Lightning On The Moon Introduction

Actual Photo Of Nazi Lunar Outpost

Rob Wold

Copyright Library of Congress

May, 2020

The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.

                                                                                                                    J.B.S. Haldane


Tree houses, for some boys, are enchanted places where the wonders of the universe come alive at night. At childhood’s end, my friend Richard joined me to camp out one clear August night in a tree house I’d built on the big branches of an apple tree in our Wisconsin apple orchard. It was the late 1950s and, beneath the twilight, we stayed up late, finding constellations, both of us possessed with wonder over all that is out there.

   Long about two in the morning, our endless boyhood talk was brought to an abrupt halt when a fascinating sight came into view some eight hundred feet aloft. Five dark circular discs slid silently across the stars, in a wide > shaped flight pattern, cruising at some twenty miles an hour on a southeast heading towards Chicago. Jolted into pure awe, we hollered, “What are those?” The twinkling field of stars disappeared smoothly behind the black discs as they soared over—there were no lights visible to signal their passage. I longed to be up there, somehow, taking a closer look at the vessels which appeared to span more than two hundred feet across.

   Filled with amazement, we scrambled down the tree, anxious to tell the world, starting with our parents who were sound asleep in the house. We yelled and startled them awake with our story. Richard’s father, a respected economics professor at Northwestern University, was hardly amused. My dad, who had retired as a U.S. Army Colonel, had served with 5th Army in China during WWII. He was willing to hear us out, but, anything that was good for a laugh, he played for one. To him, flying saucers were something so funny and he couldn’t help but make us both feel awkward for taking the sighting so seriously.

   The postwar years had brought waves of news reports concerning sightings of unidentified craft in flight and other sensational stories—events my father was likely aware of. Beyond the attempts to humor us, there were no answers offered. We were unable to coax them outside. I recall the sense of something powerful rendering them incapable of talking about it.

   Throughout the years since, I wondered if, that night, they’d discovered firsthand from their ten year olds that speculation about flying saucers and extraterrestrial visitations might hold actual merit. Back then, it was a disquieting prospect that few were prepared to confront, however, my father made calls to Washington and located a newly founded UFO research group and helped me file a report.

   Since then, much more dramatic events have attracted controversy. Over the past seven decades, these reports began to intensify, becoming one of the greatest mysteries confronting mankind, joined by the largest effort by U.S. government agencies to lock up any evidence that might verify the existence of an extraterrestrial presence at work in our midst.

   Since humans first gazed up at our Moon, they have wondered about its meaning.  This novel’s lunar theme has been visited in the works of revered writers Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke and others. It’s my hunch that a few of these thinkers were aware that astronomers had noted inexplicable evidence of civilization on the Moon. Indeed, the Moon’s mystique has long tested the best of scientific minds. 

   What has been learned about the true nature of our nearest neighbor? Odd phenomena have been seen on the lunar surface through the ages. This is a novel of speculative fiction based on dramatic events that I began to encounter in my early experience as a filmmaker. In the course of preparing this book, I relied on analysis made by many dedicated investigators, scientists in many fields and claims made by former military and government sources who’ve had direct experience with extraterrestrial phenomena. This book takes readers into the corridors of the intelligence camps, as well as the military and official networks that still remain largely hidden from the public.

   The material is bound to raise objections with some readers. Why was evidence of activity on the Moon intentionally falsified during the time of the Apollo flights?

The research this novel is based on should be available from NASA sources. Unfortunately for the public, there are strong indications that much evidence has been altered and that, during all of its missions to the Moon, the government employed a range of deceptive practices.

   Embedded in specific NASA images, and from other reliable, non-government sources, there is ample visual evidence contradicting the claim that our Moon is a barren, lifeless planet.

    The awakening of the general public to the extraterrestrial phenomena over the past few decades via popular media, as a matter of entertainment, has left a serious set of facts undisclosed, and an even-handed approach to these controversies must acknowledge their existence.

   The learning doesn’t have to stop at this book; I strongly recommend that all readers look into the footnoted appendix to this novel, The References and Sources section located at the very end of the novel or online. It is set up to act as a lively counterpart to the fictional interests of the storyline. It dives deeper into the missing links to the truth and offers a summarized perspective on past and current thinking about these issues.

   It is an organized attempt to demystify as many of these questions with scientific explanations as possible based on what is now known. The sources component of the reference section includes Internet sites. The hosts of many of these websites are dedicated to research on various compelling aspects of this phenomena. 

   The details offered in the References also act as a guide to how speculative writing can draw inspiration from a large body of scientific facts to drive the creation of fictional characters and, more importantly, motivate some of the action they experience. I’ve taken the process one step beyond the boundaries and restrictions of current day conventions of science to allow for free thinking.   

    Amid this widening controversy, a careful review of all the facts collected over the years leads us to conclude that there has been an altogether different agenda with today’s efforts to return to the Moon and go to Mars acting to conceal another, even more exotic space program underway. Research indicates that the full extent of this series of interstellar military activities appear to have been quite extensive and involved us in many direct contacts with many extraterrestrial cultures. It is likely this interaction has also led to the discovery of the existence of human populations elsewhere in the universe.

   Independent research by outside investigators has provided the world with enough information to form a basic profile of the methods and motives of the extraterrestrial populations in our midst, most actively involved in our affairs, perhaps in carrying out some grand scale operation not to the benefit of humanity.

   There are factions within this occupation that possess the desire to educate us, who operate with good intentions, but there other, more ominous elements present.   For some time, there have been strong indications that other negative groups are tactically aligned with the primary, public groups and have been working with them for many decades, liaisons which reveal some of the larger truths of human existence which have not been shared with the general public, but are well known within an elite faction of governments worldwide who are involved in full time extraterrestrial contact.

  The rest of the world needs to be made aware of this contact and of the spiritual benefits certain teachings hold for all of humanity.

   If contemporary societies on Earth remain bound to concepts of the universe that are unworkable, inevitably humanity as a whole will find itself exiled from the rest of the universe. The wall of ignorance perpetrated by this mindset separates the true reality surrounding every one of us with a version of enforced truth that doesn’t stand up under scientific scrutiny. This mindset contains a built-in mechanism that rejects new ideas automatically and is a major factor hindering the positive progress of mankind in that process. It may be a factor born of allowing too much technological artificial intelligence to enter into governance on Earth.

   For all of us on Earth, fellow travelers seeking the truths that life in its great wonder may offer us, may we look through the eyes of a child and hope that somehow we may yet learn to see.

   My task, which I am trying to achieve, is by the power of the written word to make you hear, to make you feel.

   It is, before all, to make you see.

Joseph Conrad

Author: Rob Wold

I'm a former accomplished motion picture and television professional, accomplished as a documentary filmmaker, 35mm feature length director of photography who is credited as a writer, producer and director as well. I'm currently writing a science fiction based on facts novel about a cover-up at NASA.

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