,2,and 9

Level Three: Parts 5,7,9,10

Level 4: Part 7

His website remains quite active with followers at www.wespenre.com

3] The original publication of The Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky are available at no cost and can be accessed at:

https://www.goodreads.com › 35265108-the-terra-papers

4] Project Camelot’s two-part interview with Apollo Moon mission chief engineer William Tompkins is well worth watching. It can be accessed at: https://projectcamelotportal.com/2022/05/26/william-tompkins-selected-by-extraterrestrials-two-parts/

5] Gaia Television episode—Cosmic Disclosure interview: Lifting The Military Industrial Curtain with Heather Sartain. Ms. Sartain is the daughter of the late Edward Glen Sartain—a high-ranking military official who worked for Lockheed Martin. Sartain’s exceptionally unique background began as she grew up as the child of a top secret clearance scientist. In this 2017 interview, conducted by author David Wilcock and space program participant Corey Goode, Heather reveals the major points about the Gray and Reptilians that she was exposed to as numerous items of sensitive data very few, if any, civilians were privy to at the time. Among the items is information from her father quoted in the essay.

6] Excerpts From Geradine Orozco Presentation Concerning DNA at the 2021 MegaUFO conference. The video is said to no longer be available.

Ms. Orozco’s instructive hour is packed with DNA science told in an easy to understand lecture filled with descriptive pictures and abduction related stories.

7] Grey Aliens and the Harvest of Souls After Death

by Nigel Kenner, NewDawnMagazine.com 

Source: http://humansarefree.com/2018/07/grey-aliens-and-harvesting-of-souls.html

8] The Third Reich Operation UFO Russian documentary by REN television 2006

Watch at:

9] Dr. Micheal Salla has shared details about the Galactic Federation, a cosmic organization that he believes is composed of various extraterrestrial races. As evidence, he cited the testimony of Prof. Haim Eshed, former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, who specifically mentioned Earth’s contact with the Galactic Federation in late 2020. Eshed said that cooperative agreements had been worked out between the US government and the Federation, including involvement with an underground base on Mars.

Dr. Salla also cited how some of the early contactees dating back to the 1950s, like George Van Tassel spoke about the Federation and Ashtar Command. Ultimately, the end game is for humanity to join the Galactic Federation for a kind of “Star Trek” future, he explained.

He noted the work of psychic researcher Dr. Andrija Puharich who teamed up with Uri Geller to establish contact with an ET organization known as the Council of Nine. According to the channeled information that Puharich, Geller, and others received, there were 24 different “seeder” ET races that helped to birth humanity, and they have been monitoring us ever since.

Dr. Salla’s website is at:  http://www.exopolitics.net

10] One of a number of first rate interviews with David Adair, this one features host Emery Smith who is himself once much involved in extraterrestrial intrigue

as a government medical biologist. The whole story of David Adair’s developing the fusion engine rocket was told during an episode of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV that You Tube is claiming is no longer available as of Nov 2022.

11] Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, the original Project Camelot producers, first interviewed retired Master Sergeant Bob Dean in Pheonix, Arizona in 2008. This is the interview from which his testimonies are taken: “I’m not paranoid. I just pay attention.” Mr. Dean moved on to the next world in 2011.


12] Val Thor’s work with Dwight Eisenhower is chronicled in Frank Strange’s book Stranger In The Pentagon. Later on, Val Thor wrote 29 books on his own and they are available from either Amazon books or goodreads.com. He wrote a few with others that are not included here, but are on the lists of those companies:

Books by Valiant Thor

From Amazon Books:

1985 – The White Planet the Resting Place of Holy Artifacts

1998 – Millennium Seven Biblical Secrets for Galactic Ascension in the 21st Century 

2000 – Outwitting Tomorrow Secrets for Living From the Great Pyramid

2016 – The Art of Ascension Achieving Communion with God and Creation

2016 – Our Spacecraft Over Your Earth the Stranger From the Pentagon Speaks

2016 – Valiant Thor’s Book of Relationships Love Health and Success Through Interplanetary Awareness 

2016 – Sips of Truth Decoding the Dead Sea Scrolls and Other Biblical Mysteries

2016 – Valiant Thor’s Venusian Science Secrets the Supreme Technology of the Ascended Masters

2016 – Valiant Thor’s Venusian Health Magic the VItality of Vril

2016 – Fantastic Beings and Where to Find Them How to Contact Space Aliens Intelligences and People

2016 – In Days to Come the Escape of the Stranger at the Pentagon

2016 – Oh Hear Ye the Trump of the Superdeceiver Mystery Man of Darkness 666

2017 – To Men of Earth Valiant Thor’s Message of Hope to Mankind

2017 – Valiant Thor’s JFK Assassination Reader Featuring the Torbitt Document

From Goodreads Books:


2018 The Path of Vril: Venusian Secrets of Longevity and Rejuvenation

2018  The Secret Attraction of Vril: How to Hold the Attention of Human Beings – The Keys to Successful Public Speaking

2018 Vril and the Science of Human Language: An Introduction to Philology

2018 The Psychology of Vril: Secrets of Human Sexuality

2018 The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta: Unveiling the Hidden History of Ancient Lemuria
2018 The Impending Golden Age
2018 The Incident at Bethlehem: Star or Starship?

2018 Beholders of the Pale Horse: The Secret Space Program and the Alien Battle For the Soul of Mankind
2018  How to Cast Out Demons
2018 Millennium Seven: Biblical Secrets For Galactic Ascension in the 21st Century
2018 Valiant Thor’s Book of Extremely Ancient Aliens

2018 Valiant Thor’s Vril Force: How to Resuscitate, Rejuvenate, and Rehabilitate Your Nervous System
2018  Valiant Thor’s Unlimited Power of Prayer: Fulfilling Your Purpose on Earth With Focus, Joy, and Meaning

2018  Our Spacecraft Over Your Earth: The Stranger From the Pentagon Speaks
2018  The Banner of Shamballa: The Coming of Maitreya, Future Teacher of the World

13] There are a number of quotes from Veterans Today editors Jim Dean and Howard Duff who I have followed since about 2008. I thank them for their accurate and responsible reporting over the years as well as research you won’t hear from the Pentagon. In a very sad note about Mr. Duff and his wife, in late June, 2022, Mr. Duff and his wife were involved in a near fatal collision in Washington, DC when a car pulled out in front of their motorcycle in what appeared to be an intentional attempt on his life. They were both seriously injured.

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, Mr. Duff and many other Veterans Today writer contributors, have been bravely reporting the underlying true facts which not only led up to the decision by Russia to invade the Ukraine and see to it that some 40 or more biolabs funded by the US Pentagon were not used against Russia. Mr. Duff has also accurately devulged the numerous war crimes being comitted by the Ukrainian forces and facts which substantiate the existence of Nazis within the military Ukrainian forces.

May Mr. Duff and his wife recover from their injuries as fully as possible.

Rob Wold may be contacted at woldrob@gmail.com

Author: Rob Wold

I'm a former accomplished motion picture and television professional, accomplished as a documentary filmmaker, 35mm feature length director of photography who is credited as a writer, producer and director as well. I'm currently writing a science fiction based on facts novel about a cover-up at NASA.

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